Tony Fernandes claims "no tax payers' money will be used" for KLIA East project

Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes told Malay Mail (13 January 2009) that no tax payers’ money will be used to finance the KLIA-East project.

For a start, it is an open secret that Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes is very close to the Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah bin Badawi and the Deputy Minister of Finance, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakop. However, Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, as a CEO of a private company, is in no position to publicly announce that no tax payers’ money will be used to finance the KLIA-East project. Unfortunately, up to now none of Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes’ friends in the Government supported his statement.

It will be impossible that such an airport project of this size will not involve tax payers’ money. Police, Immigration, custom and aviation officers will have to be stationed at KLIA-East. Even if AirAsia and Sime Darby are able to pay for their salaries, this is a dangerous precedent to start. If such practice is allowed then any company can also demand for the services of the civil servants as long as they can afford to pay. I am certain that under the law such services cannot be “rented out” to the private sector.

Moreover, all airlines are in the business of operating flights for members of the public. I have never heard of any airline involving itself in building an airport and most of all, administering and operating an airport like what have been approved by the Government for AirAsia.

Airport is one of the essential and security services of the nation that cannot be given to a private company like AirAsia to control. It is in the national interests that all airports must be in the control of a government agency.

Last but not least, apart from completely missing the national interest aspect of the matter at hand and also speaking out of line as though he’s a government official, it seems Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes just does not “get it” in many other issues related to the construction of KLIA-East in Labu.

The most important and serious of which is the safety factor with regard to its location. Does he realize the distance between KLIA-East in Labu and KLIA in Sepang will only be a straight line 10 km apart? Why court danger? Why go against ICAO’s (International Civil Aviation Organisation) strict recommendation that the minimum distance between two airports should be at least 40 km?

Can Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes foresee that there will be a high percentage for disasters and loss of precious lives waiting to happen?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Tony Fernandes mendakwa bahawa tiada wang pembayar cukai akan digunakan untuk pembinaan KLIA Timur

Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes dilaporkan oleh Malay Mail ( pada 13 Januari 2009) bahawa tiada wang pembayar cukai akan digunakan untukmembiayai pembinaan projek KLIA-East (Timur).

Pertama, memang diketahui umum bahawa Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes isangat rapat dengan Perdana Menteri, YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah bin Badawi dan Naib Menteri Kewangan, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakop. Walau bagaimanapun, selaku seorang Pegawai Ketu Eksekutif sebuah syarikat milikan swasta, beliau tidak berkelayakan untuk membuat kenyataan umum bahawa tiada wang pembayar cukai yang akan digunakan dalam membiayai pembinaan projek KLIA-East (Timur). Malang untuknya, tiada seorang rakan intimnya dalam pihak pentadbiran tampir menyokong kenyataan beliau.

Adalah mustahil bahawa projek sebegini besar tidakmelibatkan wang pembayar cukai. Polis, Imigresen, Kastam dan pegawai penerbangan terpaksa diletakkan di KLIA-East.Meskipun AirAsia dan Sime Darby akan membayar gaji mereka, suatu panduan masa hadapan nan bahaya akan dicipta. Jika pendekatan seumpama ini dibenarkan maka mana-mana syarikat akan membuat permintaan terhadap perkhidmatan kaki tangan kerajaan sekiranya mereka mampu menanggung perbelanjaan ini. Saya percaya menurut peruntukan undang-undang, perkhidmatan ini tidak boleh “disewa” kepada pihak swasta.

Bahkan, semua syarikat penerbangan menjalankan kegiatan membekalkan perkhidmatan penerbangan untuk pihak umu. Saya belum pernah dengar mana-manay syarikat penerbangan lain yang melibatkan diri dalam pembinaan lapangan kapal terbang dan mentadbir serta mengendalikan lapangan terbang sepertimana diluluskan oleh pihak pentadbiran (Badawi) untuk AirAsia.

Lapangan terbang menyediakan perkhidmatan yang penting dan berperanan besar dari segi keselamatan negara dan kawalan ini tidak patut diserahkan kepada syarikat swasta seperti AirAsia. Kepentingan negara ini harus diletak bawah jagaan sebuah perbadanan pihak pentadbiran.

