Your MP's Question of the Week #41

bloody-slimy Save IJN. Say No to Sime Darby.

On 17 December 2008, Sime Darby announced to Bursa Malaysia that the company had written to the government expressing an interest in acquiring IJN (Institut Jantung Negara / National Heart Institute which was set up in 1992.)

A public outcry ensued when the takover attempt was first highlighted here and aggressively pursued by the popular blog known as Rocky’s Bru here. This was followed by 35 consultants of IJN issuing a public statement 2 days later stating, among others, “the perception that the privatization proposal is in response to demands for higher remunerations by its medical staff is misconceived and must be corrected accordingly to safeguard and preserve the trust placed upon us by our patients.

Apparently, a week after the Cabinet had announced that it was deferring a decision on the takeover bid, today the Economic Planning Unit in the PM’s Department has called for a meeting between Sime Darby and IJN to be held on Monday, 5 January 2009, at 2.30 pm.

Speculation is rife that “the outgoing Abdullah Administration seems bent on forcing through a proposal by a desperate Sime Darby to take over IJN….”

Should Sime Darby be allowed to take over IJN which was originally set up to provide very affordable heart treatments to the rakyat suffering from the nation’s No.1 killer disease or should the institute be left completely alone and remain un-privatized?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda ke-41

Pada tanggal 17 Disember 2008, Sime Darby telah membuat pengumumnan kepada Bursa Malaysia bahwa ia telah mengutus kepada pihak pentadbiran mengenai hasratnya membeli IJN (Institut Jantung Negara / National Heart Institute yang ditubuhkan dalam tahun 1992.)

Berikut pengumuman ini yang telah dilaporkan di laman sini, tercetusnya bantahan umum dan bantahan ini diperlantangkan lagi oleh blog ternama Rocky’s Bru. Dua hari kemudian, seramai 35 perunding perubatan IJN mengeluarkan kenyataan umum yang menyatakan bahawa “tafsiran bahawa cadangan penswastakan ini adalah disebakan oleh permintaan pertambahan gaji oleh kaki tangan perubatan tidak benar dan perlu diperbetulkan demi menjaga kepercyaan pesakit kita ke atas semua kaki tangan perubatan.”

Seminggu selepas pihak jemaah menteri mengumumkan keputusannya melenggahkan keputusan terhadap pengambil alihan ini, Unit Perancangan Ekonomi pada hari ini mengaturkan suatu mesyuarat antara Sime Darby dan IJN tpada hari Isnin, 5 Januari 2009, pada jam 2.30 pm.

Kononnya, ramai berpendapat bahawa “pentadbiran Badawi yang bakal meninggalkan jawatan beriya-iya hendak memaksa pengambil alihan IJN oleh Sime Darby ….”

Patutkah Sime Darby dibenarkan mengambil alih IJN yang ditubuhkan untuk membekalkahn rawatan penyakit jantung yang pada tahap perbelanjaan yang mampu ditanggung oleh kebanyakkan rakyat yang dilandai “pembunuh nombor 1 di negara kita” ataupun institut patut ditinggalkan dalam keadaan sekarang tanpa diswastakan?

39 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #41

  1. anonymous

    Another Badawi’s nonsense. Another Badawi’s flip flop. Another 4th floor’s advice.

    Privatise IJN … Build new LCCT at Labu after having spent RM120 million on extending the existing LCCT … Why is Badawi so keen to help AirAsia?

    Can’t wait for March to come.

  2. YBro

    I am very glad that you are on this matter. The IJN privatisation proposal must be rejected. No amount of useless guarantees by a commercial entity about fulfilling social obligations of IJN will ever be truly sincere for as long as profit is the motive.

  3. eagle

    Sicko. The effort to privatize IJN must be rejected at all costs. If it happens, Pak Lah and Najib will be haunted forever in his life time and the rest of his generation forever.
    Will curse the people in EPU for the decision made.
    Can’t wait for next GE to come and will make sure I will not miss the opportunity to kick BN out of my sight.

  4. Elvis

    How can a privately run company provide affordable treatment for poor patient? Have you been to any private hospitals lately? Sime DArby’s offer is totally not sincere and we the rakyat should definately oppose this decision. I dont trust Sime anymore since this move really stinks.

