Press Statement, 21 April 2009, Kuala Lumpur

Re: DAP’s anger over the announcement of the resignation of Mohammad Fairus, the Penanti State Assemblyman

Press Release by Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju, a Member of PKR Supreme Council and Deputy Chairman for PKR Wilayah Persekutuan on 21 April 2009 in Kuala Lumpur


I can understand that Tony Pua, the DAP information chief, had to go all out to defend his political master, Lim Guan Eng. I also agree with Tony Pua that Lim Guan Eng had the right to express his disagreement over the failure by the national PKR leadership to inform him of the resignation of Mohammad Fairus as state representative for Penanti state seat on April 16.

Since Lim Guan Eng had openly expressed his views/anger in the press over such matter then Tony Pua must expect responses from PKR. It is only natural that PKR leaders must respond to the DAP leaders’ adverse comments against PKR in the press.

When making press statements, Tony Pua and his DAP colleagues must always bear in mind that PKR, as a political party, has the basic right to self-determination and we need not consult anyone when we had to make a political decision where time is the essence. Similarly, we in the PKR do not expect to be consulted when certain personalities are put forward to be appointed to the Exco in Penang and Selangor even though we know that they are not fit for the job.

In a coalition of political parties, there must be mutual respect among the leaders. No leader of a political party should try to dominate over another otherwise the coalition will not work.

Wee Choo Keong

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Kenyataan akhbar oleh Wee Choo Keong, Alhi Parlimen Wangsa Maju, ahli Majlis Tertinggi PKR dan Naib Pengerusi PKR Wilayah Persekutuan pada 21 April 2009 di Kuala Lumpur

Saya boleh memahami mengapa Tony Pua, Ketua Maklumat DAP, perlu keluar mempertahankan ketua politiknya, Lim Guan Eng. Saya juga bersetuju dengan Tony Pua bahawa Lim Guan Eng mempunyai hak untuk menyatakan kekecewaannya terhadap kegagalan pucuk pimpinan tahap kebangsaan PKR memaklumkan beliau mengenai perletakan jawatan Mohammad Fairus sebagai wakil rakyat Penanti pada tarikh 16 April lalu.

Oleh kerana Lim Guan Eng telah secara terbuka menyatakan pendapat dan kemarahan beliau secara terbuka mengenai perkara ini maka Tony Pua mesti jangkakan balasan daripada pihak PKR. Memang dalam jangkaan umum bahwa saluran balasan PKR terhadap DAP mesti datang menerusi saluran akhbar juga.

Tatkala membuat kenyataan akhbar, Tony Pua dan rakan-rakannya di DAP harus ingat bahawa PKR, sebagai sebuah parti politik, mempunyai hak untuk membuat keputusan sendiri dan tidak perlu berunding dengan sesiapa apabila kami perlu membuat keputusan politik di mana fakta waktu adalah paling mustahak. Bersamaan ini, kami di PKR tidak jangkan akan dibawa berunding apabila orang tertentu dicadangkan sebagai ahli EXCO di Penang dan Selangor walaupun mereka tidak sesuai untuk jawatan tersebut.

Dalam perikatan parti politik, mesti wujudnya perasaan saling menghormat di kalangan para pemimpin. Tidak patut adanya seorang pemimpin yang cuba hendak menguasai seorang yang lain, jika tidak, perikatan ini tidak akan berjaya.

Wee Choo Keong




每当向媒体公开声明一些看法时,潘俭伟和他的同僚必需随时考量到公正党是一个政治党派是有基本的自主权和不需要咨询任何人的意见每每需要作出一些政 治决定尤其时间是要精髓。同样的,我们在公正党是没有预计到与一些被委任为槟州和雪州为前提的行政议员进行商议纵然我们知到他们是不能胜任有关职责。


87 thoughts on “Press Statement, 21 April 2009, Kuala Lumpur

  1. khensthoth

    With all due respect, I would have to disagree with you.

    You said “there must be mutual respect among the leaders”. Respect has to be earned before it is reciprocated. Anwar did was the one who initially breached the respect.

    Time and time again, Anwar was given the chance to solve the internal issue before it got worse. From what was presented in the various media, it seems Anwar has not told Lim Guan Eng anything, much less about Fairus’s resignation.

    The fact that the letter of resignation (of the state seat) is dated March 19, while the actual announcement is made in mid April showed Anwar kept LGE, and for that matter, all Penangites, in dark over this issue.

    LGE has hardly criticised Anwar or PKR. Quite the contrary, he only indicated his unhappiness over the whole issue. On the other hand, while Syeh Husin Ali’s language is much more polite, Zahrain criticised LGE directly.

    Compared the actions of both men to the action of LGE, who merely said he was “less than happy” with the incident.

    Furthermore, LGE is the Chief Minister of Penang, while Anwar is an Member of Parliament. Sure, the latter is the de facto leader of PKR, whatever that means, and I agree he has the stake and should be consulted in this. I would, however, argue that in this case, LGE as the CM has the prerogative to appoint his deputy. In other more blunt words, the post of CM trumps the rights of a “de facto leader”.

    It would be best if Anwar solve the myriad of internal problems regarding his party, kept to his role of a Member of Parliament, kept to his words of setting up a shadow cabinet as an Opposition leader before deciding who should be the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang.

    And yes, I can understand you going “all out to defend [your] political master” too.

    Angry Penangite

  2. eagle

    Agree to disagree, You are right YB!!! keep it up. PAKATAN RAKYAT is not BN where the rest just angguk angguk whatever UMNO decide.
    My prayer is with you guys as agent of change in the new Malaysia. Argue as much as you can but be responsible and when you make mistake, we must apologize and put it right. Hidup PAKATAN RAKYAT.

  3. Just A Crony

    We all know that DAP is a family party controlled by the father and son. Previously it was the father, who ran the DAP with an iron fist. Now the father passed the DAP to his son – like their own family asset.

    So you can’t blame Lim Guan Eng (LGE) to think and behave like a dictator in Pakatan Rakyat too. I am told that in Penang, decisions were sometime made by LGE alone. So LGE expects other political leaders in PR will dance to his tune like his cronies in the DAP.

    One cannot also blame Tony Pua, who is a known LGE’s crony, for jumping in to defend his “political master”. Well put YB. If Tony Pua is not a crony he will not get the PJ Utara seat!

    I am sure that YB Wee knew very well how DAP operates.

    I do agree with YB Wee that the DAP leaders must learn how to respect other parties’ leaders and not demanding respect all the times. Good for PKR leaders. Don’t let them bully you.

    Just a CRONY!

  4. apadikato

    Lim Kit Siang is no different from Mahathir.

    Only difference is Mahathir has ruled the country before wherelse Lim Kit Siang is dying to rule the country one day. Once he is there (governing the country), I don’t think he will be different.

    Look at how DAP works, dictatorship prevails, try to challenge or criticize Kit Siang, out you go. But when he hit at others, he claim to be saint. See the double standard!!!

    See his blog, any mention of LGE screw-up in Penang and being screwed by Anwar? Nothing!!

    See how he harp on Koh Tsu Koon last year on the appointment of Penang CM. Now the current event LGE facing is haunting Lim Kit Siang. But will Kit Siang ever be remorseful? No way!!!! Skin thicker than 6 inches metal sheet!!!

    I only respect Karpal Singh of all DAP!!!

  5. Penang Guy

    To: khensthoth

    I was a DAP member and I know there were also many internal problems inside the DAP. Please don’t be arrogance here by stating that “Time and time again, Anwar being given the chance to solve internal issues…”.

    I was told that Teng Chang Kim, who is the Speaker of the Selangor Assembly, cannot see eye to eye with Lim Guan Eng and his cronies. In Johor, Perak and Penang there are many internal issues that have not been solved but postponed. The DAP is infested with cronyism.

    In the DAP, if you are not a crony you will get no where. I fully support YB Wee’s response and statement.

