Even Khazanah says "NO" to KLIA East @ Labu

The “Rakyat’s Terminal” which Tony Fernandes apparently – in his fits of creativity and savvy marketing – had created, branded and tried pandering the term to the people in reference to KLIA East @ Labu had today received one of the loudest and most resounding “NO”s against the project.

You can read the report here or just read on … (emphasis mine)

Khazanah does not back Labu terminal plan

By Business Times
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

KHAZANAH Nasional Bhd says it does not support plans by Sime Darby Bhd and AirAsia Bhd to build a permanent low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) in Labu, Negri Sembilan.

“We do not support the Labu programme. We believe that the right way to do it is to stick to the National Airport Masterplan (as) a lot of resources have already gone in (to this),” managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar said yesterday, when asked for his views on the matter.

“You cannot have a few airports here and there because then you don’t get the connectivity,” he remarked.

He said AirAsia and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB), operator of the current LCCT in Sepang, should sit down and resolve their issues.

“They can, and should, resolve that. For the country’s benefit, we should be looking at building this next to (Runway 2 of the airport),” he said.

Khazanah holds a majority stake in MAHB.

Meanwhile, on MAHB’s financial restructuring plan, he said it should be completed by the first quarter of this year.

Dato’ Tony Fernandes, would you like to comment on this latest development?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Khazanah pun kata “tidak” kepada KLIA East @ Labu

Jenama dan gelaran “Rakyat’s Terminal” hasil ciptaan minda pemasaran Tony Fernandes yang geligat itu dalam usaha menyakinkan orang ramai terhadap KLIA East @ Labu telah menerima satu bantahan lantang dan tegas.

Anda boleh baca laporan di sini atau terus daripada petikan saya (perkataan tertentu dititikberatkan oleh saya)

Khazanah tidak menyokong rancangan lapangan terbang Labu

Laporan Business Times
Selasa, 20 Januari, 2009

KHAZANAH Nasional Bhd menyatakan bahawa ia tidak menyokong rancangan Sime Darby Bhd dan AirAsia Bhd membina lapangan terbang belanja rendah (LCCT) di Labu, Negri Sembilan.

“kami tidak menyokong rancangan Labu. Kita percaya pendekatan nan betul adalah kekal dengan Rancangan Induk Lapangan Terbang Kebangsaan kerana banyak sumber telah digunakan untuk (rancangan ini),” pkata pengarah urusan Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar semalam apabila ditanya mengenai pendapatnya terhadap perkembangan ini.

“Anda tidak boleh meletak lapangan terbang secara rambang kerana tidak mendatangkan kesinambungan,” ujarnya.

Beliau berkata AirAsia dan Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB), pengendali LCCT di Sepang, patut berbincang dan menyelesaikan masalah mereka.

“Mereka boleh, dan patut, menyelesaikannya. Demi kebaikan negara, kita patut memikirkan membina kemudahan ini bersebelahan dengan ini (Landasan 2 lapangan terbang.” ujarnya lagi.

Khazanah menpunyai pegangan saham besar dalam MAHB.

Sementara itu, beliau mengulas bahawa rancangan susun semula kewangan MAHB patut selesai dilaksanakan dalam suku tahun pertama tahun ini.

Dato’ Tony Fernandes, sudikah mengulas mengenai perkembangan terbaru ini?

19 thoughts on “Even Khazanah says "NO" to KLIA East @ Labu

  1. Melayu Jati

    YB Wee,

    You think this “never take NO for an answer” Tony Flyanus will back off because of this?

    His arrogance knows no bounds that’s why that slogan.

    No way, man, he has very powderful people behind him (for now at least but on way out very soon) and AirAsia is up to its neck in DEBTS! KLIA@East is a last kopek survival stunt!

    Now you know why this Tony Flyanus is not in a habit of paying his bills, right? Even the airport tax which he collects on behalf of MAHB he wants to telan! Cash flow lah, YB!

    No to KLIA@Est! No to Tony Flyanus! No to AirAsia!

  2. Tony


    Melayu Jati: Tony F. will never say die until Badawi is gone. Tony and other cronies only have one supporter i.e. Badawi. Even Khanazah’s chief, Tan Sri Azman Mokkhtar, who is also a good friend of Kalimullah, could not support the Labu LCCT proposals.

    Of course, Datuk Zubir of Sime Darby is keeping quiet on the matter. I wonder why?

    There are so many rats in this episode. Lets catch them before end of March.


    Khazanah says no. What else do you want, Tony? Just pack up and join Patrick Badawi in Perth will be a good option. After all, Badawi will be off by the end of March.

    Tony, Airasia’s staff said you have not paid the airport tax (which the public have already paid) to MAB? Why are you withholding it? This money belongs to the public and not AirAsia.

    So talk less, TOny, and pay up the airport tax.

    AIrasia is a private company so it has no right to make demands from the government. Further, it is owing the airport tax.

