Keeping my ear to the ground on the tri-elections results

Congratulations Pakatan Rakyat for winning 2-1.

Tahniah kepada Pakatan Rakyat kerana menang 2-1.


1. Bukit Gantang – Pakatan Rakyat wins/menang – Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin (PAS) 21,860 votes; Ismail Saffian (BN-Umno) 19,071 votes; Kamarul Ramizu Idris (Ind) 62 votes;  Majority – 2,789 votes

2. Bukit Selambau – Pakatan Rakyat wins/menang – S Manikumar (PKR) 12,632 votes; S Ganesan (BN) 10,229 votes; Majority – 2,403 votes

3. Batang Ai – BN wins/menang – Malcom Mussen Lamoh (PRS) 3,907 votes; Jawah Gerang (PKR) 2,053 votes; Majority – 1,854 votes


1. Bukit Gantang – Pakatan Rakyat leading – Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin (PAS)

2. Bukit Selambau – Pakatan Rakyat leading – S Manikumar (PKR)

3. Batang Ai – BN leading – Malcom Mussen Lamoh (PRS)

15 thoughts on “Keeping my ear to the ground on the tri-elections results

  1. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Pakatan Rakyat win in Bukit Gantang (Perak) and Bukit Selambau (Kedah) state by-election are rakyat voting to reject Mahathirism and also no-confidence vote for new PM Najib Razak lah.

    What to say some more.

    Batang Ai sure got funny going on one. How can cannot allow representative to follow ballot boxes on the helicopter one. Anytime can switch boxes what.

    If not, BN sure KO 3-0.

    My congratulations lah to Pakatan Rakyat. Also my congratulations to Jawah Gerang (PKR) for trying his best. He very unlucky to face the white hair crook dirty tricks.

    Sarawak rakyat must work harder next time lah, please ah.

  2. Congratulations PR!!! Good showing of people power, incredible wins against the odds. I thought Bkt Selambau would be a goner but it’s very clear who the people’s choice is.

    To the winners please do a good job, uphold the people’s trust and do what must be done without fear or favor.

  3. PR will never have any change in Batang Ai, so PR win 2 Bukits and lost 1 Batang. Sound like a good deal to me, right?

    In order for PR to make an inroad into Sarawak and Sabah, the Indelible Ink has to be implemented and others form of rigging has to be stopped. I am not a sour grape or bad loser in Sarawak, I am a Sarawakian and work as boatman to ferry voters around. So I have seen it happens before.

    Yahoo to the Rakyat!

    Shiok Guy

  4. lee wee tak

    there might be a feel-bad factor before the power transition too….ask a few resident.Ipoh and see.

    maybe there should have been shifted to Petaling Street, that popularity contest


  5. ahoo

    ” What is wrong with Mahathirism “, said the old MM a/l Mohd Kutty ? To many people, the wrongs of 22 years of his rule cannot be penned in words. The legacy that was left behind are only the buildings and not a pool of human resource.

    From our lack of proficient in English language, we have large group of graduates not employable within the multi-national companies and private sector but end up working in service industry i.e fastfood joints and hotel industry, instead of pursuing what they true ambition.

    Furthermore, with all our natural resources in hand and in many cases are the top producer in the world, we end up with our ringgit at 2.3 times lesser than Singapore, a small red dot down south according to many politicians, an insignificant country to them.

    Please wake up BN, there is no more time to fool around with the electorates. You can only fool some people some of the time and not all the people all the time ! The people have had enough of BN rhetoric and need to see real action. Words alone cannot persuade them to vote you anymore. Be ready to change for real or be changed with the next general election.

  6. lee wee tak

    I received a few calls from a supportive resident of Wangsa Maju today and he would like me to convey his message.

    He very much like to say that it is crucial for our young to register themselves as voters and be well-informed so that they can be a part of the power that decides the future of the nation.

    He further add on that despite the participation of Dr M, BN still lost in Perak and Kedah hence it’s time for the nation to look to the future.

    Ok, Mister C?

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