Your MP's Question of the Week #52

Earlier today PM Najib Razak has sworn in his newly hand-picked cabinet that we expect will be one that is as committed as he is in serious nation-building urged on by the battle-cry crafted by none other than himself – “One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.”

To be fair, anything less than 100 days is way too early for us to begin to judge this new cabinet on any kind of performance delivered on the promises of the Prime Minister. However, there’s nothing to stop Najib from immediately focus his attention on the performance of the GLCs which have been notorious for losing millions, if not billions, of the rakyat’s money on a protracted basis even in monopolistic businesses which include entities like TNB and Proton.

In fact, Khazanah Nasional Berhad should be the PM’s first stop and the leadership headed by Azman Mokhtar taken to task for gross dereliction of duty. MAHB should be the other body seriously ticked off for allowing a private company like Air Asia to owe the government millions of airport tax collected as an agent, and already paid for by every paying passenger, for years.

Should the Prime Minister Najib Razak really walks his talk of “Perfomance Now” and immediately take steps to look into the performance of all government-linked companies and ensure heads roll for non-performance and irresponsibility resulting in the loss of untold millions of the rakyat’s money on a continuous basis?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda ke-52

Pagi tadi, PM Najib Razak telah merasmikan perlantikan jemaah menteri baru pilihannya yang kita harap akan dapat menandingi kecekalan beliau dalam usaha pembinaan negara yang digesakan oleh laungan “Satu Malaysia. Dahulukan Rakyat. Pencapaian tugasan serta-merta”.

Jika adil, adalah terlalu awal untuk membuat sebarang rumusan dalam tempoh kurang daripada 100 hari mengenai persembahan nan dijanjikan oleh Perdana Menteri. Walau bagaimanapun, tiada larangan untuk Najib menumpukan perhatiannya ke atas persembahan para Syarikat Lingkaran Kerajaan (GLC) yang terkenal sial dalam kepakaran merugikan berjuta-juta, jika tidak, berbillion-billion wang rakyat sekian lama meskipun bergiat dalam bidang perniagaan nan tiada persaingan termasuk syarikat seperti TNB dan Proton.

Bahkan, Khazanah Nasional Berhad patut menjadi tapak hentian pertama PM dan golongan pemimpin diketuai oleh Azman Mokhtar patut diambil tindakan atas kecuaian besar dalam menjalankan tugasnya. MAHB adalah perbadanan lain nan harus ditegur keras kerana membenarkan suatu syarikat persendirian seperti Air Asia berhutang berjuta-juta Ringgit cukai lapangan terbang di mana syarikat ini hanyalah berperanan sebagai wakil mengutip cukai yang telah dilunaskan oleh setiap penumpang, dan keadaan ini telah berleluasa untuk beberapa tahun.

Patutkah Perdana Menteri Najib Razak melaksanakan janji “pencapaian tugasan segera” dan dengan serta-merta meneliti persembahan semua syarikat lingkaran kerajaan dan memastikan sesiapa pemimpin yang cuai akan digantikan atas sebab tidak menjalankan tugas dan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab yang menyebabkan kerugian berjuta-juta Ringgit wang rakyat yang telah berlanjut sekian lama?

12 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #52

  1. Melayu Jati

    Talk is cheap. Let us see Najib does what he says and don’t be like the sleepy head.

    The GLCs have been raped and plundered with the stupid honchos paying themselves fat salaries and bonuses even though making losses. WTF. Enough is enough. Najib should move in and chop off the heads of the useless thieves.

    Will you put me, a rakyat, first in everything you do, Najib? Let’s see what you can do with the thieving GLCs. I will be watching your move. My vote in the 13 GE depends on how you perform. Good luck.

  2. Malaysia Baru 64

    Saya rasa tak akan ada perubahan yang ketara kalau Najib masih menjadi PM. Apa yang beliau harus lakukan ialah membubarkan parlimen dan adakan pilihanraya ke 13 secepat mungkin.

  3. lee wee tak

    Bandingkan Proton dengan Lee Kuan Yew semasa permulaan Singapore Airline (SIA) di mana beliau “menggertak” pengerusi SIA pertama yang dipilihnya, “pastikan SIA untung dalam tempoh 3 tahun, jika tidak, syarikat dan anda akan ‘dibungkus'”

    The rest is history.

