Telco antennas, dishes in Taman Bunga Raya and Taman Melati coming down

Our thanks to Datuk Bandar, Datuk Ahmad Fuad, and DBKL officers for putting public interest and health first and taking actions.

Antena dan cakera syarikat telekom di Taman Bunga Raya dan Taman Melati sedang dirobohkan

Sukacita kami ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Datuk Bandar, Datuk Ahmad Fuad, dan pejabat DBKL officers kerana mementingkan kesihatan pihak awam dan mengambil tindakan yang berkenaan.

The actions taken were in response to this blog highlighting the problem in “Our MP’s Question of the Week” here.

The dismantling of the said telco antennas and dishes began yesterday and they are expected to be completely removed shortly.

Tindakan mereka ini adalah berikutan dengan masalah yang diutarakan oleh bahagian blog saya iaitu “Soalan Mingguan WR Anda” di sini.

Tindakan merobohkan antena dan cakera telekom itu telah bermula semalam dan dijangka selesai dalam jangka waktu yang terdekat.

After 21 May
Antennas at far left, gone!
Selepas 21 Mei, antena di sebelah kiri telah ghaib dirobohkan!

Man at work
Closer shot of technician at work to progressively bring down all the antennas
Pekerja sedang kerja. Petikan gambar pekerja teknikal sedang merobohkan semua antena.

I would would like to say “Thank You” to Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail, the Datuk Bandar KL and DBKL officers for acting in the interests of the public.

I believe there are other telco dishes and antennas in the residential areas of Wangsa Maju that are “too close for comfort.” I am now compiling a list and will be putting it up in this blog in due course.

I would also like to thank the readers of this blog and the residents of Wangsa Maju for helping me by highlighting this matter to me.

With kindest regards,

Wee Choo Keong

Saya ingin mengucapkan “Terima Kasih” kepada Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail, Datuk Bandar KL dan para pegawai DBKL kerana tindakan mereka yang menitikberatkan kepentingan umum.

Saya percaya adalah cakera dan antena lain di kawasan perumahan Wangsa Maju yang “terlalu rapat hingga membimbingkan.” Saya kini membuat senarai mengenai perkara ini dan akan memaparkan senarai tersebut dalam blog ini pada waktu yang tersingkat mungkin.

Saya juga ingin mengucapkan ribuan terimakasih kepada pembaca blog ini dan para penghuni Wangsa Maju kerana memaklumkan saya mengenai masalah ini.

Sekian salam sejahtera,

Wee Choo Keong

* Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong

10 thoughts on “Telco antennas, dishes in Taman Bunga Raya and Taman Melati coming down

  1. YB

    Enough oreddy lah about telco towers. It’s not as though the country is going to the dogs because of this issue.

    Please prioritise. There are larger issues you should be tackling, like scholarships, Kepong Flyover final payment, Perak fiasco, Police misuse of power, rising crime etc, etc, etc.

  2. kang


    I am in full agreement with you. I will not be surprised at all if the Lok Kau will be in the newspapers tomorrow to say that he did it. He is a great con man. Only con man can do it.

    I will not be surprised that he will one day say that he was the person behind the new administrative city of Putrajaya or even the Great Wall of China.

    A con man will do anything to con people and they will always believe that the people will believe him.

    That is Lok Kau for you. Bloody con man and MCA leader.

  3. ahmad


    Do you know that the telco dishes and antennas can cause cancer and other diseases and people life had to be sacrificed for the profits of telcos. how can you be so gullible over such matter.

    Of course crimes and other issues that you have brought up are problems to the society and these problems have been discussed in YB’s blog in previous MP Questions Of The Week. You have not been reading. This particular week we are discussing about the health hazards of the telco dishes. If you think this is not a problem then it is good for you but let other people discuss about this.

    Don’t be selfish ok!

  4. Jim

    Yes, I believe that YTL will claim that he was also responsible for the building of Eifel Tower in France. What a great con man is this YTL.

    YTL should call for a press conference to claim credit that he was the one who got DBKL to take actions on the telco.

    YTL please tell more lies and you will help yourself, MCA and BN for hte future elections. YTL is an asset to BN! Najib shoudl promote him like how CHua Soi Lek was promoted.

  5. John Tan

    Thank you Dato Ahmad Fuad (Datuk Bandar KL) for being caring for the people. But there are still many more telco dishes and antennas that need to be taken down as it pose danger to public health.

    Dato’, please commission a research team on this subject before DBKL approve telco dishes and antennas.

    Once again thank you.

  6. These tower stations and receivers may seem harmless to some people but it is actually a silent killer. Imagine getting pounded by doses of radiation and electromagnetic waves 24/7. How much can the body take.

  7. Melvin

    So will that ah pinkor ah pinkor you-know-who going to take the highlights by calling the media for this? Hahaha!

  8. Titan


    What this YB did is closer to the heart and for the benefits of the residents that can be gained immediately.
    I prefer my YB 80% more to listening my griefs and daily problem as a resident 20% national issues.This is working for real people YB.

    YB , dont listen to whiners.Just do as are now , you are doing fine for me as regular rakyat.


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