Akhirnya selain daripada mengabaikan sama sekali kepentingan keselamatan negara dan mengulas dalam sesuatu perkara yang memang di luar bidang kuasanya seolah-olah beliau adalah seorang pegawai kerajaan,nampaknya Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes tidak dapat “menghayati” hal-hal yang berhubung kait dengan pembinaan KLIA-East di Labu.

Perkara yang paling mustahak dan genting adalah perihal keselamatan dari segi tapak lapangan terbang cadangan ini. Adakah beliau sedar bahawa jarak antara KLIA-East di Labu dan KLIA di Sepang hanyalah 10 kmukuran secara garis lurus? Mengapa mengundang bahaya? Mengapa dengan sengajanya melanggar peruntukan tegas pihak ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation – Perbadanan Penerbangan Awam Antarabangsa) bahwa jarak paling dekat antara 2 lapangan terbang sekurang-kurangnya 40km?

Bolehkah Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes dapat jangka betapa besarnya kemungkinan berlakunya malapetaka dan kehilangan nyawa kelak?

30 thoughts on “Tony Fernandes claims "no tax payers' money will be used" for KLIA East project

  1. Tony

    No taxpayers’ money will be used for KLIA Labu. Tells that to the Pak Lah and he will be the only person on earth to believe you.

    I fully agree with YB Wee’s view. We must not allow any private individual or company to have full control of an airport in Malaysia. It is unheard of in any part of the world that a public airport is owned and controlled by private companies.

    This is what has been described as Badawi’s Midnight Express!

    The people of KT must go all out reject BN in order to tell Badawi that we don’t support an action/decision deemed “Midnight Express”!

  2. anonymous

    Tony Fernandes, please show us where is AirAsia’s share amounting to RM800 million to build the airport. Where? We will give you more times to do your creative accounting and show us you have the fund to build the airport.

    Sime Darby: Zubir is now pretending to be keeping quiet in the hope that Sime will be spared int his scandal. Zubir, we will go after you as and when we got more things on you or Sime.

  3. We have had bad experiences in privatization gone bad, and the taxpayers’ money used to restore the services.

    Businessmen are natural optimists with huge appetite for grand schemes and huge profits. Why can’t Tony accept what is given and work within the constraints, instead of having others to agree to his grand scheme of things. What is so special that the country got to accede to his every requests?

    Most people are in favour of Air Asia’s objective of low fares and he should concentrate on doing what he has set out as his original objective, not his personal ambition to be the greatest this or that.

    In USA, who would have thought the big names, like Citibank and Lehman Brothers, had to seek government help?

  4. ahmad

    Well put YB. The assurance of public fund will not be used by the government for the KLIA Labu LCCT should be made by Badawi or Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakop. Tony Fernandes should not behave like a de facto Minister of Transport. Tony must realise that the Minister of Transport is no long Datuk Chan Kong Choy.

    Who is Tony to give for cronies. assurance that no public fund will be used for KLIA LAbu LCCT?

    Tony has been walking the corridors of power after Badawi took over the premiership and this does not give him the right to speak on behalf of the Malaysian government.

    I am also surprised that why this Badawi government allow Tony to behave in such a way. This is a useless government.

    The people of KT must reject BN to teach this government a lesson that the government is meant for the people and not for cronies.

  5. Tony

    Datuk Tony Fernandes, Mr Prime Minister and Tan Sri Nor Yakop: Do you all know that there is a oil refinery in Port Dickson and Port Dickson is very near to Labu? If other important factors cannot dissuade the building of KLIA East then this factor is the one because it involves public safety.

    This is the result of embarking to approve a mega project without a proper study. I know Badawi had to help his friends but not at he expense of public safety and public fund.

    The people of KT must stand up and reject BN.

  6. anonymous

    Badawi wakes up please. KLIA Labu is just not on. Stop allowing yourself being made used of. Please reform yourself and cancel this nonsense project. Otherwise stop talking about reform.

