Sime Darby lied with intent to fool the public?

Below is Sime Darby Bhd’s announcement to Bursa Kuala Lumpur on 5 January 2009 …

“The Company wishes to announce that it had, today, obtained approval from the Government of Malaysia to proceed with the Proposed LCCT Project.

“The Proposed LCCT Project is an integral part of the Company’s development plan for its Negeri Sembilan Vision City (NSVC). NSVC is part of the Company’s Central Vision Valley (CVV) property development project spanning Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.”

This is the Deputy Prime Minister’s statement on KLIA East @ Labu LCCT today (23 January 2009) …

“We are looking at it but have yet to make any decision. I cannot pre-empt the decision by making an announcement,” he said.

It is clear from the two statements above that Sime Darby Bhd had deliberately made a false statement to Bursa KL on 5 January 2009. It is obvious that the false statement was deliberately made to mislead the investing public to invest into Sime Darby Bhd’s shares so that its share price will be improved. The CEO, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zubir, and other directors had committed a serious offence under the Bursa KL regulations. Such misleading statement made with the intention to fool members of the investing public cannot be tolerated and must be severely punished.

I call upon the Minister of Finance and the Chairman of Bursa KL to take immediate action against the Board of Directors for making a false public announcement with the ultimate intention to cheat the investing public.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Sime Darby bohong berniat menipu umum?

Berikut adalah pengumuman Sime Darby Bhd kepada Bursa Kuala Lumpur pada 5 Januari 2009 …

“Syarikat ini mengumum bahawa pada hari ini, ia telah memperolehi kelulusan kerajaan Malaysia untuk meneruskan Projek LCCT yang telah dicadangkan.

“LCCT Project yang dicadangkan itu adalah sebahagian daripada rancangan pembangunan syarikat ini untuk Bandar Wawasan Negeri Sembilan/Negeri Sembilan Vision City (NSVC). NSVC merupkan sebahagian daripada rancangan pembangunan syarikat ini bernama Wawasan Lembah Tngah / Central Vision Valley (CVV) yane meliputi Selangor adan Negeri Sembilan.”

Ini pula kenyataan Naib Perdana Menteri mengenai KLIA East @ Labu LCCT hari ini (23 Januari 2009) …

“Kami sedang mengkaji perkara ini dan tiada keputsan lagi. Saya todak boleh mendahului keputusan kajian dengan membuat sebatang pengumuman,” kata beliau.

Jelaslah menerusi kedua penyataan tersebut, Sime Darby Bhd telah dengan sengajanya membuat penyataan palsu kepada Bursa KL pada 5 Januari 2009. Jelas juga bahawa kenyataan palsu ini bertujuan menarik pelabur umum supaya membeli saham Sime Darby Bhd’ supaya harga saham\ny akan bertambah baik. Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zubir, dan pengarah lain telah melakukan kesalahan berat bawah peraturan Bursa KL. Penyataan yang mengelirukan umum bertujuan menipu pelabur umum tidak patut dimaafkan dan mesti dikenakan hukuman berat.

Saya menyeru Menteri Kewangan dan Pengerusi Bursa KL mengambil tindakan segera terhadap lembaga pengarah atas mengeluarkan penyataan umum yang bertujuan menipu para pelabur.

23 thoughts on “Sime Darby lied with intent to fool the public?

  1. Syed Munir

    Yang Berhormat,

    I hope you will raise this in Parliament. why are some companies like Sime Darby and Air Asia given preferential treatmment?

    Please also call upon the entire Sime Darby Board of Directors to resign immediately.

    Thank you.

  2. Con Job

    Sime Darby, you are lying through your teeth! I hope YB Wee, will lodge a formal complaint to Bursa KL.

    It is obvious that this Labu project is a con job by Sime Darby and Tony Fernandes.

    Sime Darby cannot even manage the oil palm plantations and Air Asia owes more than RM150m million on airport tax, and yet both of them wanted to build an airport costing RM1.6 billions. What a big joke?

    Sime Darby lied to Bursa KL with the clear intention of cheating the public. Bursa KL must take drastic actions against Dato Ahmad Zubir. He should be sack for lying.

  3. PY Lim

    Air Asia and Sime Darby are “dua kali lima” type of companies. That’s why they can move together. Air Asia has Tony Fernandes and Sime has Datuk Ahmad Zubir. Both are as bad. Both are cronies of the worst kind.

    Tony also made announcement on behalf of government. SO was Zubir. I am certain that by April, both of these cronies will have to be brought to book. They are taking the rakyat for granted.

    Let teach both of them a good lesson that the Pak Lah will remember for life!

