Should this blog also support 'Boycott AirAsia' campaign in solidarity with others?

In light of mounting public objections against the questionable details and circumstances surrounding the proposed construction of KLIA East @ Labu (a joint-venture project between Sime Darby and AirAsia), this blog is seeking public views and opinions as to whether it should also join the ‘Boycott AirAsia’ campaign shown below in solidarity with many others which have since done so?



Your feedback is most welcomed. Please feel free to post what you think as a  comment. Thank you.

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73 thoughts on “Should this blog also support 'Boycott AirAsia' campaign in solidarity with others?

  1. anonymous

    I am also for the boycott if the cronies are still trying to rap the country’s assets. YB Wee, I think that we should boycott not only Air Asia but the Sime Darby too. Malaysians should boycott both companies because both are playing the fool with the assets of the nation.

    Lets teach both these irresponsible companies a good lesson that they must listen to their bosses, the rakyat!


  2. mikey1

    Dear YB,
    Agree on your approach to continue probing AirAsia’s plan to build KLIA@East. Public safety is of primary concern to everyone. Malaysia has a good record of air travel safety and its the last thing i would like to see go down the drain. I am not opposed to development and improvements of air transportations related infrastructure. However, AirAsia at times seems over anxious in its plans and make me wonder whether is it really the public interest they have in mind or something else. Since the announcement by AirAsia and SimeDarby on the plans, i have yet to hear exactly how public convienience and safety is accounted for. Surely, they realize that as public companies (be it GLC or whatever) they have a responsibility to satisfy the every need for clarification that public may have. Right now, it only appears that they are looking after business interest and not being socially responsible for the public. The government should have also not hastily agreed on the proposal without probing further and making publicly known to the Rakyat on the safety issues being addressed (if any). I have only known and heard about the safety issues being addressed through public debates on blog sites, etc. Where is the government’s role in satisfying this? Keep in mind that companies like AirAsia and SimeDarby and the Federal Government have unlimited access to media coverage which they can use to explain their every move. Business is always good for the people. Go ahead and make all the money you want. Thats a totally different subject which needs to be addressed after you have passed the first hurdle which is public safety. But lets take a step back and satisfy everyone that malaysian air travels safety have been properly addressed with the highest standards possible.

  3. Airport Tax

    I am for boycotting Air Asia as well as Sime Darby. More on Air Asia because it is not behaving a good corporate citizen. It is only interested in taking our money and when it comes to refunding it will come out with all kinds of reasons.

    When i do not fly I ask for my airport tax and fuel charges to be refunded they gave me hell with stupid reasons.

    The only way to tame Air Asia and Tony Fernandes are to boycott them. Only money can hurt Air Aisa. We must exercise our right against such irresponsible corporate citizen.

    BOYCOTT AIR ASIA & SIME DARBY – the two greedy companies. We shall see who wins? The rakyat or Air Asia & .Sime Darby

  4. ah kow

    YB Wee:

    You must address the issue of members of the public buying plane tickets in advance (many months or years ahead) in order to get cheap fares. It is like deposit taking. This must be supported by some form of guarantee that the money is safe in the event that AIr Aisa koyak.

    We have seen many low cost airlines in other countries koyak after a few years and the public had to suffer because they bought tickets in advance and the airline is no longer in existence to refund. There is no bailout by the government because it is a private company.

    So YB Wee please address this issue because I believe Air Aisa is not that strong and it cannot even pay the airport tax, which the passengers already paid to them. This shows that it is financially sick. So the money paid in advance must be protected.

    We do not want to see the government having to do a bailout by using rakyat money to refund to the public.

    YB Wee you must warn the government about this so that Pak Lah can wake up to do more reform to stop his cronies from doing the wrong things against public interest.

    Thank you.

    Ah kow the deposit taker

  5. Y Bro

    Like many, I am not thrilled with KLIA@EAST. But, my view is that you should refrain from the boycott Air Asia campaign. Air Asia is a Malaysian brand. It has created an economic benefit in the form of cheap fares for air travel in Malaysia. It has created a positive impact for the entire Southeast Asian region.

    Tony Fernandes is wrong on the KLIA@EAST proposal. But Air Asia is a positive contributor to Malaysians. It can be annoying to use Air Asia. But, to boycott Air Asia is tantamount to confusing the issue of KLIA@EAST (which is bad) with the role of Air Asia as a cheap fare air travel provider (which is good).

    This is just a point of view for you to consider.

  6. rocky

    boycott? No need la. lets not get too emotional. Just say no the airport. Tony can ask, so can Sime. But why this gomen go and approve when KLIA is so damn empty and lots of space to grow is the big question.Gomen need to see the big picture and that picture will tell you built at KLIA. If MAHB can’t, let AA built at KLIA.

    AA mentioned Chicago and Midland la, JFK and Laguardia la. Please note this airports are very very busy. So easy to expand JFK ka?Do you think there is land around these airports? if they do like KLIA, they will not built another airport close by. So lets not simply make airport or city comparison without looking at utilisation or land availability.

    will AA park all 100 planes at LCCT Labu? waht ab out their KK and JB hub. soon Malacca.

  7. ah kow

    If they don’t listen and Tony thinks that he got Badawi in his pocket then we must take direct action to stop it. We cannot allow cronies to rule this country and at the same time use the rakyat money.

    Tony just need Labu to park the 100 airbus planes that Air Asia ordered from a politician son. Why must the government had to dance to the tune of a private company like Air asia? It is just a private company like any other listed companies except Tony is a close friend of Badawi.nce.

    Air Asia owed MAB more than 100 million airport tax. How can? Airport tax has been paid in advance by passengers to Air Asia and Air asia should just pay to MAB without question. We know Air Aisa is in financial trouble that’s why it cannot pay the airport tax though collected in advance.

    If can pay airport tax how could it pay for the new airport never mind about paying for the 150 airbus planes. It is is broke and we must stop any form of BAILOUT of private company with rakyat money.


  8. hashim

    I support boycott to kill the cronies who are screwing up our country.
    No bailout. I know air asia is having financial problems so the government must contol the collection of noney in advance.
    We must be carefuil about bailing outof ailing companies.

