Your MP's Question of the Week #36

I have received complaints from members of the public that when one fails to travel on the day one is booked to fly on AirAsia, the airline will forfeit all sum paid ONLINE including the Airport Tax.

Beside the basic fare, here are the charges one also pays for when buying a plane ticket from AirAsia via ONLINE:

For example:

……………………………………………………………Admin Fee………Airport Tax ­

KL                    –     Guang Zhou        RM22.50           RM25.00

Guang Zhou     –     KL                       RM43.50           RM97.00

First and foremost, why must members of the public pay the Admin Fee twice when the ONLINE purchase is done only once? Unless a purchase is made in two separate transactions then it’s only fair that the passenger pays two times for the Admin Fee. The Ministry of Transport should immediately stop AirAsia from collecting Admin Fees twice.

Fail to travel and Airport Taxes are forfeited by AirAsia

As it currently stands today, when one fails to travel on the date that the ticket has been booked for, AirAsia will forfeit whatever the sum one has paid via ONLINE to the airline. By right, AirAsia should only forfeit the airfare and the airline should refund the Airport Tax to the customer because the customer did not travel (i.e. did not use the airport facilities). The reason being AirAsia is merely a collecting agent for Malaysia Airport Authority Bhd (MAB) and therefore will hold the Airport Tax as a trustee. And when the customer did not travel then AirAsia, as a trustee, must take step to refund the Airport Tax to the customer without further ado.

For example:  KL/Guang Zhou/KL, the total Airport Taxes collected by AirAsia is RM122.00.

Assuming for a moment that AirAsia had sold tickets in advance to 1 million passengers/customers (which are strictly on the low side) and we conservatively take the sum of RM50 per customer as the average Airport Tax collected by AirAsia. This will add up to a total of RM50 million. Assuming also for a moment that we conservatively take only 10% of the 1 million customers did not travel then the sum forfeited by AirAsia will be RM5,000,000. It is estimated in the industry that those who fail to travel on the pre-booked day usually number more than 10% of the total passengers/customers that have booked to travel on AirAsia.

Should the Ministry of Transport specify a ruling that AirAsia can only charge one set of Admin Fee of RM22.50, and, in the event that a customer who had paid in advance DID NOT travel on the said day, then, AirAsia must automatically refund the Airport Tax collected to the customer concerned?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda ke-36

Saya menerima aduan daripada orang umum bahawa apabila seseorang itu gagal hadir untuk penerbangan yang telah ditempah dengan AirAsia, syarikat penerbangan itu akan menyimpan semua bayaran yang telah dibuat menerusi internet termasuk cukai lapangan terbang.

Selain daripada tambang, berikut adalah kadar yang dikenakan apabila anda membeli tiket daripada AirAsia menerusi internet:


Bayaran Cukai

……………………………………………………………Pentadbiran……Lapangan Terbang

KL                    –     Guang Zhou        RM22.50           RM25.00

Guang Zhou     –     KL                       RM43.50           RM97.00

Pertamanya, mengapakah orang ramai kena bayar bayaran pertadbiran 2 kali apabila urusniaga membeli menerusi internet hanya dilakukan sekali? Lain ceritalah jika urusniaga itu dibuat dua kali maka barulah patut dikenakan bayaran dua kali. Kementerian pengangkutan harus hentikan AirAsia mengenakan bayaran pentadbiran 2 kali.

Gagal menghadiri penerbangan dan AirAsia tidak memulangkan cukai lapangan terbang

Kini, apabila anda gagal menghadiri penerbangan, AirAsia akan menyimpan semua bayaran yang telah dibuat menerusi internet. Sepatutnya, AirAsia harus menyimpan kadar tambang sahaja danmemulangkan cukai lapangan terbang kepada pelanggan kerana dia tidak meneruskan perjalanan (iaitu tidak menggunakan kemudahan lapangan terbang). Sebabnya adalah AirAsia hanya mengutip bayaran bagi pihak Malaysia Airport Authority Bhd (MAB) dan berperanan sebagai pemegang amanah. Apabila pengguna tidak hadir dalam lapangan terbang, maka sebagai pemegang amanah, AirAsia patut memulangkan bayaran cukai lapangan terbang itu terus sahaja.

Umpamanya: KL/Guang Zhou/KL, jumlah cukai lapangan terbang diterima oleh AirAsia adalah RM122.00.

