Proton sued for US$1 billion?

Given the potential unprecedented downturn, I sincerely hope this is not true …

A reliable source has informed me that Proton business partner, Goldstar Heavy Industrial Co Ltd, has filed a law suit amounting to about US$1 billion against Proton for breach of contract when Proton dropped Goldstar Heavy Industrial Co Ltd for a new Chinese partner. It is also believed that Proton’s lawyer fees has escalated to more than RM2 million now and will be on the increase when more international lawyers are appointed.

It is hoped that the Government could shed some light on this matter and dismiss it as mere speculation.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Proton didakwa membayar pampasan US$1 billion?

Memandangkan keadaan ekonomi yang paling teruk kini, saya harap ini adalah tidak benar …

Sumber yang boleh dipercayai telah memberitahu saya bahawa rakan perniagaan Proton, Goldstar Heavy Industrial Co Ltd, telah membuat saman mahkamah berjumlah US$1 billion ke atas Proton kerana melanggar syarat kontrak akibat Proton meggugurkan Goldstar Heavy Industrial Co Ltd dan menggantikannya dengan rakan perniagaan negara China. Juga dipercayai belanja guaman kini telah meningkat melebihi RM2 million dan akan bertambah lagi dengan lebih ramai peguam luar negara yang bakal kena diupah.

Harap pihak pentadbiran dapat menerangkan keadaan sebenar dan spekulasi ini boleh dijelaskan.

20 thoughts on “Proton sued for US$1 billion?

  1. lee wee tak

    All I know is that the general public should not pay for any incompetent business decision made by individuals chosen on basis I would not understand to head a company that is suppose to carry the pride of the nation.

  2. tehsin

    Dear MP Wee,

    Please read this article and please push for a body as suggested by the consultant. It makes SO much sense. Enough is enough. :

    Most landslides can be prevented, says engineer

    KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 9, 2008): Most landslides are preventable and Malaysia already has the expertise to drastically reduce the frequency of such incidences, says Dr Nehemiah Lee, a geotechnical engineer and authority on reinforced soil techniques.

    Geotechnical engineering is a branch of engineering specialising in assessing the stability and strength of soil and rock materials, as well as groundwater conditions.

    Lee, previously with the Drainage and Irrigation Department and now the managing director of a company dealing with reinforced soil technology, said incidences of landslides were known to geotechnical engineers as slope stability problems.

    “The question is whether we are willing to channel resources in terms of expert personnel and adequate funding to resolve the problem,” he told Bernama yesterday.

    Referring to calls for a blanket ban on hillside development following the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa, he said it might not be the most appropriate approach to solve the problem.

    Lee, who has been invited to speak at many international conferences, said the continued growth in population and increasing scarcity of flat usable land would continue to exert tremendous pressure to develop hilly terrain, Bernama reports.

    “Even if the total ban is implemented, the problems remain because there are existing slopes that are not stable. Moreover, slopes that are steeper than 35 degrees may be safe while slopes that are gentler may not be safe,” he said.

    He said the stability of slopes depended on a host of other factors besides slope gradient.

    They include rainfall intensity and duration in the locality, the type of soil, the geological formation, the effectiveness of drainage system and the type of vegetation growing on the slope.

    “In addition, there is still a small element of uncertainty concerning the unknown and unquantifiable factors that are beyond the state of the art of geotechnical engineering professionals,” he said.

    Lee proposed that the way forward would be the establishment of a special purpose body dedicated to slope safety management.

    This body should be manned by experts in geotechnical engineering and complemented by engineering geologists, soil erosion experts, hydrologists, drainage experts, environmentalists, lawyers, policy makers and regulators.

    Its role will be to regulate and audit the investigation, design, construction, monitoring and maintenance of man-made slopes, which include cut slopes, fill slopes and retaining walls.

    Besides its regulatory role, the body should undertake research and education, including forensic investigation into landslides.

    Its first task would be to work with private home owners’ associations and developers to carry out risk assessment of every existing slope that was a potential threat.

