Your MP's Question of the Week #42

No to KLIA@East – We already have KLIA!

It is perhaps a coincidence that recently Sime Darby was inadvertently forced into and be involved – by chance – in two major projects of national interests which would see the rakyat rise up to voice their displeasure.

First, it was the move to take over IJN by the world’s largest plantation company (which had suffered losses of RM100 million by selling palm oil to China and RM77.5 million through rogue trading, after it had merged with Kumpulan Guthrie and Golden Hope Plantations in 2007) with a view to privatizing it.

IJN, or the National Heart Institute, is very close to the rakyat’s heart and they had spoken out loud disapprovingly. The rakyat was fearful, with good reason, that the move would likely rob them of excellent and affordable medical treatments for their heart ailments which are their No.1 killer. Happily, the authority and Sime Darby had allowed better judgement to rule and placed public interest first by abandoning the deal on Friday, 5 January 2009.

Now we have a second situation involving Sime Darby that the rakyat, in their wisdom, are also questioning and exceedingly unhappy about.

This had to do with Sime Darby’s application been given approval by the government for it to build a Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Labu, Negeri Sembilan on the same day the company had announced it was pulling out of its bid to take over IJN.

Whether the IJN takeover bid was a red herring in order for the company to be successful in its application to build the now-branded KLIA East @ Labu, is best left as speculation by over-active minds and loose tongues. Whether also it is an attempt by the authority to appease Sime Darby’s unsuccessful bid to privatize IJN, one cannot run away from the fact that there are indeed far larger issues to be taken into consideration as far as the construction of the LCCT in Labu is concerned. As the rakyat view them, they are of national interests. This of course should not be seen as an attempt by the rakyat to deny economic developments coming to Negeri Sembilan when there had been numerous corridors of development earmarked for other states. Far from it, the rakyat are not against development no matter where it happens as long as it truly benefits them and they don’t end up footing the bill with massive bailouts. When ulterior motives come in the guise of development that’s when the rakyat have to be doubly careful to safeguard their hard-earned tax money.

Seriously, where KLIA East @ Labu is concerned and as the rakyat delve into its pros and cons, there arise far more questions than whole-hearted support for the project. Why is that? The rakyat shall not beat about the bush. The rakyat shall simply come out and ask the hard questions and hope the right answers will be forthcoming for the rakyat to give their full support for the project.

1. Why the hurry to rush through the approval to build KLIA East @ Labu? Has it got anything to do with Abdullah Badawi’s term as the prime minister coming to an end in March 2009?

2. Is the construction of KLIA East @ Labu a purported attempt to shore up and safeguard the political future of a young and ambitious politician?

3. Why build KLIA East @ Labu when KLIA is still grossly under-utilised until today? (KLIA was originally designed to handle 125 million passengers a year but is now only handling about 25 million.)

4. Why build KLIA East @ Labu when the government has already built LCCT in Sepang and spent a total of almost RM244 million for the seeming exclusive use of AirAsia? (The sum includes the RM123.9 million used for its extension and upgrade as recently as 2008 last year.)

5. Why build KLIA East @ Labu when it will be a threat to public safety when its location is dangerously close to busy KLIA and LCCT in Sepang with a straight-line distance of only 10 km between them when ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) strictly recommends that the minimum distance between two airports should be at least 40 km?

6. Why build KLIA East @ Labu when it will be at a much further distance away from the Klang valley where far more passengers will hail from?

7. Why build KLIA East @ Labu at such great cost for the exclusive use of one airline – AirAsia?

8. After the construction of KLIA East @ Labu is completed, will LCCT in Sepang be abandoned?

9. What is the synergy between the businesses of Sime Darby (a GLC) and AirAsia (a private company) that makes good sense for both companies to consider coming together to build KLIA East @ Labu and hope to make a success of it?

10. Sime Darby does not own enough land in Negeri Sembilan for building KLIA East @ Labu which will require about 3,000 acres. So from whom will Sime Darby be buying land? Who are the owners of this land? Are they cronies, family members and/or people who are friendly and personally connected with Sime Darby and AirAsia?

11. If KLIA East @ Labu is apparently a joint-venture between Sime Darby and AirAsia, does AirAsia have the fund for this massive RM1.6 billion project when the company has suffered heavy losses for hedging aero fuel price and has to take delivery of 150 Airbus planes at an average of 1 plane per month?

12. Is it too far-fetched to consider that KLIA East @ Labu is perhaps built to help accommodate the parking need of AirAsia’s Airbus planes as they are delivered?

13. AirAsia sells air tickets in advance as far ahead as 1 to 2 years which is equivalent to deposit-taking. What will happen to this money which belongs to the public in the event AirAsia goes under because of its heavy commitment and undertaking in the construction of KLIA East @ Labu?

14. If AirAsia is purportedly doing well and has the fund to build KLIA East @ Labu, what are the reasons then behind all the foreign investors selling off their shares in AirAsia?

15. What is the reason for EPF to be the biggest investor of AirAsia, a JV partner in the construction of KLIA East @ Labu with Sime Darby, and why does EPF continue to buy shares in AirAsia when its share price continues to dip south?

16. Does Sime Darby and AirAsia have the fund to sustain the maintenance of KLIA East @ Labu when it will cost, on average, about RM40 million a year to maintain an airport?

17. Is the reason for EPF to be a major shareholder in AirAsia, which has entered into a JV with Sime Darby to build KLIA East @ Labu at great cost, so that when this massive project needs to be bailed out EPF will be there to do so with the rakyat’s money?

18. Even though the construction of KLIA East @ Labu is claimed to be a Privately Funded Investment venture, should the authority throw caution to the wind and compromise on public safety by giving its approval?

Despite the seemingly beneficial economic development it brings to Negeri Sembilan at first glance, should the authority in all honesty in the name of public safety, public convenience and public interest be conscionable to give its blessing and approval for the building of KLIA East @ Labu for some –  if not all – of the questions asked above?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda ke-42

Baru-baru ini Sime Darby telah dipaksa menyertai 2 projek kebangsaan besar yang menyebabkan bantahan rakyat.

Pertama, pengambil-alihan IJN oleh syarikat perladangan terbesar dunia (yang telah mengalami kerugian RM100 juta menerusi jualan minyak kelapa sawit ke China dan RM77.5 juta urusniaga palsu, setelah pergabungan dengan Kumpulan Guthrie dan Golden Hope Plantations dalam tahun 2007) dengan tujuan menswastakannya.

IJN amat disanjungi rakyat dan mereka membantah tindakan ini. Mereka rasa takut, dengan sebab yang munasabah, iaitu takut hak mereka untuk rawatan nan bermutu dan berharga berpatutan itu akan dirampas daripada mereka. Kini, pihak berkuasa dan Sime Darby telah memutuskan supaya tidak menswastakan IJN pada Junaat 5 Januari 2009 atas kepentingan umum.