    I am for boycott of Air Asia and Sime Darby.

  4. anonymous

    Sime Darby the corporate liar. Datuk Ahamd Zubir should be sacked for being dishones. He is not fit to be the CEO of Sime Darby. He must take full responsibility for the false announcement of 5th January. YB Wee you should make a formal complaint to Bursa KL stop such unscrupulous actions of Sime Darby.

    No wonder Sime is working hand in glove with Air Asia.

    Datuk Ahmad Zubir + Datuk Tony Fernandes = Disaster for Malaysians

    Stop the rots in the corporate world. Wipe out people like Datuk Zubir Ahmad and his Board Members – semua gaji buta and want to cheat the investing public.

  5. CON AIR

    Maybank should learn from MAS on how they raised RM 3.67 billions without a whimper.

    Saturday January 24, 2009
    Maybank mulls over RM3bil rights issue

    Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) is mulling over a rights issue of some RM3bil to shore up its balance sheet following its major acquisitions of three banks in Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam last year.

    I am pissed.

  6. Youth98

    Perkhidmatan kesihatan adalah hak rakyat. Rakyat selaku pembayar cukai berhak untuk bersuara dan memberi pandangan serta cadangan penambahbaikan perkhidmatan ini.

    Para Anggota Perkhidmatan Awam Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia ingin mendengar persepsi, tanggapan serta idea anda ke arah memantapkan mutu perkhidmatan kami sama ada di klinik kerajaan & hospital.

    Salurkan pandangan anda menerusi email

    Email anda akan dipanjangkan terus kepada Pegawai Kesihatan Daerah / Pengarah Hospital / Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri / Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan / Menteri Kesihatan.

    Kami nantikan cadangan membina dari anda, rakyat Malaysia.

    Terima Kasih

  7. Lee

    Sime is out to cheat that’s why it came out with such a false announcement in the hope that investing public will buy Sime shares.

    Datuk Ahmad Zubir is no different to Tony Fernandes. Sime is another company run by cronies.

  8. lee wee tak

    stop slagging Slime Darby-lah.

    I always wonder how Najib will fare as a Finance Minister in this time of great crises.

    so far

    1) announced a lot of projects but cancel it, like IJN privatisation & this LCCT
    2) disbursing nation saving financial stimulus packages under the federal budget in KT during a certain just concluded event
    3) reading another budget when the original one was read … hello, what is the status

    Just read the Singapore one. The government there is giving S$900 back to companies for each employees that earn S$2,500 and above, cut 1% of corporate tax and I have not read the rest yet.

    Now that’s managing economy in time of crises

  9. ahmad

    Lee Wee Tak

    All the projects are for Pak Lah cronies. I believe that Najib is a scape goat. KLIA Labu is a clear case of Pak Lah trying to help his crony (Tony Fernandes and gang) as a parting Ang Pow.

    But is is still doubtful that Pak Lah will leave. I believe that he will want to stay on otherwise the SIL, son and cronies will be dead the very minute he leaves office.

    Pak Lah is the worst PM ever had. I am not saying that Najib will be better. To me, anyone in Malaysia will be better than Pak Lah because no one will allow the 4th floor boys to run teh government administration.

    In the mena time, let stop KLIA Labu. Let also tell Pak Lah loud and clear that Malaysians say:


  10. YB,
    It appears to be the usual flip-flop by the government, with the likes of sime darby, bursa and sc looking like morons! It just shows how everyone is in the pocket of umno with no accountability whatsoever to the Rakyat.

    YB, raise these issues and expose them.

  11. lee wee tak

    Ahmad, if what you say is true, I welcome very much Badawi stays on. That will guarantee a bigger defeat for BN in the next GE.

  12. anonymous

    To Zubir of Sime is: Lying is talking. We call up KLSE and Security Commission to take drastic actions against Zubir and his boys.

    Not only “Don’t fly Ar Asia” but “Don’t buy anything from Sime too.

    No To Labu and NOT TO Bailouts.

  13. ahmad

    It hope that KLSE and Securits normal for corporate figure like Zubir to lie in order to lure people to buy their shares. It was obvious that Zubir was lying when he made the announcement to KLSE on 5th January.

    I hope the Security Commission and KLSE will take the necessary actions to prosecute Zubir, the corporate LIAR. We cannot have corporate leader lying to KLSE because members of public will rely on such information when investing their hard earned money.

    NO to Sime and Air Asia with Labu.
    NO Bailout of any kind for cronies.