  6. khensthoth

    The issue here, I believe, is regarding the post of Deputy Chief Minister, and how the PKR leaders reacted to LGE’s mild statement.

    I do not fully support DAP, nor do I funny support LGE. There are many decisions and actions in Penang that I cannot agree on. But taking DAP’s internal problem into the context of this discussion only invites more argument and leads nowhere.

    And “time and time again” was meant to indicate the span of at least 2 weeks. If Anwar have had possession Fairus’s resignation letter since March 19, what was preventing him to select a better candidate/ replacement? He had more than a month since March 19.

    Furthermore, see YB Wee’s press conference – his tone, his choice of words is all but polite. And he’s asking others to have mutual respect?

  7. Sheriff Singh

    “…when certain personalities are put forward to be appointed to the Exco in Penang and Selangor even though we know that they are not fit for the job.”

    Its unfortunate for you to say this as you admit that PR states are being run by nincompoops and non-qualifieds. This includes members from Pas, DAP and PKR and confirms PR does not have qualified people with the necessary paper qualifications, experience, reputation and integrity. So does PR deserve to rule?

    Lets face it. Unless Anwar can prove his mettle and win a majority, and govern with qualified people, and make it soon, he’s as good as gone. He’ll be fighting a lost cause. Why is he jetting off here and there every so often? Does he not like it here?

    So long as Sabah and Sarawak reject PKR, PR will never rule the country.

  8. Penang Guy

    To; khensthoth

    The issue here is not about “mild” or strong statement from Lim Guan Eng. It is about whether he should have made such a statement in the first place bearing in mind the PR coalition.

    The span of 2 weeks or 3 weeks amongst friends will not heard. There was no necessity for that outburst. It seems that only the father and son can react and PKR or others must keep quiet. What rubbish argument is this!

    There was no urgency to fill the post of DCM. It would appear that without the DCM appointed the Penang government comes to a stand still. What a joke?

    What is wrong to discuss about DAP internal issues since PKR internal issues were brought up! Are you trying to tell us that DAP has no internal issues to talk about? Then how come Lim Guan Eng was appointed Secretary General of DAP and yet he could not get elected into the Malacca DAP State Committee. Remember?

    It was up to Anwar to decide on the timing of announcing Fairus resignation. It was a PKR matter. I am sure that Anwar knew what he was doing.

    I hope that YB Wee will speak up against any adverse statement by any of the DAP’s leader.

  9. Jong

    Penang Guy, you said:

    “It was up to Anwar to decide on the timing of announcing Fairus resignation. It was a PKR matter. I am sure that Anwar knew what he was doing. ”

    – No, when Fairus was DCM1, it should be a Penang State Government matter and the Chief Minister being his boss, rightly should have been the first to be informed of Fairus’s resignation. Anwar erred, he should have been more mindful.

    Khensthoth, your comments are spot on! Aptly said.

  10. anti-kutty

    And to all you commenters.. dont bring up questions if he did that right, if he did this right.. are you even doing the right thing, arguing in open the coalition that you support.. the Pakatan Rakyat!??

    It’s not time for internal fight now. It’s time to kick BN’s ass out!


  11. Mia Oleary

    YB Wee

    So you too must join the fray?

    It would have been much better if your thoughts were about telling all Pakatan folks to treat this as a reminder that all such matters should be discussed in private and not to give in to the media – especially mainstream media.

    See now, how the MSMs are gleefully writing about this, but very conveniently downplaying the Terengganu issue?

    All it takes is for the Pakatan folks to yield in to the request of an MSM and the next moment – that story is viewed and reviewed by the faithful editors on duty to ‘spin’ the story to the disadvantage of the Pakatan.

    And some vernacular media, belonging to BN political parties are also under pressure to perform – from coaxing PR elected reps to switch sides (the Opposition leader mentioned this in Parliament, remember), to ‘editing’ factual reports to suit their political masters.

    Do look at the big picture – where the BN is scheming slowly but surely to derail Pakatn rule in the remaining states.

    Continued issuing of press statements like this will only make it easier for the MSMs to plot the downfall of the hard earned right of Pakatan to govern the remaining 4 states.

    Anyway, how come such outbursts do not surface in Kelantan and Kedah? PAS guys are more disciplined in thsi aspect – consultations being done regularly behind the scenes?

    Funny you know, as the trial dates for RPK and Opposition leader draws nearer, the rhetorics is changing. Why/

    Should you all not be regularly communicating with one another, away from the MSMs, and coming to better concensus to be announced in joint statements?

    By the way, look at this text.
    ‘I am sorry, but we cannot comment at this point of time. If we have something to say a joint statement will be released’

    Generic and can be used by all the 3 component members of PR?

    This will at least tell the MSMs that you guys in PR have the upper hand and will not bow to the evil desires of the MSMs controlled by the dalangs in the BN.

    And by the way, why take a swipe at Penang and Selangor appointments by saying that “even though we know that they are not fit for the job”?

    Are you saying about Fairus and Elizabeth?

    Opening up another can of worms?

    This bit sounds very emotional.

    Be more objective and resilient lah.
    Stick to the issue on hand.

    But more important – have more discussions in private and issue statements jointly. And make sure the members be guided by the official statements and not speak anything more to the MSMs.

    See how difficult it will be then for the MSMs to spin.

    Warm Regards

  12. nstman

    Who does Tony think he is? He is acting as if he has been in politics for a long time. He is trying to act tough. He is trying to show Keadilan he is a man to reckon with. Grow up, Tony. You are just a political novice who was lucky to win the last election. You are just a small man. You make me puke, Tony.

  13. ghost of Altantuya

    So far LGE is a great CM & why do PKR need to give him all this extra problem (Internal problem)? Should PKR not solve it within and present the next DCM1 to LGE problem free?

    PKR is a great party but only thing is the party is full of under performing representative. Please take effort to recruit the best Malays to your party.

  14. DV

    From time to time, my faith in this so called Pakatan Rakyat coalition is dwindling. I have no confidence at all that if ever the PR party will rule this country. You are all masters of below the belt politicking when it comes to fight BN but amongst yourself you can hardly criticize your own enough.

    When in power, you’re just the same. Not better. Not even close.

  15. anon11.55

    i’m not defending anyone coz seriously, most politicians are shit but if you were a boss, would you prefer to get a resignation from your employee OR would you prefer to suddenly one day, the cubicle is empty and upon asking the colleagues, you just realised that the person has quit?

    have some common sense and decency to be polite la.

    you know what? Mahathir and ezam are said to cause destruction of BN and i think Anwar is to PR.

    i regret of being registered vote but i didn’t regret voting for my MP of wangsa maju…not yet at least.

  16. antipas

    what can we say when you put a cat, a tiger and a bird in the same cage? It takes time for the three different political parties to achieve the level of political comfort as established by Barisan Nasional. Even in PAS there is a split between Pro Erdogan and anti Erdogan group

  17. justme

    Excerpt_’When making press statements, Tony Pua and his DAP colleagues must always bear in mind that PKR, as a political party, has the basic right to self-determination and we need not consult anyone when we had to make a political decision where time is the essence. ”

    You may be right, but bear in mind, PKR is part of the coalition, and LGE is the present CM. Respect must be given and LGE need to be informed in regards to such a move, not only as a respect for a partner, but also because Fairus was his ex deputy. You have to respect your partner.
    You don’t buy a mansion without consulting your wife, or do you?

  18. Raja Kamaruddin

    1. I believe more PKR leaders should come out in defence of DSAI.

    2. Who is this LGE anyway? Has anyone ever wonder how in the world did he became secretary general of DAP?

    3. LGE started all these problems because he does not have the necessary political wisdom because all these time he has hide behind his papa.

    4. Tony Pua? Who is this BOY? He should learn how to respect people.

    5. These is why i feel sad about our young generation…they can have high IQ but low EQ…


  19. ramsnudist

    Sigh….DAP as said is a family controlled party. Remember when Karpal made a statement on the party hopping he was brushed away and said that it was Karpal’s personal opinion. Hey Karpal is the National President of DAP but being sidelined by the “Father Son” party. Same goes here, everything from Lim Guan Eng comes from Lim Kit Siang. Hey guys in DAP where is the respect???

