Parliament Questions Time, 18 March 2009

Confirmed: amount owed by AirAsia to MAHB in airport tax up until 28 February 2009 is RM65 million. Why is the budget airline allowed to owe the amount until today?

Soalan No: 60

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta MENTERI PENGANGKUTAN menyatakan mengapa AirAsia dibenarkan berhutang Airport Tax yang sebenarnya dibayar oleh semua penumpang dan dikutip oleh AirAsia dan setakat 28 Februari 2009, apakah jumlah hutang Airport Tax AirAsia yang belum dibayar dan apakah tindakan yang akan diambil oleh MAHB untuk menuntut hutang tersebut.


Tuan Yang di-Pertua, jumlah hutang tertunggak AirAsia bagi caj Perkhidmatan Penumpang (dengan izin Airport Tax) sehingga 28 Februari adalah sebanyak RM65 juta.

Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) dan AirAsia telah memaklumkan bahawa kedua-dua pihak telah mencapai jalan penyelesaian dan persetujuan dalam menangani isu pembayaran hutang tertunggak tersebut.

Oleh sebab jalan penyelesaian telah dicapai oleh kedua-dua pihak terlibat, maka Kementerian menganggap perkara ini telah selesai dan tidak ada sebab untuk pihak Kerajaan mengarah MAHB mengambil tindakan ke atas AirAsia berhubung perkara ini.


1. Airport tax is already paid by the paying public and Air Asia has no right to owe it to the authority. The airline should immediately forward the RM65 million to MAHB with interests.

2. The authority should consider withdrawing all airport facilities extended to Air Asia as it had done to Pelangi Air, which was owned by the Terengganu state government when it was under PAS, and when the amount owed by the airline was much smaller by far.

3.  The government should also insist that Air Asia pays interest on the RM65 million.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Maka telah dikenalpasti bahawa jumlah cukai lapangan terbang yang dihutang oleh AirAsia kepada MAHB setakat 28 Februari 2009 ialah RM65 juta. Mengapakah suatu syarikat penerbangan murah dibenarkan berhutang sebegini banyak hingga hari ini?


1. Cukai lapangan terbang telah dibayar oleh orang ramai dan Air Asia tiada hak untuk berhutang dengan pihak berkuasa. Syarikat penerbangan ini mesti menyerah jumlah RM65 juta ini segera kepada MAHB dengan dendan faedah.

2. Piahk berkuasa patut memikirkan langkah menarik balik segala kemudahan lapangan terbang yang diberi kepada Air Asia seperti yang telah dilakukan terhadapPelangi Air, which yang dimilik oleh kerajaan negeri Terengganu ketika bawah PAS> Jumlah yang dihutang jauh lebih rendah pula.

3. Pihak pentadbiran harus berkeras dengan Air Asia supaya ia membayar denda faedah atas RM65 juta.

15 thoughts on “Parliament Questions Time, 18 March 2009

  1. Tay

    This is the clean government under Badawi.

    The airport tax has already paid by the passenger at the time he or she bought the Air Asia on line. So there is no reason for Air Asia to owe the airport tax to the tune of RM65 million.

    I don’t understand why MAHB had to negotiate about airport tax with Air Asia. I have not heard of MAS, Singapore, Lufthansa, Emirate and other airlines owing airport tax. So Air Asia must be a company controlled by cronies of Pak Lah.

    That is how clean is Pak Lah. Pak Lah’s administration only take care of sil, cronies liek Tony Fernandez, Kalimullah and gang. I hope that Pak Lah disappear from Malaysia political scene as soon as possible.

  2. Tony The Conman

    Why must the Sleepy Head government allowed Air Asia to owe airport taxes when the public has already paid the full sum and Air Asia is just a collecting agent like any other airlines.

    From this fact, we can see very clearly that Tan Sri Nor Yakob, the Deputy Minister of Finance must have a hand in allowing Air Asia to owe airport tax. No money pay airport tax but can buy airplanes. What a big joke!

    This is what Abdullah Badawi is all about. Cronyism of the worst. Crony like Tony Fernandez can do anything with impunity but normal citizen will be hauled up in court if they owe a few thousand RInggit of taxes. Badawi is just double standard.

    YB Wee make sure that Air Asia pays interest on the RM65 million and also make sure that there is no rebate of waiver in any form. We do not need conman in Malaysia to fool the public.

    I agree with YB Wee that withdraw all airport facilities to Air Asia until it pays up the airport tax debts with interests.

  3. Now Everyone Can Con

    Now everyone can con the government. Jusat follow AIr Asia model of business and you will go places. Just owe whatever taxes and if the government takes action against you then quote Air Asia.