  9. anonymous

    Tony is bullshitting all the time. Yes, I do agree that Air Asia (AA) is in financial problems. that’s why AA could not pay the airport tax it has collected from passengers. How to build airport costing RM1.6 billion and pay for the 150 airbus planes!

    I will never buy any plane ticket in advance of more than 2 weeks from AA because I wouldn’t know what is going to happen to AA in the future. I do not want to be caught. I hope the government will look into this aspect of forward selling of plane tickets and to protect public from being cheated in the future.

    Whatever it is I hope that YB Wee will bring up this issue in Parliament.

  10. S K Tan

    How could AA buy 150 airbus planes when it cannot pay the airport tax? I agree AA can never afford to build the airport based on this glaring fact.

    Stop cronyism in Badawi’s administration. Stop them from using rakyat money to help private company. I say NO to Labu. Bailout definitely NO, NO, NO!

  11. Candy Can

    Dear ALL

    If ALL you guys wants to boycott, here is what you can do. It need the commitment from all; actually a form of sacrifice.

    IF YOU NEED TO FLY, FLY ONLY ON ODD DAYS; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. DON’T FLY ON OTHER EVEN DAYS.

    That will likely to screw up all the planning and utilization of aircrafts.

    So, CAN YOU ALL DO THAT ? Total boycott might not benefit all.

  12. S K Tan

    Any form of boycott of Air Asia or Sime Darby will be a good lesson to the cronies of Pak Lah and SIL. We must all be careful of Tony Fernandes and his gang. They are desperate because Air Asia lacks of fund.

    How to build airport? Stop talking cock. Need a Bailout, I think!

  13. Francis

    What surprises me is the lightning speed of the BN Cabinet when they approved the Labu airport. Everyone was caught by surprise and some even thought it will just be a terminal, and the palnes will taxi all the way to KLIA for takeoff.

    This somehow does not smell right, and it is either stupidity of the BN Cabinet or corruption. I tend to think it is a bit of both.

    Of course I object to the Labu airport, but do not support the boycott of Airasia. It is just like the call to boycott US goods – we will be cutting our nose to spite our face.

  14. Joe Lim


    I agree with you that it is a stupid cabinet decision made to take care of Pak Lah’s crony. Whilst I appreciate that we should not boycott Air Asia, we should also be mindful that Tony Fernandes and gang will not stop at anything.

    I am for boycott to make them listen to the voice of the public. We, the rakyat, are the boss.

    We cannot allow Tony Fernandes, who has said that if the price of ticket is low Malaysians are prepared to risk their life, to gang rape this country just because he is a close friend of Pak Lah and Tan Sri Nor Yakop.

    Boycott Air Asia To say No To Labu.

  15. Bobo

    After reading all comments here, realised lots of people has diverted their attention to boycott AirAsia which has totally off topic from KLIa-East from very beginning. Why Tony, the decision wasn’t made by him. why he was the one KENA attack the most in this? He wasn’t the one owns the land, approved for such project yet he was blamed the most!!!

    Boycott AirAsia. Do we need that? yes, their services are sucks sometimes but it is doubtless that he and AirAsia have contributed to the country’s tourism industry as well as economy tremendously. Without AirAsia, can people who not used to flown before and now can fly with AirAsia. Why boycott a truly Malaysian brand?! Thought everyone saying Malaysians need to be united, the other side we are talking boycott to a Malaysian brand, a brand that brings exceptional energy to boost Malaysia economic.

    The KLIA-East project may not perfect, thus received attack everywhere. Khazanah, did everyone mention why commented so? dotn forget, it owns both MAHB and MAS too. The so-called rakyat’s terminal may not logical as it against the master plan of KLIA. But why from an airport issue has now turns to boycott AirAsia. Will anyone of us gains any benefit if AirAsia really gone one day!!!??? Why just attack Tony. He doesnt rules the world. he just like an ordinary guy who desparately needs things to be fixed. he may wrong, but why people keep attacking to him and airasia only when such decision involved cabinet.

    Let’s be clear, you and i can choose not to fly with AirAsia if we wish, against to Rakya’s terminal as we think but dont divert the focus to AirAsia and Tony only.

  16. KS

    Understand that people get carry away and emotional on issues like this.

    but i think boycotting air asia is not the right thing to do, especially for someone in your position.

    in general, from the comments posted, it shows that malaysian, do not understand, fully, the business model of Low cost carrier like Airasia or even Ryanair. Business is business, afterall, of course they will have to do what is in their best interest in the current competitive market.

    i think if MAHB can do a better job at LCCT, then there’s not even a chance for KLIA@East to pop up.

    Why LCCT? that’s because from a business standpoint, perhaps it’s not feasible for Airasia to use KLIA.

    So instead of proposing an alternative, do we wish to see corporates to fail because of incompetence of others?

    I don’t think boycotting airasia (or sime darby) is solving the problem. ultimately, that’s because we malaysians, aren’t managing our companies, our land, our government properly, professionally and responsibly.

    what a shame.

  17. A.I.

    Dear YB

    This Labu airport project should be stopped. Apart from financial consideration, the building of an airport next door to KLIA jeopardises flght safety, Air Asia is using wrong or misleading information or data to justify its case. Below is my recent posting to AirAsia KLIA-East website to highlight the wtong/misleading statements contained in the FAQ section of the KLIA-East website. So please YB do your outmost to stop this the Labu airport project.

    Dear Tony

    I would like to point out that AirAsia is using wrong/misleading information in the FAQ to bolster your case that the close proximity of the proposed Labu airport to KLIA does not pose flight safety risks. The statements in question are, and I quote “The two closest runways at KLIA Main Terminal and Labu will have a parallel distance of 7.3 kilometers, which is well above the required international standard of less than 2 kilometers.”

    Then you made a comparison with Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth Airport runway separation by stating, “The distance between the runways at Dallas Fort Worth International(7th busiest airport in the world)and Dallas Love Field(home of LCC pioneer Southwest Airlines are within 5.44 kilometers of each other.

    The two statements above are complete nonsense.

    The 2 kilometer distance between runways applies to parallel runways of the same airport. This is the minimum separation required to enable the two runways to operate independently for flights under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions. This separation st6andard cannot be applied to a runway of a different airport.

    With regard to Labu and KLIA you should be taking airport separation, not runway separation. In this case the distances between Labu airport and KLIA do not meet the ICAO recommended minimum distance of 40 kilometers between airports.