Tetapi kini, kita ada suatu keadaan nan melibatkan Sime Darby lagi yang tidak menyenangi para rakyat jelata.

Ini melibatkan permohonan Sime Darby untuk membina Lapangan Terbang Kos Rendah / Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) di Labu, Negeri Sembilan yang telah diluluskan pada hari yang sama di mana kepeutusan tidak mengambil alih IJN dibuat.

Sama ada penswastaan IJN adalah helah membolehkan syarikat ini berjaya dalam permohonan membuat terminal di Labu, kita biarlah jadi tajuk perbincangan para orang yang suka berspekulasi. Sama ada ini adalah cara pihak berkuasa memujuk Sime Darby yang tersinggung dalam kegagalan menswastakan IJN atau tidak, tidak boleh dinafikan bahawa terdapat perkara yang lebih penting dalam pembinaan LCCT di Labu itu. Rakyat memandang perkara ini dalam tahap kepentingan kebangsaan. Ini tentu tidak boleh pula dilihat sebagai bantahan rakyat terhadap perkembangan iktisad di Negeri Sembilan semasa terdapat rancangan pembangunan lain (seperti rancangan-rancangan koridor pentadbiran Badawi) di negeri-negeri lain. Sebenarnya, para rakyat tidak bantah rancangan pembanguan selagi ianya benar-benar mendatangkan manfaat dan tidak perlu membiayai usaha menyelamatkan usaha-usaha yang gagal. Rakyat mesti menjaga wang mereka yang diperolehi bersusah payah terutamanya dihadapi dengan rancangan kononnya diberi nama pembanguan.

Semasa rakyat memikirkan kebaikan dan keburukan pembinaan KLIA East @ Labu ini, timbulnya lebih banyak persoalan daripada sokongan erus. Para rakyat hendak jawapan terus dan mereka akan tanya soalan-soalan jitu dan kita harap soalan-soalan ini akan dijawap dengan betul demi mendapat sokongan rakyat dalam usaha pembinaan ini.

1. Mengapa keputusan meluluskan pembianaan KLIA East @ Labu dilakukan dengan cepat? Adakah ia berhubung dengan penghabisan tempoh jawatan Abdullah Badawi sebagai Perdana Menteri dalam March 2009?

2. Adakah pembinaan KLIA East @ Labu suatu percubaan memperkuatkan masa depan politik seorang yang muda dan bercita-cita tinggi?

3. Mengapa KLIA East @ Labu dibina sedangkan KLIA masih digunakan pada tahap yang amat rendah berbanding dengan tahap yang ia boleh uruskan? (KLIA dibina untuk menampung 125 juta pengunjung setahun tetapi tahap kini hanyalah lebih kurang 25 juta.)

4. Mengapa membina KLIA East @ Labu sedangkan sudah ada LCCT di Sepang dan berbelanja RM244 juta hanya untuk keguaan tunggal AirAsia? (RM123.9 juta telah digunakan untuk memperbaiki dan meningkatkan taraf LCCT Sepang baru-baru ini dalam tahun 2008.)

5. Mengapa membina KLIA East @ Labu yang merupakan suatu ancaman keselamatan kerana sangat dekat dengan KLIA dan LCCT di Sepang di mana jarak antara mereka hanyalah 10 km. Pertubuhan Penerbangan Awam /ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) secara tegasnya mencadangkan bahawa jarak antara 2 lapangan terbang mesti sekurang-kurangnya 40 km?

6. Mengpa membina KLIA East @ Labu yang lebih jauh daripada Lembah Kelang di mana kebanyakkan penumpang datang daripada situ?

7. Mengapa membina KLIA East @ Labu pada tahap belanjaan besar untuk kegunaan tunggal AirAsia?

8. Selepas pembinaan KLIA East @ Labu telah siap, adakah LCCT di Sepang akan diabaikan?

9. Apakah cetusan manfaat antara Sime Darby (sebuah syarikat lingkaran kerajaan) dan AirAsia (sebuah syarikat persendirian) yang boleh mendatangkan erti manfaat kewangan untuk 2 buah syarikat bergabung usaha membina dan menjayakan KLIA East @ Labu?

10. Sime Darby tidak memiliki tanah yang cukup di Negeri Sembilan untuk pembinaan KLIA East @ Labu yang memerlukan 3,000 ekar tanah. Daripada siapakah Sime Darby akan beli tanah itu? Siapakah pemilik tanah? Adakah mereka kroni, ahli keluarga dan atau berhubung kait dengan Sime Darby dan AirAsia?

11. Jika KLIA East @ Labu adalah usaha sama antara Sime Darby dan AirAsia, adakah AirAsia memiliki dana yang secukupnya untuk membiayai prokjek ini yang menelan belanja RM1.6 billion pada waktu syarikat ini mengalami kerugian besar dalam urus niaga belian minyak masa depan dan terpaksa memenuhi pesanan 150 pesawat Airbus pada kadar suatu pesawat setiap bulan?

12. Adakah munasabah memikirkan pembinaan KLIA East @ Labu hanyalah sebagai tapak penyimpanan pesawat tersebut?

13. AirAsia menjual tiket secara pendahuluan untuk jangka 1 atau 2 tahun dan ini seumpama mengambil pembayaran terdahulu. Apa akan terjadi kepada wang umum ini jika AirAsia terpaksa gulung tikar kerana usaha KLIA East @ Labu?

14. Jika AirAsia dilaporkan bahawa berada dalam keadaan yang sihat mengapakah kebanyakan pemilik saham asing telah menjualkan saham AirAsia mereka?

15. Mengapa EPF adalah pemegang saham terbesar dalam AirAsia, iaitu rakan bersama KLIA East @ Labu dengan Sime Darby, dan mengapakah EPF terus beli saham AirAsia apabila ianya mengalami harga turun?

16. Adakah Sime Darby dan AirAsia mempunyai dana menyelenggarakan KLIA East @ Labu apabila penyelenggaraan ini menelan belanja lebih kurang RM40 juta setahun?

17. Adakah sebab untuk EPF menjadi pemegaang saham besar di AirAsia, yang kemasukkannya dalam usaha sama dengan Sime Darby membina KLIA East @ Labu dengan belanja tinggi, ialah supaya dapat menyelamatkan kedua syarikat ini dengan wang rakyat?

18. Meskipun pembinaan KLIA East @ Labu digelar sebagai usaha dibiayai dana persendirian, mengapakah pihak berkuasa tidak mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga dan memudaratkan keselamatan awam dengan memberikan kelulusannya?

