Parliament Questions Time, 24 February 2009

Control of Auditing Firms in Public Listed Companies …


Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta MENTERI KEWANGAN menyatakan apakah tindakan yang telah dan akan diambil untuk mencegah firma-firma audit di Malaysia daripada membantu syarikatsyarikat tersenarai dalam Bursa Saham Malaysia memalsukan laporan kewangan mereka demi merahsiakan keadaan kewangan mereka daripada para pelabur am, memandangkan kejadian melibatkan pemalsuan laporan kewangan oleh Megan Media Berhad serta syarikatsyarikat ternama seperti Enron, Worldcom, Bernard Madoff dan Satyam Computer Services dan firma audit terkenal seperti Arthur Anderson.


Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, ekoran daripada penipuan perakaunan yang berlaku sejak beberapa tahun lalu, tindakan telah diambil terhadap beberapa juruaudit melalui Jawatankuasa Pelesenan Audit sejak tahun 2005. Tindakan tersebut termasuklah membatalkan lesen audit sementara menunggu siasatan lanjut dan menghalang juruaudit daripada mengaudit penyata kewangan syarikat-syarikat tersenarai awam (PLC).

Dengan penubuhan Lembaga Pemantauan Audit (Audit Oversight Board – AOB) pihak Suruhanjaya Sekuriti akan dapat menjalankan peranan yang lebih proaktif dalam memastikan pemantauan juruaudit yagn teguh dan bebas. Fungsi utama AOB disasarkan kea rah, antara lain, memastikan hanya mereka yang layak dan sesuai sahaja debenarkan bertindak sebagai juruaudit syarikat, dan mendissiplinkan juruaudit dan firma audit PLC yang menyeleweng. Ini selaras dengan langkah yang diambil oleh bidang kuasa yang lain dan Rang Undang-undang AOB yang akan dibentang di sessi Parlimen tahun ini.

3 thoughts on “Parliament Questions Time, 24 February 2009

  1. Very Annoyed

    Dear YB,

    This may be a little off-topic but today’s revelation that our ERL project is and has been indirectly subsidized with tax-payers’ monies is simply unbelievable. In 2002 (see news cutting below), this is what YTL claims; that they expect to make profit faster than targetted. Now it turns out that air travellers have been made to pay all these while to help them stay in business. But will YTL pay us back when they make money later? No?

    If this is what privatisation is all about, then these corporate scums are not better ripping us Malaysian tax-payers in daylight. The government should stop allowing corporations to disguise themselves as profitable outfits when in reality they are in actual fact siphoning money from the rakyat.

    YB, please help us champion this issue right to the end and bring those responsible to public exposure.


    The Star, Saturday, May 11, 2002

    YTL Corp Bhd expects 40%-owned Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL) to start making profits faster than earlier targeted as the number of passengers taking the rail link to the KL International Airport (KLIA) is said to be healthy.

    “Judging from the response, we are optimistic that we will turn around faster than what people think,’’ said YTL Corp managing director Tan Sri Francis Yeoh. “We will have to see whether (the high numbers of passengers taking the rail service) is sustainable.’’

    ERL was initially expected to post profits after seven years of operations.

    Within 18 days of its operations, the rail link has chalked up more than 50,000 passengers.

    In an earlier report, ERL executive chairman Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh had said the rail link was getting about 1,800 passengers a day in the beginning, but the number had increased to an average of 3,000 a day now. The target is 6,000 passengers a day in the first year of operations.

    Meanwhile, wire agency reports said shareholders of YTL Power International had given the thumbs-up to its US$1.77bil plan to buy Wessex Water, the British utility arm of failed US energy trader Enron Corp. Wessex supplies drinking water to some 1.2 million people and sewage services to about 2.5 million in southwest England.

    “The vote was unanimous, they (shareholders) are very excited about the deal and proud that their company is entering the European market,” Yeoh said.

    He declined to comment on whether the group would venture into the domestic water industry, but noted that the European market looked exciting.

    “Europe is opening up. Apart from water, there are deals in power transmission, sewage… Privatising regulated utilities is about being able to give consumers quality at prices they won’t even notice. Europe understands this, and this is good for YTL,” he added.

    On YTL Power’s bid for three power plants in Singapore, Yeoh said the company had not yet received any substantive word from the authorities there.

    Temasek Holdings Ltd of Singapore said last year that it was putting up for sale three power stations – the 2,860MW Power Seraya station, the 2,661MW Power Senoko station and the 1,200MW Tuas Power station.

  2. CON AIR

    YB, another great lead.
    Time will also tell that many, many billions of Rakyat money have been used to support MAS bailouts (total of 3 times, latest being 2007) and to purchase Air Asia 85 – 150 brand new aircrafts (100 x 130 millions each = RM 13,000,000,000 ) so that TF can bring the fares down, so much low that we Malaysians are willing to risk our lives and everyone can fly.

  3. lanwm

    we support you Yb in bringing all matters of related to favorism and cronism when it comes to companies like AA and ERL etc… this has to stop! they are already huge companies making lots of money at the expense of the rakyat!

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