    Any slope found to be unsafe should be strengthened to the required level of safety, and defects in the drainage system rectified.

    For new hillside development, this body should scrutinise the design, construction and maintenance of man-made slopes to ensure compliance with the highest standard of engineering practice.

    Above all, it should be vested with statutory powers to approve or reject any new hillside development so that no town council or municipality would issue a certificate of fitness unless prior approval was obtained from it.

    Lee hoped incidences of landslide would be greatly reduced with the setting up of the body and that sustainable, environment-friendly development on hilly terrain could continue unimpeded.

  3. ahmad

    This is another Malaysia Boleh company “progressing” under the Bodohwi’s 4th floor Administration. I am sure that Bodohwi will say “what is this? I don’t know about this at all.” He will not know this now because he and his cronies are too busy thinking of how to hold to power so that SIL and the rest can carry on what they are doing now. he government must clarify this immediately because Proton utlises public fund. We don’t need to fund unnecessary litigations.

    The country doesn’t need incompetent managers, who are so highly paid and at the same time screwing up Proton. Such

    If the Proton’s management has mismanage this matter then the CEO must and go immediately. Such incompetent top managers have no place in GLC. These incompetent lots are the 4th floor little boys’ nominees.

    I can’t wait to breath the fresh air in March 2009 whether for good or bad. It cannot be worse than now when the economy is in the state of stand still.

  4. james

    A person, who loves to sleep, cannot be expected to do anything at all! So please let him sleep until March and that will be time for him to wake up!

    How could the country be in such a sorry state of affairs and yet he is still “asleep”? He must go and go as soon as possible. The moment he goes that is the beginning of our recovery!

  5. Why can’t the powers that be treat this as a matter of utmost urgency, having not learnt from Highland Towers 15 years ago?

    Rm5 billion for Valuecap which the people consider as misuse of EPF funds for perceived bail-outs can be decided so easily, yet we are not prepared to employ local expertise (internationally recognised) for this purpose.

    We must have unusual sense of priorities.

  6. lee wee tak

    Compare this to Lee Luan Yew. When he set up Singapore Airlines, he warned the appointed CEO, “make profit within 3 years or I’ll shut you down.”

    Take a look at where Proton and SIA now are and form your own conclusions.

  7. hashim

    all readers should ignore the known irrelevance and idiots, who have nothing to contribute.

    The top management of Proton must tell the country what is happening to Proton in China and why was Proton sued. This is the least they could od for the country.

  8. Wee Choo Keong

    lee wee tak, lanwm, ahmad, james & ks ong: Thank you all for raising your concerns and giving your suggestions. It all boils down to the tidak apa attitude of the top management of Proton and the country.

    The PM is duty bound to explain this matter to the people and let us all know why Proton has been sued and what actions have been taken to overcome these matters.


    Although a totally different subject from what I have posted, the principles raised in your comments are about the same i.e. the attitude of the government.

    Thank you for referring the interesting article by Dr Nahemah Lee to me. I had wish that the PM, his Ministers and the civil servants have read Dr Lee’s article so that they will learn something from it. However, even if the PM and his ministers were to have read the said article, I don’t think that they will learn anything from it.

    As we can see that after the Highland Tower tragedies some 15 years ago and all the assurances given at that time were to stop all hill slope housing projects. But such stoppage of the said projects lasted only for a few months. Similarly, I think it will be the same this time around. The problems with this country is the “tidak apa” attitude of the Government. I bet you, give the situation a few more months there will be hill slope housing projects again until any landslide tragedies then it will stop for a few more than. The government never learn from their mistakes. The government is too developers’ friendly!

    Thank you.

    With kindest regards.

    Wee Choo Keong

  9. Melayu Jati

    Tuan YB Wee, it’s good that you are ignoring the bunch of cybertroopers that has infested your blog. One can see that they are up to no good – shit stirrers that’s what they are.

