KLIA East @ Labu shelved for good?

According to sources yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak had said that he is NOT in favour of a new LCCT in Labu, Negeri Sembilan dubbed KLIA@East.

Apparently what he alone had said cannot hold water. The final decision on the matter will have to be made at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

We shall wait for the final outcome.

Meanwhile, for more on the story above, you can go here and here.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Adakah rancangan KLIA East @ Labu dibatalkan selama-lamanya?

Menurut sumber tertentu semalam, Naib Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak telah menyatakan bahawa beliau tidak bersetuju dengan lapangan terbang murah/LCCT di Labu, Negeri Sembilan nan dikenali KLIA@East.

Sebenarnya kenyataan persendiriannya tidak boleh dianggap muktamad. Keputusan akhir mesti dibuat dalam mesyuarat mingguan jemaah menteri.

Sama-samalah kami menunggu keputusan muktamad.

Sementara ini, laporan lanjut mengenai perkara ini boleh dirujuk di sini dan sini.

12 thoughts on “KLIA East @ Labu shelved for good?

  1. Richard

    My take is KLIA East @ Labu is shelved for good and the AirAsia CEO is the happiest man alive today. Why? He won big where he got his own LCCT and the Govt plus MAHB were practically forced to fast-track the development/expansion of the LCCT.

    As I’ve commented earlier, the plan for the KLIA East @ Labu is actually a ruse/red-herring put together to arouse the anger and objections of the Rakyat, culminating in cornering the Govt and MAHB into submission. AirAsia has no intention whatsoever to build KLIA East@ Labu in the first place. He got everyone fooled for good.

    Now, practically the Rakyat’s money will again be used to foot the bill of the new LCCT and like it or not, we, the Rakyat lose big time!!

    To the AirAsia CEO, you did a “good” job in mobilizing your critics to do the bidding for your LCCT. Happy now?

  2. lee wee tak

    If Badawi’s style is no decision/I don’t know/I will read the report then Najib’s style is come up with an idea and if public reject then retract.

    Not inspiring stuff.

  3. Tony The Crony

    Tony will never get a smooth passage after the Sleepy Head is out. He must pay up the airport tax.

    I am sure that YB Wee will be pressing for him to pay his airport tax debts and monitor his bullshits. I observe that prior to YB Wee got elected Tony and AA had a brilliant time in Parliament. No opposition MPs speak up in Parliament on the abuses by AA. Now AA and Tony are under microscope and I am sure that Badawi and Tan Sri Nor Yakop are shying away form him. Tony Fernandez is a liability to anyone in government! He will take full advantage and the government and the people had to suffer.

    He will say all the times that he did this or that for he people. Balls! it is for himself and other cronies of Badawi. Not forgetting the son-in-law.


  5. anonymnous

    MAB and the government must not allow AA or Tony Fernandez to dictate terms. He is nobody except that he is a close friend/crony of Pak Lah and Tan Sri Nor Yakop. That does not give him the right to dictate how the rakyat money to be used.

    Why did Pak Lah government spent more than RM130 millions to extend the existing LCCT a few months ago and now we have to spend a few more hundred millions Ringgit for this private company whose CEO is bullshitting all the way.

    Before Tony start talking, the government must insist that AA pays up the airport tax otherwise don’t entertain him and MAB takes immediate action to recover the airport worth RM140 millions. In the interim, withdraw all facilities to AA like MAB had done to the Terengganu government airline.

    Tony any form of tax is rakyat money. More so in the case of airport tax. The rakyat had fully paid the airport tax and AA is duty bound to pay over without any question. Airport tax is not for AA to use it is for the government to develop and maintain airport in Malaysia.

    Tony, Malaysians do not owe you or AA a living. May be Pak Lah does because you are also close to his son, Kamaludin.

    By the way, Tony, who is the sole agent for Airbus in Malaysia??? Is the sole agent is also your good friends and you had no choice but o buy more than 150 airbus planes.