Kita buat andaian sejenak bahawa AirAsia jual tiket pendahuluan kepada 1 juta pelanggan (anggaran ini dikira rendah sikit) dan kita anggarkan bayaran purata RM50 dikumpul daripada setiap pelanggan oleh AirAsia. Jika hanya 10 peratus pelanggan gagal hadir maka AirAsia tidak memulangkan sejumlah RM5,000,000. Anggaran dalam perusahaan penerbangan menunjukkan orang yang gagal hadir untuk tempahan pendahuluan melebihi 10 peratus daripada jumlah yang menempah untuk terbang dengan AirAsia.

Patutkah Kementerian Pengangkutan mengeluarkan tetapan khas bahawa AirAsia hanya boleh mengenakan bayaran pentadbiran satu kali berjumlah RM22.50, dan, sekiranya pelanggan yang telah membuat bayaran tetapi gagal menghadiri penerbangan itu, supaya AirAsia terus sahaja memulangkan bayaran cukai lapangan terbang tanpa sekatan?

26 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #36

  1. Calvin Then

    I beg to differ on “Fail to travel and Airport Taxes are forfeited by AirAsia” because I had succesfully received refund from AirAsia when I didn’t travel on the said date.

    Email and the refund process will take a minimum thirty working days (30) to process and the refunded amount will be re-credited to your credit card as followed from your mode payment for this booking

  2. kassimselamat2

    Thank YB for asking the questions.It is a valid question and a relevant one.

    Why must we go through the ‘process’ when we booked by internet and pay by credit card.Most credit card would do an automatic refund on cancellations.So why not airasia?

    Sakawangsa, you remarks are childish and please grow up and stop sucking up to are you paid?

  3. Ahmad

    Sakawangsa – Stop being so childish and learn to grow up. If you have free time please go to “Toy’r’us” to look for toys for this weekend!

    Correct! Admin fees should be charged only once and not twice on the return fare. Airport tax should also be refunded automatically without the customers having to ask for it because Airport Tax belong to the customer unless he or she flies.

    I am sure that many people are unaware of this and they didn’t claim the Airport Tax from AirAsia. Airasia must now audit its account and refund all Airport Tax to those who didn’t travel and their airfare forfeited. Further, under such circumstances, at the time when AirAsia imposed “Fuel Surcharge”, AirrAsia should also refund the fuel surcharge to those who didn’t ravel because fuel surcharge is only applicable when you traveled.

    The Ministry Of Transport must instruct AirAsia to do a thorough audit on its accounts and refund all unutilised Airport Tax or unpaid Airport Tax to its customers immediately.

  4. lee wee tak

    One of the hallmark of Mahathirism is the advancement of the major corporate (dominated by you know whos) at the expense of Ali, Chong and Samy in the kaki lima.

    Highway concessionaires, Independent Power Providers, APs, Maid Agencies etc. All these are a part of a bloated value chain that raises the price of goods and services available to the rakyat. Choices are suppressed. Competitors are eliminated. Another trait is over-charging and perhaps inflexible or dubious charges being imposed.

    That’s why, under the NEP, competition is minimized. Yes, initially it does help to bring up its intended target but once it is pass its sell-by date, we bread a climate of inefficiency, profiteering, bureaucracy hence the lousy choices and prices available to the public.

    I would just say, AirAsia can impose a bit of admin fee on the refund

  5. Lila


    “Sakawangsa, you remarks are childish and please grow up and stop sucking up to are you paid?”

    I fully agree with Kassimselamat2. How appropriately put to describe this uneducated child Sakawangsa, who needed to back to primary school to learn how to engage in a discussion in the adult world. Perhaps Sakawangsa should drink more milk from the milk bottle until he grew up a bit more before he engages in discussion with adults.

    YB Wee please do not waste your time to respond to such uneducated persons in your blog. Please spend your time to pose good and relevant questions that are beneficial to the rakyat.

    This Question of the Week has been in my mind for sometimes. I am one of the victims whereby the Airport Tax and Fuel Surcharge were not refunded to me.

    Thank you YB Wee for raising my awareness. I am sure that there are many more thousand rakyat, who are in the same boat as me.

  6. Hashim

    Kementrian Pengangkutan mesti mengambil tindakan dengan segera supaya AirAsia refund Airport Tax secara otamatik! Tindakan ini adalah untuk menjaga kepentingan orang awam.