    Let’s expose them! They come in 2 groups … they are the same people! They can run but they cannot hide lah (I have their I.P. addresses and I know where they come from!) … hehehe

    Musafir Lalu,
    Patriot Wangsa,
    Kang Kang Chua,
    pusaka melayu

    These bunch are not so clever kot. Bodoh!!!

  10. Maxxy

    1k penyokong join mic SO WHAT!!!all my relative is ahli biasa MCA,but when come to voting,they stil vote opposition,they just simply join to let government seee,so that government won interupt their business.

  11. idiot

    The Mat Sirat is actually a Mat Bodoh. I fully agree with Melayu Jati. I can also see from the comments that they are the same idiot that pretending to be someone else but they are the same idiot. I can’t believe that Mat Sirat will stoop so low to impersonate. Well, a cybertrooper after all. How much is he paid? He sold his soul and called himself Mat Sirat: he is actually a Mat Idiot. So easily detected, MAT IDIOT.

    Please go to UMNO/BN blog to further your games an you will get paid more. YB Wee – good for you for not wasting your time with that idiot.

    Exposed at last!

  12. anonymous

    At long last that Mat Sirat Bodoh was finally exposed. The cybertroloper. I wonder how much is he paid for such a degrading job.

    Now I understand why YB Wee was ignoring this Mat Bodoh. He is a cybertrooper after all. This is typical of BN people. YB please carry on with the good works and ignore such Mat Bodoh. He is just an idiot and selling his soul. His parents must be ashamed of him!

  13. Wee Choo Keong

    Melayu Jati

    Thank you so much for helping me to expose the cybertrooper. Actually, I knew from the beginning that all the names stated in your comments are of the same person. He is ashamed of the name that was given to him by his parents that’s why he had to hide behind so many names.

    I will never respond to the paid or unpaid cybertroopers, whom I can smell from very far. I am considering moderating my blog to prevent abuse by them.

    I really am glad that other readers were able to detect cybertroopers just as quickly as I am.

    Let it be known that there is no room for cybertroopers in this blog. In fact, we should wipe out cybertroopers altogether because they are a just social menace, who have no contribution to the country except to serve their respective master.

    Thank you.

  14. lee wee tak

    one of the tell tale sign of incompetent and uncultured individuals are the inability to debate and articulate properly hence resort to unjustified personal attacks

  15. anonymous

    Correct! The cybertroopers are social menaces. They are wasting other time. Get rid of them by moderating the blog. They are a bunch of idiots.

  16. Lee Wee Tak- good idea to leave cybertroopers’ comments here. It is good practice on how to deal with them online also. But one thing though their comments are a distraction from the subject matter of this thread.

    Getting back to Proton- it’s a severe case of long-term sub standard management. Who would want to invest in this company. And now Proton is back with Mitsu; whereby Mitsu is paid for delivering Mitsu models under the Proton badge. Proton discarded Mitsu after some years of good partnership as we can recall. Proton’s main failure is attracting good talent to helm its general management, r&d and sales & marketing. R&D is a major flop- I can’t believe Malaysian engineers cant produce good cars. As for marketing- they milked the good products for far too long after shelf life ie the Wira, Iswara, Saga models have overstayed their presence and facelifts don’t count. As an ex Proton owner, I still remember the frustration and time wasted to fix the many defects on my car.

    Proton owes the majority Malaysian public a lot- many of us have subsidized this company’s survival. The Government should make it clear on what’s happening at Proton.

  17. lee wee tak


    that’s why a bit of cyberspace dogfight is good.

    cybertroopers come in with persona attacks but by counter-arguing their hollow points, clear winner of debates and arguments would be apparent.

    the polemic on record will serve as an “educational tool” for all readers to choose to be open-minded or continue to bury their head under the coconut shell.

    having them here also shows the openness and inclusion of the PR MPs. Rustam and Muhd x 2 had to close the comment box owing to too much negative comment and the excuse was their blog was hacked. Only websites get hacked, not blogs.

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