  20. kassimselamat2

    DAP please wake up and realised that it is Anwar that is responsible for your big win!

    Do you really think that PAS and the Malays would support you if not for Anwar?

    Think of Penang, Selangor and Perak.You are there because of Anwar!

    Learn to be grateful and say thank you.Being humble is a virtue!

  21. Penangite

    Let’s all keep calm and respect one another. I am a DAP member and campaigned with PKR & PAS comrades in the numerous by-elections. Remember March 8th and the change it brought!

    This is peoples power. The day might come when Pakatan Rakyat becomes another BN and if should that day ever comes, I will turun padang and join the rakyat in another tsunami!

    See you guys in Penanti!!! Let’s give BN another trashing it deserves!!

  22. lee wee tak

    I prefer the mutual openness within PR compared to the timid capitulation within BN

    however please consider carefully as whatever PR do or do not do, the voters are watching

    our voters have been schooled for decades by the preceived sense of unity within BN although the truth may not be known to all (e.g. Najib instructed all controlled media to curb reporting about the struggle within BN/UMNO Terengganu)

    a PR with too much publicised in-fighting can be preceived, rightly and wrongly, as weakness hence fence sitters might lose their confidence

    Anwar since March 8 been seen more on political struggle (like Sept 16) rather than on constructive issues such as building up coalition mechanism.

    yes, I don’t mind normal house-hold open bickering between PAS-DAP-PKR as long as they govern well but too much of it can be detrimental to its image and the controlled media will have its field day

  23. ALbundy

    As a voter that voted for change, I am beginning to be disappointed and let down with all this in-fighting (except in Perak).

    I would ask all of you to reflect on the past, before the March 08 General Elections. Where were you all? Would you want to be back to where you were? Think about it!

    Now that PR are in control of some states, we can see some of you are no different from Barisan Nasional, same crap but different packaging/branding.

    Remember this, it is the voters that wanted change and in the previous election even the Lingam Video Producer won the Kelana Jaya seat versus a MCA heavy weight. IT IS NOT YOU that won the seat, rather the displeasure and anger of the voters/RAKYAT against the policies and behaviour of the BN led government that swept PR to power in the 5 states.

    I’d suggest all of you to start implement the changes promised to the rakyat, before you guys are made history. Not only BN has to change, but PR has to change as well.


  24. khensthoth

    Outburst – “a sudden and violent release or outpouring”

    If you say Tony Pua’s reaction is an outburst, that out be quite accurate. If you say Zahrain’s reaction is an outburst, that would be a good description. Syed Husin Ali and LGE’s actions are not outbursts.

    There no urgency? Fairus was an EXCO – who takes over while he’s gone? If there’s no urgency, it means the position of DCM is created for PKR as a symbolism only. I am sure PKR do not want that.

    You are saying PKR’s issue should be paramount to Penang state’s issue? If that’s the case, what if Anwar takes 60 days just to fill this single post? Would that be excusable?

  25. Mr Wee, I must salute you for constantly having the balls to say whatever it is that needs to be said.

    If there are more people like you in BOTH camps, then there could be hope for this country.


  26. temenggong

    Wee, this is not your fight.

    Anwar is making decisions without taking into confidence LGE, and in that process is embarrassing him. PKR candidates lacks discipline, is being run like a one man show, and everything has to wait for Anwar.

    Lets give this issue a rest.

  27. penang boy

    Tony Pua is still wet behind the ears in politics. So please don’t blame him. He is just one of the cronies who just carry out instructions. DAP is a family party of father and son. The other members/leaders are just making up the numbers. To prove the point, Lim Guan Eng cannot even win a seat in the DAP Malacca State Committee but he rose very fast to become the DAP Secretary General. How about that? That is the type of democracy of Lim Dynasty in the DAP.

    I will never join the DAP because I do not support a party of cronies and family members controlling it.

    In the PR, there is no problem with PKR and PAS. We only have problems with DAP vs PAS or DAP vs PKR. Why?

    YB Wee, please speak up and say your piece. Fear not. You are senior enough to stand up against the arrogance of power of the father and son in the DAP.

  28. James

    Who is LGE or DAP to be so disrespectful? They have been trying to control Penang for umpteen years. LGE’s old man dream of being Penang Chief Minister was finally realised by him. How do they think they were able to do that? LGE and his cronies must realise that their family dream only came true because of DSAI. They should realise that they owe their living to DSAI. They should know that without DSAI, they(FATHER & SON) might not even be a MP or an ADUN, let alone a Chief Minister. SO DO NOT BITE THE HANDS THAT FEED YOU. TOE THE LINE OR FACE DEFEAT IN THE NEXT ELECTION.
    The old man is trying to save his son’s face by claiming that DSAI has apologised to LGE, IMHO, DSAI should NOT apologise, it is LGE who should be the apologist!

  29. jimbo


    This sounds more like a threat UMNO would issue its counterparts whenever component parties try to voice out their dissatisfaction or grouses.

    Why has it disintegrated to such now we have people like James commenting with the arrogance of the very party we want to humble and topple?

    As a rakyat, what goes on internally within PR we will never know and even if we think we do, is based on hearsay. I can only observe and form my own conclusions and what I see from LGE is a statement of common sense.

    A Chinese saying goes, “A home cannot be without its breadwinner and a country cannot be without its leaders”. Everyone has got a role to play and if PKR is choosing to play mute and dumb over the appointment? Then who will actually get the job done?

    As the MB, LGE has the jurisdiction to appoint his right-hand man but he has honored and respected the spirit of PR by allowing PKR to make the decision. Although I might not agree with the way he expressed it (to the media) but it is a justified frustration that needs rectification ASAP.

  30. alvin

    Tony Pua and DAP is practising the famous “crossed the river burn the bridge” policy.

    Without Anwar, DAP will never able to control Penang.

    So what is the difference btw UMNO and DAP.!!!1 Same shit.

    Lim Kit Siang could be worst than Mahathir!!!!!

    LGE/LKS & Tony Pua deserve to be smacked by Karpal Singh!!!

  31. Azmin says PKR-DAP spat won’t break relationship
    By Lee Wei Lian
    KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 – Concerned over the escalation in the public spat between DAP and PKR, PKR vice president Azmin Ali has tried to sooth frayed nerves, saying that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties need to work closer together and have more meetings at the state and national level to discuss issues.

    The row surfaced when Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng made known his displeasure to the media at not being informed about former Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 (DCM1) Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin’s resignation from his Penanti state seat last Thursday until after the news had broken.

    He felt that as the chief minister, he should have been kept in the loop.

    PKR leaders such as deputy president Syed Husin Ali and Penang PKR chief Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim lashed out yesterday at Lim’s statement, saying he should not have voiced his dissatisfaction in the media and claimed that PKR had never interfered with DAP’s choices for political appointees.

    Only about a year old, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition is yet untested by time though it has proven it can work well together to win recent by-elections. This makes the spat over Fairus one that critics of the coalition will be watching to see if it is a sign of a crack in the partnership between DAP and PKR.

    Azmin says that the war of words is not something that will break the relationship between the two parties but nevertheless, he said more frequent meetings between PR leaders were in order to prevent future incidences.

    “All parties need to work even closer, to discuss and iron out problems within Pakatan Rakyat and we can do so by having regular meetings at the state and national level,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

    “Then they can discuss all issues, not only party matters but also government policies.”

    He added that not one party in the PR alliance could claim that they could stand on their own and all parties needed to make an effort to tighten the relationship.

    The next meeting between top PR leaders is scheduled for this Saturday.

    According to PKR Deputy President Dr Syed Husin, de facto PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had also spoken to Lim yesterday and resolved the matter.

    “Anwar and Guan Eng spoke to each other and I believe all confusion about the matter has been solved,” said Syed Husin in a statement.

