Senseless killing in Gaza condemned

Palestinians’ schools, hospitals and homes have been bombed by Israel. As at 12:30 am 06 January 2008, 540 civilians including young children were killed and about 2,500 Palestinians were injured.

Killing of human beings by the Israelis are unacceptable by any standard. The Israelis military actions into Gaza will not make Israel safe as stated by the Israeli government. On the contrary it would make Israel and the other parts of the world an unsafe place where there will be acts of reprisals against ordinary people in places where there are dominated by Israelis, Americans and other citizens who are closely associated with Israel or America.

The senseless killing in Gaza must be condemned and stopped by the Security Council of the United Nations.

4 thoughts on “Senseless killing in Gaza condemned

  1. anonymous

    More than senseless killing! Look at the young children have been killed by the Israelis. What did George Bush said: Israelis are defending their country.

    What a logic! Killing young children is a form of defending one’s country. How inhumane these Americans are.

    We must all boycott the Americans and Israelis products.

  2. Bob

    Did anyone notice that the killings are seasonal and coincide with political events such as the impending election in Israel?

    Whenever a politician needs to bolster his sagging credentials, the weapons of war are his choice. Bush did it, Olmert is doing it, god knows other politicians will do it too. Fuck them!

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