    With regard to separation of the runways of Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the distance between the two airports is 10 nautical miles (my research in the in6ternet) or approximately 18 kilometers. This therefore is the distance separating the Love Field runway from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport runway. The 5.44 kilometer distance which you refer to in your FAQ is the closest distance of the Dallas-Fort Worth runway to the line of flight or flight path to the Love Field Airport.

    These basic errors will surely affect the credibility of AirAsia’s case.

  18. Joseph

    No point arguing about Air Asia. Just ask them to pay up the airport tax before Tony or anyone else starting talking about building the KLIA East. If one can’t even pay up airport tax that it has collected what else can Air Asia do? Airport Tax has been paid by all passengers and surely Air Asia should not be owing.

    If Air Asia is financially healthy, it should not be owing airport tax. What is strange is that the government is not taking action to recover such debts and at the same time still giving Air Asia and Tony what they wants.

    What a good Pak Lah government! But only good to Air Asia and his crony.

    I thought that after KT by-election result Pak Lah would have woken up and withdraw the approval for KLIA East.

    If EPU sold its soul to Air Asia and Tony then, we, the rakyat, has no choice but to boycott to show our disapproval. We don’t want our money to be used for such project for cronies.

    No bailout for Air Asia or other public listed companies.

  19. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Hello YB,

    I support lah the boycott of AirAsia. How can a private company own a airport? The government mad or what? Also can Tony Fernandez afford or not. He is still owing airport tax what. RM110 million cannot pay want to build airport some more. I think ah YB he sure owe some more airport tax until end December 2008. YB, you want to bet with me or not. You say yes I know lah how to contact you.

    Also I want to tell Sime Darby don’t play play okay. You sure get into trouble working with AirAsia to build airport in Labu. Sime Darby also losing a lot of money here there and everywhere and still want to do this stupid project. What lah I got lot of shares in Sime Darby and now losing money like shit lah. Sime Darby better wake up and don’t lah fool around. Better get your house in order first.

    I think ah YB AirAsia and Sime Darby want to get bail out from the government. All this is the rakyat money some more. What a bullshit all this with AirAsia.

    I dont know you ah YB I try to have good Chinese New Year with all this nonsense and my stocks in Sime Darby losing money. Very sad for me lah.

    Any way, YB Wee, you have a good Gong Xi Fah Cai lah and all good wishes for you and the family. May God also protect you for all your good job for Wangsa Maju people and the rakyat of Malaysia. Thank you.

  20. Syed Munir

    Yang Berhormat,

    I am suprised that you have to seek public opinion on whether Air Asia should be boycotted. Of course, it should be boycotted because the scoundrel Tony knows nothing but fill his own pocket.


  21. Ahmad

    I fully agreed that Malaysians should boycott Air Asia until Tony and gang realise that they stop doing what they doing now i.e. owing airport tax more than RM100 millions and at the same time making demands from the Pak Lah government.

    By boycotting for a month will be good and to send a clear signal to Tony and other cronies that they must think of Malaysia first before themselves.


  22. con job

    It is high time that EPU must demand that AirAsia must pay up the airport airport, which is prepaid, amounting to more than RM140 million to MAB. As an ordinary rakyat I cannot believe that Air Asia was allowed to owe RM140 million airport taxes.

    May I ask Badawi and Tan Sri Nor Yakop: Why is Air Asia allowed to owe such a huge sum of airport tax with no actions from MAB? How could Air Asia dare to be so bold as to tell Pak Lah government what to do i.e. expanding Ipoh and Melaka airport for Air Asia? And the Government did carry out the expansion and Air Asia chose not to fly to or from there. The government using our money to spend for a private companies.

    I am certain that Air Asia has no fund to meet its airport tax liabilities. How could it build another KLIA East when it has no money!

    Stop Flying Air Asia for now and spread the news to your friends.

    KLIA Labu must be stopped at all costs..

  23. Chong

    If EPU give Air Asia the green light to proceed with the Labu LCCT then a boycott of Air Asia must be launched to show that the ultimate power is the Rkayat Power. NOT PAK LAH POWER.

    UNDUR-LAH!!! The country has had enough of your 5 years of promoting cronyism.

  24. Ahmad

    Please keep that Labu away from Tony Fernandes and Kalimullah!

    I am definitely for boycotting Air Asia because the Rats wil never give up unless being forced to. So the ony wai is top boycott so then they will know the rakyat is the ultimate power and not that Sleepy Head, who is on the way out, but trying to hold on with the help of the Pakatan Rakyat.

    I hope that Pakatan Rakyat will not play ball with Sleepy Head. I hope YB Wee will not be part of the scheme to keep the Sleepy Head as premier and let the country to go down the drain.

  25. Anonymous

    Boycotting AA is silly. I think MPs should tackle productive issues at hand. Building another airport side by side is never a good idea given that the KLIA is designed to handle more traffic.

    But why no action when the the low cost terminal has reached its capacity and the talk abt building KLIA North when AA and Sime decided to built KLIA East!!!!!!!!!

    Besides if AA gets their way, it will be another world’s first. The world’s closest international airport. Malaysia Boleh, and the old man will be very proud, lol.

  26. Anonymous

    AA has contributed alot to this country and has done Malaysians proud. With this attitude, Malaysia will never (NEVER) progress.

    In Korea, if a Korean buys a Japanese car or any foreign makes, he is an outcast. Think about it fellow Malaysians.

  27. Tony The Con Man

    I can also make Malaysia proud if I can collect RM150 million airport tax and keep it. What a bullshit! Collect RM150 million airport tax from us and not able to pay to MAB and tell the world that it will build an airport with its own money. Tells that to the marines lah!

    It has no money at all that’s why AIr Asia is unable to pay until now.

    Sudahlah Tony dan gang, just ask Pak Lah to approve everything for you before March 2009. Anyway no future PM will allow you to do what you want like now.

    Lets boycott Air Asia.

  28. Ah Kau

    No to Labu! No To Cronyism!

    I support the boycott of Air Asia so that the crony will wake up to realise that the “Robbing Party” is over and it will definitely over by April.

    I am also against using rakyat money to bailout any company including Air Asia.

  29. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB Wee,

    Can you please confirm this ah?

