Yew Teong Look has no shame!

ytlthrowchairIt’s a case of Lembu Punya Susu and a Sapi trying to Dapat Nama!

Update, 29 April 2009:
This morning at about 10:30 a.m. officers from Jabatan Perancang Bandar came with tractor and lorries to demolish the telco tower. I am informed that the top part of the tower consisting of iron structures was dismantled last night by the company which constructed it. The dismantling job was carried out in the middle of the night until 5:30 am this morning. I am now informed that the company that built this illegal structure is STEALTH SOLUTIONS SDN BHD with its office in Damansara Heights. I have written to Jabatan Perancang to enquire about the cost of the demolition and who will be paying for it. I am also asking Jabatan Perancang to clarify: why its “Flying Squad” was not aware of such illegal construction on government land?

Note: In future, before approving the location and construction of such telco towers, it’s crucial that DBKL must ensure that the health of the public is safeguarded. It would also be interesting to know if there are any more telco towers that had been constructed illegally and are still in operation.

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Update, 27 April 2009:
My letter to Jabatan Perancang Bandar, DBKL, asking when the telco tower will be demolished …


Update, 25 April 2009:
This is the picture of the telco tower that this dubious and unscrupulous character and
MCA chairman for Wangsa Maju, Yew Teong Look, was claiming credit for in the newspapers and TV for work that he didn’t even lift a finger to do.


Here is the Notice To Demolish …


In early April 2009 I received a public complaint from the residents in Wangsa Maju about a certain Telco Tower that was erected in Section 2 Wangsa Maju. I immediately did some investigation into the matter and on or about 10 April 2009 it was confirmed that the said Telco Tower was erected without any Planning Permission from Jabatan Perancang DBKL.

On 10 April 2009 I immediately lodged a formal letter of complaint to Jabatan Perancang Bandar and on 17 April 2009 I received a letter from Tuan Hj Mahadi Che Ngah, the Pengarah of Jabatan Perancang Bandar confirming that the Telco Tower was indeed an illegal structure built without Planning Permission and a notice for it to be demolished was issued. I chose not to highlight this matter because positive actions had been taken and due notice had been issued and pasted on the said Telco Tower.

The above had been highlighted in my blog under the DBKL Complaints Section during the last two weeks.

A member of the public, who is a reader of my blog, called to inform me that it was reported in a Chinese newspapers today (23 April 2009) that the  MCA Wangsa Maju chairman, Yew Teong Look, had called for a press conference over this matter and gave the impression that he was the person responsible for taking actions for the said Telco Tower to be demolished.

This posting is to put on record the actual facts with supporting evidence by correspondence between DBKL and I. It is hoped that members of the public will now know the actual facts and don’t be misled by unscrupulous characters.

Thank you.

Wee Choo Keong

*Attachment of correspondences*

My letter to DBKL


DBKL’s reply to my letter



– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Yew Teong Look tak tahu malu!

ytlthrowchairPerangai ini macam Lembu Punya Susu, Sapi nak Dapat Nama!

Pada awal April 2009, saya telah menerima aduan umum daripada beberapa orang penghuni Wangsa Maju mengenai Telco Tower yang didirikan di Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju. Saya dengan segera membuat siasatan mengenai perkara ini pada sekitar 10 April 2009 dan adalah disahkan bahawa Telco Tower ini didirikan tanpa kelulusan daripada Jabatan Perancang DBKL.

Pada 10 April 2009 saya dengan segera menyerahkan suatu surat aduan kepada Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan pada 17 April 2009 saya telah menerima surat daripada Tuan Hj Mahadi Che Ngah, Pengarah JPB mengesahkan bahawa Telco Tower adalah sebuah bangunan haram dibina tanpa kelulusan dan suatu notis perobohan telahpun dikeluarkan. Saya memilih tidak mengumumkan perkara ini kerana tindakan telah diambil dan pemberitahuan telah dihantar kepada Telco Tower tersebut. Perkara ini telah dinyatakan dalam blog saya dalam bahagian Adunan Kepada DBKL dalam tempoh 2 minggu kebelakangan ini.

Seorang pembaca blog saya telah membuat panggilan telah memberitahu saya bahawa menurut suatu akhbar China hari ini (23 April 2009) bahawa Pengerusi MCA Wangsa Maju, Yew Teong Look, telah mengadakan satu sidang akhbar mengenai perkara ini dan memberi gambaran seolah-olah dia-lah yang bertanggungjawab menyelesaikan masalah.

Kenyataan ini bertujuan untuk membentangkan apa yang telah berlaku dan disokong dengan lampiran surat menyurat di antara say adan DBKL. Adalah diharapkan bahawa orang umu dapat tahu mengenai cerita yang sebenarnya dan tidak diperdaya oleh pihak yang tidak jujur.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Wee Choo Keong

143 thoughts on “Yew Teong Look has no shame!

  1. Hamba

    memang muka tak malu…tak bermaruah dan tak bermoral….Ini bukan ahli politik tp sebaliknya ahli kumpulan mafia atau kongsi gelap…

  2. jamesloh18

    u cant blame him..he is not a bad guy..he come to our church every sunday ..he is a good guy…polite and friendly he helped out at bible study classes…

    he is a good man good christian …

    pray for him …

  3. Lim Section 2

    This is typical LOK KAU! Until today he never changed. I am glad that such character is exposed and the earlier he is thrown out of Malaysian political arena the better for not only MCA but the nation.

    What a cheat! MCA/BN tak malukah! This is a form of plagiarism. Is this the MCA style of politics?

    I am glad that I voted for YB Wee, who does his work quietly and get things done. Whereas the Lok Kau will pretend to do works by getting the newspapers to publish his photo and do nothing after. This is the way the MCA leaders servicing the people.




  4. a Christian


    This thief need psychological help. Please help him to get rid of himself in Wnagsa Maju. We do not need a thief here. We need decent politicians.

    If Yew Teong Look is prepared to cheat the public on such small thing, what else he can not cheat. What a low class pariah.

    Please pray for him to get himself thrown out of Malaysian politics for his own sake and the nation.

    Oh God! please to get rid of con man and save Malaysia from crook.

    YB Wee thank you for exposing such crook. We will never vote for such a con man. We will never vote for MCA or BN if they do not take disciplinary actions against him.

    With such leader around, we wish hell for MCA and BN.

  5. Peter

    I just could not believe Yew Teong Look can stoop so low to cheat even on news.

    God bless MCA if they have leader like Yew Teong Look. What a fraud of the worst kind!

    Najib and Ong Tee Keat aren’t you ashamed of such character in your party?

    Malaysian must be rid of such dubious character in politics.

  6. jane

    No wonder the voters in Wangsa Maju rejected him. I m sure that with this exposure
    the voters in Wangsa Maju will never trust him no more. Bye bye yew teong look.
    Game over for all your deceits. You have failed the people of Malaysia.
    If MCA/BN spares you, the voters will not. I will be one of those to
    campaign against you and the party you are representing.

    We cannot tolerate such fraud in public figure. Sorry Yew Teong Look
    You should be stripped off your Datukship!

  7. Setapak Lim

    He is a real Lok Kau! I am in disbelieve that this desperado was desperate to such an extend. I do agree with Wee that MP should highlight only matters in the press that is important for the public. Publicity in the newspapers should not be for self promotion like what this Lok Kau has been doing.

    He has been seen giving press conferences and after that nothing happened. He has been taking the Wangsa Maju voters for a ride for some so many years and the voters were more than familiar with him that’s why he was thrown out during the last elections.

    Now this Lok Kau was trying to cheat the voters into believing that he was the one to take up the matter concerning this illegal telco tower.

    This Lok Kau should just concentrate in throwing chairs during MCA meeting and he will go further than what he is now.

  8. The Chair Thrower

    YB, I like the chair throwing pictures. On top of the datuk, Yew Teong Look should be given another title for throwing chairs.

    Well, you cannot really blame him, he has very little education. He is just a book keeper (not even an accountant). So what do you all expect from such semi-educated person.

    He is just a fraud. He cannot fool us. With this revelation of his act of cheating, we shall throw chairs at him when he stands for election!

  9. The Chair Thrower

    Of course, he has no shame! He can not even spell the word SHAME. He is uneducated. He is good in throwing chairs at the president of MCA, Ong Tee Keat!

    He should start a company to teach people how to throw chairs at people and cheat the public with press statements like the one concerning the telco tower in Wnagsa Maju.

  10. A Budhist

    We all hope that the Christians will pray for this lost sheep, a cheat. I think he needed psychological help more than religious help because only “sick” and desperate people will do such a thing.

