PAS kito bene doh!

T A H N I A H !


Ucapan tahniah kepada YB Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut atas kejayaan anda di pilihanraya kecil Kuala Terengganu.

Kemenangan PAS bererti penolakan BN. Ini juga suatu penolakan kepada Abdullah Badawi kerana Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh adalah pilihan Badawi!

Congratulations, YB Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut for your success in Kuala Terengganu, P036 by-election!

A PAS win is a rejection of BN. It is also a rejection of Abdullah Badawi for Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh is Badawi’s man!

Syabas to the rakyat of Kuala Terengganu! Syabas PAS and Pakatan Rakyat!

* Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong

* YB Abdul Wahid Endut pix from NST



30 thoughts on “PAS kito bene doh!

  1. Malaysia 64

    save the last dance for najis! Kemenangan PAS untuk rakyat malaysia yang mahukan perubahan kerajaan yang ada sekarang kepada kerajaan PR…..

  2. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Cangratulations lah to PAS and YB Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut.

    Well done also Pakatan Rakyat! One more step closer lah to Putra Jaya!

    Thank you also to the rakyat of Kuala Terengganu.

  3. anonymous

    Taniah PR. Kita tolak semua kuncu-kuncu Badawi. Rakyat Malaysia tolak KLIA @ Labu.

    Taniah PAS. PR mesti tangkap menantu, anak dan kuncu-kuncu yang merampas harta rakyat.

  4. Eric Goh

    Thank you so much to all the peoples of KT.
    I was so happy that PAS won this election.
    So much money spend and so action our BN peoples hahahaha!!!!! Congratulation to all the PAS people there.
    You make the right choice and follows us in FT.

  5. lee wee tak

    I just wonder about the result. A turn of deficit of 600 votes to winning margin of 2,600 votes meant a 3,000 change of mind? No it’s more than that.

    The Chinese votes have gone back to BN, making the change of voting pattern even bigger among the Malays

    However, despite the presence of DAP campaigning for PAS, Chinese actually rejected Pakatan Rakyat. Why? I suppose

    1) they feel that since Federal is under BN, no point damaging their right to development funds, especially during economic downturn. but sorry mate, you ain’t gonna get it now

    2) PAS’ adamant stand on the Islamic state issue. Fine, you can have your say but voters can still decide. PAS might have scored with muslims who prefer an Islamic State but ended up losing some Chinese vote?

    PAS untuk semua is still the better rallying call?

  6. ahmad

    A clear rejection of UMNO/BN. Also a clear rejection of Badawi and his cronies. Rakyat money is for taking care of rakyat. Under Badawi government, rakyat money have been abused to enrich cronies.

    The people rejected BN and Badawi, SIL and son.

  7. temenggong

    lee wee tak, you are right. The chinese would not sacrifice themselves under the full glare of the nation during a by-election. The good news is the malays moved in sufficiently large numbers, about a 7% shift. The bad news is, the chinese are suddenly found exposed, and vulnerable.

  8. Roy

    I like to see this a strong signal that BN and UMNO are irrelevant, now and future.

    What is more important for PR to stand and cooperate unitedly among them.

  9. Anonymous

    Hail “Ketuanan Rakyat”, Down you go “Ketuanan Melayu”. If BN still doesn’t learn from their mistake, they are going to fail in every by-election, not to mention the next General Election. All other Parties who keep alliance with UMNO what are you waiting for? As long as you stay with them, we will perceive you exalt the doctrine of Malay Supremacy…

  10. lee wee tak

    temenggong, thanks for the kind words….ok, I am not mailing any CNY cards to KT this time.

    just wonder how come the DAP-PAS ceremahs drew crowds and donations yet the votes went down for PR…any missing ballot boxes?

    hope the name and shame will make’em think again when they have to vote again….

  11. temenggong

    lee wee tak,

    “Peti Undi Kampung Cina di mana 82.6 % pengundinya kaum Tionghua PAS hanya memperolehi 668 undi sedangkan BN memperolehi 1,125 undi. Satu kekalahan teruk dengan majoriti 457. Kekalahan ini lebih teruk dari PRU 2008 di mana PAS tewas dengan 396 undi sahaja.”

    The chinese were afraid that their TOL land may not be renewed. Besides they did not want to be seen deserting their partner when it matters. So while they attended the ceramahs, donated to DAP and waved the pas flags, MOST ABSTAINED from voting. The effect was more supported BN compared to in march 2008!

    This voting results cannot be explained away by phantom votes because there were LESS votes compared to last GE.

  12. lee wee tak

    Mister T,

    good link. yep, could be those who voted, voted with the proverbial gun at the proverbial temple whereas those crash and hell may care younger ones are not willing to travel twice in 2 weeks.

    maybe the KT Chinese are thinking

    1) send a message to Pas, u want us, don’t brandish the Islamic State issue; or

    2) Anwar’s failure to meet the Sept 16 deadline make them believe that until the next GE, BN will have a firm grip on the federal power…so for best of both worlds, Lim Pei (Hokkien: Your father) attend the PR ceramah, donate to them and still get our development allocation until the change of government; or

    3) since it is a small town, national issues are non-issues to them, albeit it is an issue for them.

    4) the last minute dead man’s angpow to the long deprived schools did the trick

  13. Lee J

    Great result for the country! Badawi and his cronies like Tony Fernandes, Kalimullah and the 4th floor boys should clearly understand that Pak Lah ‘s days are numbered.