    Bloody con job. Living on the blood of rakyat under the guise of Malaysian brand. What is so good about Malaysian brand when it is just a con job!

  4. ahmad

    Tony: What a con job! Who else you are going to bullshit that how well Air Asia is doing? Air Asia is in the deep shit as far as I am concerned because it is no longer a going concern as it could no longer pays its debt. Airport tax debt is the worst because it shows that Air Asia is just using public monies to keep it afloat.

    The SLeepy Government under Pak Lah, who sleeps more than he is awake, should take immediate actions to protect public fund from being abused by his crony’s (Tony Fernandez’s company.

    I hope that 31st March comes as soon as possible so that we don’t get to hear words like Tony Fernandez, son-in-law, son and other cronies.

    I hope that who ever become PM will investigate into companies like Air Asia and the Sleepy Head’s cronies.

  5. The Rakyat

    If Air Asia can owe airport tax for so many year, why can’t we, the rakyat, also owe our income tax?

    We should start a movement to owe Income Tax. What a con job is Air Asia!!!!!!

  6. patrickayu


  7. Tony

    An airline that owes airport tax speaks volume. We all should know the financial state of the airline. It is having deep financial problems. So potential customers please bear this in mind when buying ticket for future travel. If the airline goes under tehn what you have paid will be zero.

    Beware of con job that have been heavily advertised in the press.

    Now Everyone Can also Bullshit and Get Away. This is Abdullah administration.

  8. Malaysia 64

    Inilah dinamakan kepimpinan melalui teladan, sebab tu rakyat hilang kepercayaan kepada kerajaan. MALAYSIA BOLEH…… Bankrap

  9. Jane

    Tony the liar. Tony Fernandez is taking the public for a ride with his public relation. How on earth h did the stupid BN government under this stupid Badawi allowed Air Asia to owe airport tax?

    I do agree with the other readers that airport tax had already been paid by the passenger the moment they bought the tickets online. So Air Asia has no reason to owe it.

    We all knew that Air Asia is in deep financial trouble and Badawi government is trying his best to help his crony, Tony Fernandez.

    The Malaysians want Air Asia to immediate pay up the airport tax debt of RM65 million with interests. I also want MAB to withdraw all airport facilities if Air Asia cannot afford to pay up the airport tax.

    Yes, Air Asia is a con job. We should boycott it because it is taking the public a a good ride.

  10. anonymous

    Owed airport tax is just a joke. This is Badawi’s way of helping his crony.

    Air Asia is just a con job that’s why it can not pay the airport tax when it was already paid when the passengers bought the air tickets. Air Asia is a real con job!

    Beware if anyone is buying air tickets many months in advance. When a company had to owe airport tax, it tells us a clear story that it is in financial troubles!

  11. con game

    Air Asia is full of bullshit. IT IS IN FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. If will not be able to survive after the Sleepy Head disappear from the political arena. When Pak Lah is gone, Air Asia can no longer owes airport tax.

    By the way, Mr Tony Fernandez, airport is paid by the people and it is the rakyat monies. so please pay up the RM65 million immediately. stop coning Malaysia. Just carry conning Badawi for as long as you want.

  12. ahmad

    If Air Asia were to pay up the RM65 million then Air Asia will have to close shop. It is just unable to pay the airport tax debts.

    No other airline can owe airport tax except Badawi’s crony airline. Air Asia is full of bullshit!


  13. anonymous

    Why is Tony Fernandez is keeping so quiet about the RM65 million airport tax? Tony’s friend, Tan sri Nor Yakop (the Deputy Minister of Finance) is also keeping very quiet about air asia airport tax debt?

    Tan Nor had to be quiet because he had to help Badawi’s crony, Tony Fernandez.

    The government must take all actions to withdraw all airport facilities like landing right for Air Asia until it pays up the airport tax with interests. We don’t want to see a private company like Air Asia cheating the public and the government.

    So the Sleeping Head must wake up now at least to do a bit of good work for the country before he retires on 31st March. Why 31st March is so long away????

  14. ah kow

    Air Asia can only survive with Badawi as PM. Without Badawi it will be in very deep shit. That’s why Air Asia can owe airport tax of RM65 million when this monies had been paid by the passengers.

    Air Asia is coning Malaysians into believing that it is working for the people. In actual fact, the people are working for Air Asia.

    Tony is bloody quiet over the airport debt. WHY????? Tony Fernandez, you should give us your bullshit on the airport tax. May be you should tell the Government that it is not true that Air Asia owing RM65 million airport tax. that MAHB owes Air Asia RM65 million for airport tax.

    Tony, stop bullshitting Malaysians. We know your game is about to be up. The moment Badawi retires, that will be the beginning of hell for Air Asia.

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