    Lets all pray that Wangsa Maju and Malaysia will be rid of such dishonest people.

  11. Yew The Cheat

    I have read in the papers recently that this chair thrower also claimed that he was the one who got Bandaraya to upgrade teh playing field in Taman Bungaraya and other things. Who will believe him now?

    I live in Bungaraya and I know for a fact that it was YB Wee who got the upgrading of the playing field for us.

    If this Chair Thrower was sincere and did what he has promised to the people in Wangsa Maju, he would still be the MP. But hte Wangsa Maju voters knew about him that he lied and lied his way out. For example, he also promised before the 2008 general elections that he will get the Chinese primary school built in Wangsa Maju, until this date we see no school built except lies from this Chair Thrower.

    The Chair Thrower is just a compulsive liar. I agree that lets pray to get rid of him from Malaysian political scene.

  12. lee wee tak

    YTL is going on charm offensive. Today, he spoke about having 9 projects for WM that was under him when he was the MP for WM. He attributed the non-progress of these 9 projects was due to his defeat in the GE. He also gave out RM3.38mil worth of donations to certain NGOs, schools, needy people etc. (source : Oriental Daily, page MC3). Source of funding is not from his own pocket, I suppose.

    Sure blame everything on us. Why we did not see anything about this 9 items before you were kicked out? Isn’t it the norm for BN to have sweets out just before the voting? Telling us now about the projects now and blame it on us might send the wrong message out,mate.

  13. Chan

    What a con job, Yew Teong Lok Kau! I thought that you have stopped such nonsense. You are still at it. Good for you, YB. Please expose him.

    A good Christian, will never be so deceitful and go out to cheat the members of the community. If this is what you call a good Christian like what jamesloh18 has described him to be then I give up on religion.

    I hope that the Christians will pray that he will stop his cheating acts so that the people in Wangsa Maju will be saved from this con man!

  14. MCA Member

    After I have read this posting and saw YB Wee and DBKL letters, I am ashamed of being an MCA member. I couldn’t believe that Yew Teong Look can go so low to cheat on small thing like the telco tower. Is MCA bankrupt of idea? Is MCA leader so deceitful?

    YB Wee, you should ask this con man to make a public announcement about the fund known as “BADAN AMAL WNAGSA MAJU KUALA LUMPUR” and the committee memebrs are as follows:

    Penaung: The Chair Thrower aka Yew Teong Look

    Yang Dipertua: En Benson Foo Ton Hin

    Naib Yang Dipertua: Puan Yap Saw Ng & En Gan Yu Chai

    Setiausaha: En Lim Choon Hong
    Penolong Setiausaha: Dr Lim Lek Chai

    Bendahari: En Eng Chan Hong

    Ahli Jawatankuasa: Ng Siew Hong, Cik Chin Kim Moi, En Ng Kiat Ling, En Teh Kim Seng, En Ng How Doo, En Tan Ban Seng

    These people must come out to tell the public where is the money in this fund and what is the balance. Who are the signatories to the cheque? TO produce a properly audited account?

    I believe this fund should have a balance of at least RM800,000-00. This is a public fund and therefore, the above members must be accountable.

    I hope that the money is still intact.

  15. Ordinary Man

    I am in disbelief this MCA leader can do such a low class thing. Luckily YB Wee has the letters to prove otherwise this political pariah will be claiming all the credit without doing anything. It was good that he did it and now being publicly exposed. The national MCA and BN will now know what type of MCA leader they have in Wangsa Maju.

    If this is the standard of MCA leader then they can forget about future elections.

    Thank you YB Wee for making your allegations with supporting evidence. This is how a professional does his works. I do appreciate your style.

    I regret that I didn’t vote for you. I will do it in the next general elections, 5 votes from my family.

  16. Non believer

    I didn’t know that the Chair Thrower is a Christian because Christians do not have such dishonest behavior. Further, I am told that during functions at temple he would also pray. Thank God he is no longer a Buddhist otherwise he will destroy the image of Buddhism.

    I hope that jamesloh18 above will give this Chair Thrower some Bible lesson this weekend so that he will learn the basic rule of honesty.

    If I am a christian I will be ashamed by such disgusting character who wants to cheat the community/voters into believing that he is a good political leader.

    If I am MCA leader I will not hesitate to sack him for being dishonest and bring the MCA and BN names into disrepute.

    Any God must have help Wangsa Maju people by exposing this Chair Thrower’s dishonesty.

  17. Good Christian

    jamesloh18 above

    If Yew Teong Look is a good Christian then there will no bad Christina in this world. A good Christian will not be so dishonest over such minor thing. This small act of dishonesty is enough to show to the world that he is a dishonest Christian after all.

    James Loh, please do Malaysian a good deed by giving this dishonest MCA chairman more doses of Bible classes this weekend in the hope that he will realise and apologise to the people of Wangsa Maju.

    In the mean time he must also tell us how much money is left in the fund known as “BADAN AMAL WANGSA MAJU KUALA LUMPUR”, which was set up by the MCA to collect public donations. I hope that there will be no cause for concern on how this fund has been administered.

  18. Bad Guy

    If this idiot can be dishonest by lying to such an extend, what else he can not lie to the public. MCA and BN national leaders must also take responsibility for producing such dishonest politician.

    From this act of dishonesty, it follows that all these while this MCA leader and chair thrower must have been lying to the public on many things.

    I will not never vote for MCA. I don’t like such dishonest politician.

  19. MCA Crook

    How can a dishonest character like this be a Christian and MCA leader? May be the question should be: How can a dishonest guy like this be a Christian?

    I hope that his church brothers and sisters will help and pray for him so that he will stop being dishonest to the people of Wangsa Maju and other Malaysians.

    I am really angry and disgusted by this MCA crook that go all the way out to cheat the people of Wangsa Maju.

    YB please start a campaign to expose him further to every corner of Wangsa Maju and other part of Wilayah Persekutuan until the MCA apologise for Yew Teong Look dishonesty.

  20. Cheng of Section Two

    I also saw that dishonest Christian on NTV 7 that night. He looked great and taking all the credit for the Notice issued by DBKL where demolition actions will take place.

    Now I have discovered otherwise that this works have been done by YB Wee and YB Wee kept so quiet about it. But this dishonest fella was shouting so loud. I am please that YB was doing the work without going to the press like other MP, who will call press when he look at long kang.

    This is year 2009. We do not need “long kang” MP. We want MP that get thing done quietly and when matters of public important inform us through the press or blog. When MP does their work please do it professionally. We live in the area and we can feel. In Wangsa Maju now we have little problem with rubbish and other things. Big improvement from when this dishonest fella was the MP.

    Good my YB, no unnecessary publicity and yet you get things done. Leave the adverse publicity to that dishonest fella and other long kang MP.

    Nice show YB. Give your best to this dishonest fella. Expose him further so that the whole Wangsa Maju people will know about him.

    Sorry YB I didn’t vote at all because I am not registered. I am going to register this time. My vote is definitely yours next tme.

  21. Malaysia Baru 64

    Janganlah marah sama ini orang. Sebab dia belajar dalam MCA/BN ini macam, apa kita boleh buat. BN semua muka tak malu.

  22. MAT

    MCA, parti Tipu! Tipu! Tipu! sahaja.

    Saya tak percaya Yew Teong Look berani tipu dalam perkara menara telco ini. Yew penipu besar!

  23. Tham

    He is really a political crook. Dishonest bast… He is trying to take Wangsa Maju people for a ride because he thinks that we are stupid. We will show this MCA crook who is stupid during the election. We will tell MCA that there is no room for such political crook in Wangsa Maju.

  24. Steven

    How low class can you be Yew Teong Look? By telling lie like this, you are telling us, the Wangsa Maju people that we are the stupid lot – easily fooled by you.

    Yew Teong Look, what you have done on this issue is very serious because it reflects your true character that you are a real political con man of the MCA. MCA party and BN may want you but the people will reject politician like you.

    Please be a good Christina and live far away from Wangsa Maju. We do not need crook in here!

  25. Mohd Setapak

    Yew Teong Look: How many lies have you made in Wangsa Maju? You just lie and lie your way through. What you have done is unforgiveable because you knew all along that you were not the one that were pursuing this telco tower issue. You knew very well that YB Wee was the person who did all the works.

    You are of dishonest character that’s why you dare to claim credit when you appeared in NTV 7. You are a shameless person. You have brought malu to MCA and BN.

    You can forget about standing as a candidate in Wangsa Maju or any where because your dishonesty will haunt you wherever you go.

  26. One-Eye Jack

    YB Wee,

    I like the picture you put up about this “Chair Thrower”. Hahaha.

