A sad day for the rakyat in Perak

Thanks to the following four … But, really, the RM10 million question at the back of my mind is: Why did it happen? Why?

Satu hari yang pedih untuk rakyat Perak

Kerana tindakan empat orang berikut ini … tetapi soal penting dalam minda saya adalah mengapa perkara ini telah berlaku?

frogs2The four assemblypersons:
Empat ADUN adalah:
Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim (Bota), Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang),
Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang), Mohd Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering)

For the full story, go here.

Untuk maklumat lanjut lamanlah sini.

*Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong

29 thoughts on “A sad day for the rakyat in Perak


    A happy day majority rakyat in Perak…

    Lompat cases? More to come as far as voters is concerned because sekarang MEREKA KENAL YANG MANA INTAN YANG MANA KACA…

    Rakyat Perak will now focus on HAPPY DAYS to come…

    Syabas to BN and No-syabas to PR coz they are having problem in managing ‘previous 8 March’ success…

  2. Maxxy

    So what if PR is having problem managing the states???PR still not even manage for 1 year,but it already brings much changes to make a better Perak,but what had BN do for the past half a decade ago???that is 50 years long!!!!!surely BN are making Perak more corrupt,wat else???less development and so on.

    ultimate warrior,don be happy when BN taking over Perak,see those 4 faces in the picture above,2 of them are kena court case bcoz of corruption,and why the other 2 joining BN??guess for yourself.BN currently adding 4 more corrupt members,and guess what,that makes BN more corrupt that yesterday.congratulation for that.

    ultimate warrior go and have a party to celebrate Perak government change to BN while watching how BN destroying Perak and this country.for those who feel that this is a good news,i guess u are either stupid or u enjoy watching your own country destroy by a bunch of corrupt animals.yes i consider them as animals

  3. lee wee tak

    The Sultan of Perak now has a decisive role to play. His Majesty and his prince have made various public statement that were welcomed by the public so now there is a situation where his royal highness have a chance to go beyond mere words.

    I pray for his wisdom and fairness.

    Both BN and PR have their own reasoning and voices but these are only 2 voices, collectively anyway.

    The power and trust to be vested upon the people to administer the people’s money, livelihood and future should be decided by a proper voting process where more than 2 voices are heard.

    His royal highness now has to decide not only for his own state, but also is setting a precedent for his fellow monarch to refer to in the future.

    I hope justice, fairness, people’s right and the principal of democracy prevails.

    Note: I saw the ex-DAP Hee photo in the Chinese press. Her glum expression does not look like someone who has received the answer to the RM10million question; unlike the 2 ex-PKR ADUN. Dear Madam, unless the truth prevails, it is unlikely for any objective public judgment can be made. You made a decision on a BIG Hokkien day….all the best to these 3 WR (Wakil R) in the next election run….

  4. lanwm

    A sad day for Perakians and all.. Pls Sultan make the right decision today, pls dont allow Najib to rule back Perak.. Its gonna be a nightmare!

  5. ahoo

    I am a son of Perak and for BN to rob my current state govt using such a devious plan, can never be forgotten. I choose not to hate them as the choice of anger will consume my happiness and my choice is clear, leave them to be bless with their ill gotten windfall.

    For surely the days ahead will be difficult for the foursome as well those planners behind the scene for such an event to take place. Let them face the wrath of God and His judgement in the days ahead.

    If there are snap election, we are wasting tons of money just for a clearer mandate. If BN takes over, for sure it is business as usual, one for you and another for me kind of concept. It will breeds more corruption to come. Please take note that Perak has had been struggling for many years now ever since under BN and what ” new era ” is our pm2b harping about ? Now that with only 10 months in rule the PR state govt has shown so much transparancy, accountability and being people friendly. For 50 long years, we have been waiting for freehold land title in our villages from MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, UMNO etc. but nada, nil. Now I heard that some of them who had applied have already got it. So, BN just stop playing politics that divides the people and also for your own gain.

  6. Sani

    I am glad that those Ex-co, who have been so arrogant and calling themselves as Senior Ex-co, have to eat their words and down to earth.

    Quite frankly, there is no such term as Senior Ex-co. You are either an Ex-co member or not. There is no post in government call Senior Ex-co.

    The post only exists in Perak (YB Ngeh Kor Hum, ex-Senior Ex-co ) and Selangor (YB Teresa Kok, the present Senior Exco). What a big joke?

    They just love their positions. Oklor! Senior Ex-co – lets see for how long.

  7. lee wee tak


    in commercial organisation there are managers and there are senior managers, there are partners and there are senior partners, there are audit assistants and there are audit seniors

    what’s wrong with loving positions? if they do a bad job in their position or abuse their powers because of their position then they are open for criticism

    the post existed because due to religious restriction, they can’t even be deputy MB

    if you want to criticize, do it with facts. I am not defending them but I am just pointing out the lack of justification in your criticism

  8. LZM

    Dear YB,

    Lately Desa setapak environment is not so clean , a lot of rubbish come back again. Please pay more attention to this.

