Parliament Questions Time, 2 March 2009

Deputy Minister of Transport replied to the points raised by me on 26 February 2009 as follows:

–   As at 31 January 2009 Air Asia owed the Airport Tax to the tune of about RM900,000-00.  When pressed whether the previous sum of RM110 million of Airport tax debt , which sum has been confirmed by the Minister of Transport during the last session of Parliament, has been paid,  the Deputy Minister of Transport chose to avoid answering this point.

(Note: I believe this is the new airport tax chalked up until 31 January 2009 but no commencement date provided.)

When I asked the Deputy Minister of Transport why there was no action taken by MAB against Air Asia for not paying the airport tax of more than RM110 million since 2002, the said Deputy Minister chose not to give a direct answer and instead he told Parliament that legal actions can be taken against Air Asia for not paying airport tax.

When I asked why MAB did not withdraw all facilities at LCCT from Air Asia since it is not handing over the airport tax that it has collected, the said Deputy Minister did not reply at all.

I also pressed the said Deputy Minister whether he was aware that Puan Noni Mahmud (the sister of the late Datin Seri Endon Mahmud) is the person behind Air Asia and she is the sister in law of the Prime Minister.  The said Deputy Minister did not provide any answer.  At this juncture, YB Pasir Salak intervened and called upon the said Deputy Minister to check on this serious allegation made by me and inform the House accordingly.  The said Deputy Minister gave an undertaking that he will investigate into this matter and informed the House accordingly.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Waktu Soal Jawab Parlimen, 2 March 2009

Naib Menteri Pengangkutan telah memberi jawapan berikut kepada
perkara yang saya ungkitkan pada 26 Februari 2009 seperti berikut:

–   Setakat 31 Januari 2009 Air Asia hutang cukai lapangan terbang sebanyak RM900,000-00. Apabila didesak sama ada hutang sebelumnya berjumlah RM110 juta yang disahkan oleh Menteri Pengangkutan pada sidang dewan rakyat yang lalu telah dilunaskan, Naib Menteri memilih untuk mengelakkan daripada menjawab soalan ini.

(Nota: Saya percaya jumlah yang diberi di atas hanyalah cukai terkini hingga 31 Januari 2009 tetapi tarikh permulaan pengiraan tidak dijelaskan.)

Tatkala saya menanya Naib Menteri Pengangkutan mengapakah tiada
tindakan nan diambil oleh MAB terhadap Air Asia atas tunggakan cukai
lapangan terbang yang berjumlah lebih daripada RM110 juta semenjak
2002, Naib Menteri memilih supaya tidak memberi jawapan terus dan
memberitahu dewan pula tindakan undang-undang boleh diambil terhadap
Air Asia kerana tidak menjelaskan hutang cukainya

Apabila saya menanya mengapakah MAB tidak menarik balik segala
kemudahan dan peralatan di LCCT daripada Air Asia atas keenggan mereka
membayar cukai, Naib Menteri tersebut langsung tidak menjawab.

Saya juga menekan Naib Menteri tersebut sama ada dia perasan bahawa
Puan Noni Mahmud (adik Allayarham Datin Seri Endon Mahmud) merupakan salah seorang pemilik Air Asia dan beliau adalah adik ipar kepada Perdana Menterie. Naib Menteri juga tidak memberi jawapan. Ketika ini, YB Pasir Salak mencelah dan meminta Naib Menteri menyiasat dakwaan berat ini oleh saya dan kembali ke dewan dengan penjelasan. Naib
Menteri tersebut janji akan menyiasat dan akan membentangkan hasil
siasatannya di dewan kelak.

11 thoughts on “Parliament Questions Time, 2 March 2009

  1. Tony The Conman

    Wow! new name surfaced. Noni Mahmud? The sister in law of the PM. No wonder Air Asia can owe RM140 million of airport tax with immunity. If ordinary owe RM1000 and I am sure that he or she will be brought to court. This is freedom under Pak Lah.

    Freedom for Air Asia to rape the country assets. MAB chairman should resign for not taking positive actions against Air Asia for owing airport tax. When Pelangi Air, which was owned by Terengganu Government when it was under PAS, airport tax of a few million, MAB took immediate actions to withdraw all airport facilities and Pelangi Air had to close shop.

    For Air Asia, no need to pay airport tax and Pak Lah still had to bow down to Tony Fernandez to build new airport at he rakyat expense. What a stupid government! When Pak Lah pack up his bag at the end of the month then we will see the beginning fo the decline of Air Asia.

