Visit to late Kugan Ananthan's house to console his family

Melawat dan memujuk keluarga Kugan Ananthan

Earlier today YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Tan Sri Khalid, YB Datuk Husam (Kelantan Exco member from PAS), YB Dr. Siti Mariah Mahmud (MP for Kota Raja from PAS), YB S. Manikavasagam, YB R. Sivarasa and I were at the late  Kugan Ananthan’s house to share our grief  with his parents and find out more about his death.

Pagi tadi, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Tan Sri Khalid, YB Datuk Husam (Ahli Exco Kelantan Exco daripada PAS), YB Dr. Siti Mariah Mahmud (Wakil Rakyat Kota Raja daripada PAS), YB S. Manikavasagam, YB R. Sivarasa dan saya telah mengunjungi rumah mendiang Kugan Ananthan’ untuk menanggung bersama perasaan sedih dengan ibu bapanya serta mendapat lebih banyak maklumat mengenai kematiannya.



The parents alleged  that Kugan’s death was due to police brutality. The police has a lot to answer because Kugan died in police custody. The Opposition Leader, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into his death. The Opposition will take this up in Parliament as there have been too many deaths in police custody and such deaths must stop.

Ibubapa mendiang mendakwa punca kematian Kugan adalah keganasan polis. Banyak soalan perlu dijawab oleh pihak polis kerana mendiang Kugan meninggal semasa dalam tahanan polis. Ketua Pembangkang, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah menyeru supaya Suruhanyaya Diraja ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat punca kematiannya. Pihak Pembangkang akan membawa perkara perkara ini ke Parlimen kerana sudah terlampau banyak kejadian kematian semasa dalam tahanan polis dan kejadian ini mesti diberhentikan.

May God bless Kugan’s soul.
Semoga roh Kugan dilindungNya.

*Pictures courtesy of Saudara Asmawi Mohamad
* Gambar sumbangan Saudara Asmawi Mohamad

*Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong

13 thoughts on “Visit to late Kugan Ananthan's house to console his family

  1. Not right for suspects to die under police lockup. In our country, especially how PDRM arrests citizens according to their own code of law anyone can be a ‘suspect’ in this sense. And any ‘suspect’ may die anytime under this kind of operandi.

    This is a human rights and police brutality issue. Go after them YB.

  2. hafizwm

    A right thing to do, visit the victim’s familiy and hear their feelings about this. Im not too sure if they were approached before but this matter has to solved professionally and without the police giving statements which are just tarnishing their image …well after all their image wasn’t as good afterall

  3. Eric Goh

    Thank you for all your visiting to Kugan family.
    I just cant imagine this can happen in our country.
    I also cant imagine how he suffer inside until death only can help him.
    Go after all those involved in beating and killing.
    Hang them or make them suffer like what Kugan did.

  4. lee wee tak

    I wonder

    1) what’s Syed Hamid stand on this matter? He seems to be more angry with candle holders

    2) the Speakers of the Parliament will no doubt say, “not urgent, no need to discuss in Parliament as there is already an investigation underway.” If the opposition tries to tell him his robe is on fire, will he say the same thing?

    3) Najib once said it and he might say again, “only 0.01% death, no big deal”

    How come the officers in the SJ station was only transferred? They should be suspended while pending investigation. Who is there to guarantee such things won’t happen again while they are on duty? I wonder if the real culprit can be found and punished.

    Malaysian has lost the high ground to criticize US’s Guantanamo Bay. The US while with dubious right to detain people suspected of terrorism, PDRM has violated basic human rights and common police procedures in getting >1,500 lives lost under its custody. Does Islam allow callousness in dealing with human lives? The number of lost lives exceed that of Guantanamo Bay itself!

  5. temenggong

    The root cause of this problem is that Umno has demonised the Indians in the eyes of the malays, so much so that malays in the bureaucracy and police treat Indians with contempt and condescension. Racism underlies this and it is no secret.

    Kugan neither drinks nor smokers and works for his uncle’s tow truck business full time. So it’s unlikely he is a car thief although he may know them. Besides luxury car thefts involves syndicates. A look at Kugan’s humble home and lifestyle should indicate that it is unlikely he is involved with international syndicates.

  6. lee wee tak


    kudos to you

    in time of celebration, you have not forgotten the unfortunate part of our society. lot of chinese would pantang about going to sad places during CNY but you buck the trend


    and for my Indian brothers, my condolences

  7. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Menziarah keluarga mendiang Kuhan oleh Pakatan Rakyat patut diberi pujian. Sekurang kurangnya keluarga mendiang dapat meringankan kesedihan. Pemimpin pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat, MCA, MIC, Gerakan dan PPP telah menyuarakan simpati terhadap trajedi itu. Pihak Umno, Musa Hassan dan Ketua Polis Selangor dengan angkuhnya menyalahkan keluarga Kuhan menyerbu bilik mayat Hospital Serdang dan mengugut untuk mendakwa Senator Murugayah dan MP Devamaney yang turut sama dihari tersebut. Pihak Hospital Serdang dalam postmortonnya mengatakan mendiang mati akibat sesak nafas dan paru berair. Dilihat dari kecederaan yang dialami melalui video dan gambar yang diambil amat mustahil untuk dipercayai kematian tersebut akibat sesak nafas dan paru berair. Mendiang telah dibedah sekali oleh pakar bebas dari Hospital Universiti Malaya. Jika bedah tersebut ada unsur pembunuhan doktor bedah siasat Hospital Serdang patut didakwa kerana melanggar Etika.

  8. copperhead

    sometimes the indians can be crazy but to kill the fella is

    no doubt the indians are marginalised and the authority
    must spend more time to upgrade them.


  9. Sk Tan

    People life override about ‘pantang’. Where Chinese leaders will not go, YB Wee you went against ‘pantang’. You are the people YB. The people interests come first.

    I am glad that you are not condoning police brutality. The culprits must be charged for murder and we must have a mechanism to stop police brutality forever.

    YB Wee you brave the weather, I will be brave to fight with you.

  10. anon 11.55

    i’m totally against police brutality, or any other form of brutality. but at the same time i can’t help but think……isn’t it wonderful that a dangerous luxury car theft member been regards as someone special with all the attention?

    that’s world for you.

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