    Now you need a bigger airport to park because MAS had already bought Boeing. Good for you MAS, otherwise you will have to stomach some of the airbus planes form AA.

  6. SKTan

    Shelving KLIA Labu is the best news I have heard this year. This is the victory to the rakyat of Malaysia. Down with the cronies! We must make sure that Tony and AA had to behave like any other listed companies without helps or handouts of any kind. Taxpayers monies should not be used to help cronies of the PM.

    Taxpayers monies are supposed to be used for the rakyat and not for the dictate of Tony Fernadnez. KLIA is there for AA use. KLIA can accommodate 125 million passengers and it is under utilised now. Why must the government had to specially build an airport for AA.

    Let AA make do with things and not dictating as though Malaysians owe Tony a living.

    I am still waiting for Tony to come out with a statement on the issue of AA owing airport of RM140 millions.

    Tony please do not bullshit anymore. We do not want o hear you telling us that the airport debt is settled. What we want to hear is AA had paid up its airport tax debts totaling …. Settled and paid up are two different things ok. Stop conning us no more.

  7. ahmad

    Tony/AA: When you owed taxes, Pak Lah may let yu go but he rakyat will not let you go. Rest assured Malaysians will pursue until AA pays up the outstanding airport.

    I agree with SK Tan. We want to hear that the airport has been paid up in full with interests for the past 6 years and not SETTLED, which has no meaning in payment of tax.

    Pay up or don’t use the MAB’s facilities.

  8. I agree with Richard that Tony will be happy but not happiest.

    Whilst he has got the public to pressure MAHB to deliver LCCT earlier i.e. in 2011 instead of 2014, he will be unable to “profit” from the construction of the airport, profits that he can transfer to Air Asia to make up those numbers he has been boasting about!

    Instead, I think it is the start of the demise of Air Asia’s chief, “Silan Chai” – as described by a keen supporter web site of YB Wee at:-


    We are fortunate to have YB Wee to keep a close eye to ensure the Rakyat’s money is not used to bail the likes of this guy.

  9. ahmad

    I have been observing Tony Fernandez. He has been trying very hard to side step direct questions. Like his closeness with Khairy. His answer was that he made a mistake by sponsoring MyTeam football related to Khairy. It is an open secret that TOny and Khairy is so close that to the extend that they share the same trouser so to speak.

    Once issue that Tony dare not touch and has been avoiding is teh owing of airport tax. He thought that by keeping quiet he could get away with it. His good friends, the PM and Nor Yakop, will waive it. Then he can go laughing to the bank.

    We must make sure that cronies pay up their debts to the government. Taxes belong to the rakyat.

    TONY : I will keep on reminding YB Wee and other YBs to make sure that you pay up the airport tax with interests since 2002. Airport tax has been paid in advance. By now the interest payable should be more than RM30 millions.

  10. ahmad

    Tony should not be happy because the whole world now know that Air Asia has not paid the airport tax of RM140 million which were collected from the passengers in advance.

    We must make sure that the Badawi’s crony pay up the airport immediately with interests. This is rakyat money.

    Tony is speechless now. Suddenly he and his spin doctor couldn’t spin any more story on the airport tax debt. We have cornered him and his spin doctor. Tony no longer dares to make stupid statement that he is disputing the airport charges. Our answer to Badawi’s crony is: He can think of whatever disputes he had with MAB but we, the passengers, have paid the airport tax in cash and we have no dispute with MAB OK.

    So Tony please stop bullshitting. We have had enough of your nonsense.

  11. Tony The Conman

    Datuk Tony Fernandez, so many people have been asking you to clarify why is Air Asia is still owing MAB RM140 million airport tax and you have been keeping extremely silence on this subject. If you have no more bullshit to give to Malaysians on this matter then just pay up immediately.

    If not, YB Wee should make this issue the MP Question of The Week to highlight to the authority that only only the PM is sleeping for good reason the others are also sleeping.

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