    While sources in PR agree with Azmin that the “political posturing” in the media is not a deal breaker, the row has exposed areas of tension within the fledging coalition.

    Lim is known to be unhappy over allegations from critics that he is a mere puppet with “position but no power” to appoint a DCM 1 though he has repeatedly said that he had left the decision to de facto PKR leader Anwar out of camraderie and respect. The post of DCM1 has been reserved for a Malay leader from PKR.

    The Malaysian Insider has also learnt however, that PKR resents earlier lobbying from Lim to nominate state executive councillor Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim, an Indian Muslim, as DCM1, as it feels it cannot afford to ignore political considerations to nominate a strong ethnic Malay candidate instead.

  32. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Halo Tony Pua,

    I just want to tell you this ah. “When you drink water, you must know lah where the water come from.” Ptuui.

    You should just concentrate lah in your constituency in the PJ Utara area and do your job there. Who are you to talk three talk four in the press? You are new in politics and still wearing baby diapers lah, stupid. Why can’t you use your brain ah to have a private meeting and don’t talk to the press. You think the press is going to chanpion your cause ah, stupid? There are just waiting for you all to make some stupid mistake and hentam you all only. So shadap okay. Go and concentrate on concentrating the economic problems the rakyat is facing. Stop your stupid act.

    And to Lim Guan Eng and his old man. Both of you just stop your nonsense and concentrate on a strong Pakatan Rakyat. We give you our support not for you all to dos tupid things. Just shadap okay. Otherwise we will make sure you all lose everything.

    All stupid buggers!

  33. Ah Kow

    The major problem in DAP and PR is the father and son combination. In the DAP, the father and son treat it as their own family company. The voters were fooled by these two.

    The DAP leaders should wake up and tell the father to go. All the other political leaders like Lim Keng Yaik, Ling Liong Sik, Mahathir and others have retired and allowed other younger leaders to lead.

    But Lim Kit Siang will never retired because he had to ensrue that his son, Lim Guan Eng, can carry on treating the DAP as their private family business.

    As long as the father and son are around, the PR will never get any where because all their moves will be sabotage at the 11th hour.

    I think that Malaysians have had enough of the father and son in the politics of Malaysia.

  34. LCLY

    Yes, YB you’re are absolutely right….

    i totally agree with Raja Kamaruddin’s comments…In Penang, LGE came from no where..he has been kickout from the Dap Malacca Central Committee..and from no way..he is being appointed the CM of Penang…by the way..can some one tell me..whom appointed him as CM? the party’s central committee..? or the father ? or maybe he announce it himself without consulting any party committee?…

    Forgive Tony Pua..he may be directed to put comments by his ‘boss”…or he may wants to ‘carry his boss’s big leg’ to secure a higher post in next party election…

  35. Anti-BN

    Time and again you PKR, DAP and PAS are bickering among each other.

    Anwar should have the courtesy to inform LGE first. He’s rather high-handed. He’s probably riding high that he is the maestro that cause the big win against BN. He is dead wrong. We the people support him and also the rest of the others in the last election because we are f……. fed up with BN. If any of you all (PR coalition) think you are great than you are doomed!

    Either you fellas buckup, cooperate and move forward or we will forget about you all. We won’t vote for BN but stay away from voting.

    We can wait for the next TEAM WHO WANTS TO DO THE JOB TO LEAD THIS COUNTRY FORWARD. Why? Because you guys cannot do the job.

    For your feedback, this is the ground sentiments.


  36. penang boy

    I live in Penang. From my observation, I do agree that the main problems in PR are these two political idiots (Lim Kit Siang and son), who are more interested to set up the Lim Dynasty in the DAP and to also control PR.

    For heaven sake, the father and son should start to realise that it was Anwar, who gave in to the father and son demands in Penang when distributing seats to contest in the March 2009 General Elections. Seats that are supposed to be fought by PKR were given to the DAP. So please be grateful.

    I do agree that the earlier Lim Kit Siang and son retire from political the better for Malaysia. From what have been said by other reader here, if Lim Guan Eng cannot even win a seat in the Malacca DAP State Committee, how on earth he can be be appointed as Secretary General of the DAP and CM of Penang.

    I would have thought that the mere fact that the Malacca DAP members have no confidence in Lim Guan Eng will send a clear message to the DAP leaders. But with his father, lim kit saing, there Lim Guan Eng was appointed as Secretary General. This is the type of democracy that the cronies of Lim Kit Siang and son are talking about all along.

    I hope that the public will no longer be fooled by these cronies like Tony Pua, and the father nad son leadership in the PR.

  37. Lim & son

    I have heard that there are many problems in Penang DAP because of the dictatorship of Lim Guan Eng. He thought that he can also dictate his terms in PR. Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang are powerful guys in the DAP but not in PR. DAP is just a race based party, who pretend to champion the Chinese rights which is not true at all. The DAP under Lim Kit Siang and his son only champion one cause that is the Lim family’s cause – others called it the Lim Dynasty.

    It is true that the DAP is now infested with the Lim’s cronies like Tony Pua and the like, who have no brain to think but they are good in taking instructions at all times.

    Long live PKR and PAS. Lets leave DAP, the political toy of Lim Kit Siang and son.

  38. Lee of Malacca


    I am a DAP member in Malacca. I do know about the problems created by Lim Guan Eng in Malacca. That is the reason Lim Guan Eng was kicked out of Malacca DAP Committee. He could not even secure a seat, can you imagine. Yet he was appointed to be secretary general of the DAP.

    Who appointed him to be the CM of Penang? Only his father, Lim Kit Siang, can tells us.

    Both father and son are dictators, that’s why DAP cannot grow.

  39. James Lim

    I observed that whenever the opposition coalition is working smoothly the DAP under the leadership of Lim Kit Siang will cause ripples.

    When it was Gagasan Rakyat with Semangat 46, PAS and DAP. Lim Kit Siagn kicked a big fuss over a statement on ketuanan orang Melayu and etc.

    Under PR, Karpal Singh talked about Hudud Law and now Lim Guan Eng was kicking a big fuss over non-consultation of the resignation of Mohamed Fairus.

    It would appear to me that the DAP leader in particular Lim Kit Siang and son never want to see a strong coalition for it fears that the DAP will become irrelevant as it is a very communal based party. Perhaps the father and son team is realising that even the Chinese community is having doubt in their politics.

    Wake up folks and don’t be fooled by the Lim and son anymore.

    I will support a multi-racial party but not a party with multi-racial image only and practice a dynasty ideology.

  40. James

    Please Dato’ Seri Anwar, please tell us that Kit Siang is lying and you did not kowtow to the ungrateful Father & Son Sdn. Bhd. Voters who voted for PKR, we will be bitterly disappointed if you did.

  41. YB Wee

    Here is a classic extract on views expressed by Dr M, from Malaysian Insider for you to ponder.

    He also refuted media reports that he would be leading the campaign for BN in the by-election.

    “It was the (media) reports who said so,” he said.

    This is how the media works.
    Twisting and turning to pit politicians against one another so that their ‘news’ sells.

    You should be more considerate before joining the fray, unless of course the whole thing is a joint scheme by DAP & PKR for bigger things to come.









  43. penangboyumno

    YB, you have stand by the truth and just.
    Is it just not to elect YB Malik to the DCM 1 post. If you are in the YB shoes, what will you feel.
    It is very humiliating.
    The whole of Malaysia was taught by Anwar to say that this Mamak Guy is not suitable to be DCM 1.
    You help and support this to happen.
    You all rather left the DCM 1 empty rather than appointing at least an Acting DCM 1.
    Nobody in PKR is saying anything.
    If in UMNO, we will challenge anybody who has done injustice especially to one of our leaders and we have shown it in handling Pak Lah’s issue.
    If it happens to YB Mailk, I would say that all of you PKR’s YB just waiting for your turn to be humiliated and condemned by your own party.