    I don’t know whether this is true or not lah. I hear rumour that Chan Kong Choy, the former minister, has got something to do with Fajar Baru and PA Berhad lah.

    Wah this means ah it involves a lot of money one. Where did he get the money if true? Must be the big C lah that’s why can resign from minister post hor.

  30. anonymous

    I have had enough of this Tony Fernandes. Even Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar of Khazanah also cannot tahan him and objected to the dirty Labu deal. By the way, Tan Sri Azman is also a good friend of Tony and Kalimullah and yet he also objected top the deal. This speaks volume.

    Tony last hope is to get Tan Sri Nor Yakop, who is also his good friend, to help him with this dirty deal.

    Fellow Malaysians, beware of BAILOUT for Air Asia. It is in a very bad shape so we must keep our eyes wide open.

    The Khairy is keeping a very low profile in the Labu project. May be he is not involve! ha! Ha! Ha!

  31. anonymous

    The whole country should not have anything to do with Air Asia at all. How could a private company owe airport tax to the tune of RM140 millions with impunity. This is a clear case of hanky panky in the Pak Lah’s administration.

    Simple folk like us owing the governmen few thousand RM and the government will take us to court. In Air Asia case, Pak Lah and Tan Sri Nor Yakop will break the government back not to prosecute but to extend further help with approvals for new route and build new airport n Labu. This is Pak Lah noted for as PM i.e. to enrich his CRONIES.

    As long as Air Asia does not pay up the MR140 million to MAB:

    1. in the interim, the government should waste no time with Tony Fernandes or any of other Air Asia representative and he should not be entertained at all for they are not honest corporate men;

    2. MAB should immediately withdraw all facilities to Air Asia until full payment of airport tax is made;

    3. in the interim, all proceeds of selling tickets in advance should be controlled by the government to ensure that public interests will be protected in the event that Air Asia goes under.

    4. in the light of such debt, Tan Sri Nor Yakob should be sacked as Minister of Finance II as he allowed his friend (Tony) company t chalk up so much debts with no actions from MAB.

    I am definitely for boycotting Air Asia to stop Pak Lah cronies from abusing our nation wealth for their own benefit.

    JOM! Kita boikot Air ASIA dengan serta merta.

  32. hafizwm

    look, its not so hard to say NO to AA..nowadays MAS is already offering competitive price for their seats, you just have to watch MAS’s website… also MAS service is way more better than AA

    In the meantime if Najib is serious about spending cash wisely he should at least differ this multi bilion project until we get to a point where the economy is more stable. Prioritize on high impact projects rather than this one which seems to only benefit a few if not just cronies!

  33. anonymous


    It is not easy to say NO to Tony Fernandes/Air Asia because Tony is a close crony of the PM and Tan Sri Nor Yakop otherwise how can Air Asia owes RM140 million without any actions being taken by MAB. isn’t Air Asia a very powerful company???

    Whilst owing airport tax to the MAB, Tony can still demand for approval of new airport and other things and Badawi and Tan Sri Nor Yakop had to listen to him. What a special relationship???

    We should learn from Air Asia and owe our income tax. Tony should start selling a manual how to owe taxes with impunity. I am sure that Tony will make more money from this manual than Air Asia. Tony, Can I be your partner in this new lucrative business?

  34. chong

    I am definitely for boycott to teach Air Asia and Tony Fernadnes a good lesson, which you will never forget throughout his life.

    He has taken advantage of the Sleeping Head sleeping all the times and the country is round by the little 4th floor boys.

    I can not tahan to see how this country with so much potential and ran like an idiot. I just cannot tolerate Pak LAh anymore, he is just sleeping on the job.

    We must stop the cronies before they will be depleting the country assets.

    Stop the cronies like Tony!!

  35. Habib RAK

    Dear YB,
    Thanks for leading the accountability n transparency drive against AA n SD. I think it has reached the desired objective. Today (Jan 28, 2008), I just read in Malaysiakini that Tony is now prepared to give you a full briefing. It is now very important that you allow him to debrief you so that you can seek all the clarification that is needed. Perhaps, there may be some genuine points that would deem reasonable for the public to consider. Once again, you can be our independent conduit.

    I know you are not rooting to shut down AA coz AA is a viable business and it does give employment to over 6,000 malaysians. All we are seeking is a logical feedback on the plan about KLIA-East.

    I look forward to your meeting with Tony and your feedback thereafter. We are all for fairness…agree YB?


  36. james lee

    I read in Malaysiakini today that Tony Fernandes said “The only wrong he made was to sponsored Khairy Jamaludin’s football team. This is what Tony would like us to believe. Before I go further, I must congratulate Khairy at such a young age and an unemployed can sponsor a football team. I would like to be an unemployed too.

    Firstly, Tony Fernandes is just trying to fool us with his statement. He has forgotten that he was one of key speakers for Sharizat during March 2008 general elections. Tony was seen campaigning very actively for BN. I dare Tony to deny this glaring fact.

    Secondly, it is an open secret that Tony is a very close friend and business partner of Kalimullah in Air Asia X and, of course, one of the cronies of Pak Lah.

    Thirdly, Air Asia under Tony was able to get the government to build the existing LCCT in a record time of about 6 months when at all material time KLIA is under utilised until now.

    Fourthly, since 2002 until now Air Asia has been collecting airport tax well over RM140 million and yet Air Asia needs not pay a single Sen to MAB and Air Asia can still utilise all facilities of LCCT. MAB just dares not take any actions against Air Asia.

    Fifthly, after the government having spent RM280 million for the current LCCT with new extension and the KLIA is still under utilised, Air Asia wants to build another LCCT privately. Tony said not a Sen of public fund will be used. This made my toes laughed. A few days ago, the Najib, the DPM, announced that the government has yet to make another decision on the LCCT at Labu. This showed that both Tony ande Zubir of Sime had lied when they said that the government has given them the approval to build LCCT at Labu.

    Tony F. is just a compulsive liar and twister of facts.

    Like other readers of this Blog, no one should waste their precious time talking to Tony until and unless Air Asia pay up the RM140 million airport tax to MAB.

    Tony put the monies where your mouth is. Stop treating Malaysians as fools.

    YB We, if I were you, I will tell Tony “pay up the RM140 million airport tax before wasting more time trying to convince Malaysians that you are a great corporate citizen and how great is Air Asia”.