  2. ahmad

    Noni Mahmud! Another family affairs for Pak Lah. I am sure that this is part of Islam Hadhari. Give more projects to relatives and give more benefits/protections to crony like Tony Fernandez – this is Islam Hadhari Pak Lah style.

    I like the idea that Tony is hoping for Pak Lah to waive the RM140 million Airport Tax. Pak Lah should realise that airport tax have been paid by the rakyat money and not Tony Fernandez or Air Asia. If Pak Lah, being a “good” Samaritan wants to waive airport tax debt of Air Asia, please refund them to the rakyat. The government has no right to waive airport tax debts of Air Asia.

    Pak Lah should instruct MAB to withdraw all airport facilities from Air Asia until it makes full payment. Of course, Pak Lah will never do it because firstly, Air Asia controlled by his cronies Tony Fernadez, Kalimullah and Noni Mahmud and 2ndly Air Asia will collapse immediately because Air Asia has no fund to pay the airport tax.

    Now Everyone Can Cheat The Rakyat!

  3. Bullshit Air Asia

    MAB to immediately withdraw all airport facilities and demand immediate payments of airport tax from Air Asia. Airport Tax is rakyat money. Air Asia has no right to withhold Airport Tax. From what I know, no other airlines whether local or foreign dare to owe Airport Tax except Ari Asia. Why is Air Asia so daring and bold to owe MAB the Airport Tax to the tune of over RM100 million since 2002?

    Air Asia is so bold because Pak Lah is protecting Air Asia/Tony Fernadez. No PM in the world would have entertain an airline like Air Asia, who has owed RM100 million of Airport tax, by wanting to build new LCCT and etc.

    This is Pak Lah way of protecting the country interests well above his crony and family interest.

    Enough is enough. Please go to Perth and do your gardening as planned as soon as possible. We have had enough of your cronies and SIL.

  4. Ordinary Malaysian

    Pak Lah: what are you doing as a PM by allowing Air Asia to withhold airport tax, which have been already paid by the people when they purchased the plane tickets online. Are you acting in the national interest by allowing this blatant act of Ari Asia? Are you not protecting your crony and the 4th floor by not taking actions against Air Asia on the airport tax debts.

    I am tired when I think about Air Asia, Tony Fernandez, son in law, other cronies and etc. The country does not owe these characters a living so Pak Lah please wake up and do at least one last thing for the nation and getting rid of your cronies like Air Asia, 4th floor boys, Tony Fernandez, Brendan, Kalimullah and etc.


    Is tony fernandez another Ananda Krishnan? It used to be that all our current tycoons were given preferred treatment in the business fields such as easier loans, monopoly on trade etc.

    Now, the Malays are doing it?

  6. Tony The Conman

    We must follow Air Asia by owing income tax and whatever taxes there are. i am sure that Pak Lah will protect us like he protected Air Asia & Tony Fernandez.

    Pak Lah is just a joke! Another month of Pak Lah is another month of hell.

  7. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB, I cannot tahan already lah!

    Can you please ah go and report to ACA or MACC and report lah about Air Asia not paying the airport tax. This is the rakyat’s money what. Sure got lobang lobang somewhere one.

    How can not pay tax and so senang get away one ah? This is bloody nonsense ler.

    How can like that Parliament also not taking action. Lets see lah see whether the anti corruption people is fast to do their work or not.

  8. Kian Lee

    Air Asia has no money to pay airport tax, which have been paid and collected by Air Asia, but it can afford to sponsor Manchester United foot ball team. What a joke!

    Tony Fernandez, please stop your publicity exercise. We all know your game. Just pay up your debts and then talk.

    I am sure that YB Wee will pursue this matter until Air Asia settle the airport tax debts.

    Tony please stop your nonsense. We can smell it miles away. Only Pak Lah cannot see or smell your nonsense because you are one of his cronies.

    Walk your talk, Tony. Just pay up the rakyat monies and then talk.

  9. Malaysia 64

    wangsa maju resident, buat apa report sama MACC! Buang masa sahaja report sama UN sana atau USA panggil mereka masuk campur atau panggil itu monggolia! He…he…he

  10. Mahmud

    Reporting to MACC is of no useful purpose because Pak Lah is there to stop the investigation into his crony’s matter. Tony is one of the staunched crony of Pak Lah otherwise Air Asia wouldn’t be able to owe the airport tax amounting to over RM100 million with impunity!

    No other airlines dare to owe airport tax except Air Asia with Tony as its CEO and thereafter, Kalimullah joined in. You all should know that Kalimullah is another top crony of Pak Lah.

    I would like to see how cronies like Tony and Kalimullah survive after Pak Lah disappear.

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