    Regarding Perak , no doubt it is a sad day for PR, but if we look deeper inside, PR himself is to blame.

    After winning more than 1/3 of Parliament and 5 states, it is already considered very very excellent. Why so greedy to declare defection and toppling Federal Government by 916 etc.

    You cannot blame BN on this, it was PR who have this BAD Intention and planning. Morally BAD. PR and DAP members quit and join other, before blaming other, do PR and DAP analise their internally existed problem.

    YB should know very very claer, you were being chased out from DAP. You see YB Teng, is he no good.!!!!

    Stopping practising and shouting toppling Federal Government , wait for next election , if you really good. Please focus on current and future, and not DIGGING the shit of ex-shit.

    I would say, so far nothing come out for economy side. I myself is a small businessman. You don’t know how we suffer, more than 50% of the manufacturing companies are facing dying days.

    Please stop this political blaming and digging. Those win, Those lost, please do you YB jobs. Enough already.

    Thank you

  9. Ross

    why cant the PKR govt stop politicking and be like mcain/obama ie once the election stop, the work begins. but for the last 11 mths, PKR keeps on firing salvo to BN. Is that arrogance? Just shut up and do your job. We choose you to do your job not politicking. See what it has led to.

    Even my elected rep in Segambut doesnt do his job. he keeps on joining demos and others but the basic needs in the constituents is not there. I have never seen him once after his elections.

  10. Richard

    The Rakyat waited 51 long years for a political tsunami to happen, and then we have the four turn-coats to spoil everything.

    I am really sad.

  11. Anak Jati Wangsa Maju

    YB WCK,

    Kat Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju banyak sangat anjing2 liar. Minta ambil perhatian serius. Jalan pun banyak yg dah berlopak2.

    Sejak YB menang, xpernah sekalipun nampak YB turun padang…. masa kempen dulu tiap2 minggu turun pasar malam….(Apa citer). YB banyak ketengahkan isu nasional daripada memperjuangkan HAK ORG WANGSA MAJU…….

    masa kempen dulu YB kata akan bekerja untuk semua org tanpa mengira bangsa, agama & FAHAMAN POLITIK seseorang itu….. SO BUKTIKANLAH……

    Kata ada pejabat, tapi mana Signboard nya? Buat banner berpuluh2 boleh, so mesti boleh buat Signboard, kan?

    Aduan saya tadi tolong tanggani dengan segera kerana anda adalah Yang Berhormat untuk RAKYAT WANGSA MAJU….

  12. gamma

    Just curious, when Anwar said that he HAS THE NUMBERS…and that he had convinced a number of BN to jump into the PR ship, did any of you objected this move? And let’s say at that time, Sept 16, Anwar sucessfully take over the government, will you condemn him and say that this is not right?

    The only one who objected this move was Karpal Singh…and i respect him.

  13. remy

    Bravo BN, there you go PR in Perak.

    Thanks Ross and Previous Comment no. 15.

    WCK, why do you eliminate Previous Comment no. 15 from the track? What they said is absolutely true, please face the facts and reality.

    Actually it is not a sad day for people in Perak but it a tremendous and a FRUITFUL day for them due to current politics scenario.

    For WCK & PR, for the past 11 months you have done nothing in Wangsa Maju except for reverting comments and cases through your blog. Tak pernah turun padang, mungkin YB takut dengan cahaya matahari, panas dan kulit menjadi gelap kot. Atau YB mungkin sibuk dengan isu Nasional sehingga tiada masa untuk berkhidmat untuk rakyat Wangsa Maju sendiri. Biarkan isu Nasional diuruskan oleh mereka2 yg berjawatan Menteri dan bukannya peringkat YB untuk menyelesaikan isu nasional. KONON nak jadi hero la kot.

    Kembali ke agenda utama di Perak, kadangkala rasa sedih, geram, kecewa dan nak tertawa pun ada semasa membaca blog yang mengulas mengenai senario yang berlaku di Perak terutamanya yg pro-pembangkang.

    Di pihak penyokong pembangkang kebanyakannya melahirkan rasa marah dan tidak puas hati.

    Bermacam tuduhan dilemparkan kepada BN. BN jugak yg kena, walhal kita boleh nampak dengan jelas ini semua adalah mainan politik PR, tapi akhirnya tersilap dan salah masuk lorong. Kemungkinan idea YB Ngeh Koo Ham dan MB Nizar hanya mendengar arahan sahaja?