  44. leong


    Allow me give some fact on Tony Pua who state in his blog:-

    “…Before joining politics full-time in January 2007, I was the CEO and founder of a Malaysian IT company, publicly listed in Singapore. I divested all my shares in the company to be able to serve the community and take part in socio-political affairs of Malaysia…..”

    You want to know how he make his money? You can actually get this public announcement on the website of Singapore Stock Exchange ( , but I will summarise the gist of it , to let people know this Tony is nothing more than and young ciku who brag his success.

    In fact Chew Mei Fun can use this info to whack Tony Pua during the last election, but knowing the “intelligence” of MCA, all no fact, only talk loud!

    As per anouncement made on 8 Jan 2007 on the Singapore Stock Exchange:

    “….Tony Pua sold 29,649,940 shares (17.9495%) in Cyber Village Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange for S$0.07 per share on 8 January 2007…”

    Mean Tony Pua receive S$2,075,495 [29,649,940 X S$0.07 per share ] which is equivalent to RM4.9 million. No wonder he said he is a millionaire mah !!!!

    Now let’s look at the financial health of that Cyber Village Holdings Ltd which he was the CEO when he sold the company.

    Turnover (‘000)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2005 S$2,643
    Y/E 31 Dec 2006 S$5,614

    Loss Before Tax (‘000)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2005 (S$2,187)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2006 (S$747)

    Accumulated Losses
    As at 31 Dec 2005 (S$6,446)
    As at 31 Dec 2006 (S$6,750)

    PATHETIC RESULTS!!!! and Tony claim like he is a wonder CEO from Silicon Valley!!! Rakyat please open you eye, big big I mean!!!

    Ok , Rakyat be the judge whether how good is this Tony Pua:))))

    Yes, CEO name is big, BUT please judge for yourself. Do you know any tom, dick and harry can also call himself as CEO, but please look into the proper context when people market themselve as CEO. I am also a CEO !!! (CEO of my house lah:))

    With the above kind of “track record”, Tony tought he can bluff himself trying to do big things like buying ovel PLUS highway and mange it!!!!! Puke!!!!! Small company also cannot manage, want to manage PLUS? You think you are as experiene say Chua Tee Yong, who is a full fledge CFO of a big GLC!!

    Tony, a mere paper qualification from Oxford will not carry you far without the adequate experience. Experience is what you are lacking.

    Please don’t be another KJ !!

    Many people out there eat more salt than you eat rice, so don’t act like a spoilt child, arrogant anc act like wizard!!! You are not. So listen to us rakyat, please be humble!!! You make many promises during your ceramahs in PJ, but so far empty promise and talk!!!

  45. anti-kutty

    I notticed something here.. one of my messages is not published in this website.

    It’s sad.. Wee Choo Keong.. i’m disappointed with you, as much as you are disappointed with Tony Pua.

    To hell all of you politicians!

  46. What is this, the BN and UMNO will use this disunity among us to defeat us in the next general election. Then progress made will be vanished. We fight together,as Pakatan Rakyat sono need to fight with each other. Remember who is our enemy, who is robbing us in broad daylight, it is BN and UMNO,if we are going to fight,then fight BN and UMNO and form the federal government so that the people we be alliviated from their misery.

  47. Ok, read the following two articles and see what this fellow is up to.

    The evil forces are still hopeful that they can get Fairus to say something further detrimental to PR.

    Remember, the PM cast the first die by saying that the by-election is not a good idea and that Bn may not contest?

    All he needed was to say this famous quote and the campaign masters and schemers have started to work towards meeting the objective.

    Beware of this well orchestrated trick.

    Go out there and tell the rakyat face to face, not through blogs, as the majority of the voters do not have online access to such critical messages.

    EC meets on 22 April on Penanti vacancy

    PUTRAJAYA, 17 April 2009: The Election Commission (EC) will meet on 22 April to determine the vacancy of the Penanti state assembly seat and the need for a by-election.

    EC Chairperson Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, when contacted today, said the commission would announce on 24 April the status of the state assembly seat and the date for the by-election if a vacancy occurred.

    He said the Penang Election Director had received a notice of the vacancy for the seat from the Penang state assembly speaker today and the notice had been faxed to the EC Headquarters this morning.

    The incumbent state assemblyperson, Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, who was also the former Penang Deputy Chief Minister I, had announced his resignation as the Penanti assemblyperson yesterday.

    Mohammad Fairus, 32, said the decision was made to enable him to concentrate fully on his post-graduate study besides clearing his name following the various allegations against him. He is currently under investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) for alleged malpractices involving a quarry, and resigned as the Penang Deputy Chief Minister I and chairperson of the State Committee on Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, Information and Community Relations effective 8 April.

    Abdul Aziz said the original notice of vacancy and the resignation letter as Penanti state assemblyperson would be brought to the EC Headquarters, here on 20 April.

    He said the EC needed time to study in detail the vacancy and all aspects on the by-election before making an announcement.

    He said the meeting on 22 April would also look into ways of avoiding too many party supporters acting as canvassers on polling day.

    “The last by-elections had shown that too many canvassers had posed problems such as harassing the voters and causing traffic congestion at the polling centres,” he said. — Bernama

    EC: Status of Penanti seat on 27 April

    PUTRAJAYA, 22 April 2009: Election Commission (EC) chairperson Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof will announce the status of the Penanti state seat on 27 April.

    Public relations officer Sabri Said said Abdul Aziz would make the announcement at a media conference at EC headquarters here on 27 April at 10am.

    “The media conference has been switched from Friday to Monday. EC which met today discussed the status of the Penanti state seat in Penang,” he said in a statement here today.

    Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, 33, of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) resigned as Penanti state assemblyman on 16 April.

    Fairus who was investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had also resigned as Penang Deputy Chief Minister I. — Bernama

  48. lee wee tak

    In Japan, people resign from office because of scandal and impropriety

    in Malaysia, you can be guilty of money politics and barred from party election but no worries, you can carry on as a Chief Minister. Better still, the EC also have a say whether you are fit to continue or not.

    Since when EC has grown in such stature?

  49. at

    Just can’t rationalise the hurry to appoint the DCM 1 when in the first place such an appointment is unnecessary and does not result in a value add proposition to the administration. Let alone DCM 2.

    I think both positions should be scrapped and the respective portfolios can be handled by exco members. The positions do not carry any assertive influence nor special authority other than satisfying the political divide. Public fund and cost to support these 2 positions should be spared in this instance and more so in current environment.

  50. msha


    Agreed number of Sr Exco are sounding ‘BN’ wakil rakyat.
    – obvious previous govt approved cases with obvious illegality is not made right but given lame reason that it will frighten FDI (involving bribe prone French investors)
    – the state govt pleads supposedly the licence already been given in 2005, when the site of the project was never known even to the investor. The licencing authority blames the local authority should have been stringent in ttheir approval. The Exco takes over localauthority’s role over zealously.
    – a senior party law maker pleads ‘towing party line’.
    = sounds familiars, acting unjustly towards majority residence in comlicit with arrogand foreign investor bocomes party policy!
    – even local govt technical dept decision (for safety ground) against recalcitrant housing developer is over-ruled by a committee of same level beyond its jurisdiction, the Sr Exco chides residents seeking assistance as busybodies.

    There should more consultation and communication between all partners as check and balance internally oor else Pakatan will decentarlised BN model of ‘masing-masing sapu apa dia kontrol’.

    Time is essence but handphone ada!

    All the direct nego b’c time contraint, supposedly.


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  52. Con Pua

    Thank you Leong for enlightening us with Tony Pua’s bullshit about his “grand achievement” in a listed IT company in Singapore.

    This is what Leong has written about this “whiz Kid” Tony Pua, who wrote about himself in his blog. What a reall bullshit.

    Leong revealed the following in his comments:

    “As per anouncement made on 8 Jan 2007 on the Singapore Stock Exchange:

    “….Tony Pua sold 29,649,940 shares (17.9495%) in Cyber Village Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange for S$0.07 per share on 8 January 2007…”

    Mean Tony Pua receive S$2,075,495 [29,649,940 X S$0.07 per share ] which is equivalent to RM4.9 million. No wonder he said he is a millionaire mah !!!!

