Your MP’s Question of the Week #50

Bernama or Malaysian National News Agency is an authorised body set up by an Act of Parliament in 1967 and started operation on 26 May 1968. It provides Malaysian news including politics, business, economy, commodities, executive reports and sports, in real time.

Bernama TV, on the other hand, is a private enterprise that involves the 4th Floor boys and some other private individuals. Moreover, the company is now reported to be owing Bernama or the authority over RM10 million in debts.

Should the authority allow any part of the name of a government-linked company e.g. MAS or Sime Darby to be incorporated into the name of a private enterprise like what Bernama TV had done when the company has nothing to do with the government per se?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda ke-50

Bernama atau Malaysian National News Agency adalah badan berkanun yang telah ditubuhkan bawah akta parlimen dalam tahun 1967 dan mula bergiat pada tanggal 26 Mei 1968. Ia membekaljan berita mengenai Malaysia dalampelbagai bidang termasuk politik, perniagaan, ekonomi, pasaran bahan mentah, laporan pihak tertinggi dan sukan, pada waktu terkini.

Bernama TV pula adalah usaha persendirian yang melibatkan budak Tingkat 4 dan beberapa usahawan persendirian. Bahkan syarikat ini dilaporkan telah berhutang sebanyak lebih daripada RM10 juta kepada Bernama dan pihak berkuasa.

Patutkah pihak berkuasa membenarkan sebahagian daripada nama syarikat lingkaran pentadbiran seperti MAS atau Sime Darby dijadikan sebahagian daripada nama syarikat persendirian sepertiman dengan Bernama TV tatkala syarikat ini tiada hubing kait dengan pihak pentadbiran?

29 thoughts on “Your MP’s Question of the Week #50

  1. John Lee

    How could Bernama allow a private company to use its name. But 4th Floor boys are very powerful and they can do wonder. This is what Badawi is all about!

    One of the 4th floor boys involved is Alwi who is also the close aide of Badawi. Bernamea owing the government the sum of RM12 million is a very small figure if compares to Air Asia, which owes RM65 million airport tax, which have been paid by the passengers.

    So RM12 million is no deal under Badawi’s administration. Anything goes under Badawi when it comnes to 4th floor.

  2. anonymous

    Bernama TV – Another project by the 4th Floor boys and cronies. This is another great news for the country! These 4th Floor boys are just raping the country economy.

  3. lee wee tak

    Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia has the power to approve or reject proposed names of companies to be incorporated so was there an appeal or support process in granting the name? What happened. I have come across some cases where proposed names were rejected for a variety of reasons such as use of restrictive words (“Malaysia”) or name already taken.

    Why such a name is chosen for the new entity? Was there an intention to confuse? That is the key issues here

  4. anonymous

    How could Bernama, our national news agency, allowed a private entity to used its name and to give an impression that Bernama TV belongs to Bernama when it is controlled by some of the 4th floor Boys?

    Anuar Zaini, the Bernama chief, and the Ministry of Information should be brave enough to explain why Bernama allowed its name to be abused by a private enterprise?

  5. Ahmad

    Yes, another project by the 4th floor. An obvious abused by the cronies of the power that be. How could Bernama TV be allowed to owe Rm10 million debt when it is a private enterprise.

    It is no different to the project called Air Asia, when it is allowed to owe airport tax to the tune of RM65 millions.

    Pak Lah’s administration about such abuses of public fund.

  6. anonymous

    Anuar Zaini, the Bernama chief, what have you got to say about this Bernama TV nonsense. You can try your best to be silence. We shall pursue this matter until you are koyak.

    We all know that Bernama TV is an abused by the 4th Floor Boys. why are you allowing these idiots to use the name BERNAMA, which is our national agency. Anuar Zaini, you better resign before you are thrown out of your chair. You are just another Pak Lah’s boy. That’s why Bername TV could owe more than Rm10 million in 12 months.

    Anuar Zaini, you are just as good as Tony Fernandez, who is another corporate genius!

    Anuar Zaini, awak tak malu kah? Letak jawatan sebelum awak dibuang kerja.


  7. Tony The Conman

    If Air Asia under Tony Fernandez can owe MAB RM65 million in airport tax then it is ok for Bernama TV to owe slightly more than RM10 million to Bernama because both Air Asia and Bernama TV are operated by cronies.

    Anuar Zaini, the Bernama chief, what are you doing about this debt of more than RM10 million by a private enterprise runs by the 4th Floor Boys?

    Anuar Zaini: How could you allow a private enterprise to use the name BERNAMA for their enterprise?

    Anuar Zaini: You are not looking after the good name of Bernama by allowing a private organisation to use Bernama’s name and allowing Bernama TV to owe Bernama Rm10 million.

    Anuar Zaini: I didn’t know that you are also helping your cronies!

  8. Thiu Nama

    Anuar Zaini has abused his position by allowing Bernama’s name to be used by a private organisation calling itself BERNAMA TV.