    Sudahlah Tony, soon there will be no Badawi to protect you and your friend, Kalimullah.

  4. Richard

    I am inclined to believe that the AirAsia CEO knew it all along that KLIA East @ Labu will not materialise. It’s just a grand scheme that he planned all along in order to fast-track the LCCT expansion at KLIA. Remember, he personally mentioned that MAHB was dragging it’s feet over plans to expand LCCT.

    To me, it’s like extortion in broad day light. Now, everyone is playing into the CEO’s hand and in a way, he’s absolutely happy with all the criticism heaped against him, which in actual fact is ‘directed’ against MAHB for its delay in the LCCT expansion.

    Very soon, under heavy pressure from the Rakyat, the Govt will cancel the planned KLIA East @ Labu and will then direct MAHB to fast-track the LCCT expansion, of course under its own expense.

  5. Jenny

    Why must Malaysian government had to dance to the needs of AirAsia (a private company)? Who is Tony Fernades except that he is a good friend of Badawi?

    His friendship with Badawi does not give him the right to dictate to Malaysian government? Cancel the approval and save the nation of hundred of millions of Ringgit.

    It is a known fact that AirAsia owed RM110 million of Airport Tax. Since AirAsia is so healthy financially (according to Tony Fernandes) then it should pay up the airport tax – after these taxes have been paid in full by the passengers and AirAsia has no right to keep them. I know from reliable sources that AirAsia has insufficient to pay the airport tax to MAB so it is finding all kinds of excuse not to pay. As far as the airport tax is concerned, it has been paid by the passengers and AirAsia should pay to MAB without question.

    Whatever disputes Tony Fernandes want to bring up with MAB has got nothing to do with MAB.

    Tony Just pay up the airport tax. As a lay person, I know your game. I have heard from my friends inside AirAsia that it is facing financial problems.

  6. anonymous

    AirAsia is not a GLC or government owned directly or indirectly. So why should the government worries about it not being able to park the 200 planes. It is a private company. Therefore, the government should not bother about it unless the government has a new policy that will lean over backward to help all private companies. What a caring government!!

    Actually it is not. You all must know that AirAsia bought almost 200 Airbus planes. What a rich airlines! Who is the agent of Airbus in Malaysia? The son of a powerful politician. So the politician must help AirAsia to find space to park the planes because AirAsia has insufficient destinations to fly to. That’s why it needed space to park the planes.

    To have a KLIA Labu is the most stupid decision. The Government should let AirAsia to solve its own problems unless there are relatives of some powerful politician behind AirAsia.

  7. ahmad

    It is a well known fact that Tan Sri Azman Moktar is a good friend of Tony Fernandes and Kalimullah. Even Tan Sri Azman objected to the KLIA Labu project. This speaks volume. Malaysians must all stand up and tell Abdullah Badawi that even his cronies’ friend does not support the KLIA Labu project.

    The Badawi government should stop trying to help AirAsia, a company that survive with the help fo the Badawi’s government. Get rid of Badawi then the cronies will just disappear.

    Cronies can only survive with Badawi’s help. So members of the public, please beware if you want to buy AirAsia ticket many months in advance. Please think careful.

  8. anonymous

    Enough debate of the AirAsia’s KLIA Labu and AirAsia. We have read enough the pros and cons. The government should stop helping its cronies.

    It is the rakyat money. So tell Tony, Kalimullah and AirAsia to get lost and look after themselves. The government should only takes care of its people and not private companies and cronies.

  9. ahmad

    Just say NO to AirAsia. It is just gone too far. Whatever it is, we must be3 alert to ensure that there is no bailout of companies belonging to the cronies.

    I just do not understand why a government needs to spend so much time to take care a a company like AirAsia, when there are 1000 of companies also need equal attention. But Pak Lah is not interested in other companies.

    If AirAsia still persist in wanting to abuse the rakyat money then we should follow other bloggers to boycott flying AirAsia. This seems to be the only way to teach Tony and his boys a good lesson.

  10. ahmad

    Yes, boycott AirAsia if its CEO still insisting of abusing our fund and system of government. If necessary we should also boycott all goods and services provided by Sime Darby.

    YB Wee you should also join us to boycott AirAsia.

    Malaysians we must show the power that be that the rakyat are the most powerful in Malaysia.

    Stop Labu and no more privilege for AirAsia and the other cronies.

  11. lee wee tak

    “Just say NO to AirAsia. It is just gone too far. Whatever it is, we must be3 alert to ensure that there is no bailout of companies belonging to the cronies.”

    – bailout will come in the form of higher ticket prices or surcharge

    – boycott will be a good answer but how many of us can do without its service and other airlines might take advantage to raise their selling price as well

    – best is to stop the project all together, cancel the 200 plane orders and re-sell them to other airlines (bad time to do this), and let the new land owners enjoy their land quietly.