Walaupun terdapat kebaikan pembangunan iktisad untuk Negeri Sembilan pada pandangan pertama, patutkah pihak berkuasa memberikan kelulusan ini atas pemikirkan,  keselamatan dan kemudahan awam, serta persoalan-persoalan tersebut?

64 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #42

  1. ahmad

    Thank you for highlighting so many pertinent issues.

    Correctly put. Selling tickets in advance is just like deposit takings, which must have a licence from Bank Negara. Bank Negara will only grant such a licence to bank and not any company in order to protect the interests of the investing public. We all should learn from the bitter lesson in the late 1980s when the Chinese Deposit Taking Co-operatives collapsed and several hundred thousand of innocent depositors had to suffer. Bank Negara had to step in and after several years, the depositors did not receive a full refund of their deposits.

    As a member of public, I would like to know from the Minister of Transport and Airasia what are the guarantees for the passenger, who have paid their fares in advance, that they will definitely be able to travel on the day. I do not want to see rakyat monies being used for bailout.

    Airasia must tell us how could it finance the proposed new LCCT when it was having problems in paying the airport tax that it has already collected form its passengers since 2002 until 2008 amounting to RM110 million!

    I don’t understand why is Badawi and Tan Sri Noor Yakop are so tolerance of Airasia (a private company) owing a Government agency (MAB) airport tax with impunity!

    The voters in KT must reject BN if the approval for the building of LCCT is not withdrawn.

  2. anonymous

    Looking at the Airasia’s financial statement, it will be almost impossible for Airasia to take delivery of the 150 airbuses and at the same time building the new LCCT without the help from the government.

    By the way, Dato Tony Fernandes, have Airasia paid the airport tax up to date? I mean up to 31st December 2008?

    By the way, Dato Tony Fernandes, when are you going to help BN in the by-election campaign in Terengganu like what you did in Lembah Pantai Constituency during March 8th General Elections?

    No wonder Pak Lah loves you so much! Maybe another LCCT for Kepala Batas constituency!

  3. Bodohwi

    The sleepy Head must explain why Airasia has been given such easy ride with the people monies. A few months ago the government spent RM124 million to upgrade the existing LCCT with new extension. Now it gave approval for Sime Darby and Airasia approval to build another new LCCT.

    It seemed that Sleepy Head approving projects after projects without planning.

    I believe this new LCCt is another midnight express for the Sleepy Head. He is taking care of all his cronies before he disappear. Please go as quickly as possible – the Malaysians have had enough of yoiu.

  4. anonymous

    It is going to be a daily robbery with massive bailouts soon.

    Watch out. Airasia is not as healthy as the newspapers made it out to be. Taking delivery of 1 airbus a month (totaling 150 airbus) will definitely bring Airasia to its knees.

    For a start not enough destinations for it to fly to, assuming for the moment that it has the fund to buy the airbus.

    It is just a big joke and another Malaysia Boleh scheme for the new LCCT!

  5. Tony

    Tony please stop bullshitting. Better go and campaign for BN in Terengganu like what you have done in the last General Election where you also spoke at Dato Sharizat’s ceramah.

    No more new LCCT or any form of direct or indirect Bailout of private company be it Airasia or others.

    Enough of Sime Darby or Airasisa bullshits. SIme please tell us about teh RM120 million share trading losses in Golden Hope. Airasia please tell us whether you have fully paid the airport tax debt.

    Paklah please tell us what no actions have been taken against Airasia for owing RM110 million airport taxes and why Airasia has been given such special treatments.

  6. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Membena LCCT di Labu East tidak bersesuaian memandang LCCT di Sepang hanya 40km antara mereka. Sungguhpun pembenaan tersebut dibiayai oleh Air Asia dan Sime Darby namun masa dan tempat tidak sesuai. Kerajaan telah membelanjakan RM 244 juta untuk membena dan membesarkan LCCT Sepang dan akan siap tidak beberapa lama lagi. Kedudukan LCCT Labu East tidak sesuai kerana hanya 10km dari KLIA yang mana International Civil Aviation Organisation mencadangkan jarak antara dua lapangan terbang sekurang 40km. Saya rasa Air Asia tiada mempunyai cukup dana untuk LCCT tersbut di samping membeli 150 pesawat Airbus. Kelulusan yang segera itu seolah olah satu yang tak kena tentang projek tersebut.

  7. Melayu Jati

    YB Wee, bravo!

    I am glad I voted for you! You sure have a good nose to smell out the fishy deals. My, you also sure can ‘see’ things others will simply miss!

    The rakyat is very lucky to have you as their MP!

    Yah, on the surface, KLIA East @ Labu sounds admirable and looks like the project will benefit the rakyat of Negeri Sembilan. But. There is always a but and, my oh my, Sime Darby and AirAsia are sure sneaky to try to fool the rakyat. I think the powerful people behind the deal are the ones pulling the strings. Man, is this a last kopek retirement fund project or what? Of course everyone connected with the deal will benefit also.

    Besides the big shots in Sime Darby and AirAsia you also have the 4th floor boys, ECM Libra, Ethos, Kali Ular, Kamaluddin, Brunsfield, one “young and ambitious politician” etc, etc. This looks like bonus time for these folks before the sleepy one goes into sleep retirement.

    YB, can you please check? … I hear there’s a very closely connected family member of the Badawi family or extended family who is the real owner of AirAsia. I hear it’s a she. Please confirm this for us. Thank you.

    Also, maybe this is exactly the reason why Badawi is so nice to AirAsia and will bend backward to mollycoddle the low cost airline! Tony Fernandes cannot lose if ‘friends’ like this are behind him. Now you know lah how he can owe airport tax without going to jail.

    So, rakyat of Negeri Sembilan, don’t be so easily fooled by this so-called airport in Labu. In the end we the rakyat will be the RAT in the picture that will finally be trapped by the folks of Sime Darby, AirAsia and their friends and cronies at our expense! They will lure us with the labu but the mousetrap will spring on us and kill us. Watch it people!

    Who cares, when the project fails, there’s always EPF or Petronas to bailout with the rakyat’s money. Doesn’t this happen all the time?

    I agree and support this campaign. “No to KLIA@East – We already have KLIA!”

  8. Tony


    Apa dana Airasia ada untuk membeli 150 airbus dan mebena LCCT East? Creative accounting adalah.

    We have to be careful with Airasia and Sime Darby. These two are “dua kali lima”.

    Vote against Badawi and BN to safe the nation. We must not allow Badawi to dish out project and approvals to his cronies before he I have had enough of him. Have you?

  9. James

    No to LCCT East. No basis for another LCCT when the stupid government led by Pak Lah had spent RM250 million to build the existing LCCT for Airasia. In fact, the government should not be building LCCT for Airasia use at all because KLIA is under utilised until now. But Pak Lah had to help his cronies with the LCCT otherwise Airasia will not be able to get off the ground.