    Now let’s look at the financial health of that Cyber Village Holdings Ltd which he was the CEO when he sold the company.

    Turnover (’000)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2005 S$2,643
    Y/E 31 Dec 2006 S$5,614

    Loss Before Tax (’000)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2005 (S$2,187)
    Y/E 31 Dec 2006 (S$747)

    Accumulated Losses
    As at 31 Dec 2005 (S$6,446)
    As at 31 Dec 2006 (S$6,750)

    PATHETIC RESULTS!!!! and Tony claim like he is a wonder CEO from Silicon Valley!!! Rakyat please open you eye, big big I mean!!!

    Ok , Rakyat be the judge whether how good is this Tony Pua:)))) ”

    With such results there are many people can call themselves a millionaire. Tony Pua stopped bullshitting ok.

    What happened to the election pledge of elected council members? Up to now all the council members are elected. So anotehr bullshit!

    The wet behind the ear “whiz kid” is keeping mum about the above expose. No wonder he had to carry balls to such an extend – reducing himself from a multi-millionaire (according to him ) to a mere “budak suruhan”.

  53. Kean Hin of Penang

    Wow! what an expose on that young “corporate genius”! I am glad to read about this so-called “whiz kid” called Tony Pua, who is the appointed economic advisor to Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang.

    With an economic advisor of such standard, I have nothing to say about the standing of the chief minister himself. Thank you Leong and Con Pua to highlight the economic bullshit of Tony Pua.

    Now I am convince that Tony Pua is just a down right crony and no wonder he had to behave in such a manner.

    Tony Pua has the makings of a bullshitter and damaging the image of PR.

  54. Kam

    Dear Mr Wee,

    While I respect your personality, your utter contempt and dislike of DAP (old version) is not new and stale. MDP anyone? You do have the right to bicker, and so do Tony Pua and LGE or anyone else for that matter. That is the unique part of Pakatan – the open democracy.

    Yet, time and time again, PKR wants closed door discussion. Time and time again, PKR’s little napoleans began to look like Umno copy-cats.

    Instead of trash-talking Tony Pua, who indeed is a self-made millionaire, who give up the possibility of earning thousands, to SERVE the PEOPLE….perhaps you can be more constructive, and start to make some inwards constructive comments about PKR?

    whoever “leong” and “con pua” are above, please don’t just present the figures of nett losses. how about the amount of fixed asset investments or growth in turnovers? If turnover of 5.6mil a year is pathetic, you must really be some sort of self-made millionaire yourself. Do present your achievement.

    Oh well, malaysians..keep your bickering ..and let Umno keep robbing this beautiful country.

  55. Penang Guy

    Mr Kam

    It is not a question of people including Wee having “utter contempt and dislike of DAP”. All political parties are good. It is the arrogance of its leaders that causes unnecessary problems that created a feeling of contempt and dislike.

    Nothing would have happened if Lim Guan Eng’s outburst and put a blame on Anwar for his own shortcomings. He should have applied his dictatorial behavioof comradeshipur to the DAP and not others in the PKR.

    Lim Guan Eng and his crony should realise that without Anwar/PKR Lim Guan Eng /DAP will get no where. Just an obvious example: as have been said in here that Lim Guan Eng cannot even secure a seat in the DAP Malacca state committee, a state that was at one time controlled by his father. If this is the case how could Lim Guan Eng/DAP wins Penang on his own and becomes the Chief Minister. His loss in Malacca DAP speaks clearly of his leadership and popularity within the DAP.

    Thank God that there is only ONE crony (Tony Pua, the self professed millionaire) that poped up to defend his boss. So not so bad lah, we still see the spirit of comradeship in the other DAP leaders.

    If making constant losses for several years and this mean
    great achievement then I am sure that there are more Tony Puas in the companies listed in Bursa KL. As have been asked, why was Tony Pua not carrying out his election pledge to have an elected municipal council in Selangor? He is just good for taking instructions and carrying bal…

    I still maintain that PR can do very much better without the father, son and cronies team! I hope that the PR leaders will take note of this.

  56. The Simple Man

    I applaud the the openess and the straight forwardness shown by DAP, PAS and the PKR leaders. Even you, in this article have shown your openess to displeasure. This to me is positive as now we see democracy being practice in Pakatan Rakyat. I as a rakyat is please with this. You can’t get this from BN. You will face the whip!!!

    However, DSAI has apologised to LGE for keeping him in the dark and LGE has accepted. This to me is goodwill and being brave to admit mistake. A great trait shown by both leaders and this good for the rakyat.

    So what is your take now that the matter is settled?!!!

  57. Moorthy

    I share the view that Lim Kit Siang and son are the main cause of the problems in PR. Lim Kit Siang is too engrossed in wanting to ensure his Lim Dynasty, which has affected the smooth progress of PR.

    A small matter like not informing Lim Guan Eng of a resignation of a PKR member was enough for Lim Guan Eng to attack Anuar openly. This ungrateful young punk thought too highly of himself and has forgotten the hand that fed him before.

    Without PKR help Lim Guan Eng will be left to rot in Malacca and excluded from the DAP Malacca state committee.

    To day Lim Guan Eng is shouting in the press that Anuar has apologised to him. Why the announcement? It is strange that Anuar apology had to be announced by Lim Guan Eng and his father. I doubt if Anuar really apologised to him. There was no necessity for Anuar to do so.

    I am surprised that Tony Pua (that millionaire genius CEO that making losses for years) is keeping very quiet after his statement.

    Good for you Wee. Speak up for us and teach little napoleon like Tony Pua a lesson that he will never forget. I like your very mild press statement that hurts. That’s the differenct betweenthe man and the boy!

  58. PemudaNegara

    It’s tragic that almost the whole mass of PKR-worshipping ‘intelligentsia’ floating around seems to forget that there’s work to be done, as the defacto leader bides his time choosing. Now, he wants to wait till his honcho wins Penanti.

    Sampai bila kita nak me’nanti’kan ketibaan TKM1 nih? Tahun depan ke?

    Rather than frothing in your mouths about LGE, who has his fair share of work to do, and he can definitely use an extra pair of hands besides Dr. Ramasamy, why not snipe your leader? I admit that there’s a hint of nepotism in the DAP, but hey, can you do a better job than Guan Eng’s doing now? As I’ve stated in my previous comment, which got binned by the not-so-moderate Moderator (ever heard of ‘Freedom of Speech’?), what Penang needs is a person that can serve the needs of the people, not just someone who can merely serve the sentimentalities of the PKR grassroots; that seems to be the overriding concern in Anwar Ibrahim’s consideration for the DCM1 post.

    I say LGE, it’s your fault to an extent. You should’ve stuck to doing your job and getting over with the DCM1 issue, instead of giving face to this bunch of demagogues. Betis diberi, peha diminta.

  59. silly pussy




  60. PI PN

    Dear Kam,

    whoever “leong” and “con pua” are above, please don’t just present the figures of nett losses. how about the amount of fixed asset investments or growth in turnovers? If turnover of 5.6mil a year is pathetic, you must really be some sort of self-made millionaire yourself. Do present your achievement.

    Do you know financials, Kam?

    If you have a :-

    i) Turnover of S$2,643,000 and you make a a loss of S$2,187,000 [Y/E 2005] and

    ii) Turnover of S$5,614,000 and made a loss of S$747,000 [Y.E 2006]

    and you still cannot gauge and get it, I am sad and pity for you.

    FYI, Cyber Village’s Balance Sheet at 31 Dec 2006

    Share Capital S$10,828,000
    Accumulated Losses (S$8,934,000)
    Net Shareholders’ Funds S$1,984,000

    Looks like Tony is same quality like those failed UMNOputras businesman who get govt contracts and projects. Hence, he is not in the position to speak in the context of efficiency, professionalism, dynamicsm!!