    As far as i am concerned, Air Asia so-called success was strictly due to a crony getting massive help from the Pak Lah government. The beginning of fall of Air Asia will start when Pak Lah is shown the door in April.

  37. anonymous

    YB Wee, my view is: You should not waste your time talking to the crony of Pak Lah. I agree with all the points stated in James Lee’s comments above.

    Tony Fernandes chose not to highlight that he was one of the dedicated speakers for BN candidate (Sharizat) in Lembah Pantai constituency and a strong supporter of BN.

    Tony also chose to play down the Air Asia airport tax debt totaling more than RM 140 millions.

    YB Wee, your time is better spent in doing research into Air Asia and Sime Darby nonsense than talking to Tony Fernandes, who is only interested in taking Malaysians for a ride!

    Tony, if you are desperate please talk to your friend and business partner Kalimullah and I am sure all problems can be kaotim provided the Sleepy Head has the strength to drag on.

  38. anonymous

    Just boycott AA it is hoping to bleed the country before Pak Lah left. The 4th floor is still working very hard to bleed the nation for their last fling. Watch out for more nonsense in February & March.

    Where is the airport tax that we have paid to AA total more than RM140 millions. Until today Tony Fernandes is still playing stupid in the hope that we have forgotten.

    Boycott Air Asia, which has no national interest in its visions. Tony is only paying lip service to ever thing.

    I am very worried about a BAILOUT.

  39. Eagle

    I am someone who walks down the LCCT walkway everyday. It is not a sight to behold & definitely not something to shout about. Let me share with you my daily experience with you. It sucks!

    1) I have to park at the parking lot in front of the POS Malaysia’s office everyday because the current parking lot in front of LCCT is insufficient despite the bus services.

    2) How do I go to the airport? Good Question!
    I have 2 options. First, WALK THERE! Secondly, I could wait for the free shuttle which choose to ‘disappear’ during the peak hours or the drivers are too busy with their ‘breakfast’ agenda (which I ended up walking to the airport all the time!) So, yes…I actually have only 1 choice…WALK!

    3) Is there any walkway or shelter during rainy days?
    I walk to the car/airport be it rain or shine. You could either run to the car and get wet OR wait until the rain stops. Walkways do not have its definition here!

    4) Ahhhh…the bus stop! We call it the “orchid farm”! There are chairs lying all over the place, the passengers cuddling themselves in it or sometimes, it becomes a ticketing counter!

    5) If you walk futher down, you can see chairs…lots of them…on the road & its outside the airport! The chairs are oftenly flooded with people. You see people sleeping on the floor too, trying to camp out at the airport.

    6) Finding for a makan place? Fat chance! You have to strategies. Someone would need to queue for the food and the rest of us would have to walk around to ‘hunt’ for a place to sit!

    7) When it is festive seasons or school holidays, I see so many people lying on the floor waiting for their boarding time. You can use your fingers and toes to count the amount of chairs prepared in the check-in area!

    AirAsia deserve a better place than this! It’s not about the cronies or whatsoever. It’s about giving people more that what they deserve.

    If you have not seen the ‘beauty’ of LCCT, let me know. I’ll bring you around!

  40. lee wee tak


    that’s why it is called “Low Cost”!

    LCCT looks like a sad excuse for an international airport, fit rightly into a 1980’s banana republic’s gateway of escape.

    The right thing to do is to upgrade the existing LCCT. Sarawak and Sabah needs more airfields to cater for the citizens’ need as road transport is difficult there.

  41. hashim

    KLIA is under utilised – even now. If Air Asia uses KLIA, you don’t have to put up with what you have stated. You should Tony Fernandes, why was Air Asia subjected its passengers to such treatments when it could have a much better environment in KLIA. As far as the passengers are concerned, we are paying the same airport tax at KLIA and LCCT.

    Eagle” should ask Tony or Air Asia when it is not paying the airport tax worth more than RM140 million. We, the passengers, have paid the airport tax to Air Asia, why is Air Asia keeping it as their own fund. Why is Pak Lh government not instructing MAB to stop all facilities for Air Asia?

    It is all about cronyism at the rakyat expense.Tony or Air Asia or its so-called employees are keeping mum over the airport tax debts. Air Asia has no right to hold the airport tax. I am sure that Air Asia is using the airport tax collected as its own fund.

    Now it wants to have its own airport. This is unheard of. No airline in the world has its won airport.


  42. anonymous

    Do you all observe that Tony spoke so very much but he never touched on three obvious subjects and they are:

    1. Air Asia is owing MAB more than RM140 million since 2002 until now;

    2. Air Asia has been given special treatment by Pak Lah government; and

    3. Show Malaysians how Air Asia can afford to build the KLIA airport using its own fund.

    My advice to Tony is to shut his big mouth and pay up the RM140 million airport tax debts before he talks about anything else.

    If Pak Lah goes ahead with the approval for KLIA Labu, I am definitely for boycotting Air Asia. So Tony stop screwing up Malaysians.

  43. ahmad

    anonymous 10:01

    Please don’t ask such questions. Tony will never respond to such question especially on the RM140 million airport tax since 2002.

    On the state of LCCT by Eagle. Well, I need only to quote Tony words for Malaysians: If you keep the fare low, Malaysians are prepared to risk their life. This is how that Tony looks at Malaysians.

    So why wait, lets all boycott Air Asia until it says no to KLIA at Labu and pays up its airport tax debts.

  44. nic

    Labu or KLIA east adalah idea khairy jamalludin. (menantu) beliau bagi idea untuk majukan negeri 9 .untuk masa depan beliau jadi perdana menteri yg akan datang.. seorang budak pengacara boleh jadi menantu perdana menteri ini ditetapkan oleh tuhan / sengaja mendapatkan kuasa di malaysia > ? KAMI BOIKOT AIR ASIA, BOIKOT KJ.KAMI TAKNAK kj PM. KAMI TAK NAK KJ JADI ADVISOR AIR ASIA.