    Anuar Zaini, as the CEO of Bernama, must immediately stop Bernama’s name to be used by private enterprise. Anuar Zaini must also immediately demand for full payment of those debts owed by Bernama TV. If Bernama TV cannot pays its debts then Anuar Zaini must take full responsibilities personally because he is the CEO and the 4th Floor Boys are his good friends.

    Anuar Zaini, please reply. Stop playing dumb!

  9. Anonymous

    Definitely it is another project by Tingkat 4 or the cronies of the Sleepy Head. Anuar Zaini must be taken tot task.

    I am sure that YB Wee will take this matter up in Parliament at eh appropriate time. YB Wee please teach Anuar Ziani and the Tingkat 4 a good lesson.

    Whack them properly!

  10. ah kow

    Why is Anuar Zaini is keeping very quiet? He and the Minister of Information should be held responsible for the scandals.

    For a start Anuar Zaini should immediate resign and be asked to pay for all the debts incurred by Bernama TV.

    Of course, for the moment Anuar Zaini is very safe because this is a 4th Floor Project which also involved several 4th Floor Boys. I hope that the incoming PM will put a stop to all these abuses like Bernama TV.

  11. anonymous

    Anuar Zaini , the CEO of Bernama and crony of Pak Lah, should resign immediately for allowing BERNAMA’s name to be used under Bernama TV when Bernama TV is not even a subsidiary of Bernama.

    YB Datuk Shabery Chik should also take responsibility to immediately stop all activities of Bernama TV until its change its name to other than Bernama TV.

    This is the main problem with BN government. It likes to abuse the public trust.

  12. Mat

    Anuar Zaini is just another crony of Pak Lah and the tingkat Empat. Anuar Zaini should be sacked for allowing Bernama name to be used by Bernama TV when it is not even a subsidiary of Bernama. It is another abused by the Tingakt Empat.

    I am glad that the Tingkat Empat is now koyak and Anuar Zaini days are definitely numbered.

    There is now some hopes for Malaysia when Pak Lah has confirmed he will be leaving on 2nd April. Now Pak Lah can go to Perth to do his gardeening with Patrick Badawi.

    After 2nd April lets see how the other cronies like Tony Fernandez, Kalimullah and his Son in law behave from now on.

  13. howcan?

    How can we allow free enterprise in the govt? There are so many of these “free” enterprise that it is ad nauseam.

    Now lt looks like Bernama TV is added to the list:

    – immigration dept
    – Customs
    – police
    – rela
    – JPJ
    – bernama

    It is time the new administration put a stop to this

  14. Haronjanor

    Its high time whoever and whatever they know about Pak Lah’s and cronies involvement in an unethically and corrupt activities be exposed for public knowledge ,consumption, view , opinion and comments. By then Pak Lah should realised where he stands now and today. It’s a retribution from the Almighty ALLAH.


  15. observer

    This Bernama TV project goes way back during Zaid Hamidi was the Timbalan Menteri Penerangan.It is his pet projek.So TAU SAMA TAU LAH. All tenders in RTM were given to BERNAMA TV subsidary.And Bernam TV Still owe the Govt money? STRANGE.I guess the incoming Minister of Information will be having a headache with the KSU and DG of RTM [ First in Malaysia a DG of RTM is not a civil servant.A Corporate Dropout from TV3 and Bernam/Berita Harian ] Well life is getting more exciting these days.No wonder the RTM staff held a protest rally in Angksasapuri.
    Well, all the best/WORST to RTM guys.Regarding Bernama TV, nothing will happen.

  16. dahi ketiak

    Using the gomen directly or indirectly for self-gain is likely brushing your teeth every day. It has become a habit to Umno people. They do it even with websites that do not belong to the gomen. For example They use gomen logos to tell readers that they are linked to the gomen agencies, etc. So you get the logos of the Polis, KTM, KLIA, etc … and of course the guy from Rembau Dot net is there and part of the setup
    Any complaints from any of these state agencies about non-authorised use of their logos? Tak dak le!!!

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  18. kesian...

    JANGAN salahkan staff bernama tv. they are a dedicated lot. semasa BTV mula dilancarkan, they tried to do balance reporting – govt news ada, pembangkang pun ada.. kemudian Mr X KEPARAT itu bagi warning and memo…..TOE THE LINE….staff semuanya makan gaji.

    lagipun, BTV is owned by synergy…company milik datuk XXX …seorang ketua umno bahagian di KEDAH….yang sedihnya..dia terlalu percayakan konco-konco yang langsung tak tahu to run a tv station…a MR K… and a MR A… mat salleh yang pernah ranapkan NTV7, sekarang ditugaskan untuk menjahanamkan BERNAMA tv….

    (Names of persons were taken out in order to avoid unnecessary problems.)

  19. Anonymous

    Ya, only can happen in Bolehland!