    I am curious why is EPF buying a lot of Airasia shares especially when the American or other foreign shareholders chose to sell them last year. Pahamin (the man with cowboy hat), its former chairman, also sold off his shares last year. Under such circumstances, Tan Sri Nor Yakop, the Deputy Finance II and a close friend of Tony Fernandes, should explain why EPF/workers fund was used to purchase Airasia shares.

    I am also against BAILOUT of any private company. So members of the public have been forewarn about buying Airasia tickets in advance. Buy at your own risk.

  10. lee wee tak

    the most important thing in the whole issue is who has purchased the land and re-sold to Sime Darby, if there is such a thing.

    if you look at PKFTZ, land was acquired cheaply and sold at astronomically inflated price to the development authority when the land can be acquired under National Land Code or something at much cheaper rate

    Could this is be a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for BN business model.

    put the air fields at Sabah and Sarawak for the benefit of these people who rely more on air transport

    if Labu LCCT is up, Subang Air Port is gonna be whiter than white elephant, an insult to an historical monument of the nation. Badawi administration has no respect for national monuments. why not convert Stadium Merdeka into something more grand instead of building those white elephants in Shah Alam and Bukit Jalil?

  11. anonymous

    Lee Wee Tak

    You got it spot on! Sime does non have enough land to build airport. So there must be acquisition. This is one of the main point to watch for beside Airasia has no fund to build the airport. Airasia had to owe MAB for airport taxes, which it has collected from its passengers in advance.

    Therefore, Airasia had to owe airport tax then how could it build an airport worth RM1.6 billion.

    Don’t listen to Tony Fernandes, he is bullshitting all the way. Airasia should concentrate in finding ways to pay for the 150 airbuses that it ordered before the March 8th General Elections. Unfortunately for Tony and Airaisa that the opposition won too many seats despite Tony performing ceramah for BN in Lembah Pantai constituency.

  12. ahmad

    Tony Fernandes should go to KT to ceramah for BN candidate Wan Farid,who is a Badawi boy, and if Wan Farid were to win then Airasia may get LCCT for the BN ruled States like Trengganu, Perlis, Johor, Pahang and etc.

    Tony better start to show your loyalty to BN and you need not rush to build the airport before March. After March, Najib will still sanction the new LCCT.

    Go Tony go to KT. KT BN needs you badly!

  13. Anonymous

    I do ageree that Tony fernandes should go to KT to help in the ceramah for the KT by-election as he has the experience in performing his role as Pak Lah supporter.

    Tony should have lobbied to be the BN candidate for KT. And if he were top win then Airasia will get another LCCT and Sime can also join in.

  14. Sri Hartamas

    There are just too many unanswered questions and suspicions behind KLIA Labu. And the answers, when we finally get them, will be like the saying, “Tikus membaiki labu”. No matter how they word the answers, the holes in the Labu will be too many to cover up. You cannot trust a tikus to repair a labu. Tikus, by nature will gobble up the Labu and spoil it completely. Tony Fernandes is a rat, one hell of a sneaky character, whose public image is just a mirage. Look at his photo in his blog. He takes the good side of his bloated face and reduce all the excess fat around his chin and cheeks and suddenly he looks uncannily similar to the MPSA engineer who was charged and ultimately freed of the murder of Norita Samsudin.

  15. hafiz

    only in malaysia we can create nonsense project like this labu thing.. lcct is nearby and klia’s capacity has not been fully utilized

  16. lee wee tak

    When and if PR takes over, let us see if Tony will come running to Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi or whoever

    A businessman have to survive in any political environment

    That’s fact of life but I hope Tony is backing the wrong end for the time being…..

  17. lee wee tak

    Anom Jan 11, 2009 at 12:11 am

    – thanks for letting on that AirAsia is deep in debt too. very good point

    – @#$& I bought AA shares before all this surfaced

  18. Anonymous


    Malaysia boleh Badawi style. KLIA under utilised never mind as long as the cronies are alright. But this time I think that all is not so well for his cronies and relatives.

    No country in the world approve another airport to be built within the distance of 10 km. I think Badawi wants to see air disasters as his vision.

    Badawi should also explain why was his government allows Airasia to owe Airport Taxes with no action taken by MAB? Why was the MAB boss not sacked for not taking action against Airasia?


  20. conman

    I totally agree with below comment on Rocky bru’s

    ChengHo said…
    Labu LCCT is for SIME and for AA
    this project is an ego massage for Zubir ( musa hitam?) and Tony ( kali? )

    8:41 AM.

    Yes, people, Tony Badawi is in deep shit (remember Patrick’s badawi) especially now that Firefly has offered a better alternatives (from Subang) to Penang, Singapore (soon) etc.

    Fatso, being a rat can smell this and he is asking for the Labu sky, hoping that the idiot government can be conned in giving him Subang instead.

  21. Ara Damansara Resident

    That thought about scheming fatso Tony Fernandes and gang eyeing Subang airport did cross my mind.

    Their success would have been one of the greatest heists and stunts ever pulled in the century!

    Over my and my fellow residents in Ara Damansara, and nearby residents in Kelana, Saujana, Tropicana’s, etc dead bodies will we ever allow that to happen.

    Be forewarned or pay the price all you thieves and a**eholes.
    Enough is enough!

  22. Saujana Resident

    YB Wee,

    My congratulations to you and the wonderful work you are doing for your constituents and the country. Keep up the good work. You are one MP I notice who doesn’t go for cheap publicity but go about doing your work quietly. The rest of the MPs, who mostly behave like NGOs, should learn from you and follow your example.

    Now don’t let this praise of mine goes you your head ok, YB. I will just as soon whack you if I think you are erring.

    Anyway, what I want to highlight here is something I have read written as a comment by a Frequent Flyer 2 that gives some good insights as to why KLIA@East is a bad idea and why Sime Darby and AirAsia are lasciviously pushing for its construction.

    There are rats at Labu and depending on one’s point of view it could be the rakyat as victims or the greedy hapraks as raiders and thieves!

    Go here people for a good additional read …

    YB, you are doing a great job here but keep focused and on course and don’t let the RATS of the marauding kind rape our treasury and rakyat although they claim otherwise!

    People of Negeri Sembilan, use your brains and don’t be fooled!

    Support the campaign to reject KLIA@East.

    Tell the Musang Hitams, Kalimuntahs, Tony Fernajises, Ahmad Jubors, Kamalulars, KJahats, etc. of this nation to go fly kites and don’t take you for idiots!


  23. anonymous

    By the way who is the rat in the logo? I wonder.

    Who are actually behind Airasia? Tony Fernandes? No, he is one of them.

