Kedah state executive councillor V Arumugam resigns

EXCO Kedah V Arumugam meletak jawatan

Kedah state executive councillor V Arumugam has resigned as executive councilor and state assemblyman citing that threats and intimidation have made it unbearable for him to continue.

The PKR assemblyman did not join BN. A by-election for Bukit Selambau state seat will have to be called.

Full story here.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

EXCO Kedah V Arumugam telah meletak jawatannya sebagai EXCO Negeri dan ADUN atas sebab diugut dan digertak yang telah menyebabkan beliau rasa tidak dapat menjalankan tugasnya.

ADUN PKR aini tidak menyertai BN. Pilihanraya kecil untuk kerusi Bukit Selambau akan dianjurkan.

Bertia penuh di sini.

11 thoughts on “Kedah state executive councillor V Arumugam resigns

  1. lee wee tak

    Great. Good. Now the people in Kedah can help Perakians articulate their feelings.

    If only the 3 have the same guts as Mr Arumugam

  2. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB, why is Karpal Singh washing dirty underwear in public ah? He got no cow sense one ah? Pakatan Rakyat need to be stronger together lah and this stupid cow is doing stupid things. Stop it lah Karpal Singh! You want to also get rich is it? Waiting for Najib to make you an offer ah? Haprak!

    Also ah, the problem now in Perak, Najib has put the rope round his neck to commit suicide lor. Another stupid fella. But never mind lah, Pakatan Rakyat lose this battle but not the war. People Power will show BN how to completely be finished come the 13 general election.

    I like the no. 13. Very unlucky number for BN lor. The people will be patient until the time come lah. People in Perak, be patient and take care.

  3. lee wee tak

    I am writing on behalf of Wangsa Maju Resident who has no access to his computer.

    His words I am relaying are as follows:

    – Karpal is legally correct and WMR agrees with his legal point of view but Mr Karpal is a good lawyer but a lousy politician

    – Please do not forget that the substantial gains by PAS, DAP are due to Anwar, who is instrumental in rallying the 3 parties and their supporters together

    – WMR wants to say that we will always support you DSAI

    – As for BN, you might have won in Perak today but you are gonna lose a lot more next GE

    Sigh, I am not only an interpreter, but a secretary as well. Ah well, all in a day’s work.

  4. LZM

    I am not a politician but i follow cloasely what is happening in Malaysia.

    No mateer what you all said, it is still not right to jump ship.

    Whether by invitation without offering anything in promise or with promise.

    Some voters choose performer , some choose party.

    I strongly support Mr Karpal for his stand to wait until next election. Winner do you job and hopefully get reelected , loser do better to win in next election.

    It was AI to start first regardless what he claims. Perak BN frog jumped first, Whole PR celebrated happily. Who was objecting the JUMP. Did you?

    Next PR three frogs JUMPED to BN, whole world start saying immoral, “Wu San Guai= Hee”, everything bad against BN and the three FROGS.

    Don’t you think, those cursing and saying bad after the second jump are a bit too blind and too much as supporter.

    Anyone understand the true inner reason for the defect. Don’t curse and say something bad about someone without knowing the actual facts. Is very very bad.

    I think YB know better when you quit DAP, tons of cursing, i remember from DAP .

    I still strongly support, Those who resign from Party, authomatically either resign or forbid to join other party until next election and also his seat is not counted in Government formation.

    Like Perak, it should be
    (1) PR 31- BN 28 , next
    (2) PR 31- BN 27 , Void 1 ,and now
    (3) PR 28 – BN 27 , Void 4.

    The present State Government should be under PR with one majority.

  5. Wee Choo Keong


    You got your fact very wrong when you said that “you quit DAP”. To set the record straight, I did not leave the DAP. I was sacked from the DAP in August 1998 based on the charge that “I have made speeches within the party that were prejudicial to the party, which caused DISAFFECTION to Party leadership.”

    At that material time, many DAP national and state leaders throughout the country were either sacked or left the DAP. Many of them have since joined other organisations or political parties including PKR.

    By the way, YB Lim Kit Siang, the then DAP Secretary General and now DAP Advisor, has said in Parliament (June 2007) that “Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Lim Guan Eng (MP for Bagan), Wee Choo Keong (MP for Wangsa Maju) are victims of INJUSTICE!”

  6. temenggong

    Aru had women problems which BN used to pressere him to join BN. The good man honorably resigned his seat paving the way for by-elections! Well done! This is a lesson to the other kataks!

  7. Rakyat Wangsa Maju

    Pada pendapatan saya , PKR akan menang semua Pilihanraya kecil kerusi termasuk Bukit Selambau.

    Tunjuk rasa rakyat sebenar kepada YAB Najib dan BN

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