    Bagi GLC, Najib jika beliau benar-benar katakan “Satu Malaysia dan Utamakan Pencapaian”, maka puncak kepimpinan semua GLC harus diketuai oleh orang yang mampu. Tak kira orang asing atau Malaysia. Jadikan semua GLC syarikat terunggul di Malaysia dan manfaatnya akan disalur kepada semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa kira kaum menerusi perkhidmatan nan lebih baik, harga yang lebih berpatutan dan peluang pekerjaan yang lebih banyak dan bermutu.

    Jika usaha perubahan ini dimulakan oleh Najib maka bantahan tidak rasional seperti dengan PKNS itu tidak akan bermula.

    “Pencapaian Segera” sebenarnya satu tamparan terhadap Badawi di mana beliau telah mensia-siakan kepercayaan rakyat terbesar dalam 2004 serta tidak berbuat apa-apa pun. Jika persembahan beliau sebegini layak dapatkan gelaran Tun, saya benar-benar berminat hendak tahu apakah syarat dan kaedah ukuran untuk dapatkan Tun.

  4. ahoo

    YB Wee,

    Take heart and take note that a ” bad tree cannot bear anymore good fruit ” ! Thus, with an old warlords based cabinet, it is ” nada a’ all the way. Even given another 100 years, it will be same, same lah !

    So why waste time with them until the whole regime of old warlords are replaced with ” clean untainted ” ministers that have the passion to SERVE others instead of themselves.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is not far from truth. Simple comparison between the PKR states versus the BN states will clearly show the level of service by the politicians. One setting out to engage the people and serve them whereas another dishing out millions for socalled refurbishment of schools etc. when comes buy-election day !

    Crying and lamenting that they are confused as to why the chinese are no longer supporting their cause. Well, let me clearly define that ” they may fool some people some of the time BUT they can never fool all the people all the time “, period.

    It is time to change the direction of the sail as the wind of change has arrived and we will miss reaching our destination if we do not allow the wind to move our yatch to the shore of true democracy. Failing to catch the wind of change will have destructive effect on our younger generations as it is now or never as time and tide waits for no man.

  5. ahmad

    The new government should take action to investigate into the activities of Khazanah because many GLCs were making huge losses. Even monopoly like TNB was making huge losses. MAHB allowed Air Asia to owe airport tax. There are too many nonsense going on the the GLCs. The new government must act immediately and stop the rots.

    Remove all the heads of GLCs and commence investigations for the sake of the nation.

  6. anonymous

    Khazanah must be the first target for the new government because it was the playing field of the 4th floor boys.

    So lets see whether Najib will take any actions against Khazanah and losses sustained by GLCs controlled by Khazanah.

    I believe that the head of Khazanah and GLCs must be having sleepless nights after the departure of Pak Lah, the most ineffective PM of all times!

  7. Lost Monies GLCs

    The government should immediately commence investigations in the losing monies GLCs under Khzanah with view to prosecute if necessary.

    I know that GLCs have too many problems because they were not ran by professional but nominees of 4th floors boys. Certain personalities within the 4th floor have treated the GLCs as their own companies. That’s why GLCs are in deep shit.

    At the moment we are not getting the true state of things in the GLCs. The government better take the necessary actions immediately before the bubbles burst in its face.

    I am not surprise if the GLCs are all in troubles as they are not run properly by good professional. It was for the same reason why TNB can loose few hundred millions Ringgit. This was definitely a big joke amongst the local industries.

    I sincerely hope that the government move into Kazanah to do a clean up before it is too late.

  8. Tony The Conman

    MAHB bosses should be investigated why did they allow Air Asia to owe airport tax amounting to RM65 million. This is the rakyat monies and Air Asia has no right to owe.

    The chairman of MAHB should be sack and an investigation should be commenced immediately into the activities of MAHB.

    If MAHB is doing their job properly then Air Asia will not be able to owe the RM65 million!

  9. anonymous

    The government must now investigate into all GLCs that are connected with the SIL and cronies, and the 4th Floor Boys.

    We must not allow them to enrich themselves with public fund. We must take all actions to protect public interests.

  10. Dear YB

    Please raise 2 questions in Parliament:-

    1. Why has EPF not explained its poor dividend of 4.75% for 2008 and revealed the exact performance details and statistics of its Investment Portfolio. EPF members, not the Govt, own EPF and are entitled to complete transparency.

    2. The cost of the first and second repair job on the Kepong Flyover costing some $110 million were supposed to be recovered from the Plc concerned in line with warranties given That’s also what Samy Velu clearly said and promised.

    We have not received an update on the recovery of this appx. $110 million of Taxpayers money? Why the silence, what are they covering up? What was the final bill?

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