    A picture paints a thousand words about this liar who is also got no brain. His machais or advisors must be more stupid than him to pull a stunt like this! hahaha!

    I just cannot stop laughing lah. It is so true about this hypocrate and unscrupulous a-hole. He will try to claim credit when someone else has done a good job.

    He is as stupid as he comes. Doesn’t he know today is not the same as those days. Before blogs, you can lie and get away with it but today we will taruk you kaw, kaw when you think you can pull a stunt like tha and get away with it. Hah, go on tv some more! Now he is totally exposed and naked and where is he going to hide is face?

    But never mind, this haprak is a useless MCA bugger. You give him enough rope he will hang himself with it. Yah, he earned his political position in those days by throwing chairs in MCA meetings and now he is throwing chair at himself by his stupid lying to the mainstream media.

    But the bigger losers are the mainstream media for believing this guy and not check the facts of the story.

    YB Wee, I think the mainstream media also owe you an apology for their wrong reporting by listening to the liar. Who is that Chinese newspaper? Tell us lah. Why do you not hentam the Chinese newspapers also, YB? I am sure you will be able to do a good job.

    Keep up the good work YB. My vote and my family’s and friends’ are yours come the next election. This useless liar Yew Teong Look better not show his face around anymore or I will spit at him! Ptuui!!!

  27. john lam

    I will not be surprised if this compulsive liar were to call for a press conference and announced that he single handedly build the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat and etc.

    Please don’t get rid of this liar and beg all Christians and non-Christians to pray for him to be around so that the MCA and BN will die faster with such disgusting creature around.

    We ned Yew Teong Look to be around so that we have enough issues to kill the BN!

    Long Live Chair Thrower! We need you badly!

  28. MCA Con Man

    I am ashamed of such con man in MCA. I hope that MCA and BN leaders will take actions against such political con man. If no actions are taken then it is doomed day for MCA and BN.

    Shameless MCA con man!

  29. Saiful

    YB Wee,

    Congratulation. You are the next Lee Lam Thye in the making. Keep neutral and by doing that you can see any issue without biased to any parties.

    Keep it up. Party and political position just only a platform for you to voice out the grouses of the people. What a realistic approached. No fanatisme for sure.

    I’ve been monitered your performance since you are DAP’s. Even I as a UMNO member also impressed with your performance.

    Keep fight for the right using a proper approached.

    What a smart moved.

  30. Melvin


    since you say that YTL goes to the church, or rather, the church you are going to. You too pray for him that the almighty Lord will change him into a better person. Thank you.


  31. Nugget

    I am surprised that during the YTL conference with the media that no one from the scene shouted “REPORT JOR LAR!!!!!” (** REPORT ALREADY LAR!!) .

    Imagine if one of us did that, how would YTL react.


  32. Yew The Con Man

    Lies! Lies!Lies! Yew Teong Look.

    Lying is talking to Yew Teong Look. Lying is his specialty. Yew Teong Look built Great Wall of China, did I hear? You and I will never believed it but Yew Teong Look believes it because he survives all these while on lies and cheats.

    Bloody Lok Kau, trying to cheat the people of Wangsa Maju.

  33. MCA Con Man

    MCA leaders are desperados. They will do anything to cheat in order to get the people supports. But the voters are not that stupid and blind.

    Yew Teong Look is only good for publicity. To him, serving the people is when he sees his photographs in the newspapers. After that nothing moving. This is typical of MCA style.

    But Yew Teong Look goes further than the norm. He loves to cheat the voters by his lies and distortion.

    If he is what one calls a good Christian then I have lost fate in Christianity.


  34. non believer


    If this MCA con man is a member of my organisation or church, I will definitely throw a chair at him and after that throw him out. Why? I do not want him to dirty the place of worship.There is no room for con man in the place of worship.

    What type of Christian he is? May be he belongs to a new group called Christian Out to Cheat with him the chairman, committee member and member. May be his wife and children are the only members of this organisation.

    Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! to you Yew Teong Lok Kau!

  35. xenos55

    Church are open to all, even bad people. But using the name of church and christian , and make ppl think he is good is something i don agree at all. He go to church, but he is not representing the church. He not represent christian at all. I really disappointed with this kind of lie. So I hope pls don label him as christian representative. Just like he is our ex-MP but all his dirty work are not done by people in wangsa maju. We cant said wangsa maju is all con man and liar. I stay here, and i have see many good people, whether malay, chinese, indian, and other races.

  36. Yew The Con Man

    Yew is a Christian? suai! suai! suai! suai!

    Yew is a cheat! Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!

    Yew is a real Con man! Con Man! Con Man! Con Man!

    MCA and BN leaders must be very proud of this good christian, who is cheating the community. Good for you BN to have leader like Yew Teong Look.

  37. Patience


    Those around during Yew Teong Look’s conference with the media are very likelyhood his supporters. Who else knows about the media in advance and be there other than his own supporters pretending to be residents. The others around are probably the nearby residents whom are retirees and housewives who are not wary of the going on in YB Wee’s blog.

    Those of us who are aware that the tower issues being been handled by YB Wee following his blog, are all busy with our own work life.

    If anyone of us are there, I’m sure that credit snatcher Yew TL will definitely get the embarassment straight in the face on that day!

  38. Danau Kota Resident

    I do agree with Xenos55 in some ways. But this Yew Teong Look has gone beyond everything. What this Yew has done was not a mistake. He knew from the word go that he was not the one who took up this matter and pursuing this matter. He also knew very well that YB was the one who did all the job and that DBKL was responding to YB’s complaint with the Notice to demolish.

    With the above background, it was crystal clear that this Yew has all the intentions in the world to cheat and lie in order to get credit for his political gains. Such unscrupulous and disgusted character should not be allowed to be there human beings!

    I am disgusted by his innate behaviour. I am an MCA member and I feel ashamed of him. I am fed up with leader like this in the MCA that brought the party into disrepute.

    No other politician would have done what this Yew had done. This is a real pariah act and cannot be forgiven. I hope that MCA top leader will not allow him to lead the people. He is a political liability.

    I cannot blame some reader calling him a LOK KAU! I agree he is a LOK KAU!

  39. Foolish Citizens

    Enough is enough!

    With all these bashing, slandering, character assasination and bad mouthing, I don’t see any of you guys have come to your brain this brainy issue – who was the culprit behind the telco tower? And why are they being so daring enough even to defy law to construct the structure and still get away with it unscathed?

    Did YB Wee, or for that matter any politicians including Yew Teong Look, ever mention about going after the culprit and the unlawful beneficial owner of the tower who reaps millions of ringgit at the expense of the ordinary citizens?

    What are we doing in order to prevent this from happening again? It doesn’t help if we were blinded with anger and foolish politiking among us while the real issue is not being addressed.

    We are just foolish citizens being fooled around by the politicians.

  40. Noor

    Tak malukah MCA? Tak buat kerja tetapi nak ambil kredit sahaja. Betul YB, Lembu punya susu sapi punya nama!

    Inin macam pemimpin MCA / BN.

  41. subra

    I was asked by a friend to read YB’s blog today. I am shocked to read about th behaviour of Yew Teong Look, the ex MCA MP for Wangsa Maju. How could he lied and cheat to such an extent? The public are not that stupid as what he thought.

    I do agree with the other readers that this bugger Yew Teong Look is a real con man, who was trying to con the people of Wangsa Maju. I know he did nothing even when he was MP.

    I lodged complaint to him and he didn’t bother to lift a finger to help. When he was no longer a MP he did nothing but worst of all, he tried to cheat by claiming credit for the works he didn’t do.

    What type of a shit fella we have in the MCA and BN. There is no room for such politician, who tried to cheat the members of the public.

    I think that his only religion is “CHEATING” people. If he comes to Wangsa Maju in the next general elections, we must go all out to get rid of him because Wangsa Maju does not need a con man to be their MP.

  42. Not So Foolish

    Sorry for you foolish citizen. The issue here is the integrity of Yew Teong Lok Kau. The issue here is the Lok Kau was trying to cheat us into believing that he has done a good job in Wangsa Maju. In actual fact, it is now clear that he was lying through his teeth. This is what we are trying to get at.

    I know that some BN / MCA ar…hole would not like to hear all these comments about their leader, who is a cheat!

    SO I hope that Foolish Citizen will know know what is the issue here. The issue here is not so much of Telco Tower but the Lok Kau’s integrity OK!

    I am sure that after the tower is demolished out YB will know what to do on the subject of the illegally built tower. I am sure that YB Wee will keep us informed of the development. I believe and know that YB Wee will do it. So Foolish Citizen please try not to be so foolish and look at the issue here properly. If you have problems in reading please go for a crash course in English.