  5. Hazmizan

    Our healthcare shouldn’t be a point of any business negotiation, nor should it be manipulated to make someone or some entity which has relations to someone, rich, like the synergy drive fiasco. Providing healthcare for the poor is just not within any company’s capacities, it it just not economically possible. Companies are and exists for a purpose of to make money, this time, apparently it is to our(the rakyat) cost. We are paying through the noses as it is, what made these so called geniuses in the government think that it is going to be any better when a very much corporate entity takes over? So the ‘not so affording’ Malaysian doesn’t deserve the best healthcare then?, Are we to die because of that then? Subang Jaya Medical Centre is a joke, promoting the best healthcare, only by having the right amount of money. Bastards… such greedy bastards…. As a civil servant, my loyalty does lie with the government, but this is pushing it a bit too far. We are working for the country, to know that for all that, we only deserve a second or third rated healthcare, while the mandarins, do get the best healthcare paid in full by the government. Entahlah… YB, I don’t know even if you can do anything about it, but entahlah…. inilah nasib rakyat, kerja kuat untuk kerajaan pun sama macam tak kerja dengan kerajaan. Bukan kita ini boleh dapat apa2 kemudahan pun. Semua diaorang sudah sapu.

  6. hafeez

    The government should never run away from its obligation in providing for the basic necessities of life for its rakyat.

    There is no benefit for the rakyat for Sime Darby to take over IJN.

    Contrary to assertion of “social responsibility” corporations would always be profit first and everything else second.

    Somethings must be keep sacred, and life is one such.

  7. lee wee tak

    no brainer for an answer

    but if this goes through, it shows clearly the basic economic principle of our “Change Your Lifestyle” Finance Minister, which is

    “in times of economic despair, burden the sick and poor more, especially those who are desperately sick, so that the selected few can walk away with the wealth generated by the sweat, tears and hard working of the mass

    at the same time, I shall continue to smile in the Visit Malaysia Year poster strung around the capital”

  8. Thomas C

    Frankly i’m fed up with the government for privatising everything away especially to those incompetent GLCs. Is this how my tax ringgit is being spend? I have absolutely no problem when its spend on the poor who couldn’t afford decent health care but to generate more profit to Sime Barby?? My advise to those incompetent clown in Sime Darby is simple ~ go concentrate in your existing plantation, motor, hearth care(?) business and leave IJN alone coz it belong to us, the ordinary honest working, tax paying people. Rgds

  9. tan hing heng@tanhengken

    privatize IJN, no no no no no no no,
    privatize badawi yes yes yes yes yes
    privatize BN yes yes yes yes yes

    for over 50 years the rakyat had been robbed, we must rise to put an end to this state of affairs.

  10. anonymous

    If MoF allows Sime Darby to take over IJN, I foresee somebody out there will get richer at our mercy. This is another form of daylight robery. If we don’t put a stop to it, later many more other public facilities will be privatised. I shudder to think if GH will be placed under GLC.
    Who knows, if they still go on with IJN privatisation and turn out to be profitable and it is another yardstick for them to do thing at their own whim.

    Enough is enough!

  11. Saladin

    I do not support the privatisation of IJN full stop. Simply because previous privatisation effort has failed to reduce the burden of rakyat in paying tolls, water and electricity.
    YB should introduce a bill requiring the parliament to pass a resolution with more than 2/3 majority before any privatisation of any government service to the private sector.
    I am not sure if there is such a bill passed already.

  12. I don’t agree to Sime Darby acquiring the IJN. Coming from the corporate world, there’s no such thing running a business and not maximizing profits from it. If you can’t make the dollar today, you’ll definitely have to make it tomorrow. The heart business is one of the best medical businesses to have- its makes tons of money. If Sime Darby acquires IJN but does not increase medical fees now, they will, in future. That’s because there will be problem attracting medical talent- heart-specialists are high-salaried people you know. If there are no top talents in IJN would you dare go there. Think about a compromise in standards and surgery failures. Also, costs of providing medical services will increase over time.

    How much is Sime Darby paying the Government for this deal. Must be big bucks. Government running out of cash that it must sell of IJN? Statements such as IJN staff remuneration not increasing or any statements on medical fees to remain the same should not be taken into account seriously. They are lies.

  13. Melayu Jati

    Sime Darby! Go fly kite and leave IJN alone!