    Please Undur LAH! You have been protecting your family and cronies for far too long and the country is in the shit now. We cannot afford to have you screwing up the country.

    Pak Lah pack up your bags and go to Perth to stay with your good crony, Patrick Badawi, in Perth.

  14. temenggong

    Lee Wee Tak, Wee and others,

    In view of this and rpk’s private information made available to me today, that the KT Kg. Cina votes were gerrymandered and spread out to 23 other polling stations, resulting in the KT chinese’s support for Pas seemingly less than satisfactory, *kindly disregard my earlier views.* OKT’s claims are based on these gerrymandered figures, made to appear that the chinese have not yet ‘hindraffed’.

    As of now it appears that both the chinese and malays in KT made a 5-7% shift in voting. Phantom votes are estimated at 3-5,000! They say, that 90% of the KT chinese voted for Pas.

  15. Angel_X

    PAS can win but cannot win too much. Seriously as a non-muslim I am still worried that our secular country will turn into a theocracy nation and become just like Saudi Arabia or Iran that impose strict and rigid Islamic laws to ALL citizen regardless off their creed and original belief.

    For example, non-muslims are not allowed to wear crosses and openly practise their religion in public in Saudi Arabia.

    It’s all lip service that PAS one time says only Muslims will be affected by Islamic laws, but judging with the recent banning on alchoholic drinks and gambling, I’m worried that I can’t exercise my rights as a non-believer.

    If we found anything wrong with the PAS in the future if they ever grasp power, can we ever have the chance of change back?

  16. anonymous

    KT result is a total rejection of Pak Lah’s policies in particular giving blank cheque to SIL, son and his cronies. Further he sleeps most of the time and allow his cronies to run wild resulting in the country moving without direction.

    Pak Lah should look into his track records ever since he became PM until now and he will discover that he achieve none and his cronies got powerful and richer.

    Pak Lah the country has had enough of BN and you especially. Please stop giving excuses for the lost. It is a definite rejection of you, SIL and cronies.

  17. lee wee tak

    mister T,

    if this is true, then the defeat for UMNO is even bigger than it really is! ok, maybe I’ll send come CNY cards over there anyhow….

  18. lee wee tak

    earlier I wrote

    Mister T,

    good link. yep, could be those who voted, voted with the proverbial gun at the proverbial temple …………….

    2) Anwar’s failure to meet the Sept 16 deadline make them believe that until the next GE, BN will have a firm grip on the federal power…so for best of both worlds, Lim Pei (Hokkien: Your father) attend the PR ceramah, donate to them and still get our development allocation until the change of government; ”

    OMG I was half right!

  19. 适逢瓜拉登加楼国会补选,公正党精神领袖拿督斯里安华又再借机鼓吹其改革计划,与过去所不同的是,今次安华已不再喊其变天计划,而改为若民联执政国家,他保证国家会变好.

    先不谈国家会否变好,让我们先谈谈安华的承诺. 在308全国大选时,身为旺沙玛珠的选民,我还清楚记得当时安华大胆向旺沙玛珠选民做出保证,指如果公正党胜出,他保证在一个月为旺沙玛珠区带来改变,可是到今天,足足过了十个月,也经过无数次的提醒,安华把它当透明,也没有带来任何改变.


    今天,安华又故计重施,指若民联执政国家,他保证国家会变好. 讲到国家会变好,我们不得不提当安华还是副首相兼财长时,他把利息提高到14巴仙,搞到国家经济节节败退,股市大跌,令许多人拖一屁股债,经不起打击者纷纷跳楼自刹了结.

    经过此惨痛的经历,再加上过去数项无法实现的承诺, 对於今次安华的保证 “民联执政,国家会变好?”,就让大家去评估吧 !


  20. lee wee tak


    your old post is not relevant to the issue at hand. yes, you got a low traffic hit so a bit of pandering is within your rights.

    (for those who do not read chinese, 1st para talk about Anwar not meeting 16 Sept target, 2nd para talk about Anwar promise changes in WM within 1 month from GE but nothing yet, 4th para claim that Anwar promise to rule better but reminded us about Anwar’s action of raising the interest rate up to 14% when he was the FM)

    old records do sound bad. I always tell people that it is fine to make mistake as long as we try to salvage the situation, admit our fault and learn from mistakes.

    lastly, Sir, hope your MCA service centre is doing ok.

  21. Pengundi Pasir Panjang, KT

    reasons why bn got more votes at chinese areas:

    1. kebanyakan org tua tak kira melayu cina semua pangkah bn. diaorg mmg dari dulu pangkah bn walaupun calonnya seekor katak..

    2. org2 muda cina takkan balik kampung 2 kali dalam masa 2 minggu (balik utk mengundi dan balik lagi utk cny). Yg muda2 sokong pr..

    3. org2 trg reserve sikit, tak berani buat pembaharuan.. org cina takut kalau pas menang, umno buat dajal kat mereka. dulu bn menang balik pru 2004 sbb org2 trg dah terseksa semasa pemerintahan pas yg sebenarnya disebabkan oleh bn pusat menyekat royalti, sami vellu stop lpt2 dan lain-lain..

    4. org cina trg (yg tua) masih tak faham tentang hudud dan pelaksanaannya. kena gertak dgn umno terus takut..

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