    Not So Foolish.

  43. Stupid Citizen

    The fact that the telco tower is going to be demolish in a few days time is in some way a punishment and other telco will definitely take note of this. I do agree with the Not So Foolish that he issue here is “THE INTEGRITY OF YEW TEONG LOOK”. So please Foolish Citizen don’t be so foolish until you don’t understand the issue here.

    The truth always hurts. Sorry for Foolish Citizen please don’t stray from the subject. YB Wee and us are talking about the integrity of this bas….d, who is trying to cheat us and have been cheating us for along time. Now he has been exposed.

    Knowing YB’s style, I am sure that he will pursue this matter and reveal the name of the telco that illegally built this tower. So Foolish Citizen please be patience, one thing at a time. Let deal with this disgusting character known as Yew Teong Lok first then the telco company ok!

  44. Melvin

    YB Wee,

    Helping and assisting the residents of Wangsa Maju without highlighting it to the media is a humble thing to do. We respect you for that.

    However, looking at this incident, we must find ways to highlight your work through your blog. Find ways to make the residents here aware of your blog so that it will not be easy for YTL to tell lies to the Wangsa Maju residents anymore.

  45. the most foolish

    How can the Foolish Citizen can be so foolish?

    Correct! Correct! Correct! We are talking about integrity of that MCA con man. But the Foolish Citizen was talking about something else. Typical BN and MCA man, who is trying to help that society menace, a cheat and also a con man!

    We must not allow such low class politician like this Yew Teong Look to cheat the voters. As long as he kept on throwing chair at the MCA President, Ong Tee Keat, we do not care and we will promote in whatever ways we can.

    YewTeong Look, better start a Chair Throwing School and I am sure that you will do well because you are one of those rare expert on this subject!



  46. hanif

    Yew Teong Look adalah seorang penipu. Kami tidak boleh menerima sikap penipu ini. Semasa dia jadi Ahli Parliament, dia tak buat kerja. Bila kalah baru nak buat kerja tetapi kerjanya adalah menipu rakyat.

    Saya bersetuju bahawa dia adalah seorang con man!

  47. Hong

    Shame on Yew Teong Look! Now we all know about your service record by pretending to doing things or taking credit for other people works.

    Please forget about standing for election again. Last election, some of us didn’t know about you and we also voted against you. Now that we know about you, we will definitely voted against you.

    We hope that BN will chose you again to stand here so that we can throw you out from Wangsa Maju like you throw chair at Ong Tee Keat!

    Never thought an educated person can do thing like this.

  48. Melvin

    YB Wee,

    May I ask, what is the punishment to that telco company for building that illegal tower?

    This is not the first case telco companies building illegal towers, we read this so many times in the newspapers. What the authorities normally do with these companies? If no harsh punishment is given to these companies, we will still read more of this type of case in the future.

  49. Chan of section 2

    Another con job by Yew Teong Lok, the con man. I didn’t know that he was so desperate for publicity. I like the chair throwing pictures. The pictures befit Yew very much. From now on, I will be careful what I read about him. I will just take it with a pinch of salt.

  50. Malaysia Baru 64

    Ini adalah satu plan untuk menawan semula negeri dibawah PR dan memenangi PRU13 yang dirangka oleh BN. Jika plan ini berterusan maka BN akan hilang wang deposit dalam PRU13!

  51. Ah Kow

    I do agree with Malaysia Baru 64. I also support that idea that Yew Teong Look be chosen to fight Wangsa Maju in the next elections. That is the time that I will go all out to campaign to get rid of this crook.

    We must all remember to rid Yew from Wangsa Maju. To save Wangsa Maju is to fight against the crook, Yew Teong Look! It is now our duty to get rid of this political crook from Wangsa Maju.

  52. Long Kang Rep

    Yew Teong Look, my advice to you is to keep on looking at drains, rubbish dump and etc, thereafter call press conferences with your photos pointing to the longkang. This is what you are good at. Then you can compete with other FT and you might just win because you know how to lie!!!

    Further, looking at longkang will be very easy for you and you will not get into trouble like this one where you have koyak your integrity and also image.

    Your new name should be “LONGKANG Yew”.

  53. Shameless Yew

    Yew, you really behaved like an uneducated politician, who are desperate for publicity to cover up your incompetent to fool the people in Malaysia. Yew, not all publicity is good. So please learn. Like now, you are getting all the extreme bad publicity, a politician does not need.

    Malu! Malu! Malu!

    You are really a disgusting creature. If I were to be your wife and children, I will be damn malu to be associated with you and walking near you. You have done something very very very very very MALU!!!

  54. Danau Kota Resident

    Only a Lok Kau will lie over such things. Yew, any more lie please? When you lie, I am sure your wife and children will be proud of you because they saw your photo in the newspapers. So Yew Lok Kau, please carry on to lie to the people in Wangsa Maju.

  55. Tak Malu

    Saya nampak Yew Teong Look dalam NTV7 tentang Menara telekomunikasi di sectin 2. Memang dia tak malulah! Kita mesti halau PENIPU ini keluar dari Wangsa Maju!

    Penipu pun berani pergi geraja! tak malu!

  56. Yew The Cheat

    Yew can cheat over such a small matter. How can we trust you to be our representative? This is normal for MCA leaders. This is their style of operations. They don’t do works for people and they cheat them.

    Sudahlah Yew, please go back to be a book keeper and lead a quiet christian life and go to another church to avoid detection.

    Yew the con man can no longer survive in politics because your integrity is an issue with the people. So if I were Yew, I will wither go back to become a book keeper again or start to throw chair at MCA leaders to get attention.

  57. Lin Liani


    Setelah surat arahan dikeluarkan DBKL, nampaknya menara itu masih berdiri segak di situ. Tidak diroboh apa-apa pun. Apa tindakan DBKL dan YB seterusnya? Takkan dibiarkan begitu sahaja sebab yang sengsara adalah penduduk berhampiran. Saya harap YB terus beri arahan kepada DBKL untuk buat tindakan seterusnya.

    Saya dapat tahu ramai pemimpin MCA pun tidak suka tindak-tanduk Yew Teong Look kerana kononnya nak tunjuk wira di kawasan Wangsa Maju. Namun penduduk Wangsa Maju tetap tahu siapa yang bekerja selama ini.

  58. Itu Penipu

    Itu penipu mesti dihalau keluar dari Wangsa Maju. Wagnsa Maju tak perlu ada peminpin politick yang bohong dan sentiasa nak tipu rakyat.

    Yew adalah contoh peminpin tinggi BN. Ini sikap peminpin BN.

  59. Ah Kow

    Knowing DBKL, I am sure that it will not demolish the telco tower. Lets see what DBKL will do. YB Wee please put pressure on DBKL to act like what they will do to ordinary rakyat in Desa Setapak.

    Yew Teong Look, next time just LOOK at your YB Wee doing his work and shut your mouth then you will not bring yours and your family name into the long kang. I am sure that now your wife, children and MCA/BN members are ashamed of being associated with you.

    As a result of the disgusting acts of yours, do you know that you are now a famous political con man in Malaysia.

    I hope that Ong Tee Keat and other MCA leaders take note of this Yew Teong Lok Kau’s actions.

  60. Melvin

    I am glad YTL did such shameless and DISHONEST act.

    Know why?

    YB Wee now can use this example in the next GE to show to everybody in Wangsa Maju and Setapak that YTL is DISHONEST.

    YBWee, just remember to use this as a tool.

  61. tee

    I am sure that YB Wee will definitely bring this up to show how dishonest this Yew Teong Look can be. This is Yew’s character. He is a person that will do anything to check the public for his political gain. I am glad that YB Wee exposed this crook in this blog.

    As correctly put by other readers that the wife and children must also be ashamed of him. Well, a leopard can never change its spots. To lie and cheat is Yew’s family way of life.

    I hope that other MCA and BN leaders will learn from Yew Teong Look and stop cheating the people because it will show one day.

    Trust me, Yew’s integrity will be an issue during the next election if he were to stand as a candidate. If I were him, I am better off throwing chair at Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek will help him to go up in the MCA.

  62. Sukbir

    I cannot believe a politician can lie and cheat to such an extend over such a small matter. Yew, your political future is extremely dark.

  63. Liar

    The words lie and cheat is synonymous with Yew Teong Look otherwise he would not have lied to such an extend. Now that he has been exposed openly, I think that his own wife will never believed him again.

    I can forgive him but I cannot forgive him for cheating the public when he knew very well that he didn’t do anything on this subject except his press conferences.