    Did i hear of another name, NONI????? Please do not ask me who is Noni ok. There are so many Noni in Malaysia! Please ask Pak Lah.

    What a con job!

    The black Musang is working on it. You know who. Please do not ask me also.

  24. Jocky

    Since everyone knows that Air Asia is in deep financial shit, maybe YB Wee should start campaign for MAS, MAHB and now possibly EPF to take over Air Asia – for RM1.00

    And also propose Idris Jala to take over as CEO of Air Asia (in addition to his role at MAS)

  25. Anonymous

    To Jocky:
    Before taking over Airasia, there must be a thorough audit of its accounting records a by external chartered accountants to ensure that there is no creative accounting. This is just a normal process.

    We must all kill that bloody RAT in the interest of our nation.

    Now Everyone Can Fly To “HOLLAND” with the proposed new LCCT.

  26. Lester

    No to the Sime/Airasia LCCT!

    Airasia please pay up the Airport Taxes now. Airport Taxes belong to MAHB and not Airasia. Tan Sri Nor Yakop please wake up. Don’t sleep like your boss. Check on MAHB, why it is not pressing for airport taxes from Airasia. Why is Airasia is a protected specie under Badawi?

    Ya, who is Noni???

  27. anonymous

    There are a few Noni around in Malaysia. Who is Noni Mahmood?? The Sleepy Head should know. Pahamin former chairman of Airsasia should also know who she is.

    Say “No to LCCT Labu”. The people in KT must reject BN candidate in order to tell the Sleepy Head that we have had enough of Sime/Airasia nonsense.

    A vote against BN in KT is a Vote against abused of public fund by BN leader.

  28. Lee S K

    I agree that the people in KT must reject BN to show Badawi that we strongly object to the approval given to Sime Darby and Airsia to build another LCCT in Labu. Malaysian should not be burden with the hidden costs of this LCCT Labu. Who is going to pay for the KRM link to it? Who is going to build the control tower and pay for its operation?

    Airasia should come out in the open to prove that it has RM0.85 billion to spare for the construction of the new LCCT.

    Airasia should tell us why is it still owing the Airport tax when the passengers has already paid them.

    Vote against BN in KT for nation building.

  29. ahmad

    Locked up all the “foods” and the corporate RATS will die from starvation. Kill that RAT to save the nation.

    Yes, Vote for PAS candidate in Terengganu. Reject BN under Pak Lah, who is helping his cronies.

    Airasia can owe airport tax and no actions from MAB. If we owe a few thousand income tax and actions will be taken against us. This Pak Lah government.

    Get rid of Wan Farid on the 17th January to save Malaysia from the RATS.

  30. Sally

    Thank you YB Wee for given to us a fairly comprehensive write-up of the Sime-Airasia LCCT Labu.

    I am an ordinary rakyat but I do not want my monies to be used for such stupid project to help certain people. Although this project appears to be paid by Airasia and SIme Darby, the we must rkayat monies will have to used for the LCCT, at the end I am sure that our monies will also be used for bailout of companies controlled by cronies of BN.

    I also agree that there must not be any bail out.

    Let all vote against BN in Kuala Terengganu to show our disgust of the way Pak Lah is doing a midnight express to help his cronies at the expense of the rakyat like myself.

    So please reject BN in Terengganu on 17th January.

  31. kas

    Dear all,

    I dont know about you all but i have benefited a lot from air asia.

    I wouldn’t have travelled so much if it weren’t for air asia and without the competition could you imagine what MAS’ ticket prices would have been now?

    LCCT is spilling over with commuters as it is, so it seems a good reason to have a new place for their growing business.

    As for deposit taking, Mas does it too and also a lot of other businesses if you want to confirm getting a place.

    Its gratifying to see a Malaysian product this successful. Think positive la guys.

  32. ahmad

    We want to ensure that at the end of the day Airasia passengers will not be short changed when it goes under. If an airline cannot pay the airport tax it has collected from its passengers then we must have a mechanism to ensure that at the end of the day Airasia will not leave the passengers in the dark and the Government had to do a bailout.

    MAS is our national carrier and we know it will not fail out in its selling tickets in advance. We know that it will honour its obligations. Unlike Airasia it has shown us that it could not do so because of the reason given above.

    There must be control of Airasia activities in the collections of monies in advance. We must defend public interest whereby all monies paid in advance will be honoured by Airasia as and when the passengers have been booked to fly.

    No bailout using the rakyat monies.

  33. anonymous

    Thank you Alladin for keeping us update with other facts showing how Pak Lah’s crony is having hell of a good time so far. Oh Melaka airport was also given approval for extending its highway to cater for Airasia airbus and etc.

    Why must Pak Lah government is so friendly to Airasia. Whatever it asked for the Pak Lah government will obliged. WHY?

    Can you imagine we have 4 airports within 100 KM area? Even Europe cannot compete with us. It is not Malaysia Boleh but Pak LAh Boleh for his cronies.

    How can a government approved such a big project without public discussion and seeking the views of the expert? Why the rush Pak LAh? Are you trying to do a “Midnight Express” before you disappear in March. Please leave as soon as possible. You are screwing up our country big time.

  34. Tony

    I say NO to LCCT Labu because I know that rkayat monies will be used at the end. It is impossible for private companies like Sime Darby and especially Airasia to finance the building and running of an airport.

    Tony should stop bull shitting. As have been said by others that Airasia cannot even pay the airport tax that it has collected then how could it build an airport without getting help from the government.

  35. anonymous

    Why LCCT Labu being decided without much discussion? Was it a fact that Badawi wanted to help his crony before he leave office at he end of March? It would appear that way. Is this the way the government should behave?

    The people of Terengganu must speak up and vote against BN to tell Badawi that Malaysian will not tolerate such dirty tactics at the expense of the people.

  36. James

    Do you all know that we have at least 6 airports within an area of 100 km? KLIA, existing LCCT, Subang, Nilai, Melaka and now LCCT Labu. What a big joke?

    What is the government trying to prove in approving another airport for Airasia sole use? To help Badawi’s crony?

  37. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB Wee, two things I want to highlight here lah with this with issue that has crop up.

    First, building this airport in Labu is absolute nonsense I must say so. Where got people have 3 airports close by to one another. Some more so close as 10 km. Want to have accidents in the sky is it? Why is this Badawi so silly and still sleeping on the job. He should go faster lah so we don’t have all this stupid projects approve by him. The whole world will laugh at us lah, bodoh. Badawi is stupid but don’t make lah the people stupid in the eyes of the world! The people in KT by election must vote PAS to send message to BN. BN never change, we change them lah.