    Hatta sanggup menyamakan BN dengan Yahudi dan Nazi. Astaghfirullah. Bawa-bawa mengucaplah.

    Sebelum ini penyokong pembangkang meraikan Nasarudin yang melompat masuk PKR serta mempertahankan Jamaluddin dan Osman yang kononnya dituduh rasuah disebabkan angkara sabotaj oleh BN.

    Tetapi kini penyokong pembangkang sendiri mempersoalkan lompat parti, menuduh Nasarudin sebagai katak, menuduh Jamaluddin dan Osman kaki rasuah seks, mula mempersoalkan Adun yang dipilih dikalangan posmen serta mengutuk Hee Yit Foong sebagai OKU yang tak sedar diri.

    Padahal sebelum ini tak pulak kecoh.

    Dan timbul pula cerita kononnya BN telah merasuah tiga Adun tersebut.

    Namun mereka terlupa bahawa MP BN sebelum ini juga pernah ditawarkan sejumlah wang antara RM5 juta ke RM20 juta oleh Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim untuk melompat parti menyertai pembangkang. Itu bukan rasuah ke????

    Yang paling best adalah tagline dan statement Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim “Dari PERMATANG PAUH KE PUTRAJAYA” dan pertambahan ahli BN yang akan melompat ke parti PKR is increasing tremendously by every hours, pehhhhhhhhhhhh. By now, kalau hendak diikutkan semua ahli BN dah habis lompat dah tapi kerajaan baru tak terbentuk lagi dan akhirnya YG TERJADI DI PERAK sekarang.

    Pendek kata, kalau PR buat semuanya boleh, semuanya macam suci je tapi kalau BN yang buat semuanya serba tak kena, rasuah lah, political game dan macam-macam lagi. Hakikatnya inilah permainan politik PR, lebih-lebih lagi Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

    Pelik juga mengapa PAS perlu bersekongkol dengan PKR ni sebab parti ini tidak pernah berniat untuk memperjuangkan islam apatah lagi DAP yg sudah semestinya bukan beragama islam. UMNO yg lebih banyak memperjuangkan islam berbanding PKR yg hanya tahu cari salah orang dan memfitnah orang. PAS perlu buka mata dan minda.

    Creative Destruction Strategy makan tuan by Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim dan pengikut-pengikutnya?

  14. Ronson

    We’ve made it into BBC News.

    Malaysian MP removed from office

    Deposed state chief minister Bizar Jamaluddin tries to enter government building, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 6 Feb 09
    State minister Nizar Jamaluddin falls victim to fractious Malaysian politics

    A Malaysian opposition leader has been forcibly removed by police from his office in a political tussle over which party controls the state’s legislature.


  15. lee wee tak


    For WCK & PR, for the past 11 months you have done nothing in Wangsa Maju except for reverting comments and cases through your blog. Tak pernah turun padang, mungkin YB takut dengan cahaya matahari, panas dan kulit menjadi gelap kot. ”

    One Friday nite around 8pm, I was invited by YB’s PA to visit some mandarin oranges sellers by the road side who were harassed by DBKL.

    As a busybody with pitiful social life and a face no woman would look at, I obliged.

    The PA and I surveyed and concluded that the sellers have a legitimate position to continue to make an honest living for the fortnight and the PA duly informed YB.

    YB told us to wait for him and duly arrived around 10:00pm ++ and immediately set to talk to the hawkers, obtained relevant documentation and made the relevant communications.

    Now Remy, where the %$#@ were you? Are you commenting from Johor or Pahang or where ever you are? This commentator cum translator is right here in Wangsa Maju

  16. anonymous

    YB Wee, please don’t waste your time with the BN paid cyber trooper. They are bankrupt of idea that’s why they have to use dirty tactic to take power and also writing rubbish to fool the people.

  17. Anonymous

    A good politician will sacrifice himself or herself for the benefits of the people but not sacrifice the benefits of the people for his or her own benefits. The four ADUN is basically not qualified to be a state assemblyman. We should have a by-election to vote him or her out. Please do not hurt the feelings of the rakyat. They have a lot of things to face in their daily livings.

  18. lee wee tak

    anom 7 Feb 2:43am, no need for YB Wee to waste time on him, let the sensible and articulate commentators prove what an intellectually inadequate individual people like Remy are.

    Open season for smart and fair people in cyberspace, let shot’em down by proving how hollow their comments are.

  19. steven yong


    Iwonder why the Sultan is so blind to accede to Najib’s scheme? Is it because of money or “threats” or what?

    Just consider and declare the LA dissolved and get fresh mandate of the Perakians and not to worry about the cost of holding the elections as all the Goons in BE END have “siphoned” lots of money in “dubious” projects and schemes to enrich themselves!!

    Anyway fresh elections will allow their “cronies” to make some of the Rakyats money!!

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