"Sime Darby's 5 big lies in a year"

The blog Sime Darby Watch is pre-eminent when it comes to news related to Sime Darby. Here is its expose, by installments, of the GLC’s 5 big, fat lies in 2008. To read the first two, click here.

5 thoughts on “"Sime Darby's 5 big lies in a year"

  1. anonymous

    Datuk Ahmad Zubir and Datuk Tony Fernandes are sama-sama atau dua kali lima. They are trying to fool the public into believing they are doing good for the country.

    We all should boycott Air Asia and Sime Darby too.

  2. ahmad

    I am surprised that there were only 5 lies. I would have thought that there should be more than 100 under Datuk Ahmad Zubir!

    Formal complaint must be lodged with KLSE and Security Commission on the lie over the approval of LCCT Labu when there was no such approval from the government.

  3. Lee

    Yes, both Ahmad Zubir and Tony Fernadez are “abang adek”. Both are trying take Malaysians for a ride! Beware of Sime Darby and Air Asia.

  4. andrew

    It would be beneficial if a watch dog group can be set up with funding from PKR state govts to research many issues related to performances of GLCs’. At the people at large will be able to read for real the true news instead of relying on the spin-doctors from MSMs. What is wrong is simply wrong and no two rights can turn the wrong to be right, period.

    If the GLCs are bleeding into the billions, we as tax payers have the right to know what went wrong. The culprit have to face the music or be sacked and another person with untainted background be tasked the job.

    A simple and clear example is the new management team of MAS. For umpteen years, MAS has had suffered losses into the millions not because of low revenues but due mainly to leakages and poor accountability. No check and balance for their purchases and cronies are supplying foods at exorbitant prices and many oother hanky panky. Now that they are making some money over the last couple of years, we may yet see another ‘hungry wolf’ waiting to take over the top post for personal benefits. If that ever happens, you and I know will exactly the final outcome in the year thereafter.

    We need people who are not only capable to run a GLC but must have passions to see that it do well beside having unblemished records with personal integrity. That will bring this nation back to it’s former glories,…as the risen tiger of Asia.

  5. anonymous

    It would appear that KLIA is off. But I am certain that Tony will definitely try to get the Sleepy Head to push it through because Air Asia needs Labu. Without Labu many investors like SIL will suffer like hell!

    Air Asia must never behave as though the nation owes it a living. It is just like any other listed company. It survive so far with government help. Mark my words, the moment the Sleepy Head is out of office the Air Asia will take a nose dive.

    Air Asia definitely needs a bailout. Just ask ourselves, it can even pay the airport tax debts of RM140 million, how could it take delivery of 150 airbus planes – one airbus a month!

    Tony is just playing his usual game of talk and talk like the Sleepy Head making announcement after announcement and nothing materialises. This is the problem with Sleepy Head government.

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