Subang Terminal 3's massive, quiet transformation

“Sky Park Terminal: Experience The Difference”

For the last 3 months apparently Terminal 3 at the Subang International Airport had been undergoing a massive transformation without much of the public being informed.

We hardly hear of this project in the mainstream media and the rakyat would be amazed how this seeming Home to Berjaya Air and Firefly, both budget airlines, would be accorded a contemporary and classy terminal soon. Perhaps this could also have been one of the reasons why Tony Fernandes had been so relentlessly pushy for his KLIA East @ Labu.

But what’s more pertinent to the rakyat are as follows:

1. Whose idea was it and what is the reason for this massive upgrade?

2. What is the total cost for this renovation?

3. Was there an Open Tender for this project?

4. Who would be operating this so-called Sky Park Terminal?

5. What is the cost of rental and how long would the lease be?

I dislike speculation but the grapevine has it that a very prominent son-in-law of a powerful politician is behind this project. Was this also a scheme perhaps dreamed up to accommodate owners of private jets and for their use?

Any information that can help shed some light on this super-upgrade at Terminal 3 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Anyway, here are some pictures taken today for the rakyat to study and enjoy.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Perubahan besar dan sunyi di Lapangan Terbang Subang 3 (Subang Terminal 3)

“Sky Park Terminal: Nikmatilah pengalaman nan berbeza”

Sepanjang 3 bulan yang lalu, terdapat perubahan besar di Terminal 3 di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Subang tanpa pengetahuan umum.

Kita jarang mendapat maklumat mengenai rancangan ubahsuaian ini dalam media utama dan para rakyat jelata pasti terkejut dengan lapangan terbang yang begitu terkini dan menawan untuk dua syarikat penerbangan tambang murah iaitu Berjaya Air dan Firefly. Mungkin inilah salah satu sebab yang mendorong Tony Fernandes beriya-iya mengejar rancangannya bernama KLIA East @ Labu.

Tetapi, persoalan yang lebih berhubung kait dengan kepentingan para rakyat jelata adalah:

1. Rancangan siapakah pengubahsuaian ini dan apakah sebab-sebab ia dilakukan?

2. Apakah jumlah belanja pengubahsuaian ini?

3. Adakah jemputan sebut harga terbuka (Open Tender) untuk rancangan ini?

4. Siapakah akan mengendalikan Sky Park Terminal ini?

5. Apakah jumlah dan tempoh sewa lapangan ini?

Saya tidak suka melayani andaian tanpa asas namun terdengar bisikan bahawa rancangan ini melibatkan seorang anak mertua yang ternama. Adakah ini rancangan yang bertujuan menampung permintaan pemilik pesawat persendirian terpilih?

Sebarang maklumat yang boleh memberi gambaran sebenar mengenai kerja ubahsuai dan peningkatan besar di Terminal 3 amat dihargai dan saya dahulukan dengan ucapan terima kasih.

Walau macammanapun, sini saya sertakan beberapa gambar yang dipetik hari ini untuk tatapan dan nikmat para rakyat jelata.










19 thoughts on “Subang Terminal 3's massive, quiet transformation

  1. ahmad

    Wow! Look like a five stars airport. Don’t tell me that the son-in-law of a politician paid for all the renovation cost of this Sky Park.

    Who is that son-in-law? I wonder.

  2. anonymous


    Why are you pretending to be so stupid? There not many son-in-law that is super powerful and can call the shots in Malaysia.

    Of course, he is a rich son-in-law. I am sure that he is also super rich and he can pay for the renovation costs by whispering into some businessmen ears. Looking at the photos, I am sure that saliva is dripping out of Tony’s mouth.

    Not too late Tony, you can always tells Pak Lah to give you but there is not enough space to park your redundant 150 airbus planes. Well, you have two months to work on Pak Lah, I am sure that some things can be done under the slogan “Malaysia Boleh”. Oh Ya! the 4th floor boys can also do wanders.

  3. James Lee

    If Air Asia pays up the airport t ax of RM140 million, I am sure the rakyat monies can be put to better use to build better facilities in the airport.

    Tony, so many comments have been posted in this blog and other blogs asking Air Asia to pay up the RM140 millions and you, Tony, is doing an elegant silence like Pak Lah. You are so talkative and telling us you have done so much for Malaysia and Malaysia cannot do without you. The Air Asia cannot do without keeping the airport tax! Am I not right?

    What a beautiful airport? I wonder why so much monies have been put into this terminal 3 airport. Did I hear that the the son-in-law said that the massive renovation was paid by private fund and not a single Sen of rakyat money has been used?

  4. Tony The Conman

    Tony if you really want Terminal 3 airport, just whisper to Pak Lah and he will made an announcement in your favour. No sweat! You better do it quickly otherwise Pak Lah will be out in March although many cronies want him to be there so that they can rape the country assets.

    I do agree with the other readers. Have AA pays up the RM140 million airport tax debts? or you have already got green light from Pak Lah to wipe out the RM140 million!

  5. anonymous

    Why is the son-in-law is so powerful in Malaysia? I want to be the son-in-law too if i am getting all the sweeties. I suppose I must be choosy and choose the right father-in-law.

    This Sky Park Project is another questionable project. It is another midnight express project! It is sickening to see all the abuses under the present administration. Well, they are still living under the state of denial.