    Enough is enough! No more privatization of any institution or body by the Barang Naik government!

    In fact we should reverse-privatization those that the haprak Dr M did rampantly during his time. We want our roads and highways, Telekom, TNB, water, etc. back in the hands of the government. The rakyat pay taxes and some facilities should be the rakyat’s right at low cost.

    Privatization is evil and it profits the hapraks and their families and cronies. Sime Darby just fcuk off! Badawi and their lying thieves just leave everything alone and go die all of you!

    Bring on the GE. We will bury BN!

  14. Kamal Tan

    One simple question:
    Who benefits if IJN is privatised.?

    IJN could be said to be the Governent’s “social responsibility” to the underpriviledged who cannot afford to pay for similar services in the private hospitals.
    It is heart-warming to note that most of the specialists currently serving at the IJN are against privatisation, so it can be assumed that they are happy to to leave things as they are and serve the rakyat despite the atrocious working hours and poor remunerations. Syabas!
    The Rakyat, well quite definitely, is against privatisation as it does not benefit them one bit.
    If the staff of IJN is not keen for privatisation and the Rakyat, whom they serve, is not keen for privatisation, should the Government, who represents the Rakyat, opt for privatisation so that they (the Government) can be relieved of their social obligation? If they do, then shame on the Government! I sincerely hope and pray that saner minds will prevail and that those who have power to do something about it will do so and not disappoint people like me who had trusted them and had voted them in. I still have faith that they will “do the right thing”.
    Kamal Tan

    Kamal Tan

  15. Wasp05

    Say “TAK NAK” to IJN privatisation…Say “TAK NAK”
    to Sime Darby….Say “TAK NAK” to Musa Hitam…Say
    “TAK NAK” to KJ and his cronies…


  16. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    Jika kakitangan IJN sendiri tidak ingin diswastakan , rakyat Malaysia juga tidak mahu instiuti jantung tersebut diswastakan. Hanya kroni kroni dalam Umno/BN hendakkan IJN diswastakan. Tanggongjawab sosial kepada rakyat terletak ditangan kerajaan, jika diswastakan kerajaan akan melepaskan tanggong jawab kepada pihak swasta. Bolehkah kita percaya dengan janji manis pihak swasta untuk mengurangkan bayaran kepada pesakit kurang mampu. IJN boleh diswastakan dengan syarat kerajaan menaikkan taraf Unit Sakit Jantung di semua hospital kerajaan sama dengan IJN. Sekurang-kurangnya rakyat ada pilihan untuk mendapat rawatan.

  17. johanssm / khun Pana

    If slime darby is so keen on healthcare,they should built their own hospital or buys up the other private hospitals.
    Their intention to swallow up IJN and the bn intention to sell the IJN means somebody is gaining a lot of kickbacks.
    IJN was build using our money and IJN is funded using our money. IJN belongs to the rakyat Malaysia.
    Slime Darby Berhad can go fly a kite.

  18. anonymous

    No piratisation of IJN OK! Get rid of Badawi as soon as possible and the country can only get better! Leave IJN for the poor. We all know Badawi is HEARTLESS. He only talks and talk is cheap.

  19. ahamd

    No, No, No to privatisation of IJN. This is the people institution. IJN does not belong to BN or UMNO. So leave IJN alone. The poor needs IJN more than Tan Sri Musa and gang need. Knock! Knock! Knock! Badawi are you awake? If you are awake, please stop the raping of IJN by a private company.

    If IJN is privatise then UMNO/BN will have to pay heavy price in KT by-election and the next General Elections.

  20. ~anok kelate~

    BIG NO NO NO to Sime Darby!!!!

    Privatization reflect INCOMPETENT of the Current (BN) Malaysia Government in managing IJN….….If Sime Darby is so eager to have one….they should just build their own then….since a lot of patients are in need of the services worldwide not only in Malaysia.

    Just like current situation….we have Government hospital & Private hospital…….the Government hospital is the CORE & BASIC VALUE for RAKYAT and the Private Hospital should be consider as EXTENDED VALUE for RAKYAT……therefore, Government IJN should be CORE & BASIC VALUE for RAKYAT.

  21. Chong

    Must be another project by the “4th Floor Boys”. Badawi, don’t you have the heart for the poor? Are you God fearing? When I read about the privatisation of IJN to Sime Darby, I was very angry and fed up. YB Wee what are the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat are doing about this? Why are they so quiet? Is PR agreeable to the privatisation of IJN?