    Second, sure or not AirAsia got money to joint venture to build the airport in Labu ah? Airport tax also cannot pay what talk some more? Can owe for 6 years for RM110 million and then only pay RM80 million with discount. Discount is one thing lah what about interest? No need to pay interest one ah? What lah if we rakyat don’t pay tax they will jail us. Why this Tony Fernandez no need to go to jail one? Why so special.

    I don’t believe AirAsia got the money to build the airport in Labu lah. If got, where the money come one? Bank also don;t want to lend him money to go private now can get loan to build airport is it? This is all lies I tell you YB. Sure the money come from somewhere. From EPF lah I think, rakyat’s money.

    YB Wee, please lah make sure rakyat’s money is not used to build this airport okay. If not I wont vote for you anymore.

    Thank you.

  38. SK Tan

    Wangsa Maju Resident

    Why cannot owe airport tax for 6 years? of course, can. When one is a good friend of Tan Sri Nor Yakop, the Deputy Finance Minister II and the PM.

    How can Airasia pay half od RM1.7 million for the cost of the new KLIA Labu when it has no money to pay for the airport tax that it has already collected form the passengers? This speaks volume of Airasia’s financial state.

    From this fact, I don’t think Airasia can build a stretch of small drain let alone an airport.

    Even if it can, the government cannot allow a private company build its own airport without taking inconsideration public safety when KLIA Labu is only 10 km from the existing KLIA. International aviation law states that two airport must be at least 40 km away from each other.

    In any event I do not believe that Airasia has the fund to build the airport. I will go further to state that Airasia should not be allowed to sell tickets in advance of 2 months unless Airasia can come up with an acceptable financial guarantee for the passengers.

  39. anonymous

    YB Wee, you should be pleased to know that today (12-01-09) the Malay Mail has given 4 pages (including the front page) of adverse publicity for Airasia.

    At least one print media has highlighted the nonsense about the KLIA Labu lcct.

    Airasia and Sime Darby so called joint venture to build the airport without involving public fund is just rubbish. Who is Airasia? a half dead company that need help and support from the PM/government! Without the government help it is just finished. That is Airasia for you.

  40. Tony

    Tony & Zubir of Sime should stop bullshitting that no public fund will be utilised for the LCCT Labu. Airasia is broke – could not pay airport tax debt. So at the end, Pak Lah will use public fund to help Airasia to build KLIA Labu.

    Zubir should also tell us whether Sime has enough fund to build the airport.

    The Pakatan Rakyat should not allow Airasia to abuse public fund. Airasia should pay up all the airport tax debts before talking about new LCCT.

  41. ahmad

    i am sorry for syed munir. he could only use vulgar words to argue for tony fernandes & co. sorry babe! You should go to Tony Fernandes blog to argue. YB Blog is for those who care for their country interests.

    Who is that rat?? Such rat must be killed to save the country. Two and half month to go before March 2009, and I am sure that we will see more of such project as a last fling.

    We, Malaysians, must go all out to stop all abuses.

  42. Tan

    This is the standard of the RAT. When RATS are being prevented from getting access to “FOOD”, they will die.

    Lets all stop these rats from getting any where to food. Get your friend sin Terengganu to vote against BN and this country will be a safe place.

    Ignore people like Syed Munir. He is just uneducated.

  43. MNR LABU

    Apa yang tak kena….semua nak condem, biar lah duit depa…..biar Labu maju sikit… dah lama dah Labu dok macam tu… korang tak pe lah duduk kat wangsa maju yang dah maju.. semua nya dah maju cakap pun macam orang dah maju…orang dah senang senang…dulu macam tu juga marah mahathir buat klcc… sekarang awak juga tumpang bangga…positif lah sikit…

  44. Tan

    kalau tak kena – mestilah tak kena. Bukan tak kena, kita biarkan supaya TIKUS makan habis. We can allow those cronies to whack the rakyat punya harta.

    Airasia mana ada dana untuk membina lapangan terbang. Hutang ariport tax, yang telah dibayar oleh orang awam pun, ia tidak mampu buat bayaran kepada MAB. Nak bina apa?

    Sime Darby pun dua kali lima.

  45. Tony

    Tony Fernandes said in Malay Mail that Airasia guarantee that no public fund will be used for the KLIA East Labu LCCT. Just like a CEO of a public company telling the public that please buy my company shares and I guarantee you making profit. There is no value to such a guarantee. Just an empty promise.

    Tony F or Airasia should ask their good friends like the PM or Tan Sri Nor Yakop (Deputy Finance Minister II) to make this declaration that we can seriously look at it. Other than that Tony F can say what he wants, we should not bother about it.

    Tony, please show us Airasia creative accounting records how Airasia can pay for the Labu LCCT. Secondly, please tell us why Airasia having collected airport taxes from passengers and it did not pay to MAB? Thirdly, why Airasia refuse to refund the airport taxes to those passengers, who did not travel?

    I am sure that Tony F could not answer those questions. Airasia building airport? What a joke?

  46. anonymous

    Sime Darby is no better. It is also trying to fool the public. Sime Darby is a GLC. The government has an interest in the company. Then Sime Darby’s fund indirectly comes form the rakyat. So it is the people monies.

    What cock is Tony Fernandes talking about no using public fund? The fact that EPF holds slightly more than 10% shares in Ariasia also shows that oit is also using public fund.

    The workers should ask EPF board why is EPF buying so many of Airasia shares when Airasia’s previous shareholders , the American company, were disposing them off. EPF board must also explain?

    Perhaps we should also ask Tan Sri Nor Yakop: why was EPF buying so many shares of Airasia? Knock! Knock! Tan Sri please tell us more about this? We know Tony Fernandes is your good friend but you can still whisper into our ears.

  47. djoenoes

    dear YB,

    all these while we have been fooled by two jokers
    1. kj
    2. db

    so lets us kick those two fools and buried at labu lcct runaway

  48. anonymous

    Yes, the national menaces are: KJ and the 4th floor boys. But we must also get rid of the person who allow the 4th floor boys to run wild and screwed up our national economy.

    The whole lot must go as soon as possible otherwise this country will constantly be facing with such stupid decision to have an LCCT at Labu.

  49. Tony

    AirAsia building an airport? You got to be joking! Airasia is still owing MAB airport tax. How on earth it is going to build an airport. Even the present LCCT was built by Badawi government. AirAsia/Tony Fernades should be thank you Badawi who sanction the constructions of the present LCCT when KLIA is under utilised.

    Stop bull shitting that public monies will not be used for proposed new LCCT.

    I will be a happy Malaysian if there is no BAILOUT at the end of the end of the day.

  50. Alvin

    How can Airport tax be owed when airport tax is being paid by passengers?

    MASB must be kicking itself for not getting its share upfront.

    Perhaps they should not allow AA to collect the tax on their behalf.