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  62. Lim & Son

    That Kam is no accountant. He is just a blind supporter like Tony Pua (the millionaire). what a bullshit! Now we are informed of the real Tony Pua behind the crafty smile and pretending to be a saint.

    Thank you Leong, Con Pua and PI PN for enlightening us about the real Tony Pua, whom we thought was a genuine businessman who made good in Singapore properly for the rakyat. He is just a fraud after all.

    I do agree that there are many more Tony Pua in Malaysia listed market and they can do much better than Tony Pua in making losses.

    Good for you Tony to support the Lim Dynasty. No wonder you are appointed as the chief economic advisor to Lim Guan Eng. I hope Lim Guan Eng is not taking Tony Pua’s advice blindly otherwise Penang will be in the shit hole like Tony’s IT company in Singapore.

  63. PI PN

    Look at the auditor’s report on Cyber Village Holdings Ltd financial report – It was on emphasis matter -meaning the auditor need to highlight the dire situation of the company.

    In short Tony run the company till the PN17 version of Bursa here:)) – layman terms – “koyak”$file/Announce_Emphasis_of_Matter_130407.pdf?openelement

    “…….. In forming our unqualified opinion, we draw attention to Note 2 to the financial statements, where
    it is stated that as at the financial year ended 31 December 2006, the Company’s current liabilities
    exceeded its current assets by $498,221 and for the year the Group incurred a loss of $749,946.
    These factors indicate the existence of an uncertainty which may cast doubt as to whether the
    Group and the Company are able to continue as going concerns. The ability of the Group and the
    Company to continue as going concerns is dependent on their ability to secure adequate amount of
    new profitable contracts, additional funding for working capital and to continuously generate
    significant positive cash flows from the Group’s core specialist activities.
    In the event that the Group and the Company are unable to continue in operational existence for the
    foreseeable future, the Group and Company may be unable to discharge their liabilities in the
    normal course of business and adjustments may have to be made to reflect the situation that assets,
    including intangibles, may need to be realised other than in the normal course of business and at
    amounts which could differ significantly from the amounts at which they are currently recorded in
    the balance sheets…..”

  64. Hanky Panky

    Tony Pua, you are a great CEO. But please go far away from my company. I can also make losses like you do and I am not a genius like you.

    No wonder Penang Chief Minister is having so many problems because you are his chief economic advisor. Keep it up Tony my boy with more bull shit!

  65. leong

    Cyber Village has been “bail out” under a reverse take-over (RTO) and has been renamed as Koyo International Ltd.

    Meaning Tony made money by selling his shares to some suckers (can be inferred that he conned the suckers) with god knows what kind of promises he gave those suckers.

    And when after the suckers bought over and found can of worms, the suckers have to clean up and undertake the RTO!!!

    Here is the maiden report of Koyo Internatianol Ltd after the RTO!

    Click to access Koyo%20AR.pdf

    Extract from the new Executive Director’s Message on the cleaning of mess during Tony Pua time!!! by a new team!!

    “…….The previous management and board sought a strategy to
    reverse the loss-making profile of the previous Cyber Village
    Group and had worked tirelessly to execute it. As a result of
    their hard work, they were successful in their efforts and the
    former Cyber Village Group’s financial losses were reduced
    by 73.1% in 2008. With the stabilisation of the losses and
    additional funding obtained from the share placement
    exercise in 2007, the previous management and board could
    concentrate on the Reverse Take Over (“RTO”) and on the
    sale of the Cyber Village e-business consulting business back
    to the management of the operating subsidiary in Malaysia in
    a management buy-out (“MBO”)….”

    Poor suckers.!!! This is kind of Oxfordian that we should avoid.

    Fast forward, the suckers will be those voters in PJ Utara, who were simply infactuated by Tony marketing gimmick of “youngest CEO” in a “Singapore listed company” and use “longkang women” to destroy the poor Chew Mei Fun.

    Yes, we Rakyat are suckers too!!!

    Having said that not all MP are like that. Some are humble and knowing certain things that are not practical to be implemented , will not make empty promise for politcal expediency.

  66. PemudaNegara

    Err. Tony Pua = LGE advisor? Stupids. Ever heard of Teh Chi-Chang? To appeal to your naive and artificial sense of ‘intellect’, Teh’s the Director for Utilities and Media, Asia-Pacific Equity Research at Citibank Investmment Research, prior to taking up the post of Economic Advisor to the Sec-Gen. Well, the problem with you schmucks is that you all think you’re helluva smart. One wonders if you’d remain loud and brash when I question your education credentials, or I’d probably be greeted with a rapturous silence. Bodohs. Ungrateful. At least I can understand if PKR and DAP were to have skirmishes now and then. It’s not too much a problem with me that barbs are traded now and then. So Mr. Wee, on the count of being bold, I shake your hand warmly. However, there’re nonsensical idiots here who’d rather have the fake sense of ‘stability’ with BN-UMNO, just because they’d make a juvenile connection that ‘arguments within PR = end of PR’. These kindygoers would rather have MCA and MIC buttkissing UMNO for the rest of their lives. Screw them, I’d rather see mudslinging between PR compenents on any given day.

  67. Daddy

    DAP actual meaning is “Daddy Anak Party”. From my observation, it is a family party with a few cronies like Tony Pua. Tony Pua, the economic genius that made “good” in Singapore, has been exposed. Tony, the Special Economic Advisor to Penang Chief Minister, should come out to explain on what have been exposed about his business dealing in the IT company in Singapore.

    Now we know the real Tony Pua. We hope that the Chief Minister of Penang will not do a “Tony Pua” to the people of Penang.

    With Tony Pua’s track record, God bless the people of Penang.

  68. James

    I do NOT believe that our great leader has apologised. There is no official statement and not even a mention of it in Dato’ Seri’s blog.. its just a claim by 2 ungrateful & egoistic idiots who thinks they own DAP and Penang. SO DAP DON’T LIE TO US.

  69. ric

    Reseacrh Director are generally arm chair critics, they don’t have hands-on experience. They are not technocrats!!

    But they are good in talking big things (eg. strategic stuff learn from businees school or wall street journalist and tends to be superflous.

    You can see some of these in GLCs as well. They are there because their bosses (who themselves are incompetent) hire them based on bombastics CV. So that is a difference when you observe carefully the pulic listed company CEO.

    In my work as an investors’ relations person for a very large public company, I met many of these fund managers, research analysts/directors, name it all the fancy and impressive title. Very rare I met some really good stuff, most I can bull them left right centre without them knowing:))

    So, know who you employ, never judge a book by its cover!

  70. Anonymous

    Now I know who is Tony Pua and who the Penang chief minister chose to be his chief economic advisor. If this is the standard of an economic advisor then there are million on the streets of KL. You can pick and choose. I can assure you that they all are very capable of making huge losses.

    I didn’t know that little napolean (Tony Pua) can also bullshit his way up and you have idiots like the father and son sucked up to this little napolean.

    God bless Penang people with such economic advisor! I am glad that I am not staying in Penang.

  71. penang boy

    I must praise Lim Guan Eng for having good eyesight to appoint such a person like Tony Pua to be his chief economic advisor. A person with such track record will always be prepared to be a crony.

    I am surprised that until now Tony Pua is keeping quiet about his big business background. Perhaps the father and son team should advise their crony to speak up and explain to the public about his background.

    I am a Penang boy but I am scare that Ton Pua might send the Penang Chief Minister to Holland with his great advise.

    Tony Pua be brave to tell the world about your background as what is in your blog is very different to what have been posted here.

  72. Anonymous



  73. Kiasu Lim

    What an economic genius, Tony Pua? Please tell us what tricks did you employ in Singapore to be such good CEO when your company was making losses consistently every year.

    With such chief economic advisor, how can Penang progress? Tony Pua is just a fraud to say the least. What he has posted and what have been stated in here by other readers are too different.

    With such information in hand, I will not even hire Tony as my driver. He is just good for bull shitting his way around.