    All these years he has been exploiting press conferences to fool the public. Now he kena exposed already. NO more maruah and integrity! Game over.

  64. Wangsa Maju Con Man

    Con Man Yew. If I am his wife and family members, I will be ashamed of him who is desperate to be popular by hijacking YB Wee’s efforts. Please don’t waste time anymore, we do not want liar in Wangsa Maju. We want decent politician here.

  65. MCA Liar

    Yew Teong Look, please tells us what you have spoken in the press are not lies. I am tired of seeing your face in the press because I know you are a liar. I am sure that MCA leaders are ashamed of you over this matter.

    Have you started opening your class or school to teach people for throwing chairs when one lost the argument. You are a real pariah!

  66. Lok Kau

    A Lok Kau is a Lok Kau! He just lied through his teeth. I do agree that lying is talking to him. I just wonder how many more things he had lied all these while. This Lok Kau had to lie in order to show that he was working. Now we know. That is enough. We will know what to do when the time comes.

  67. Jimmy

    I was at the site of the telco tower this morning when DBKL demolished the tower. I saw YB Wee there but Yew Teong Look was noticeably absent but his MCA macai were there. The macais were trying to put up a brave front. But we all knew that they were a bunch of bullshitters and opportunists.

    I was surprised that Yew Teong Lok didn’t turn to hijack the event so that he can tell the world that he was the one who got DBKL to do demolish the tower. If you believe Yew Teong Lok, he dares to tell you that he build the Great Wall of China!

    Tak Malu kah Yew Teong Lok! Try harder next time may be you will succeed. This time you got caught by the call – just too bad.

  68. jamesloh18

    dear friends, brothers and sisters
    last sunday we had a get togather after yew was graciously to find time to join us for lunch..the topic of the telco was bought up by me…did mentioned there been some misunderstanding …and this will reflect badly of fellow christians…he was very polite to explain ..this is a political ploy to discriminate him…he felt in serve people is his call by god…he will be persecuted misunderstood..and sometime be cursed.this is his mission…we sat n we felt..
    touched…he mentioned since he lost his seat..he has been no income and self supporting by his saving…!

    every month he has to pay out about 2500rm to keep his service centre ..his office rental been in arrears since last yr june..

    we prayed togather that day..we managed to collect some love offering ..not much .about 500rm…

    my pastor will be calling a love offering this sunday…perhaps u would like to contribute…

  69. Ah Kow

    Another white lies by this political con man. We all know that MPs after they have lost, they received monthly pension of last the present salary and gratuity of about RM130,000. YB Wee, please tell me if I am wrong.

    This bast… is still trying to lie to his other Christian brothers. If I am jamesloh18, I will ask him to go to open up a special school to teach MCA leaders to throw chairs at their president or other leaders in order to go places in MCA politics. And I am sure that he will get many students and get incomes.

    Therefore, with his monthly pension as MP, gratuity and school fees from “chair throwing” school , I am sure he will survive well.

    Please stop lying and lying stupid cow. We have had enough of your lie from small things to big things. When you are the MP, you are damn arrogance to your constituents and you didn’t do any work and you think that you are indispensable.

    Thank you YB for throwing the liar out from Wangsa Maju lie he threw chairs at Ong Tee Keat.

  70. Chairs Thrower

    Yew Teong Lok can still throw chairs present MCA leaders and be appointed Minister of Liars. He would be a fantastic minister for this portfolio because lying is a way of life to him. I am sure that his wife, children and other church members also knew about this special talent of his (lying) otherwise jamesloh18 will not be praising sky high.

    But the people in Wangsa Maju knew this liar too well. He was so arrogance. During the elections campaign, it was reported in the Chinese papers quoting this liar to say that all he need to do is to win as MP and the ministerial post will be waiting for him. He also told his supporter that he will definitely win even if he were to sleep.

    So now the people threw chairs at him during the elections and I think that the people will carry on to throw chairs at him in future elections because we cannot have lair in Wangsa Maju. He went to the temple functions and he will pretend to act like a Buddhist and he goes to church he will pretend to be a Christian. Well, he is a real good don man of the worst kind!

  71. MCA Con Man

    According to Yew Teong Lok’s CHristina brother, Yew Teong Lok is broke. What a joke! How the MP pension of more than RM5,000 a month and the gratuity? He still want to lie to his Christian brother. Forgive him lah, he is a compulsive liar and he had to lie in order to live.

    Anyway I am told that his rental is only RM10.00 a month. So what rental was this liar talking about?

    The liar can still go back to work as a bookkeeper as what he was and I am sure that he will do well in it. After all, as bookkeeper he just note down all the entries. I do agree that additional income can be got from “THROWING CHAIR”, which is his expertise.

    He just loves to lie and lie. I am sure that his family have had enough of this liar.

  72. Not so Good Christian

    jamesloh18, beware of this conman now turning Christian. Ah Kow earlier said that MP after losing their seat will get pension (half the MP salary) about RM5,000 and gratuity RM150,000. What no more money, con man?

    RM5,000 a month was not sufficient to maintain his service centre? Then supplement his income with bookkeeping works which will gives him another RM3,000 if he works for MCA supporter.

    If still into enough, he can also get help from the MCA special Wangsa Maju Fund, which he is the chairman.

    I cannot believe that he still want ot lie to his Christian brothers. May be he is finding his arena to lie is getting smaller by the day, so he had to venture out to the Christians.

    I need he need psychological help more than religious help. jamesloh18, should send this compulsive liar to Tanjung Rmabutan for observation for his own good!

  73. Melvin


    Do you mind tell me which church you go to? I am also in need of $$$$, can you guys do a love offering for me too?

    I can see that you are young and naive.

    And please don’t bring religion into this topic. YTL may be a christian, and YTL may be active in our church. But that doesn’t mean that he is an angel.

    what do you mean by this…?
    “did mentioned there been some misunderstanding …and this will reflect badly of fellow christians…he was very polite to explain ..this is a political ploy to discriminate him…he felt in serve people is his call by god…”

    What has he got to do with all the follow christians? What God’s call? If God made a call to him to demolish the tower, why didn’t he double check with the authorities on the status on this issue? And, did he do not know that YB Wee has already do his part as an MP of this area by lodging a complain to DBKL way back before even God made the call to him?? Please explain.

    Again, please don’t bring christianity into this picture. All of us have eyes and ears, we know who is bullshiting and who is lying.

  74. Need Money Too


    I also need monies like Yew Teong Look and Melvin. I need to pay for the car installments for my girlfriend. I am not a bookkeeper so I cannot find a decent living.

    You better tell the con man so stop lying and owning up to the lies he had made. the con man does not need help from Church but mental institutional help. Yew is a “sick man” and I am sure his wife and family will knowhim better.

    I do agree that he is a compulsive liar. Please let us know the name of the church that Yew goes to so that we can avoid hypocrite and liar like Yew.

    I am sorry for you jamesloh18 to have a conman and liar in your office. I hope that your church will not be contaminated with this conman and liar.

  75. MCA Con Man


    If Yew Teong Lok Kau needs money, please advise him to start throwing chairs at MCA leaders and at the same time goe back to do bookkeeping job mah! We all in MCA know that he can only read ABC up to F.

    But YEw Lok Kau is very good for lying and cheating the public. I agree with YB Wee when YB told the Chinese press that to Yew Teong Lok Kau publicity with his photograph in the papers means doing works. We already know his style that is to get his photograph published to show that he is working but he did nothing.

    jamesloh18, please tells me which church you belong to because I want to go there to get sympathy and more importantly to get some money.

    If Yew Teong Lok Kau is a good christian then there is no con man in Malaysia! Yew is the worst political con man we have ever seen in Wilayah, may be in Malaysia.

    If his wife is not ashamed of him then I feel sorry for his wife and family.

  76. kiddokit

    Hello Jamesloh18,

    Why did you not ask him to explain the term ‘political ploy to discriminate him’ further? Who is out to main wayang kulit with him? Who wants to discriminate him? Who???

    In this day and age we need more investigative and demanding voters who question, harangue, will not take a simple ‘NO!’ for an answer from the MPs. The fact you only reported he said that much without further rebuttal or inquisitive questions from you only shows how politically immature we are, actually.

    The next time you see him in a prayer session where you may end up giving him lotsa love and RM, don’t forget to taruh him with more questions and report back to us here. Thanks!

  77. Lee of Setapak


    Since Yew Teong Lok is so poor financially after he lost the Wangsa Maju seat to YB Wee, you should advise him that he should start to throw chairs at MCA leaders during meeting. After all he has not much education background, therefore, jhe should do what he is good at i.e. throwing chairs at MCA leaders, which no MCA members have ever done.