  51. anonymous

    When you are close to the Prime Minister and Deputy Finance Minister, you can do all kinds of things. May be one can also owe Income Tax – may be no need to pay also! This is Malaysia Boleh under Badawi regime. What is Airport Tax?

  52. airline enthsiast

    airline enthusiast
    January 16, 2009 at 17:18

    I have been following the air transport industry for over 40 years, ever since when I was a teenager in Malaysia and even until now when I am living in London. Never have I seen so much turmoil , or potential turmoil , in the Malaysian air industry. I know Mr Tony F. has been referring that KLIA East@Labu will not be much further, if any, from Terminal 5 and Terminal 1 in London Heathrow Airport, but the big difference is both terminals in London Heathrow use the same runway and control tower , same train and road highway connecting systems, and KLIA East and KLIA do not. Also, whenever I mentioned to my British friends in London about what Air Asia plans to do, they shook their heads almost saying , “What is Air Asia doing? It is incredibly unreasonable.” In other words, it is “Plane Crazy”. However, it is without doubt the Mr Tony F. cares deeply for his airline and he does have real concerns on how to manage his airline given his dissatisfaction with KLIA and MAHB in accommodating his airline’s growing needs.

    As I have no vested interests in either parties, my views are objective and I do not take sides. For what’s it’s worth, here are my comments:

    1) There are two main parties who are not in good terms with each other – Malaysian Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) and Air Asia.

    2) Air Asia moves away because it claims to be dissatisfied with what was being offered , and what may be offered in the future,
    by MAHB.

    3) It is not unusual that the airport operator and the airlines that uses the airport do not always see eye-to-eye. It is evident even here in London between some British/UK airlines and BAA, the owner and managers of London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports. Some of the complaints are similar, the airlines accused the airport operators of not providing the standard of service they were paid to do, and that service charges are too high, etc.

    4) If Air Asia has all it wants from the government and builds KLIA East, it will affect the entire future of aviation in Malaysia, not just in the short term but for many years to come.
    The Malaysian govt. should dictate the National Transport Infrastructure, not Air Asia. THE DOG SHOULD WAG THE TAIL, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND !

    5) KLIA, which is already under utilised especially in terms of its runway, will become even more under utilised if Air Asia moves away. It will suffer greatly even in the longer term if connectivity, eg the number of cities it serves so that passengers can connect from one flight to another to fly to another city, will be significantly reduced.

    KLIA, as the main airport of Kuala Lumpur and indeed Malaysia, as a hub will be affected. It is competing with other strong contenders in the region, eg Singapore Changi, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Hong Kong Chep Lok Kok airports. The Malaysian govt. should support KLIA, and certainly, it is really unwise to allow KLIA East to be built as this has the effect of making KLIA even more uncompetitive.


    6) The ordinary person on the street in Malaysia should realise that one of the first priorities of any commercial airline is to make as much profit for their company and share holders as possible, at least in the long term. Air Asia is no exception

    If Air Asia ever finds itself in a near monopoly situation on some routes, by “chasing away” routes from MAS, you can almost bet that it will raise its air fares to the level that it will make maximum profit. “Peanut” fares will go out of the window. (I say this by looking at some “budget” fares from European low cost airlines are not always “budget” even though the standard of service is.) In the short term, Air Asia may reduce prices to attract customers, what can be termed as “lose leaders”, but when the market picks up, it will recoup it by raising fares. If it does not raise fares, it will raise profits by making other “stealth” or “hidden” charges. Again, you only need to look at some low cost airlines in other countries including the European Union. A “£1″ flight from A to B could end up being like “£50″ before you board the aircraft! Malaysians should not be hoodwinked that Air Asia is all good. It is , after all, a trading company, it is not
    a Charity ! It looks after itself and its shareholders before it looks after you, the travelling public !

    6) Air Asia Holdings seems to be following a fairly high risk strategy. Air Asia Holdings, or Mr Tony F., appears to think that by building his own airport and increasing routes, especially long haul inter-continental routes, it will create its own hub from cities around the world and connect those passengers onto Air Asia’s short haul routes. It feels it does not need to cooperate with other airlines to “feed” traffic for its business. It feels going alone is the right answer even in this economically uncertain climate (Most airlines worldwide are doing the opposite, they are either merging or having cooperations with each other ). . In the relatively recent past, similar long haul low cost airlines using similar business model which goes it alone have gone bust – Oasis Hong Kong , and Zoom Airlines. Air Asia , or Air Asia X will be very fortunate to defy that trend. So, let’s say, what happens if Air Asia X is not successful – say what if oil prices rises yet again or demand for long haul flights fall due to the Credit Crunch or something unforeseen happens- where would that leave Air Asia Holdings’s grand plan? What would Air Asia do with the problem of filling its acquired or soon-to-be-acquired 20 or so big Airbus 330 long haul aircraft . And God forbid, what if Air Asia goes bust because of that? What would happen to KLIA East airport? I know no one in the airline would like to think of that, but in the airline world, it can be very unpredictable and chances of an airline failing is not unheard of. No airline is immune from this risk .

    Another big concern is Air Asia and Air Asia X try to grow too quickly and it may encounter problems with great expansion. Air Asia’s regional expansion may not be so worrying but Air Asia X’s growth long haul may have more risks . Examples of airlines in the past that grew too quickly and gone “bust” include Braniff Airlines (USA), Air Europe (from the UK), People’s Express of the USA (Yes, “People”as in “Rakyat”!), and recently Zoom airlines (Canada/UK) . Let us hope Air Asia’s growth is not like some internet bubble , or property bubble because if it is, you know where it led those industries to!

    The Malaysian government ought to take note because Air Asia is now a very important part of the Malaysian transport structure, and it should not be allowed to go “solo” and leave the other parts of the elements and parties that make up the Malaysian national transport infrastructure. Air Asia’s powers should be clipped and its independence reined back so that it works in coordination with the National Transport objectives and in the national interest.


    7) One possible solution for this debacle to be resolved (between MAHB and Air Asia) may be to have a strong mediator. The government has to appoint this mediator. Maybe it can appoint an all-powerful “Transport Czar” with a strong team that has powers to decide in the interest of the nation . He will report directly to the Prime Minister. The Transport Czar must have a clear National Air Transport strategy and objectives.

    He believes that MALAYSIA’S NATIONAL INTERESTS COME FIRST. Not individual parties like Air Asia or MAHB.

    He aims to make KLIA a strong hub as one of his objectives, not weakens it. He should encourage competition between airports in the neighbouring countries, not within the same country especially when they are just 8 kilometres of so apart serving the same city.