    Now I have been told that Bernama TV is owing Bernma and the authority about RM18 million! Not bad lah! Can use Bernama name and at the same time can owe money to the tune of RM18 million. Just like Air Asia (under Tony Fernandes) collect airport tax from passenger on behalf of the authority and did not hand over the airport tax.

    This is the style of 4th Floor boys. Now that there are no more 4th Floor Boys, the government should take immediate actions against Bernama TV and Air Asia to prevent and stop all the abuses.

    Enough is enoughlah! Crucify the 4th Floor boys now and teach them a lesson.

  20. semua api

    I smell some kind dengki. Are those comments coming from TV3 who’s beginning to feel the competition from Bernama TV? I guess TV3 followers have run over to Bernama TV. Just guessing…


    Wah, this story is a surprise!!!
    How come such a big loss when the programs shown are filled with advertisement. So many, in fact including on Radio 24 and other programs aired on the channel especially Hello Malaysia, Biz Talk and IKonsumer. I asked my friend working in the Bernama building and he said the commercials are free, no charges to them. What? So easy and simple? What is happening to the television industry I asked him? Actually, this channel is spoiling the industry.
    I thought they are under the supervision of the Ministry of Information or MOI and ASTRO as the channel hosts. I was wrong. My friend again told me that the marketing in the so called Synergy entity, is actually not working. Maybe they think the strategy of showing many commercials in their program and news gives and leaves a good impression. It sure is not a funny joke. No money, no commercial. If this is untrue, how come the loses. I have seen their programs, many commercial breaks, I believe can’t be less that 5 minutes for the whole hour, actually more. Ironic, the owner of the most played commercial involving skin care and talcum product, is actually a product of the Synergy boss. How come, cheap publicity should not be allowed. Air time is money. Can we get everyone to put their commercials on this TV for free then. At least, small companies can survive in bad times, at the expense of a company with millions of RM in debts!
    My friend also said that he and his other colleagues actually give their all at work but many are not compensated well. In fact they are expected to work more that they should since there in a freeze in employing new staff to support the 24 hour news station. Some with talent and research, also broadcasting ability and experience do work without extra payment. How sad! They were told to be more multi tasked while the marketing is not even singly tasked. This is ridiculous! I sympathise with the channel and the people who would give up sleep to deliver the latest stories and development to Malaysians who love and live on the latest information!!!
    How can the boss sleep at night knowing he owes millions of RM to the main body that owns part of the station’s name that is Bernama, including its dignity and reputation? How can that same boss make money from programs produced in-house with sponsors while the staff work without extra staffing? My friend said that even cameras are insufficient in number – not enough to go around duties and coverage for news let alone the talk shows aired daily and weekly.
    The frustrations are too much to expect the staff to cope happily. It is impossible.
    My advice is let loose of those useless liabilities and reward those who actually bring money to the company, and lastly do not use the money allocated by sponsors for self satisfaction and happiness.
    Wake up and get sober boys and don’t mix business with politics!!!

  22. Semua Boleh

    Under Pak Lah government and the 4th floor Boys semua boleh. That’s why Bernama TV can owe Bernama, a government agency, RM18 million. What was the then Minister of Information (Datuk Shabery Chick) doing about this? Why did he allow Bernama TV to run into so much debt at the expense of Bernama, our national news agency.

    I hope that YB Datuk Rais Yatim will take immediate actions against the culprits who allow Bernama TV to owe so much to Bernama.

    Anuar Zaini being hte head of Bernama and Shabery Chik, the former Information Minister must take full responsibility for the debts. If Anuar Zaini has nay honour left then he should resign and take full responsibility for the fiasco.

    Of course, Anuar Zaini will not resign over such SMALL matter. He is just the head of Bernama, his responsibility is to enjoy being the head without responsibility. The same apply to Shabery Chik, who is now the Minister of Youth and Sport.

    Just another abused by Barisan Nasional. Semua boleh under Pak LAh and Barisan Nasional.

  23. Mustapha Ong

    Bernama TV owed the government through BERNAMA AGENCY so much millions je? Your money and mine too through those hard earn monies we paid to Income Tax. If it’s true than we should ask MACC to dig further into the media scandal.

    However, it remains a fact that Bernama TV in its premature stage of probation is doing very well, compared to TV1 and 2 as well as other private TV stations. Astro always, progarm ini tergendala from time to time and we have to pay them promptly, especially out of the Klang valley. I am in Perak and when it rains in Selangor or other parts of Perak, there goes my favourite channels.

    On a serious note, I believe Anuar Zaini being a good corporate implicator should explain to us, before we jump at the involvement of the “budak tingkat 4”. Surely Datuk Seri Anuar Zaini will not misbehave like our “friend” Kalimullah, one who is now taken up the hoppy of flying above the air on cloud nine. “tinggi sangat dan lupa mendaratkan? Hempas ke tanah baru tahu pahit nya nanti.”

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