yangBerkhidmat Service Centre has moved!

My apology for the very short notice, saudara saudiri.

Our new yangBerkhidmat Service Center will now be located at:

1–3 Platinum Walk,
2 Jalan Langkawi,
Danau Kota.

You can’t miss it. It is above the shop known as The Old Town Coffee.

Our telephone number remains the same: 03 – 4143 3322

I look forward to seeing you at our new place later today from 8.00 pm onwards, which is our usual designated Wednesday service night to help out with our constituents’ complaints.

Thank you.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Pusat Perkhidmatan yangBerkhidmat telah berpindah!

Saya memohon maaf atas pemberitahuan dalam masa singkat, saudara saudiri.

Pusat Perkhidmatan yangBerkhidmat Service Center kini beralamat berikut:

1–3 Platinum Walk,
2 Jalan Langkawi,
Danau Kota.

Senang dapat carinya. Ia terletak di atas kedai The Old Town Coffee.

Nombor telefon kami masih sama iaitu: 03 – 4143 3322

Saya harap dapat jumpa anda semua di tempat baru ini mulai hari Rabu ini mulai pukul 8 malam, yang memang tetapan biasa kami mendengar dan melayan aduan para penghuni kawasan undian kami.

Sekian terima kasih.


  1. Dear YB,

    Kindly congratulation to you for your new places. Hope we can work together to give a good service to all Wangsa Maju’s resident.

    syed hamzah
    PKR WM/AMKWM Secratary

  2. Huh, YB? Your shop is above Old Town White Coffee? Isn’t that occupying the same space as the D’Touch Massage place?

  3. Kiddokit, my wife went there and had a massage. It is clean. No hanky panky. If you need to know where to get hanky panky one….drop me an email … ;-P

  4. man,

    Old place, no lift. Susah untuk orang tua.

    Now new place got lift lah.

    Congratulations YB Wee for your new service centre.

  5. Rationale why moving to the new place :

    1. Near to the massage centre.

    2. Saudara LWT, it seems that you are so familiar with all the massage parlour that offer HANKY PANKY service????????. U must be the Regular Customer to all of this massage parlour and proof that u did support prostitution and yet talking about KEADILAN. What about your YB then?

    3. For all of u especially muslims, anda bersubahatlah bersama mereka. Pilih pejabat pun yg berhampiran dengan tempat maksiat. Bukannya nak anjurkan majlis kesyukuran ke, baca yasin & tahlil ke.

    4. Again to Saudara LWT, how could your wife justified that the place is clean and no HANKY PANKY service been offered to the customer? Inside a room, anything could happen???? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

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