  74. anonymous

    Surprise! Surprise! Tony Pua suddenly became so quiet about his great achievement in the IT company in Singapore. He should be brave enough to come out and explain how he achieve such success in Singapore where his company kept making losses.

    The Penang chief minister should be his advisor and advise him to be accountable in whatever he has stated in his blog.

    He is just an Oxford hot air. Bull shit is his discipline. Stop fooling the people. We now know your background.

  75. AnonymousKL

    hi guys,

    a bigger attack is been planned (by BN & UMNO) to attack PR (which mean everyone in PKR, DAP, PAS) soon, & is it wise for members of PR to still trying bite each other on small matter like this?
    specially in front of big enemy (BN & UMNO) whom is watching each of PR member with dirty weapons?

    everyone make mistake (i am not saying it is OK to do that), sometime some situation is not that easy to be solve in very short time & easy 1-2 steps due to some reasons.

    so what i want to say is: PR (PKR, DAP, PAS) won last GE is because 3 parties worked together. all 3 parties gave in, support each other. & each party is not prefect & has it’s own good & bad.

    there is virtually nothing we (just a reader & normal rakyat) can do or help on whatever or however each parties to solve their internal issues. (if you think you can help, please really go & help out in real).

    as for us (just a reader & normal rakyat), i feel like we could or we should do our part (if we still believe in PR) by:
    – Don’t add more “fire” (or attack) our own friendly other PR parties on the small, internal issue.(as i said, if anyone reader can help, pls do help in real). because enemy is watching….

    – find way on helping PR to prepare for the big-&-coming-soon attack of BN/UMNO (you think new PM is gonna still there & wait to lose on next GE?)

    – if really still feel like attacking, then attack the enemy (BN & UMNO).

    just by 2 cents, of someone who saw the light of hope from last year 308 GE, & wish to see a bigger light in the next GE.

  76. Con Job


    It is a wrong approach to say “never mind even Tony Pua is bull shitting the voters all these while” just because we want sweep things under the carpet. If it is dirt it still dirt and you cannot sweep it under the carpet. It will show up one day. It is better that it is now expose so that future “economic genius” in the PR like Tony Pua will not dare to bull shit no more about their credential when there was none in the first place.

    Tony Pua is just an Oxford fart that’s about it that’s why he had to put on the necessary cosmetic so that he will look good. Now He looks much better with the mask being torn down!

    PR needs decent leaders and decent Chief Economic Advisor to its leader and Tony Pua has only one good credential that is a good crony to have. So let put him on a leash otherwise he will go astray!

  77. Ricky Yeoh

    It is sad to see why tony pua must be a servant of the LIM Family.

    The Lim family are pure of arrogance and cannot accept the view of other people, accept ideas from thehselves.

    A recent clear example can be seen when Lim Kit Siang hits out at Tan Keng Liang on his proposal to impose RM50k penalty for ADUN and RM100k for MP who resigns unreasonably, which the penalty idea being supported by Mukhriz. He branded Tan and Mukhriz as people lack of grey matters in his blog.

    The other is the arrogance of Lim Guan Eng to demand the apology from Anwar Ibrahim. The act of DSAI in apologising shows the maturity of a leader. But LGE just continued his arrogance as if his LIM family is the boss.

    DAP must remember that PKR also helped them out in Penang. Without PKR, DAP is nothing in Penang!!!

  78. Indeed, Mr. Wee. In a coalition, there has to be mutual respect and coordination, lest it fall apart. However, I wish I could say that PKR, much less Anwar Ibrahim was worthy of this honour. His silence on many an issue has not been helpful, whilst his rhetoric time and time again has eroded his credibility amongst Pakatan supporters.

    Maybe Guan Eng is part of the Lim dynasty of DAP, but I see him and his comrades performing better at their positions, as opposed to one other party which seems to be quite underwhelming (and I don’t mean PAS, they’re really quite solid).

  79. Anti Dynasty


    Of course, there must be mutual respect in a coalition. In the DAP there is no such term as mutual respect. It is only “Yes Sir” otherwise one will be sidelined. Unless you do a Tony Pua, whom we now know to be not what he has described himself to be, balls caring all the way. Now we all knew that Tony Pua is just a one of the cronies and thats why he excel in DAP.

    What progress we get in Penang except fault findings mission? What we are getting is arrogance of power and setting up a Lim Dynasty.

    Without Anuar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng will get no where. Look at his performance in Malacca. Other readers has put on record that he could not even win a seat in the DAP Malacca state committee and yet he is the Secretary General of the DAP. What a big joke! As described by previous readers, DAP stands for Daddy Anak Party!

    If this is not a Lim Dynasty and nepotism, then I don’t understand these words.

  80. PemudaNegara

    It’s amusing to see the faux sense of intellect on display in this messageboard. All because the CM made a little soundbyte in the media. Are you all anti-DAP schmucks making noise for the sake of making noise or what? God, your stupidity’s appalling! If you were Einstein, it’d be a different story lah, though I’d reckon Einstein wouldn’t be so anal about LGE/Tony Pua because he’s ACTUALLY smart. Unlike the fools here who’d love to think they’re smart. I’ve got nothing against Wee Choo Keong, but I have massive issues with the armchair critics that prevail in this messageboard. My advice: Go find a brain.

  81. Watching DAP closely

    Pemuda Negara,

    The way you try to “protect” Tony/LGE is showing confirmation that DAP cannot be criticised or challenged!!! If that is the case, tell me what is the difference between DAP and UMNO/BN?

    When you are criticised by facts, please learn to respond back intelligently the fact on Tony’s so-called business ventures of his listed company in Singapore. If any of the above fact is not true or correct, please respond point by point instead of following the old Kit Siang way of running away by saying “Go find a brain”.

    Pemuda Negara, by virtue of you able to make comment, implied that you have brain, so use it to respond to the fact commented on Tony Pua.

  82. PemudaNegara

    Oooh. Wow. Guess I’ve touched on someone’s toes here, eh. Well, I don’t need some hit-and-runner to come lecturing me on being LKS or whatnot. I have my way of sniping, thank you very much, and by virtue of you getting worked up enough to respond to me is testament enough to that. For intelligence’s sake, no-one’s protecting anyone. What’s my gain in that anyway.

    But my gripe is with the sourpuss comments by the plethora of armchair commentators who for reasons unrelated to practically anything, choose to happily, and brainlessly I might add, snipe at all things sundry. Let me ask you this: What the f**k do you know? Well let me be harsh to you, you self-inflating apparatchik. Thoughts by a mere armchair loudmouth would at best, cause unnecessary tensions, unnecessary as it comes from a nut who knows next-to-nothing, except for that lowdown art of making misinformed comments. I would’ve suggest you pipe down, but this being a democracy, I shall have to put up with more nonsense.

    To be frank with you, Tony Pua’s business dealings are a fart in space compared to your dear Taib Mahmud, Muhammad son of Muhammad, or even the Maminco incident in the ’80s involving our dear TDM. Bet you’ve never heard of that now, have you, sherlock? Guess a fool like you would rather get your wallet raped by nuts such as the above, but when it comes to little Tony Pua, ooh, you would’ve been mistaken for a mother hen.

    Lastly, I do know damn well what my mental capacity is. After all, I don’t need YOU of all people, to come from some hole and tell me what I know and what I don’t. I suggest, YOU go search where your mental capacity, if there was any, comes from. Then, you can come and question mine. One wonders why’re you so fixated anyway, obsessed even, with little Tony Pua. Intellectual deficiency of the highest order, I say.

  83. Miyagi

    Wee , can you just shut up ? You were a failure in DAP , being an ambitious b@stard with no substance and failed to dislodge Guan Eng and Kit Siang , you left and registered a small party with no supporter. Now DSAI pity you and gave u a chance to return to Parliament , if I were you I would stay there and try to dislodge Kelana Jaya MP rather .. I’m afraid you might even need to setup yet another small party .. LOL .. u failure.. u running dog..

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