A plea to Sime Darby CEO Ahmad Zubir

Sime Darby CEO Ahmad Zubir

Dato’ Seri,

I am hoping this note of mine would make a difference.

I am appealing to you to use your good office to stop a corporate raid that would literally help prevent breaking the rakyat’s hearts altogether.

The rakyat do not want IJN to be acquired by anyone or any company. Not now. Not ever. Not Sime Darby.

Are you aware the rakyat’s hearts are already in a deadly fragile state? Do you know statistics have shown more rakyat die (if not get maimed) because of their heart conditions? Why add to the pain and suffering and perhaps accelerate the high fatality rate by your company’s action?

Why rob the rakyat their best chance and only access to affordable treatments for their No.1 killer?

Why target IJN?  What does the company hope to achieve by this privatization?  Is the privatization by the company for national interest?

If Sime Darby is such a successful and admired corporation because of its own effort and capability, then go build your own heart centre and charge the exorbitant fees and charges that the company is known to do as in SJMC. But leave IJN alone.

IJN was first conceived for the rakyat and built by the rakyat’s money so let us keep it that way for the generations to come. What more, IJN ain’t broken. The institution is well managed, is financially sound and has earned an exemplary reputation for its high standard of service through the years that’s as good as the best in the world. It is also believed that there is at least RM100 million in IJN’s coffer today.

Only when Sime Darby can make it from scratch on your own steam, then you would have earned our respect. But if you usurp others’ years of hardwork to claim quick and easy success, you would be as unscrupulous and unethical as they come.

Don’t break hearts. Don’t take over IJN and privatize it.

The poor has as much right as the rich to one of the best and most affordable heart care the world can provide.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Suatu rayuan kepada Ketua Eksekutif Sime Darby Ahmad Zubir

Dato’ Seri,

Saya harap nota saya ini dapat mendatangkan perubahan.

Saya merayu anda menggunakan kuasa anda memberhentikan suatu urusniaga yang akan “membinasakan” hati rakyat jelata.

Para rakyat tidak mahu IJN diambilalih oleh sesiapa sekarang dan selama-lamanya, sama ada oleh Sime Darby atau sesiapa pun.

Tahukah anda hati para rakyat telah berada di keadaan yang lesu? Tahukah anda bancian menunjukkan ramai rakyat telah meninggal dunia (atau cacat) kerana sakit jantung ? Mengapa menambahkan kesengsaraan mereka dan mungkin menambahkan kadar kematian dengan tindakan syarikat anda?

IJN ditubuhkan untuk kepentingan rakyat dan binina menerusi wang rakyat, oleh itu biarlah keadaan ini kekal untuk generasi yang akan datang. Bahkan IJN tidak mengalamai sebarang kepincangan. Pertubuhan ini diurus dengan baik, mempunyai kedudukan kewangan yang baik dan masyhur kerana taraf perkhidmatan yang baik sehingga kini standing dengan mana-mana pusat rawatan lain di dunia. Adalah dipercayai dana IJN berjumlah sekurang-kurangnya RM100 juta.

Jika Sime Darby berjaya atas usaha sendiri maka ia akan dihormati tetapi jika anda hanya mengambil kesempatan daripada hasil kerja orang lain bertahun-tahun, anda akan dianggap tidak jujur dan kurang beretika.

Jangan menyakit hati orang ramai. Jangan swastakan IJN.

Orang miskin berhak seperti orang kaya dalam mendapatkan rawatan jantung terbaik di dunia.

7 thoughts on “A plea to Sime Darby CEO Ahmad Zubir

  1. Ahmad


    You should waste no time and leave IJN alone. YB Wee was absolutely right. If Sime Darby wants a heart hospital please go ahead and build one – no one will oppose your move on this. But if Sime Darby is after IJN then the rakyat shall fight until the bitter end to defend our right to affordable medical treatment.

    SIme Darby/Zubir: Please do not be selfish. Think of our national interest and leave IJN alone.

  2. anonymous

    I know that IJN is self sustaining now. IJN got many hundreds of million RM in its bank account. Why is the government wants to privatise it????? Sleepy Head should wake up for once and save the nation from such privatisation at the expense of the poor rakyat.

    Zubir, please be remembered that if SIme Darby goes ahead with the privatisation, you are action against our national interest and you are alos against the people.

  3. chong

    Zubir: Please leave IJN to the rakyat. If Sime Darby is desperate for IJN then start your own heart hospital. Leave IJN to the ordinary Malaysians ok!

  4. Anonymous


    Please do not try to do a Golden Hope Sdn Bhd on IJN. IJN to the rakyat. Leave IJN to the rakyat of Malaysia.

    The poor Malaysians need a heart institute to take care of them also. If Sime Darby wants a heart hospital, please use its fund to start another heart centre but leave IJN alone.

    Please do not make the poor rakyat angry. The rakyat shall show the BN of their disapproval of taking over of IJN by Sime by voting against BN in KT by-election.

    Lets all campaign against BN in KT to tell the BN government that we are against privatisation of IJN.

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