    AIR ASIA adalah sebuah syarikay penerbangan tambang murah terkenal di dunia. jika belakang lembaga pengarah ada orang dari tingkat 4 kawal dengan teliti. walaupun air asia dapat semua KLIA ,Kuasa kawalan KLIA dalam masa 5 tahun AIR ASIA akan tutup dengan serta merta. tak perlu KLIA EAST. kecuali Orang yg berkenaan bukan lagi MP negeri tersebut. ataupun bukan lagi orang berkuasa dalam politik. tony. habiskan mimpi kamu…. kj bukan kawan ,mungkin saudara. kerana KJ adalah orang bercampur. bukan melayu asal.

  46. anonymous

    Apa ini – tingkat empat terlibat dalam Air Asia pula. Saya sudah pening kepala bahawa tingkat amt berkuasa. Mereka telah mentadbir negara kita dan BN sudah koyak. Pematang Pauh kalah. Kuala Terenganu pun koyak. Saya yakin bahawa dimana ada pilihan kecil BN akan kalah dengan terok.

    Malaysia mesti ditadbir oleh Perdana Menteri bukan budak-budak tingkat empat seperti Wan Farid yang kalah di Kuala Terengganu.

    Terima kasih kepada en nic dan Dato Seri Choong Gee Huat memberi gambaran yang amat tepat.

    Negara ini akan hancur jika ditadbir oleh budak-budak tingkat empat.

    Mrilah kita bersama-sama boikot Air Asia supaya tingakt empat tidak boleh bergerak lagi.

  47. Eagle

    The reasons behind all this mess should be answered by MAHB not AirAsia. Not AirAsia. LCCT belong to MAHB. They call the shots!

    Ask them why our facilities sucks.
    Ask them why we have “orchid farms” in the airport.
    Ask them why the chairs are on the road.
    Ask them if they’re blind enough to see the passengers sleeping on the floor.
    Ask them about the parking & shuttle services.

    AirAsia can only ask but it’s up to the MAB to provide the facilities. We have been asking & asking & asking. They have been ignoring & ignoring & ignoring. So?

    We always wished we could have KLIA but it’s not as easy as you all are saying. So, put your thinking hats before you say anything! AirAsia has changed so many things, brought so much of tourism into the country & created convenience to so many Malaysians. This is all what we can say?

    We are all truly unappreciative Malaysians!

  48. ahmad

    When Air Asia did not pay the airport tax, which all passengers have paid when they confirmed their booking online, what is there for Air Asia to ask. Of course, if my tenant did not pay rental for his room, as landlord I will not provide him with any facility. In fact, I will take actions to evict him from the house.

    I really am surprised that MAB did not take any actions to stop Air Asia from using the LCCT like the landing right and parking of its planes. Of course, MAB dared not take actions because Tony will run to the PM or Tan Sri Nor Yakop and MAB will be in touble. This is hte sorry state of affairs in this Malaysia, the boleh land under BN.

    No other airlines in the world will be allowed to owe airport tax to the airport authority except Air Asia because it is directly or indirectly controlled by cronies, SIL and sister in law!

    Tony should stop using the excuse that Air Asia is disputing certain charges impose by MAB. Hello! Tony, we passengers have no dispute with MAB so please pay up the airport tax and find other excuses please!!!

    Why are people like Eagle, Habib Rak and Tony Fernandes dare not touch on the issue of outstanding airport tax owed by Air Asia.

    We must all boycott Air Asia in order tot each the cronies a lesson that it is the rakyat interests that come first. The interests of the cronies and relatives must last.

  49. Based on the question and title of this posting, I would suggest that this blog should also join the BOYCOTT, BUT!!

    Need a PLAN!! on HOW TO BOYCOTT! Meaning, effective plan on the boycott and get the public to also participate on the boycott, NOT JUST HAVING A POSTING AND BANNER ALL OVER THE BLOG, that would not have any impact to TONY and GANG, even posters on the street is not enough.

    Need a plan Dear YB of Wangsa Maju! I hope you have a PA or think tank to draft a plan for this.

  50. ahmad

    KaiSer, you are right. We need a plan to start the boycott campaign on Air Asia.

    We cannot allow cronies to run this country. We must stop it before it is too late.

  51. rocky

    I’ve said this from day one, AA can use this new airport to leverage MAHB who are not so customer friendly and could have been Tony’s game plan.I do not agree to KLIA East, doesn’t make sense So either way AA wins and I hope they do. We need a low cost carrier and one that is leading the pack. How many areas of bis is Malaysia leading the pack and more so in the Airline business. AA and Tony are giving us low prices and bringing people into Malaysia. MAHB should realise that, they have one customer who has brought them millions of new business and making KLIA a hub. KLIA will not be a hub with MAS or MAS alone nor other airlines are going to come to Malaysia in droves cos there is better connectivity and more business in Bangkok and Changi. Only a Malaysian based airline like AA or MAS will promote KLIA as they are Malaysians.AA has the competitive edge and MAHB should work out a win win with AA as thus far AA delivered.

    Look at MAS, they are slow to the game. Only now they are cutting fuel surcharge and weeks ago they say they won’t.Thought was pretty arrogant of them to say no, just read their press release on it. Seems they have finally seen they sales hit. I’ve would have done long ago, better to get more bis then make extra money out of fuel surcharge. Now the guys have bought their tickets, what can MAS do? Just hope new bis will come MAS way but people are cutting back. Idris needs to work his magic and I hope he succeed cos I like to see a successful MAS. Competition is good for us consumers!!!!

    Those who want to see Tony fail, be realistic.Why? Cos he doesn’t speak malay. Come on, how many Malays do you think he hires? who are his partners. Give the man and those in AA some credit. They are a winning team and we in Malaysia need as many as we can get and MAHB better come to their sense and hope the gomen will tell MAHB to buck up and sort things out.

  52. SK Lee


    I fully agree that Tony Fernandez is a “great” guy. He is so good that he can head Air Asia (AA) and AA can owe airport tax for more than RM140 million from 2002 until. At the same time Badawi had to kow tow to what ever he wants. Tony is just great and should be given the title of Tan Sri for able to owe airport tax and the PM and the Minister of Finance do not take actions against Tony.

    Tony can’t speak Bahasa Mlaysia so what? what matters most is when he speaks in English the government department dares not lift a finger against Tony or AA.

    Tony you are a great guy. Please start a school to teach businesses how to owe tax in general and the ministries dare not take actions against the person, who owe tax. I am sure that you will soon becomes a multi-millionaire in no time.