    Leadership by example and not talking about this and that only. I know we have many corridors and none works for the country.

  7. Lee

    Badawi should make his friend (Tony Fernandes & Kalimullah) as Minister of Transport and Minister of Finance respectively so that both of them “Can Now Fly”.

    Stop bullshitting that public fund will not be used for the LCCT at Labu. Even a primary school students will know that public fund will be used and used big time when hte project started and completed.

    Sime Darby (Zubir) and AirAsia (Tony) (the dua kali lima companies) should stop taking Malaysians for a ride. Since both of you have no feelings for this nation, please go to Perth like Patrick Badawi and leave this country in peace.

    No to KLIA Labu!

  8. We have only one low cost carrier so far in this country. We will all be poorer if we allow this low cost carrier to go down and will be contributing to the MAS where the profits go to god knows where. So somehow rather whether the Labu airport should materialise or not, we should not let tat low cost carrier die, else, MAS would be arrogant again, and we would jst be stuck with one airline.

  9. ahmad


    No one wants to see the low cost carrier goes under. In fact we want to see all airlines survive and survive well. I am sure that YB Wee also share the same views.

    We should all ask AirAsia to pay out its airport tax debts to MAB because airport tax had already been paid by the passengers, when they booked their tickets online.

    What we all do not want to see is the abused of public fund for the benefits of private companies or cronies. We do not care whether AirAsia will be flying all over the world. We all know that AirAsia has bought 150 airbuses from an agent, who is the son of a politician, and we are not bothered about it. No one complaint about it. As long as no public fund is used, airaasia can buy another 150 airbuses and fly to every city in the world and also using airbus for domestic routes.

    We do not want to see public fund used for bailing out of private companies.

    As for LCCT at Labu, we are not convinced that public fund will not be used. As YB Wee has said that police, immigration, custom and aviation officers will have to be deployed and the government cannot allow AirAsia to pay for such services as they are civil servants, who are working for the nation.

    Airport is also an essential service and we cannot allow a private companies to have full control. Lastly, we do not need KLIA Labu when the MAB already has a master plan to built any terminal in KLIA for low cost carrier.

  10. anonymous

    I do agree that Badawi should immediately appoint Datuk Tony Fernandes as the Minister of Transport in order to push through the KLIA East LCCT Labu quickly so that Badawi can retire peacefully as PM after March 2009. Then Datuk Tony can scream “NOW KALIMULLAH HASSAN & I CAN FLY!”

  11. HASHIM

    No public fund will be used! Thank you Tony for your assurance. Just like the monkey telling us that I will not touch the bananas on the table.

    EPF is also public fund in a way. How come EPF was buying AIrasia shares big time? I suppose Airasia shares have been considered “Blue Chip” by Tan Sri Nor Yakop!

    KT reject BN means reject KLIA Labu!

  12. jacky

    Make Tony the Minister of Transport then AirAsia will take over MAS and AirAsia will be the national career and there will be more private LCCT airports through out Malaysia! So Tony can now FLY to Perth from every where!

    Tony, who is Noni Mahmood? Is she one of the persons behind of AirAsia?

  13. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Halo, I think ah you all not as smart lah as Tony Fernandes.

    You see that fatso keep telling you people no money from the rakyat will be used so the project can take off lah.

    But you know or not Tony fatso is sitting on a time bomb lah. Anytime also can explode one and then AirAsia bungkus lah and he get fook also.

    So he has a plan lah. Start KLIA East at Labu big big and involve a lot of money. So when it fail the goverment got no choice lah but to bail out the fat man.

    Like this also you cannot see ah? I tabet this fella lah. Got brains. But try to use to screw the people’s money. Right or not? Do the project big big and then say you run out of money half way and the government got to bail you out lah. Where got the garment let the project be eye sore what so got to do something.

    This Tony is very smart but we can see through his dirty plan also. The rakyat is smarter than you lah Tony. So dont play play with us okay and don’t try to fool us.