    I am sick of everything in this country!

  22. ahmad

    I do know that IJN has more than RM100 million in its coffer and it is also receiving another RM150 million from the Government under 9th Malaysian Plan.

    I thought that Najib has announced that there will be no privatisation of IJN. Another Badawi’s flip flop.

    YB Wee you better bring this up in Parliament.

  23. temenggong

    Not that I am in favour of Sime taking over IJN but I would like to make a technical point.

    The govt is bound to provide ‘basic’ health care to all, which it has done so with the general and district hospitals. Every Malaysian already has access to basic health care.

    Heart treatment is not ‘basic’ health care. It is ‘advanced’ health care. The govt went beyond its scope in setting up IJN in the first place.

    Either the govt extends it scope officially and provide ‘advanced heart care’ to all Malaysians by setting up similar IJNs in all the 13 states, or, it should divest its holdings in IJN and get out of advanced heart care altogether.

    We have to make up our minds if we want the govt to expand from basic to advanced health care to all, and subsidise it. IOW, the rakyat will have to pay the bills for other peoples’ dietary and health follies.

    If we accept heart treatment the next questions is, do we accept kidney, lungs, cancer, pancreas treatment too? Do we subsidise all this too? If so, then lets have a nationwide ‘total’ health plan. I am a smoker and I want subsidised coverage for cancer. Will the citizens please pay for my bills?

  24. ahmad

    The government has started IJN with the people monies. Why privatise it now. The poor need health care not based on ability to pay. Health care is a basic right of every Malaysian. If Temenggong needs a special hospital for treatment of lung cancer, I am all for that. What the country needs is a special hospital treating only cancer related diseases, which will include lung, lever and the rest.

    Now IJN is for all. So please keep IJN for all Malaysians, rich and poor. Sime Darby stay out of IJN. Sime Darby you already got the new LCCT in Seremban, which is about 10 km from the existing LCCT.

    We must all say NO, NO, NO to Sime Darby taking over IJN. IJN is already self finance. In fact it is a cash cow.

  25. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB Wee, please lah excuse me for this off-topic comment ah.

    What lah today I read in the Chinese papers in big front page that now there is a Senior ADUN who wants publicity ah has call the press to come to take pictures when she plays golf!

    This Senior ADUN has no better job to do ah? There are so many thigs to do for the rakyat but no she decides to play golf. And call the press for publicity. She has gone mad lah YB Wee. I know this senior ADUN is something wrong one but I didn’t know she is so great something wrong!!!

    I hope the Pakatan Rakyat MPs do not make the same mistake as this Senior ADUN. Call for proper publicity on proper issues lah. Not call for publicity when one go and play golf like this stupid, stupid something very wrong senior ADUN.

    Halo, Lim Kit Siang play golf ah? Lim Guan Eng play gold ah? Khalid play golf ah? DSAI play golf ah? Nik Aziz play golf ah?

    Pakatan Rakyat better do something with this Senior ADUN before the rakyat reject you in the next GE!!!

  26. ~anok kelate~

    Heart disease is a BASIC NEED (which is a state of deprivation)…. please consider about those babies who born naturally with the disease such as congenital heart defect (not only referring to diet as the cause)…I hope as a Malaysian we should think more critically & more realistically……of course is not rational and make sense to setup IJN in each of every state of Malaysia….that’s real funny if somebody can come out with such an idea at the moment.

    For cancerous disease, particularly due to smoking effect (smoker themselves) is not rational to accept it as basic (unless other non similar case as this) and they should be accountable for their habit which deteriorates their health. Btw, smoking is a WANT rather than as a BASIC NEED!

  27. Sk Lee

    IJN was set up with the rakyat monies. SO IJN belongs to the people. Why must Badawi government privatise it to Sime Darby. IJN is making profits every year and at the same time helping the rakyat so why is there a need to privatise.

    Sime Darby: hands off IJN. I hope that the people will come out in force to vote against BN in the KT by-election to show our disgust unless the government announce once and for all that no privatisation of IJN.


  28. What kind of country has its airports disparately located 50 kms away from each other. Too close for aircraft, Too far for ground handling!

    Kawe dengey demo, Wee

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