    I don’t really care how good is Tony Fernandez or AA as long as there is no BAILOUT of AA at any time and no public fund will be used for AA own activities.

    When there is no BAILOUT for Air Asia and no public fund will be used to rescue AA in whatever ways.

  53. SK Lee,

    Yes, no public fund used! Yes, Yes. Just to serve the all the purpose that Rocky suggested I am all OK with that , but again just dont use public fund. Yeap, yeap.

    Ohh yea Rocky,

    We here in the thread do not want to see Tony fail, NO, NO, NO, not at all. We want him to succeed and probably be like Bill Gates or better than Bill Gates, we Malaysian will be very very happy. BUT just dont use our money to bail you out and owe TAX which is the income of us Malaysians, there are so many area could be improved, 140Mil can do a lot for Malaysians MEH…

  54. SK Lee

    The Rock

    Of course, we want to see Tony to survive and survive well but not survive as a crony and screwing up the rakyat money. There are so many posting n AA owing airport tax to the tune of RM140 million from 2002 until now and yet Tony and his boy convenience avoid answering this matter in all their public statements. Tony thought that he got a spin doctor working for him now and he could spin all bull shits and Malaysians would believe.

    Far from it. When I read Tony’s statement to the effect that if he keeps the air fare low, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives. This statement speaks volume of the mentality of Tony. I wouldn’t trust that man unless with a hundred yards pole in between.

    Who can’t do like what Tony is doing? There are thousand of people who could do it and do it better without giving trouble to his boss, Pak Lah. Despite all the expose, AA is still not pay up the airport tax debts of RM140 million and at the same time he is bragging about his contributions to Malaysia. Contribute what? Contribute to his own coffer, yes.

    Tony can’t even compare to Bill Gates’ driver or gardener let alone to Bill Gates. Bill Gates or Microsoft never owed taxes for a start and he is a self made man. Tony, a Pak Lah made man and without Pak Lah, Tony and his AA will be dead ducks.

    Tony, PAY UP AIRPORT DEBTS and other debt, otherwise you have no right to talk at all as it is just verbiage!

  55. hashim

    When your company can owe airport tax of RM140 million and from 2002 until now mind you, and the authority dare not take any action against you. Then you are definitely an achiever by any standard whether in America or any where else. So one got to salute Tony for the great achievement in owing taxes with impunity.

    In this light, Tony is much greater than Bill Gates because I know that Bill Gates dares not owe taxes. Tony: you are a great Malaysian at that.

    I hope that before Pak Lah disappears from the political landscape, he will also made me to be a great Malaysian like Tony so that I can owe Income Tax with impunity. All I need to tell the Income Tax Department that I am disputing their computations and with that dispute I can owe for 6 years from now.

    Thank you Tony, the great crony, for teaching me to owe taxes. We all love you. A new Air Asia’s slogan:



    On the subject of owing income tax or any other taxes, I am support Tony Fernandez to the fullest and would like to emulate him. Tony is not only the CEO Of The Year, he should get Pak Lah to award him as the “Great Malaysian Of All Times” because he has been so creative in the art of owing taxes. I believe no other Malaysians and cronies could perform this task better than Tony.

    YB Wee: you should start to educate Malaysians that they can also owe taxes like Air Asia.

    I like the new Air Asia slogan invented by Hashim:


    Tony, please change your AA’s slogan to the above and I am certain that AA will get more advance bookings so that you can role the monies and at the same time owe more airport tax. If AA faces financial problems later, why worried Pak Lah is there to bailout AA. Please take note that only until March 2009 – may be beyond if the 4th floor can do some magic to extend to 2020!

  57. Red

    No pint in a Boycott,

    the best is that every one now works to show the hand and glove approach of Tony and KJ and how they have conned the people of malaysia.
    AA has done great for the country but that doesn’t mean that Tony get away with conning the countries great icons into his bedroom

  58. ahmad

    From whatever angles one want to look from, Tony should not behave like a Minister of Transport and does what he wants. Perhaps Tony still thinks that Chan Kong Choy is the Minister of Transport. Hello! Now is Datuk Ong Tee keat lah! Tak boleh treat the Ministry of Transport as your own home.

    Tony must carry out his business activities like any other corporate men without running to Pak Lah and Tan Sri Nor Yakop for help all the times.

    Tony/AA have no right to dictate terms to the government and MAB because he has no locus standi to do so.

    AA must immediately pay up the RM140 millions airport taxes. This outstanding RM140 million airport tax is the rakyat monies and not AA or Tony.

    I bet with my bottom Ringgit that Tony Fernandez will never dare to touch on the issue of airport tax because he has no defence or excuses. His famous excuse was, AA was disputing the airport charges. But he knew that he could not use it anymore because the rakyat are not as stupid as what Tony thought. AA can dispute with MAB but we, the passengers, have no dispute.

    So Tony stop playing dumb. Just pay up the RM140 millions, which is the rakyat monies. Tony, stop hoping that you can get away with the RM1140 million just because you are a crony of Pak Lah. I am sure that YB Wee will not give up on this matter.

  59. lee wee tak

    boycott is an interesting issue. Looks at though with the cancellation of the project, boycotting AA seems an academic issue now

    but the boycott of American products as a protest to Israel aggression made me chuckle

    1) it is the American government that is involved in the conflict between Israel-Palestine. many American firms doing business here might not have a say in US’s foreign policy at all

    2) yeah, go ahead and boycott coca-cola and all that. How about
    – canceling your life insurance policy with AIA?
    – canceling your credit card with citibank and lose your credit points?
    – stop watching HBO, Cinemax on Astro?
    – throw away all your DVDs about American blockbusters?
    – best of all, for those working in American firms, resign?

  60. SK Lee


    Don’t be stupid! we are discussing about boycotting AA because of the abuses. If there is a boycott, it will not be a permanent action. It will stop when we have achieved our objective. Now KLIA Labu is off then we don’t have to boycott.

    Do you want this Tony and AA to abuse the system by getting rakyat money to build airport and maintain airport for its sole use. No way is my answer.

    AA is a private company and it must look after itself and not looking for handouts from Badawi.

    Now is the time for pressure Tony/AA to pay up the airport tax debt (RM150 millions) immediately because this is our money. This is not TOny Fernandez and Badawi’s money.