  14. Kamal Tan

    Tan Sri Nor Mohamad is a full Minister, and not a Deputy Minister as you have suggested.
    Much as we would like to see justice served, it is most unfair to suggest by your innuendoes that something is amiss just because they are friends. It would be a very rare, and probably extinct, politician who is without friends, especially in high places, don’t you agree?
    Notwithstanding all this, I do wish you success in your quest to champion for the rights and seek justice for the Rakyat. Please keep up your good work!

  15. Was it a coincidence that the proposed airport is in BN territory? It is too close to existing airports which puzzles people why not plan the airline services within existing facilities. Surely an expansion is less costly.

    We cannot help being suspicious because time and again, we can see the big projects being used to enrich cronies and politicians. The bigger the contracts, the better the gains, after all the people in power can approve future fundings, if necessary, even for bail-out.

    Penang is crying out for a better airport, and so is Perak. Why no consideration for them? Selangor has too many already. Negri Sembilan is near enough and friendly too for their scheme of things.

  16. cheng

    Tony Fernandes said KLIA LAbu is “Terminal Rakyat”. Stop bullshitting and abusing the word rakyat. Tony/Airasia were never for the rakyat. If they are for the rakyat Airasia wouldn’t owe the airport tax which the rakyat have paid to Airasia. By paying airport tax to MAB, MAB could sue the fund to provide better facilities for the rakyat and develop KLIA.

    Tony/Airasia are taking Badawi government and the people of Malaysia for a ride.

    Until today Tony/Airasia could not provide convincing answers to public fund will not be used and public safety of the proposed KLIA Labu.

    Airaisa need KLIA Labu to park the 150 airbuses, which were ordered through the son of a high ranking politician. You all should know who?


    Rakya Terminal! What a misused of word by Tony Fernandes.

    He never has a heard for the rakyat except for such project he hope to get under the name of the rakyat. Tony Fernandes will never do anything for the rakyat without benefit to himself.

    We all know who is Tony Fernandes and his gang. so don’t abuse the word rakyat. It should be called Tony or Kalimullah Terminal!

  18. syed

    Who is the son of a high ranking poitician. I they ordered the airbus directly and pocket the commission. If use politician’s son, then very expensive and must pay/share commission some more. What for?

    better give fernandes and MAS use of subang for domestic routes, KLIA for Tony and MAS for international routes, with commuter rail connecting the two.
    The airport commuterrail will have interchange at subangjaya station for klang valley connection all the way to KL sentral.
    The communities living along the commuter rail can use the service for their daily use, like USJ, Glenmari/Kelana Jaya near the toll etc.
    Cost of new domestic terminal in subang for airasia and MAS use maybe RM500million.
    Cost of new commuter rail maybe RM1 billion.

    Cost of building KLIA was too expensive and the whole country’s airport users are now required to subsidise KLIA by an increase in airport tax two/three years ago. The incmpetent MAHB management should have use simple design instead of a grand one plus no need for sattelite building and bombardier rail link between main building and terminal. All these cost extra. It only makes me want to puke when every KLIA airport passenger must also subsidise KLIA express rail to KL sentral 3 ringgit per head, whether you use the service or not. Not sure if LCCT terminal passngers subject to similar charges. But can bet you the KLIA express will make a claim for it, hence the deadlock in reducing fees at LCCT.

  19. KH Lim

    AirAsia can’t even pay its airport tax debt, how can it build an airport?

    Actually MAB officers should be sacked for allowing AirAsia to owe airport tax. MAB should immediately stop AirAsia from using its facilities when AirAsia couldn’t pay up that airport tax, which it has collected on behalf of MAB.

    Tony Fernandes/AirAsia: Please put your monies where your mouth is. Pay up all your debts.

  20. Tony

    No To Labu LCCT! No To Bailout Of Any company including AirAsia.

    Terminal Rakyat. “LABU is TERMINAL FOR RAKYAT!”

    People of KT must reject Wan Farid, another crony of Badawi.

  21. lee wee tak

    The Badawi Najib Administration just have to look at Bukit Antarabangsa.