  6. Habib RAK

    Many have commented about the RM140M Airport Tax that AA has collected from the passengers on behalf of the Federal Government. The comments implies that AA may not payup or may default simply because they have powerful connections.

    There is no way AA or any other airlines which has collected Airport Tax on behalf of the Federal Government getting excused from paying up.

    As most of the readers know, there are two things which are certain in life….1. Death and 2. Tax.

    Airport Tax is not revenue to MAHB. Airport Tax is revenue to the Federal Government. Only Passenger Service Charge (PSC) and other airport charges like aeronautical charges, etc are revenue to MAHB.

  7. Tony The Conman

    Habib Rak

    Then how AA owed the airport since 2002. I have read in the papers that the Minister of Transport has confirmed the AA’s airport tax debt in Parliament.

    Other airlines cannot owe airport tax but AA can OK! Tan Sri Nor Yakop is Tony’s good friend.

    Why is Tony is in total silence over this airport tax debts? Tony will not answer this because AA has no fund to pay this debt.

    Tony is very powerful as long as Pak Lah is around. Once Pak Lah goes, AA will be on a declining trend. For a start , no one will protect him.

  8. Melayu Jati

    Tony The Conman …

    You are absolutely correct! Tony Fernandes will talk and talk and talk and talk about what will benefit him and AirAsia but he will not utter a single word about the airport tax which AirAsia owes the government.

    Tony Fatso ( I hope this will motivate you in your dream to get thinner ) will you ever say something about the airport tax?

    Never mind that. Just answer whether AirAsia had fully paid the RM140 million airport tax, which you have also collected from me and my faimly, by answering Yes OR No.

    If you cannot even utter either monosyllable word, can you please just shut the f**** up! You are so tiring with your blabbers!

    Never take No for an answer, you said? So do I!

  9. hafizwm

    Our YB is always bringing crucial cases for us to know and digest the issue especially on mighty AA!

    YB,can we get the minister in charge to respond to your questions in parliament?

  10. lee wee tak

    I feel sick. I look at the state of our government hospitals, lack of equipment, personnel, bed etc and yet so much of our wealth is splash on “mesti-ada-gaya” and more importantly “percentage economy”

    think , if all these money goes into welfare, health care and education….make me sick to the core

  11. Red

    Tony – Please be a man Pay up what you owe the government and stop cheating the malay nation. Is your succeess based on conning people or being honestly doing business.

  12. Tony The Crony

    When it comes to airport tax, we know Tony will not be able to utter a word because he could no longer find excuses. Previously he used to say that AA is disputing the airport charges, which is of no issue with the passengers. So now no excuse but just keep quiet.

    But so far the Badawi government took no actions against AA on the outstanidng airport tax and instead gave the go ahead to build LCT Labu now shelved. Now a new decision to build another LCCT in KLIA. Another flip flop, consistent with Badawi’s administration.

    What type of government is this? AA owing airport tax and there is no actions and at the same time the government still accede to Tony’s demand.

    What a stupid government? Is this the government for Tony or the people? A few months ago, the government had just built a massive extension to the LCCT costing the country about RM125 million and now we had to build another new airport for Tony. In the mean time AA needs not pay airport tax.

    What an abused of public fund by Badawi’s administration? With his stupid ways of running the country and yet he hopes to carry on as PM! God forbids! If Badawi carries on after March, there will be more Tony and AA popping up and the country will definitely goes to the dog.

  13. anonymnous

    Who is that son-in-law of a powerful politician? It is definitely not Khairy because he is unemployed and obviously he has no fund to do such massive renovation. So I had to imagine who is that bloody young upstart who is so rich.

    Pak Lah government must come out to explain what is this Sky Park all about? Who has been awarded the project and what are the terms and conditions?

  14. Pretty Jane

    Abdullah Badawi must come out from his slumber to explain about this project. How much of rakyat money has been used by the government?

    It seems from the comments that the son-in-law is very poor because he is unemployed but he appears to be very powerful.

    I know that the one special and son-in-law is very closed to Tony Fernandez. In fact he is also a business partner of Tony Ferrnandez.

    How long more do we need to wait to see the end of the Badawi’s administration, which only help people like Tony Fernandez and other cronies.

    I also agree on other postings that Tony must immediately pay up the outstanding airport tax of RM140 million owed by AA.

  15. if not mistaken, this terminal is no longer belong to MAHB. it is sold by MAHB to a company. not sure whether it relate to any son in law of anybody. this company make massive renovation and aim to handle the private jets across this region as well as handling flights for Berjaya Air and Firefly.

  16. anonymous


    it must involve son-in-law of a politician otherwise MAB would not have sold it. This news is most shocking. MAB is not in the business of selling lands. It is in the business of providing airport services.

    Can someone somewhere help in this matter. Which son-in-law is involved? How much is Terminal 3 sold for?

  17. anonymous

    Terima kasihlah Ultimate Warrior. Can we trust the main stream media like Star? Background info here and there can lah I think. Not to believe 100%.

  18. Tony Bullshitter

    Put the money where your mouth is. Tony: Pay up the airport tax otherwise you have no right to ask for anything. Not even a pebble let alone new LCCT. Tony thought that Badawi is a good friend of his so he can do as he likes. Sorry Badawi is on the way out so he can’t help his crony too much now. So Tony better abandon ship and there may be some hope.

    In the mean time pay up airport tax. Please take note that airport tax is rakyat is monies – definitely not Badawi’s monies.

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