    I am sure that his future will be much brighter than to lie and cheat members of the public.

    By the way other readers here asked about Yew Teong Lok’s monthly pension of RM5000 to RM6,000 plus the gratuity payment and until now you and your christian friend have yet to tell us whether this poor con man have received the pension and gratuity or not. Of course, he has been receiving it. So how can this con man be poor. Another white lie! Yew Teong Lok Kau only live with lies and cheat.

    jamesloh18, please carry on to pray for him and at the time send this Lok Kau to mental hospital for observation because he has been lying as if there is no tomorrow.

    jamesloh18, since you are such a good samaritan please show him the light and start a chair throwing school for him and make him the school principal then he will get all the monies.

  78. Jimmy

    Let’s be fair about it. What do you expect from Yew Teong Lok? With his educational background and a book keeper by profession, our expectation of him cannot be too high. So just forget about this uneducated creature. Let’s move on with more important things than talking about this swine.

    Many people now know about his character. So we have achieved our objective.

  79. Angel_X

    Hello sir, long time no see.

    I am getting a bit worried for you since Yew seemed grabbing all the chance he can get to be in the limelight every now and then. I still think you mustn’t look down and underestimate him.

    His backing, although crumbling, is still strong.

    So do try to grab some media attention so at least you get some publicity to show the ppl outside WM what you have done for us.

    I’m doing my internship with The Sun. So if you need any help with the media, to clarify or to expose something…. you’re welcome.

    Until the end of May though.

    Keep up the good work, the people’s mind are clear. Good luck to you and godspeed.

  80. Tak Malu

    Yew will never be ashamed of himself. I was at a temple dinner function last night at Jalan Gombak (4th mile) where he made a political speech attacking the opposition and YB Wee.

    Subsequent speakers attacked him and the MCA directly. They disclosed in their speeches that he was just a fraud pretending to serve the people but actually he only like publicity. When he was the MP he neglected the people of Wangsa Maju and lied all the times. So during the March 2008 elections the Wangsa Maju people threw him out. Now he was trying so hard to do a come back with all kinds of lie to cheat the people again.

    Yew has no pride. He can just lied with a straight face. I am sure that his family and church members are also ashamed of him except himself.

  81. Penipu Besar

    Memang dia tak malu. Di tokong pun dia berani menipu. YTL adalah seorang juara menipu rakyat degnan tindak lakunya. Ptui!Ptui!Ptui!

    Ini adalah peminpin BN. YTL= PENIPU BESAR!

  82. warga seksyen 1

    YTL memang penipu besar..cakap tak serupa kita lupakan kita harap YB Wee kena jaga rakyat untuk jadi WAKIL RAKYAT kerana dipilih oleh RAKYAT ( wakil rakyat bukan wakil parti )

  83. Resident Metroview

    Few years ago, a group of Metroview Condo owners went to YTL’s service centre, meet up with him and hope to get help from him regarding some issue with the developer. We were so dissapointed and disgusted when he was trying to brush us off, saying that we can get help from other departments and authorities if we want to complaining about developer problem. After few weeks that meeting, no responds from him, no help from him. No wonder YTL lost during the General Election. Padan Muka.

  84. Metroview Resident Lim

    Resident Metroview

    You are very right. I am a resident in Metroview and I also knew that Yew Teong Look didn’t even try to help us in any way when he was the MP. Now he is trying to bullshit his way around to show the people that he is now working for them. Why not work for the people when he was the MP.

    Thank you, YB Wee for exposing such political liar in your blog. At least Wangsa Maju people will know about him and people in other parts of Malaysia will also know about him.

    I am glad that I voted for YB Wee and will do so again. I can’t stand a liar like Yew.

  85. Liar

    Now the true colour of Yew is showing up clearrly. Now Metroview condo residents are speaking up on their frustrations over this Lok Kau. He can really lied through his teeth. Soon he will tell Wangsa Maju that he was the person who built the Angkor Wat in Cambodia! This liar is a real con man. We must go all out to get rid of him.

    I were Yew I will start to train how to throw char at the MCA leaders and he will get more recognition and goes up in MCA ranking. Who knows, Ong Tee KEat must admire his special chair throwing talents and appoint him to the central committee.

    Yew please start to trow chair and you will definitely rise up in the MCA!

  86. Chong from Setapak Jaya

    The Metroview condo residents’ complaints regarding Yew Teong Look was nothing special or new. That is Yew Teong Look for those of you who do not know the real Yew. A former MCA leader, Datuk Ng, who had openly spoken at a Temple Dinner on 3rd May at Batu 4, Jalan Gombak, about Yew Teong Look arrogant behaviour when he was the MP and he didn’t bother to help the ordinary people.

    We all now know that Yew is very quick when it comes to claiming credit. He will even lie and cheat the public when it comes to claiming credit for work done by YB Wee or others. This telco tower is a clear case of Yew Teong Look trying to cheat us.

    We shall campaign against him and expose all his nonsense.

  87. Kang

    I am shocked by this chair thrower’s behaviour. When I look at his picture above, I am convinced that he has all the abilities to lie and cheat the people. So I rest my best. He will never ever get any vote from me or my family of 6 members.

    I just don’t want to be cheated by my a politician, who is still aspiring to be an MP. In any event, even he does not cheat us, he has no proper educational background to perform as MP, who has to attend to government policies and charting the course of Malaysia.

    Yew Teong Look please do not waste your time anymore, just devote your time to your church works and get financial assistance from them. Stop coming to temples because we don’t welcome people who cheat and still tried so hard to denied it.

  88. Lim Section 2

    Yew tak malulah! Saya percaya dia akan menipu kita lagi. Kita mesti berjaga-jaga. Kalau ada perluang kita semua halau dia keluar dari Wangsa Maju.

  89. Chan

    Yew Teong Look is just thick skin and will do anything to get credit for works done by others. Sudahlah Yew, stop bullshitting us. We know who you are. We will show you our power during the next general elections. You are just a political conman! Ok LoK Kau!!!

  90. Cheong of Metroview

    Correct, Yew Teong Look didn’t even try to help us with our problems when he was the MP. Now he is been thrown out by YB Wee, he suddenly want to help the people. It is just a bit too late.

    Please don’t pretend to help the people by claiming credit for work done by YB Wee. Have some self respect and don’t a “thief” like this. It is most improper for a politician to do such stupid thing. If I am your family and supporters, I will be ashamed of you.

    I wonder how the MCA national leaders feel about this fella’s pariah behaviour. Yew, you can forget about standing for elections, your integrity is now a big question mark. The people hate such dishonest behaviour.

  91. samy

    Yew is just shameless! Memang dia tak malu sedikit pun asal dia dapat nama. This is the type of political con man that we do not need in Malaysia. Yew should stop such dishonest behaviour if he loves MCA and BN.

    Yew loves no body except himself. Lets watch his steps and expose him further until he get into political wilderness. I do agree with the other readers that his wife and children must be ashamed of him. But his skin is as thick as the rhino.

    Yew, the liar! Just keep on lying and you will know when the time comes.

  92. shameless Yew


    Have you thought Yew Teong Look to be a good Christian and stop lying and cheating the public? If not, please do it this Sunday to help him. Don’t just give him money only on Sunday please give him some wisdom too.

    But I don’t think this shameless guy can ever changed because it is part of his behaviour.

  93. Lee

    I am lost for words when I read about YTL behaving in such a manner and he is still trying to fool the people by his constant publicities with no further actions. This was what he has been doing when he was the MP.

    When he was the MP, he was not bothered with the people problems. He was bullshitting all he time. Now that he was thrown by the people, he pretended to do work by publicities in the papers. YTL, should now know that the people is fed up with him.

    My advice to YTL is to start to throw chairs at MCA leader for his own political future.

  94. anonymous

    That fella is a real Lok Kau! so whatever he has done is acceptable. That is what a Lok Kau is all about. So let him lie and lie until his heart content.

    We need people like him so that BN is die faster. So we must encourage him to cheat the people more so that when the next election comes along it is game over!

  95. ringo

    YTL operates by lying. He is just incapable so he had to hijack other people works. He is good in throwing chairs during MCA meeting so Ong Ka Ting admired his talent that’s why he moved up in politics. This con man is a gutter politician.

    Lets hope that his Christian brothers will pray hard for him but he will never changed!

  96. MCA Con Man

    We are MCA members and we knew what type of person YTL is. He just pretend to do service by publicity. Once pictures taken by reporters, he will disappear. So what he did in this case is nothing new. This is YTL.