    The Transport Czar should see that KLIA be similar Singapore Changi, London Heathrow, Frankfurt (Main) , New York JFK airports, where they add new terminals but using the existing runways, etc. KLIA will become an “aero-tropolis”. It is also very important that he ought to address the issues which is of concern from both parties, Air Asia and MAHB. He has to be a diplomat, but a strong one. He will be a good listener too. He will not be bullied by any side.

    The Transport Czar may also be flexible and inventive.

    If the present “marsh” land for the new LCCT at KLIA is of concern to Air Asia, and the Transport Czar is absolutely certain this cannot be fixed in tiime to build the terminal, perhaps he could suggest building additional new “satellite” buildiings that radiates from the main terminal….perhaps one satellite for Air Asia, one for MAS and the existing one for all the other airlines. The Main KLIA terminal may only need slight extension. .

    Another possibility is to built another terminal for Air Asia not on the “marsh” land that concerns Air Asia but on another part of land within the peripheral of KLIA. Different ideas can be thrashed out and a solution can be found but the Transport Czar but the option of building another airport at KLIA East should not be an option.

    To encourage Air Asia to come back into the fold , there should be in place , better , cheaper and faster links created between the different terminals in KLIA to improve connectivity (if the building of new terminals is the option selected) . Maybe a special bus service either with low fares, or even free transfer, can be created, to link between the terminals. Later on, the monorail can be extended to cover all the terminals. MAHB may need to have a kick up the backside (!) and whipped into shape, to improve its performance. There ought to be, if there is not already, regular meetings between MAHB and Air Asia.

    9) In addition Air Asia could perhaps be given restricted access to Subang as MAS has with Firefly. It can have a fixed number of domestic routes from Subang but the bulk of its routes still ought to fly from KLIA. This will immediately ease Air Asia’s concern about not having enough airport terminal capacity at KLIA.

    10) It would be good if the Transport Czar has the power to recommend to Parliament to rescind the permission for Air Asia and Sime Darby to build an airport so close to KLIA.

    11) To discourage Air Asia from moving to KLIA East, the Transport Czar could also say to Air Asia that he would advise the government in not providiing the highways and rail links with the new airport KLIA East should ever it be built (if he does not have the authority to rescind permission to build it).

    The Czar may also have another card up his sleeve. In addition, he may say to Air Asia he may advise the government to ask civil servants to use MAS rather than Air Asia . If the Malaysian govt. removes its support for Air Asia, the airline will soon realise that it should start listening to the government. This may get Air Asia to get back work as a team with other parties that make up the Malaysian national infrastructure

    Yet, another card for the Transport Czar is he may liase with Malaysia Airlines. If Air Asia is reluctant to cooperate with the country’s national policy, (as I think the govt still is a big shareholder in MAS) he may encourage Malaysia Airlines to create its own Low Cost Airlines, as Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Qantas etc have done. MAS already have FireFly, all it needs is to “beef up” Firefly, give it a few more aircraft including a few Boeing 737s and it can compete quite well with Air Asia. Air Asia may not like to swallow this “bitter pill” and may change its mind.

    As a last resort, the govt. may even buy into Air Asia and become a shareholder in the company.

    12) The Transport Czar should also not ignore the well-being of Malaysia Airlines, the national airline. He should encourage Air Asia to be successful as well as that of Malaysia Airlines. At the moment, it appears Air Asia sometimes is benefitting at the expense of MAS – eg Singapore-KL routes, domestic routes, etc. Both companies should thrive, not one at the expense of the other.

    13)It might be difficult but it would be clearly advisable , and better, if Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines work together, and the Transport Czar should encourage that. MAS could provide the long haul passengers to feed into Air Asia’s short and medium haul routes. MAS and Air Asia, could also coordinate their schedules so that one flight from one airline can smoothly transfer to another. Or transit passengers from Air Asia does not have to check-in again if they fly MAS flights. MAHB, at KLIA, could provide much connection between terminals served by Air Asia and MAS.

    14) The Transport Czar, should also advise the government to agree, if it is not in place already that any airport projects should go through a thorough consultation so that the people of the country have a say. Enviromental issues should also be considered for any major airport development.


    15) I think pressure groups, like Friends of the Earth , should also make their voices heard.

    16) Malaysians citizens, who feel that Air Asia should remain in KLIA , they can also write to their MPs to express their views. In addition, they can write to Mr Tony F of Air Asia and say what you think. If you say you will not fly Air Asia because of what it is doing , I think Mr Tony F. it will make Mr Tony F. think again .

    17) Air Asia can be a great airline. But it should not be acting alone. It should cooperate with other transport parties within Malaysia. It can be a “win-win” situation if everyone cooperates. Otherwise, it can be a very unsatisfactory situation for Malaysia’s air transport future as a whole. The nation cannot afford that.

  53. Tony

    Tony F. should answer whether we should privatise our civil service like custom, police, immigration and other government officers to AirAisa so that it can fly to the moon.

    Tony shoud stop bull shitting that no rakyat money will be used.

    Why should the government only help AirAisa? How about other listed companies? The Pak Lah government only help cronies.

  54. Anonymous

    (15. What is the reason for EPF to be the biggest investor of AirAsia, a JV partner in the construction of KLIA East @ Labu with Sime Darby, and why does EPF continue to buy shares in AirAsia when its share price continues to dip south?)

    -Ever heard of the term buy low, sell high. Air Asia prices are relatively low and anyone with half a brain of investment strategy will strongly look into this given the possible profits.

  55. kath

    1)BLOCK C的马路几时修补?

  56. Anak Selangor

    Just check around with many businessmen, media friends, contractors and so on and you will be surprised with the answers.

    In fact, more than one excos in Selangor are said to be having dubious characters and one thing for sure is that they are also good at hidding under sheeps’ skins and many are misled into believing that they are righteous and ‘honourable’.

    Why Teresa Kok jumped into attacking YB Wee Choo Keong in a haste??Has she checked the facts and verified the statements made by YB Asmin and YB Wee if they are right or otherwise before she acted so wildly? It is not hard and does not need rocket science knowledge to figure out why she has acted so. Use your imagination to connect the missing linklah!

    Why YB Wee has to be involved in affairs in Selangor before he can query on the matter? As a Malaysian, we all HAVE THE RIGHT to comment on the conduct of the excos as they are publicly elected officials, let alone YB Wee. Put it in the simplest term, some body’s head is ‘swelling’ fast after the March 8 Election and by being put incharged of the state ‘senior’ exco position for trade and investment is a great mistake. Her performance in attracting trade and investments to the state is laughable and a real mockery to many. However, she is good in cover ups and needs considerable efforts to nail her down but the facts shall remain.

    All in all, it will be in the interests of many and also for the authority to conduct thorough investigations as to the truth of the matters highlighted. Let the truth be uncovered !

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