  12. ahoo

    Khazanah is also against KLIA@Labu likely due to conflict of interest as they controlled MAHB. Furthermore, they themself are in deep shit with losses amounting to billions RM. In any case, I’ll not support any new private airport as in the end the tax payers like us will have to carry the baby of these professional news maker.

    Never trust any privatise project that say it won’t burden the tax payers as we learned the hard way from all those highway pirates that suck the tax payers even till the next generation. The one sided agreement is too much to bear and this piratisation must be stop at all costs.

    Just look at the national’s water concession deal. With guaranteed financing from govt, we are still subject to water tariff increases every few years. In Malaysia, all the lucrative regulated businesses are given to cronies to milk us dry for generations to come. Do you think the govt is for the people ?
    No wonder the people are angry after 51 year of manipulation by the ruling regime and the battle of waterloo would be the fitting battle for so many greedy warlords. They who know no shame in plundering the nation’s wealth in the name of NEP while our malay brothers suffers in so many area of needs.

  13. dat2

    helo YB,
    if u want to analyse coinnectivity, dont have to go too far.
    what about our LRT ?
    Only city in the world where we have 3 in 1.
    nescafe boleh lah !
    can we for once be objective and look at what benefits the PUBLIC !
    Azman Mohtar boleh lah cakap, AA n MAHB sit n resolve issues.
    MAHB orang siapa ?
    before the LCCT was built, no startegic thinking about connectivity went into it ????
    where are the Harvard n Oxbridge boys?

    n now when we have a private initiative , in this year of the ox,
    the “bull” finally comes out ???

  14. dat2

    helo friends ,
    TF makan duit rakyat?
    TF a crony ?
    TF ordering planes thru son of politician?
    we should boycott AirAsia?

    why the spite , the hate , the bitter bile when referring to honest,down to earth, true grit business by the bootstraps n rags to riches success story of Tony n Kamarudin Meranun?

    AAsia is 6,000 strong, meaning 6,000 periok nasi to feed, meaning 6,000 who have a job to go to every day, thats not dependent on welfare!

    we bring in millions of ringgits of TOURIST money into the country. Check the stas bro. whats the occupancy rate of hotels in Malaysia these past few years ???
    whats the amount of tourist dollars thats being spent in Malaysia?
    whats the amount of traffic flow at Malaysian airports?
    whats the value add in terms of services because of this ???
    who brought them here??? BIG BROTHER ???

    ada kawan komen dari segi hak orang tempatan.Jiran kita, megah dengan dollar reserve nya , berapa juruterbang yang dia latih? berapa kerat muka kita le ???
    check the stats bro.
    berapa AERONAUTICAL engineers n PILOTS we have trained n we plan to train in the coming years???
    this is value add to the human resource of our nation.

    we now have an “ASEAN” wing span, which means we can sell satay in Manila,mee rebus in Jakarta, nasi lemak in Bangkok,goreng pisang in Melbourne, pulut udang in Manado.

    THINK ! ini semua peluang perniagaan bagi orang kita. Bukankah Nabi suroh hijrah??

    last but not least, we operate on a” low cost ” business model not on a cost subsidised by the taxpayer model.
    kalau anda boleh ke tanah suci on 2 ribu ringgit, why are u paying 5 hingga 7 ribu ringgit sekarang?
    bukankah cost yang rendah menguntungkan the Ummah ???

    LABU is a private enterprise exercise.the airline business is a niche business. its being revolutionised by the LCCs so u can fly !
    Dulu records n tapes. sekarang CDs.

    u still insist on paying for more ???

  15. Melayu Jati

    dat2 …

    Engkau ni kenny sia, kah? Orang yang sudah jual maruah nya. Tony F bagi dia ticket dan makan sikit dia sudah ampu bodek tak habis habis. Pordah!

  16. dat2

    Melayu Jati
    kalau kau betul jati, datang sendiri ke LCCT dan tengok dengan teliti.
    Look at the TRACK RECORD bro.

    be rational, not emotional.

    kalau tak nak bagi LABU, expand KLIA tapi use economies of scale to make it cheap for u n me to travel.

    fikr kemajuan bro.bukan keruntuhan.

    soaln nya simple. mengapa tak di fikr semua ini dulu ? D mana letak nya STRATEGIC think tank ?

  17. Red

    In my Opinion this is a great news for Malaysia. And Tony who now thinks he is god and thinks he can get anything he wants should realize that people of malaysia are no dummies. They see his stupid remarks that KJ is not his friend and it was a mistake that he sponsored Myteam. Well i guess a great visionary that he is realizes that its Time Up for KJ so sleep with new people coming to power. I suggest peel the onion and you shall find KJ all over Tony’s investments in tune group and all KJ even has his Crony Jason Lo as the CEO of TuneTalk Ha ha and the great tony thinks he can fool people with i don’t like KJ any more.

    Also proves not all political hanchos are as stupid as Tunku Zafrul who was conned by Tony to get stuff done.

    Well done serves him right may god bring him down to earth.

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