    YTL should now call press conference to give full informations about the status of the donations received from the Wangsa Maju people by “BADAN AMAL WNAGSA MAJU KUALA LUMPUR”, which is headed by YTL. Until today we, MACA members, do not know what is the current balance of the fund. But we know he will not make public this fund because he is having some “problems”.

    Since this is public fund, YTL should be transparent about it and let us know what has happened to this fund and how much have been used by him and for what purposes.

    Come clean Lok Kau and don’t pretend to forget about it. We, the MCA members, have not forgotten about it. I am sure that public also have not forgotten about it.

  97. Kang

    Hey! Con man, please do real works and not just claiming for credit. This is a con job ok. If you are not capable of doing such works just keep quiet and don’t bullshit around. Now every body know about it, tak malukah? Your skin must be very thick, that’s why you tak malu and still try to bull shit around with more publicity.

  98. Jame Lee

    Lok Kau, how is your chair throwing technic lately? Must have improve a lot. If you want to go far in MCA, please show to Ong Tee Keat that you are still very good in throwing chairs by throwing chair at Chua Soi Lek.

    Then Ong Tee Keat will definitely promote you to be the MCA chairman for MCA Wilayah Chair Throwing Committee. After 3 months if you throw more chairs you will be hte national committee chairman for chair throwing.

    Knowing you, Lok Kau, I think you will definitely achieve it because you are only good for that. Don’t worry we will pray hard for you and I am sure your church member, jamesloh18 will also pray for you.

    When you are appointed the chairman for this special committee, I am sure your wife and children will be damn proud of you.

    Keep it up Lok Kau!

  99. jamesloh18

    thanks you very much for some suggestions ..last night we had a cell group get togather brother yew couldnt join us.,,he send his brotherly loves requesting we pray for him and his continual stuggle for the people elder commented we are not perfect god thru the power of the holy spirit will empowered us… maybe i can organise a dialogue to clear this mess , misunderstanding ? would you guys be present? bro yew would be glad to meet too..?

  100. Lee

    Hello jamesloh,

    You don’t have to bother organising a dialogue to clear the mess.
    You can freely do it here.

    So, please explain.

    All of us are not perfect. However, not being perfect does not means that we can start conning people.

    May God hear your prayers for Brother Yew. Amen.

  101. James Lee


    Please carry on your prayer for your ‘brother’ Yew Lok Kau and give him more brother loves. He needed these badly. There is no mess at all. It is as clear as tomorrow the sun will rise in this matter. This political liar just lied through his teeth to cheat the people. Even a standard 6 boy can see that him on this matter.

    Many MCA members already knew about his backgrounds. He lied most of the time. In fact, as some readers hear put it, LYING IS TALKING TO HIM.

    Since there was no mes in the first place, there is no necessity for a meeting to clear it. Further, we do not wish to spoil our reputation to meet a POLITICAL LIAR for him to lie to us. Perhaps you should carry on to pray for him so that he can lie and cheat to further his political career.

    This book keeper is only good for throwing chairs at MCA leders. Let him stays that way.

  102. MCA Con Man

    I fully agree with Lee and James Lee that it is a waste of time to meet this con man. He is not fit to normal human beings. He is only fit to meet the crooks in the MCA.

    Perhaps jamesloh18 can help him to explain here in the hope to clear his name. But what name has he got in the first place. He is just a liar and cheat.

    So jamesloh18 just pray hard for him. But please pray hard for other innocent people too so that they will not be con by this liar. I think that the majority of the people need more help and protection from con man.


  103. cheong of Metroview


    Why are you wasting your time to talk about this chair thrower? You pray for him to cheat members of the public! you should be praying for the public so that we are protected from such a political liar. jamesloh18 you got it all wrong. your church elders also got it all wrong. You are only interested in helping a con man to cheat the public. Surely this cannot be the right religious value.

    This con man is so unrepentant that’s why you were asking for a dialogue. Quite frankly, no one want to talk to him. Even MCA members despised him. Do you know that MCA leaders in Wangsa Maju openly attacked him when making public speeches.

    This is the type of con man you all are praying for. Good for you. I will pray for the members of the public so that we will not be cheated by this MCA liar.

    I fully agree that he should carry on throwing hcairs at MCA leaders in order to be recognise of his hidden talents.


  104. kang


    Please be realistic that Lok Kau is beyond redemption. He had to lie in order to survive politically. He is as good as dead in the eyes of the MCA national leaders. In Wangsa Maju the people laready knew him as a liar of the worst kind. No point praying for this con man. Praying for him to con the people?

    Please tell us which church you belong to so that we can avoid. If you want to have a dialogue please have it with the con man. we are not interested to have a dialogue with a con man because we do not want to be con no more.

    please do not forget to tell us which church you belong to jamesloh18 so that we can avoid.

  105. jamesloh18

    thank for the yew had just informed us he be “shifting ” to another church not to tarnish our church.i think he is very considerate .he will drop by once awhile.tomorrow we be hosting a simple buffet .

    bro yew has been asked by his party president dato ong tee kiat .bro yew will be heading kota damansara ,he has been offered a new job in the federal government as advisory .

    he will be joining calvary life centre in damansara perdana, this he can serve people there.

    we pray the people there will welcome him, he be of a blesssing too

  106. lee wee tak

    the other day I was talking to a pastor and he was surprised that YTL is a christian….ok, maybe there’s more than 1 church in WM …..

  107. lee wee tak


    Should be sacked from MCA. Bullshitter.”

    – nah, let him stay where he is, promote him, I’ll say

  108. john tan


    You are a big joke! You stood by that Lok Kau, the political con man. We thought that you are a sincere and honest Christian. You asked for a dialogue with the people to clear the Lok Kau’s name. The responds were very negative towards the Lok Kau. Now you do an about turn by saying that the Lok Kau has “shifted” to another church in order not to tarnish your church.

    First and foremost, you should not have got yourself and church associated with such a con man. Having got yourself blindly associated with this con man just because of christian brotherhood, you should look at the case or evidence presented objectively and advise the Lok Kau to repent or come clean. Instead of doing that you saw it fit to jump on the band wagon to defend the Lok Kau. That’s is for your christian brotherhood.

    At least, jamesloh18 and Lok Kau have now openly admitted that the Lok Kau had to “shift” himself to another church in order not to tarnish the church.

    By he way, jamesloh18 please be proud to tell us which church you belong to so that we can either avoid or “shift” to another because we cannot stand dishonest Lok Kau and his associates.

    Please be proud to tell us the name of your church. If not then we take it that you are now shy to tell you.

  109. Con Man Look

    jamesloh18, By going to church does not mean that the Lok Kau is a good guy.Similarly by going to the temple does not mean that a person is a good guy. So jamesloh18, please wake up and stop being bias that just because the Lok Kau goes to your church he is deemed to be a good guy. Tells that tot he marines ok!

    Bu shifting to another church will make no difference – the Lok Kau will be tarnishing the image of the other church. The Lok Kau will tarnish any organisation he joins. He join the MCA, he threw chairs at Ong Tee Keat thenOng Ka Ting appreciate his valuable “contributions” and he got promoted and appointed Parliamentary Secretary in the FT ministry. Now Ong Ka Ting koyak, he is also koyak.

    The Lok Kau is just a Lok Kau – good for nothing.

  110. bad christian

    YTL is just a political con man. Based on this, it does not matter which church he shifted to he will still tarnish the good name of the church. jamesloh18, what rubbish are you talking about shifting of church. If the Lok Kau is a bad christian, he is a bad christian. jamesloh18 should admit and not defending the indefensible. this is the practice that bring Christianity into disrepute. every religion teaches us honesty and not bull shitting like what jamesloh18 was trying to do.

    YTL may be your close buddy but you need not invoke Christian brotherhood to help him so that he can can carrying on to con members of the public for his political gains. jamesloh18 please for heaven sake do a rethinking of your believe and not support a con man like YTL blindly. Surely the majority of the people in Wangsa Maju also need protection from con man.

    SO many readers have asked you for the name of the church that you go to so that I also would like to avoid to prevent my name from being being tarnished. I think that many people share the same feelings after reading your ridiculous comments. Not only YTL needs help, I think you also need help.

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

  111. Remy

    What a big joke? jamesloh18. your church member YTKL shifting church to avoid tarnishing your church. That is a proof that the Lok Kau is a con man otherwise how can it tarnish the name of the church. The reason you gave I think will also tarnish the name of the church. That’s why you are not giving hte name of your church.

    I think that you and Lok Kau make a good combination. You better pray hard for Lok Kau so that he can carrying lying and cheating the people. Please don’t give me the name of your church because I don’t want a church to be tarnished by you and YTL.

