Executive Vice-President of Sime Darby Berhad's Group Human Resource to appear in the Sessions Court tomorrow

It’s reported at Rocky’s Bru here that the Executive Vice-President of Sime Darby Berhad’s Group Human Resource Mohamed Ishak Abdul Hamid will appear in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court again tomorrow “on a charge of not complying with a notice from Companies Commission of Malaysia to produce documents on the sacking of Group Financial Officer Razidan Ghazalli and Golden Jomalina’s General Manager Muhammad Mohan Kittu Abdullah.”

This case is connected with a matter which I brought up during my speech in Parliament when the Government tabled for debate the 9th Malaysia Plan. At the time I asked for action to be taken in connection with the RM120 million losses suffered in July 2007 with regard to “future trading of palm oil” at Golden Hope Plantation Sdn Bhd through Jomalina Food Industries Sdn Bhd.

My full speech was posted here.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Naib Presiden Eksekutif Bahagian Sumber Tenaga Manusia Kumpulan Sime Darby Berhad dikehendaki menghadiri Mahkamah Seksyen esok

Adalah dilaporkan di blog Rocky’s Bru sini Naib Presiden Eksekutif Bahagian Sumber Tenaga Manusia Kumpulan Sime Darby Berhad Mohamed Ishak Abdul Hamid akan hadirkan diri di Mahkamah Seksyen Kuala Lumpur sekali lagi esok “atas tuduhan tidak menurut pemberitahuan Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia supaya mengemukakan dokumen penyingkiran Pegawai Kewangan Kumpulan Razidan Ghazalli dan Pengurus Besar Golden Jomalina Muhammad Mohan Kittu Abdullah.”

Kes ini ada kaitan dengan sesuatu perkara yang saya bangkitkan semasa ucapan saya di parlimen semasa perbahasan Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan. Ketika itu, saya tanya apakah tindakan yang akan diambil berkenaan dengan kerugian RM120 juta pada Julai 2007 semasa urusan kewangan melibatkan kelapa sawit secara “futures” di Golden Hope Plantation Sdn Bhd menerusi Jomalina Food Industries Sdn Bhd.

Ucapan penuh saya di sini.

6 thoughts on “Executive Vice-President of Sime Darby Berhad's Group Human Resource to appear in the Sessions Court tomorrow

  1. Malaysia Very Boleh

    Another scandal involving RM120 million of rakyat monies. This matter was brought to the attention to Parliament in July 2008 by YB Wee. 5 months later Sime Darby is bringing the financial scandals to the open.

    Sime Darby is part of Permodalan Nasional Bhd, therefore, it is a GLC. The government must be responsible for this matter. I am told that a so-called “rouge trader was involved in this scandals.

    Badrul cannot act on its own. He must be supported by his superior including the head of Golden Hope Plantation, Datuk Sabri Ahamd. Sabri Ahamd cannot say that the was unaware of such financial scandals of RM120 million.

    By the way he has been awarded to be the current chairman of Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). How about that? MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

    I am told that a Singapore based company is very much involved in another scandal involving Golden Hope Plantation where GOlden Hope Plantation was selling palm Oil at a low price and the price was locked in for 18 months. I hope that the authorities will look into this.
    The ACA must be brought in.

  2. anonymous

    I am certain that the real culprits for the RM120 million financial scandals will be let off and the small fry will be charged.

    BN please do not fool the rakyat anymore. From our reading in the internet we know who is the real culprits and they should be charged. I would like to see whom did the AG Chambers charged today. I am sure that it will be a laughing stock.

  3. Din

    Only RM120 million – not big deal by BN standard. This is the transparency under Badawi administration. Lets see whether the real culprits are charged?

  4. lee wee tak

    RM120 million, how many poor Indian estate workers being displaced could have been adequately compensated and rescued from being chased out from the only world they know.

    How many Malaysians could have been rescue from crimes perpetuated by these ousted and desperate people who have toiled loyally for generations for Sime Darby?

    RM120 million might mean nothing for UMNO, BN but the sum plus the spin-off effects is worth so much for Ali, Chong and Samy all over the country.

  5. anonymous

    Lee wee tak

    Don’t complainlah! Only RM120 million and this is such a small matter to BN/UMNO. This is very normal to UMNO/BN. It will be treated as scandal when we are talking about billion Ringgit ok.

    This is a BOLEH COUNTRY OK!

  6. lee wee tak

    anonymous 11:32am

    how much out of it you got?

    to the needy Malaysians, they can’t even afford to stay in a government hospital for a day that requires RM5

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