  14. lee wee tak

    I have to correct myself above at Jan 24 8:48pm

    The above fact I quote was incorrect. I have read the Straits Time proper and let’s see

    Malaysia allocated RM70billion for 26 million people, that’s RM2.7K per person; IGNORING the distribution aspect of the distribution

    Comparatively, Singapore allocated, via their Finance Minister, THARMAN SHANMUGARATNAM, S$20.5 billion to 4.6 of its population, applying conversation rate of RM2.3 to S$1, it’s a whopping RM10K per person.

    Let’s look at allocation.

    For Malaysia, some of the 70billion was allocated via the great Kuala Terengganu lucky draw and dead man’s ang pow give away.

    In Singapore, previously untapped reserves kept by a tight fist government is finally pried out to aid it’s tax payers

    1) personal income tax rebate of 20% up to S$2,000 and in addition, working parents double GST tax credit

    2) retired couple living with a working child in a 3 room HDB will get $4,500 while a family of 4 working living in a 5 room HDB gets S$2,200

    3) in addition to cutting corp tax by 1% to 17%, property tax rebate of 40% is given to landlords of factories, offices and shops to save them S$800 million which is intended to lower rental charge to leasees

    4) low income workers will get better worker benefits and the destitute will receive more in monthly Public Assistance Payments; more funding to charities and welfare organisations; A$150million will go to low wage workers in the form of special workfare payouts

    5) all government fees and charges will be forzen for a year to help cut down cost of business

    6) employers paying CPF will get 12% rebate on the first S$2,500 of each months wages for each employees

    7) S$5.8billion to be used as trade financing as the government will take up 80% of the credit risk, in view of the credit crunch faced by Singapore’s financial institution, this is enable companies to obtain a different financing source

    Sigh, there are so much more. Najib, have you bought a copy of the Straits Time?

  15. lee wee tak

    sorry, the above should be RM7billion so it is about RM200 ++ for you, me and your loved ones…..really make you feel good, no?

  16. anonymous

    Zubir is no different to Tony Fernandes and Kalimullah. They are all Badawi’s cronies.

    The KLIA Labu LCCT is not for the national interest but their own narrow interest. National interest dictates that Air Asia uses the KLIA like any other airlines. KLIA can cater a capacity of 125 million passenger a year and it is under utilised. Now MAB specially built a LCCT for Air Asia use. Why must the Sleepy Head government approve another LCCt at LAbu, which is less than 10 km away. This is a condition for air disaster. Do we need such danger?

    Last but not least. I do agree with other readers. Air Asia should pay up its airport tax totaling more than RM140 million immediately before it want to talk about anything. Tony: We, the passengers have no quarrel with MAB, have paid our airport to Air Asia and Air Asia has no right to keep the airport tax.

    So Tony, as CEO of Ari Asia, you better instruct Air Asia to pay up the airport tax debts immediately otherwise you will make us feel that Air Asia has used up the airport tax and has no fund to pay.

    For the above reasons, I support the boycott of Air Asia until it give up Labu LCCT and pay up the airport tax.

  17. Sleepy Head's Crony

    Yes, Zubir, Tony Fernandes, Kalimullah and the light are dua kali lima! We must go all out to stop them from abusing our nation assets.

    We must all say NO to Labu LCCT and Air Asia. Only a public boycott of AIr Asia will teach them a lesson that they should stop playing with the rakyat’s money.

    Lets boycott Air Asia and Sime Darby!

  18. Crony

    That Zubir was responsible for the Sime RM120 million share trading loses. Apparently by a rouge dealer but he is Zubir’s boy.

    Zubir, after March when the Sleepy Head is out of Malaysia history, you better disappear with him to Perth.

    What happened to the RM120 million share trading losses? Who is responsible beside the “rouge trader”? Sime’s money is also rakyat money because it is a GLC. So Zubir please don’t think that Sime’s money belong to you and your gang ok.

    Zubir and Tony are almost the same. The only different is one is a Melayu and the other one is trying to be an Indian Mat Salleh.

  19. rcchia

    I just thought of something.

    What if Zubir’s statement had been true and Pak Lah’s was not? I cannot imagine a CEO of a main board company, who knows the rules of Bursa Malaysia will deliberately make a false public statement unless he had in his hands the approval.

    Bursa, on their part, plus Securities Commission, will not take these sort of statements lightly, without asking for evidence.

    Think about it. We know our Pee Em and Dee Pee Em have made many unsubstantiated statements before. Maybe they were ill-advised by their advisors.

  20. lee wee tak

    brilliant eyes rcchia

    u may be right. remember the announcement on the date parliament dissolve?

    without a signal from powers to be, a CEO of a listed company may not date to run foul of stringent BSKL ruling

    maybe another display of “I-have-an-idea-let’s-test-with-public-first”?

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