    I also agree that the government should charge AA interest on the airport tax, which it must have used it. This is the type of abused by Badawi’s crony and Badawi just sleep on the matter.

    Tony: your comments about owing airport tax? No comment, please pay up now with interests.

  61. Tony The Conman

    So many people are asking Tony/AA to pay up the airport tax and Tony was unusually quiet – he didn’t even say a word by this!

    He dares not deny that AA is owing the government RM140 million in airport tax because this is a fact.

    What is the Sleepy Head was doing about this? Nothing because the Sleeping Head to protect his cronies like Tony. What a stupid government? If if owe the Government RM20,000, they will instruct DPP to file an actions against the debtors.

    In this case, the Sleepy Head did not instruct actions to be taken, he went further to Tony/AA . The Sleepy Head makes Malaysians look stupid.

  62. Hashim

    Tony F. – Air Asia

    Airport tax belongs to the rakyat. Air Asia a Malaysian own brand that cheats Malaysians.

    SO pay up the airport tax immediately with interest of course. Air Asia has been using our airport tax for 6 years. So he must also pay for the interest for that period.

    YB Wee you must speak up in Parliament and demand that Air Asia pays interest on the RM140 million.

    If Tony says there are disputes with MAB, tell him that the rakyat had no dispute and just pay up the rakyat money to the government.

    What a crony and a conman!

  63. anonymous

    Tony Fernandes is still keeping his elegant silence on AA owing airport tax of RM140 million. Of course, he cannot talk because it is a glaring fact that AA is still owing the RM140 million airport tax.

    I believe that the airport tax owed by AA is increasing daily because it is not paying it at all. I think that we should also start a boycott on AA not paying the airport tax which it has collected from the public.

    Tony is true to form bullshitting all the way. Where it hurts him he just kept quiet thinking that his buddies, Badawi or Nor Yakop, can help him.

    MAB stop all facilities to AA until it pays its debts.

  64. Jenny

    I am just an ordinary Malaysian, who pays her tax all the time. I cannot stand to learn that people like Tony, who talked so big and also doing the nation favours all the time, Air Asia owing airport tax amounting to RM140 million and yet the PM took no actions against Air Asia. Further, the PM never instruct the Ministry of Finance to take actions against Air Asia.

    It seems clear and obvious to me that Air Asia is a protected specie to the PM and Tan Sri Nor Yakop. This is the style of government by Badawi, who only know how to defend his cronies like Tony, Kalimulah and others.

    Just stop Air Asia from using the airport facilities and Air Asia will be in the shit immediately.

    Tony/ Air Asia, please pay up the airport tax immediately. without further ado

  65. Tony The Conman

    Tony Fernandez becomes deaf and dumb when it comes to the issue of AA owing airport tax. How could a person talk about national interests when AA is owing airport tax of RM140 million. AA is going into liquidation because it could not pay airport tax.

    SO beware Malaysians when you buy ahead with AA, you may be in trouble later.

  66. abdullah

    Tony, please pay up the airport tax. Air Asia has no right to hold on to the airport tax of R M140 million. Please also pay the interests for so many years that Air Asia keeps the airport tax for their own used.

    Tan Sri Nor Yakop, please don’t tell us you didn’t know about all this. You didn’t know because Tony is a friend of you and he is a crony of Badawi.

  67. Nora

    I used to like to fly Airasia because of the cheap deals that they are offering to compare with other airlines.

    But last December and this January, I had a very bad experience with their service or their people. I booked a flight in December to go to Jakarta with a co-worker, it was an early morning flight. I drove down to LCCT and suprisingly even early in the morning the parking lot are almost full. I had to go in rounds before getting my car parked. We ran to the counter and glad to see a lady in tudung is still at the counter. However, when I approached her with my passport, she said, sorry the counter has already been closed. So what the hell is she sitting there for? To give bad news to people?

    I tried to persuade her to let us check in but she did not even look at me and said sorry we’re closed. I looked at my watch, it’s 45 minutes before departure time. I am just 15 mins late and it’s just the remaining two of us not the whole bus!

    I just don’t understand why even there is ample time for us to check in (since LCCT is not as huge as KLIA) and everyone knows that the immigration is just behind the wall and about 5 minutes walk to go to the Gate and most of the time the flight will be delayed or not on time.

    Their solution is simple, you have to get another ticket for the next flight. If we can afford to buy on the spot ticket, we will not even booked Air Asia in the first place. And the only refund we can get is RM9 (airport tax) which is equivalent of the price of bus ticket to go back to KL Sentral!

    I salute the Mandala Airlines of Indonesia, even it was my first time taking it from Batam to Jakarta and was a last minute buy at the counter, they still allow us to check in even though the flight is going to departure in 20 minutes. That is what we called the regional airlines – “Untuk Rakyat – For the People”.

    I know we have to be punctual bla bla bla but then it is not in our hands what would happened to us, whether the car will not break down or even if you are taking the bus from KL Sentral, anything can happen to you. Then if this Air Asia is for rakyat to fly…why think only on profit making?

    Another thing is that for those who book online, beware that AA have this cancellation clause, you may cancel or change your flight 2 days before departure, after that period, you will not be able to do the cancellation or changes online. This time around, I did not want to cancel my flight but to change the time of departure, even after you go all the way to their sales office in KL Sentral, they also tell you the same thing, you cannot change your bookings or departure time(even with the same price)….I had enough and I am banning AA for now!

    I disagree in the KLIA-East project, why Labu? Then it will take more time to get to the airport than sitting in the flight itself. Rapid KL can go to Labu? Very funny…

  68. anonymous

    Nora, I am sure that you are not alone in this episode. I myself had experienced similar situation like yours. I have also decided that I have had enough of Air Asia.

    If I had to fly Air Asia I will never buy the air ticket 1 month in advance because I do not know whether it can last that long because it is of poor financial standing.

    The passengers have paid to Air Asia the airport tax in advance and yet it did not pay to the government. It is owing RM140 million and MAB dared not take actions against it. Based on this, members of the public should be careful in dealing with Air Asia whose survival depended very much on the tenure of Pak Lah.

    Once Pak Lah retires, Air Asia will have to face difficulties because it has no backing from the government or government agencies.

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