    Same parallel, down right idiotic level of intelligent exercised in approving some construction project that will caused public lives. Bukit Antarabangsa relates to mainly Malaysian residents but imagine 2 planes crashing into each other in the air space, killing distinguished CEOs, sold out Banglas, pretty young models, foreign government officials, local tycoon closed to Badawi and Najib, Pakatan Rakyat officials (OMG!) and Lee Wee Tak (I am taking a boat for my overseas trips now on)

    We will have a hard time selling the country as a MyHome 2, investment destination, tourism centre. The seriousness of the DPM visiting Bukit Antarabangsa scene suddenly do not seem so genuine after all

    Why Tony telling the Malaysian public? Well, KT by-election is round the corner so any BN official cannot afford to come out and say something that can’t fool the public. If the public do buy it, BN gomen lost nothin’. If the public snigger and give the finger, it’s Tony’s face, not anybody’s else. Tony, you have much loyalty and a great friend of someone.

  22. Lee

    Kalimullah, Why are you so quiet over this KLIA Labu Lcct? You should be coming out to help Tony Fernandes. After all you will also be a beneficiary if Tony got the KLIA Labu LCCT going because you are a director of AirAsia X.

    Any way we, the rakyat, will carry on campaigning against KLIA Labu.

    I am also any form of Bailout for AirAsia!

    As long as Pak Lah is the PM, we will be seeing more Labu and more midnight regulations.

  23. lee wee tak

    “K S Ong

    Was it a coincidence that the proposed airport is in BN territory? It is too close to existing airports which puzzles people why not plan the airline services within existing facilities. Surely an expansion is less costly.”

    – the real value of the transaction, I guess, could lie in the acquisition of land. Is the land transactions of the area affected an OSA item? If not, someone like Citizen Nadeswaran in the Sun can sink his beer soaked fingers into and pull out another head turner

  24. ahmad

    Tony Fernandes is talking cock that KLIA Labu is safe. He has already said: “If the plane tickets are cheap, Malaysians are prepared to die.”

    This is the mentality of Tony Fernandes and his gang. So we all better stop the KLIA Labu before it is too late.

  25. anonymous

    KLIA Labu is a day light robbery! Tomorrow the voters in KT must vote against BN to register Malaysians reject KLIA Labu for Tony Fernandes and company.

    ALl Malaysians must go all out to kill that RAT!

  26. Jenny

    Datuk Tony Fernandes, can you please stop doing such thing to this country of ours. Please take good care of AirAsia and leave the airport business to MAHB, who is entrusted with the business of taking care of building and operating airports in Malaysia.

    I know you need to park 200 airbus planes but not at the expense of the people. You should have planned your business properly. When you order the 150 airbus planes you should know the capacity of the existing lcct.

    To be quite frank with you, Datuk Tony, if you don’t cancel your order for the 150 planes I am certain that AirAsia will go bankrupt because how are you going to pay for them and most of all, there are not enough routes for you to fly.

    If I were you I will cancel the order for 150 airbus planes. But I know you cannot cancel the order for the 150 planes because of the son (Kam….) of a powerful politician.

    I am sorry for you. You should look after the interest of AirAsia first.

  27. Chong

    Tony Fernandes, No one will believe your side of the story because you are of the cronies. Please stop using the excuse that you care for the AirAsia staff. We know that you care for no one except Kalimullah Hassan and the SIL.

    Therefore, Tony should stop using the word “caring” as an excuse. Please pay up airport tax debt immediately. Airport tax is not for AirAsia to owe. Please also refund the airport tax to those who paid for the fare but didn’t travel.

    The nation will not give Labu to you or Kalimullah. By March both of you will have to run and run real fast.

  28. anonymous

    Tony Fernandes cares for the staff of AirAsia? It makes my foot laugh. Just go around and ask the AirAsia hostesses and they will laugh and condemn Tony Fernandes and gang. Tony and gang only care for themselves and their pockets.

    AirAsia does not need Labu but Tony and gang need Labu very badly! So Malaysians, we must join forces and kill this Labu deal, which is bad for the nation but good for Tony, SIL and gang.

    No to Tony’s Labu.

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