  112. Tony Tan

    jamesloh18 was bankrupt of idea when he wrote that YTL is “shifting” to another church. You are a jokerlah! You ask for a dialogue. you gave the impression that YTL was not wrong. Now YTL has shifted to another church because to avoid the church being tarnished by YTL.

    jamesloh18, the fact that YTL goes to your church is enough to deter others from going there because no one want to be associated with con man or a cheat. YTL is beyond redemption because it is his way of life to lie. You can not blame him because he is just a book keeper and he had to rely in throwing chair at Ong Tee Keat in order get the attention of Ong Ka Ting. For that effort he rose from no where to become one of the top MCA leaders. Thank to YB Wee who knocked him out into political wilderness again.

    So jamesloh18 please advise your church member, the liar and con man, to start throwing chairs again at Chua Soi Lek or others and it will no doubt catch the eyes of Ong Tee Keat and he will rise in politic again.

    YTL please do your church hoping and chair throwing!

  113. Con Man Yew


    Please stop talking rubbish. Your arguments made my toes laughed!

    Please tell us which church you belong too then we will know your standing. Why are you so shy or scare to tell which church you belong to? Now you started to realise that you have been talking nonsense all these while.

    You better advise your ‘christian” brother to improve in throwing chair, which will be more beneficial to him. We all know him already so he cannot lie anymore.

  114. I'm a christian too!

    Hi jamesloh18,

    I’m a Christian too, an opposition Christian. Don’t make a mockery of the Lord’s name by telling us one side of YTL’s story and next informing us that he is going to Calvary. What impression do you think Calvarians would have when YTL turns up at their Sunday services from now on? The things that YTL did is bad enough, don’t bring bad light to God’s name, if at all you have any sense of what you are doing here. Just as there’s plenty of Christians in MCA, Gerakan and MIC, there are also plenty of Christians in PKR and DAP.

  115. James Goon

    jamesloh18, the christian brother of YTL. Why are you keeping so silent about which church you belong to? You mean you are now also very shy to tell the world the name of your church? May be you are no different to YTL.

    By the look of things, we all have to pray for both of you. But please advise YTL to stop telling lies to the public.


  116. peterpan

    The comments here are very enlightening but I couldn’t resist after reading jamesloh18’s comment . (he (YTL) will be persecuted misunderstood.)

    Hey James, first of all let’s recap what transpired, YB Wee took up the task to challenge those who illegally constructed the telco tower, he wrote to the authorities and demolition works proceeded. Then out of no where, YTL appeared together with newsmen and pressmen and while observing the demolition works, he made it look as though he was the one who initiated this task of getting the authorities to demolish the tower.

    Now a lot of wangsa maju residents are calling him a cheat because what YTL did is like the chinese saying, taking other people’s backside to become your face!

    Then you said YTL claims he is being persecuted and misunderstood? Or did you James said that alone?

    Brother, this is not called persecution, this is called self-induced stupidity.

    And the part on the love offering for YTL, brother, please do me a favour, stop making a fool out of yourself. You pay him and he’ll spend them by throwing fancy dinners and street parties to buy votes during general elections.

  117. kiddokit

    Err, guys! Time out!

    Looks like this anti-YTL thread has taken a bad turn and becomes a ‘jamesloh bashing’ thread instead.

    I’m no Christian, no YTL lover (hate his guts!), and definitely I have never met the much maligned jamesloh himself! But for all of jamesloh’s statement of support and love for YTL, it comes from his deep Christian self. I can understand why jamesloh responded the way he did — gently, no anger in his posts, patience — all good ways of a Christian.

    How would I know? Well, I’m no Christian (a loyal Buddhist, in fact) but I have attended some church functions and have gotten first-hand views of their ‘caring and sharing sessions’. It’s amazing the outpouring of love and loyalty and affection to each another church member regardless of members’ background.

    So, y’see, jamesloh is just being himself in this thread. I think we should stop this attacks on him for he is harmless. YTL on the other hand…..

  118. jamesloh18

    sorry i am attending tabernacle of god in taman melawati ..i am studing in tuanku abdul rahman college doing my final year in accountancy. was bought up in is a farmer. my mum sell mee hoon kuey near a iron mongery factory near home

    i started going church last year, i am new perhaps you are right, been young and ignorant.
    when i saw this blog n some talk abt a fellow christian ..i was just brotherly concerned
    it was my cat curiousty that spurs yr disappointment,

    i am sorry .

  119. I'm a christian too!

    Dear jamesloh18,
    It is a great wonder that this Christian MCA politician is so swift in changing churches on the basis that he does not wish to tarnish the good name of your church. But does he have the slightest idea that he is in fact bringing disrepute to our Lord Jesus Christ? Is he trying to imply that church members’ perception of him is more important than our Lord’s integrity and that he can solve this by simply joining another church? When you say you want to serve the people, there’s nothing more or less to it; just serve the people and work hard to serve the people. Just as YTL believes that by being part of the government will help him serve the people better, so are we in the opposition, we believe that by standing up against oppression and abuse of power gives us better edge in serving the people. Whichever way you may choose as your platform, do it without bringing shame to God’s name.

  120. lee wee tak

    You people focusing too much on the wrong thing. You might dislike YTL very much but what about the telco dishes in the other post that are killing people all over Malaysia?

    You all should direct your fury to the telcos, property owners and regulators for gross disregard of safety and health matters

    I can imagine after getting cancer, people still do not know who are to blame and just carry on….bad thought, this one.

  121. kenny Lee

    Lee Wee Tak, we are also concern about the telco matters. But we cannot allow this con man to do as he please and being defended by someone who does not know the real truth. And this jamesloh18 fellow just jumped in to defend the con man based on the fact that he is a christian brother. This is not a good ground. However, he has said sorry over the matter. We should accept it.

    But the con man must be made to pay his lies. We cannot allow such politician to cheat members of the public. We must get rid of this political con man from Wangsa Maju.

    I do agree that he should carry on throwing chairs at MCA / BN leaders like Chua Swee Lek, Ong Tee Keat, Najib and others.

  122. lee wee tak

    Fine Kenny, hammer YTL all you like, feel free to express your anger in a civilised way and by and large, we are doing it ok here

    but what I am surprise is, while there are close to 100 comments (most of them justifiable) there are merely 8 comments at time of this comment on the telco.

    the imbalance in terms of comments on the 2 posts is a reflection of the degree of concern, I gather and I am making an assumption that people are more interested in saying bad things about YTL (yes, feel free to do so) rather than showing some degree of anger at the telcos which are more dangerous.

  123. SaiTee

    lee wee tak, what are you toking here?
    100 komens here oni 8 tok about telco, here is why la… see the topic of this post above? It says Look Kau Has No Shame!
    If YB start a new post on the telco alone, then we hentam the telco kau kau. But here, this space is reserve for the Look Kau and that one and oni Look Kau in wangsa maju! niamah!!!!

  124. lee wee tak

    Sai Tee,

    there IS a a new post on the telco alone so please put some choice words there; and niamah? Happy Mother’s Day. She deserve our respect.

  125. MCA Member

    Enough have been said about Lok Kau. It is clear from the evidence here that eh Lok Kau is just a compulsive lair and trying his best to cheat the people of Wangsa Maju. Unfortunately, the Lok Kau was caught in his own game.

    My advise to Lok Kau is the same as the other readers here: Lok Kau should start to throw chairs at MCA leaders so that he will get attention from Ong Tee Keat and then I am sure that he will be appointed as Minister for Liars!

    He is a real Lok Kau. Luckily jamesloh18 knows how to say sorry otherwise he is no different to the Lok Kau. I hope that Lok Kau has stopped to tarnish the good image of the church.

  126. Lok Kau

    Yesterday I read in the papers that the Lok Kau went to Jalan Meranti, off Jalan Gombak, to have his picture taken calling upon the DBKL to open up the junction for traffic. I know for a fact that YB Wee had already put in his blog regarding this issue sometime in April 2009. I believe that this matter is in the pipeline and about to be approved. The Lok Kau is trying again to claim credit.

    A Lok Kau is always a Lok Kau. YB please give him another dose (kau kau one) to teach him another lesson.

    This Lok Kau will never learn. Expose his modus operandi and let the public know about this political con man.

  127. Melvin


    You are still young, still studying.
    You have not seen the real world yet. So easily get swayed by YTL’s bullshits. Look like you still don’t know who is YTL.
    Don’t be naive, open your eyes and judge for yourself. I am a christian too, and i can see that not all christians are good people.

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