Thank you, Ahmad Zubir

Thank you for “respect(ing) the “wishes of the rakyat” for IJN to remain in its present structure.”

Thank you for being “aware of IJN’s role in providing excellent and affordable medical treatment, particularly to pensioners, low-income earners and the poor.”

Thank you for listening to my plea for not breaking the rakyat’s hearts.

Thank you, Dato’ Seri.

(For stories relating to Sime Darby’s ‘hands off’ decision on IJN, go here and here.)

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Terima kasih, Ahmad Zubir

Terima kasih atas “menghormati hasrat rakyat supaya IJN kekal seperti sekarang.”

Terima kasih atas “peka mengenai peranan IJN dalam membekalkan rawatan perubatan yang bermutu dan mampu ditanggung khasnya oleh golongan persara, berpendapatan rendah dan miskin.”

Terima kasih atas “mendengar rayuan saya supaya jangan musnahkan harapan rakyat.”

Terima kasih, Dato’ Seri.

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Ahmad Zubir

  1. Anonymous

    I didn’t expect Sime Darby to back off so quickly from this deal especially when IJN has so much monies in its bank account.

    Sime Darby should not have been greedy in the first place. But it is good of them to back off otherwise it will be a long drawn out campaign against Sime Darby.

    It would appear that Sime Darby is now a good partner of Airasia. The PR MPs should probe why there was a need to build another LCCT at Labu when the government had already spend more than RM200 millions to build the existing LCCT and a few months ago a new extension of the LCCT was completed.

    Please also take note that we do not need to spend on LCCT in the first place because KLIA is under utilised.

    Badawi loves Airasia. I wonder why????

  2. Maizatul Ahmad

    YB.. this post is wonderful. It’s a good gesture from you. I always regard your concern with issues rather than playing politics as the good quality of a new brand of Malaysian representative of the people… Fight on MDP!

  3. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Kenyataan Ahmad Zubir mengenai pembatalan pengambilan IJN amat memeranjatkan. Pembatalan tersebut disambut rasa lega oleh rakyat yang mahu IJN kekal dibawah kerajaan. Lepas itu kita dapat berita Sime Darby bersama Air Asia untuk membena LCCT di Labu Negri Sembilan. Yang hairan kerajaan telah membelanjakan lebih $200 juta untuk membena LCCT yang mana pengubahsuaian dijangka siap beberapa bulan lagi. Jarak antara LCCT yang sedia ada dengan Labu kurang 50KM. Saya rasa bila LCCT di Labu siap penggunaan LCCT yang sedia ada kurang digunakan. Saya berharap YB Wee dapat membongkar jika ada unsur salah laku didalam projek LCCT Labu ini.

  4. lee wee tak

    one wonders if there is a parallel with the Maybank thingy

    before the last GE MBB wanted to ensure loan takers have bumi co-owners, after much hue and cry, MBB retracted

    another “show of heart and action” by the powers to be? or is the money grabbing has gotten so blatant and desperate that public concern and interest is no longer relevant to a certain extent?

    wait till after the KT by election, then we shall see if there is a change of heart. however, I wish not that public concerns and good practices emerges after sudden death each time

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