  7. Any One Can Now Fly!

    lee wee tak you struck at the bull’s eye – Skawangsa is one of the cybertroopers after all! Once identified we can all ignore him. In any event, he did not contribute to the discussion. Let him stay in the longkang – that’s wher he belongs.

    We want more benefits to the rakyat. Rakyat should not be exploited by the power that be or big corporation like AirAsia.

    We all know that AirAsia has been having a gala times all these years under the Premiership of Abdullah Badawi. We need not go furhter. Just look at the fact that a private company like AirAsia was allowed by the government to owe MAB for Airport Tax collected amounting to RM110 million since 2002.

    According to YB Wee’s blog AirAsia didn’t have to pay interest on the amount owed to Malaysia Airport Bhd since 2002, instead AirAsia received a discount of RM30 million! Don’t you think that AirAsia is a special specie under Badawi’s administration.

    Remember LCCT was specially built for AirAsia used at the cost of about RM80 million and early this year or late last year Badawi’s administration approved another RM123 million for the extension of LCCT. WHY? Why is Badawi administration was so keen to help AirAsia? Any special agenda?

    Please take note that at all times until now the KLIA is under utilised. Why must Badawi’s administration abused RM200 million of Rakyat monies. With the RM200 million we cna build more schools, hospitals and etc for the benefits of the rakyat.

    I hope that Minister of Transport will take the necessary actions to ensure that AirAsia to automatically refund all unutilised Airport Taxes and also the fuel surcharges that were imposed previously to those who booked their flight and did not fly.

    To two items are not forfeitable by any stretch of imagination.

    Power to the consumers at large. Consumers must be protected at all times by the government.

  8. Bodohwi

    Of course, AirAsia was a protected specie when Chan Kong Choy was the Minister of Transport. With Ong Tee Keat as the new minister the situation is a bit better and Tony Fernades could not get things through as easily as under Chan Kong Choy! Where LCCT was built with such speed when the KLIA is under utilised according to “Any One Can Now Fly”. Thereafter, spend another RM123 million to extend LCCT almost for AirAsia sole used.

    Sleepy Head stopped wasting the rakyat monies to help your friends/cronies. KLIA has always been under utilised all these years. Why spending another RM123 million to extend LCCT? If AirAsia wants a bigger airport, AirAsia should pay for it and not the rakyat. The reason being that AirAsia is a PRIVATE company and the government has no business to help!

    The new Minister of Transport should come clean by immediately imposing new regulations that AirAsia must refund all Airport Taxes, which was forfeited, and those fuel surcharges imposed previously, to those customers who did not fly on the day they were booked on.

    The new Minister of Transport, who is also the new President of MCA, please look after public interests for a change and get AirAsia to refund all the Airport Taxes and fuel surcharges, which were forfeited, to the consumers immediately and automatically thereafter.

  9. Ragu

    I am one of the many victims of airasia no refund policy. I fully agree with the forfeiture of my fare when I could not travel on the specific date. Airasia has no right to also forfeit the ariport tax and the fuel charges.

    Airport tax to be paid only when I passed through the LCCT departure hall and fuel surcharges can only be imposed when I was in the plane and the plane took off to the destination. When I don’t turn up for the flight, airasia must immediately refund the airport tax and fuel charges to me without further ado, as well put by YB Wee.

    Although I am not from Wangsa Maju, I am very happy that YB Wee has highlighted this particular matter, which I believe many customers all over Malaysia are very unhappy about.

    Thank you YB once again for highlighting the people’s plight. I hope that the new Minister of Transport will not kowtow to airasia like what Kogn Choy did.

    I hope that “EVERY ONE CAN NOW RECEIVE THEIR REFUND FROM AIRASIA, the great airline which had to take delivery of one Airbus aircraft every month. Total outstanding orders believe to be in the region of 150 Airbuses! Without the kind help from Badawi, I can only say God bless Airasia.

  10. anonymous

    Anyone Can Now Fly!, Bodohwi, Ragu and others

    I fully agree with all your comments and that public interests come first. Consumers must be protected from the corporate giants at all times. This is the government’s number one responsibility.

    But in Malaysia, public interests seem to come after the interests of the political leaders. In airasia’s case, you all should know who is the culprit.

    For those who did not know: Just ask yourself one simple question i.e. How could a private company like airasia owed its airport taxes to the tune of RM110m million for so many years with no problems? If it was you or me, owing Income Tax for one year without problem will be a great achievement.

    Thank God that after one idiot and the other BN ball carrier cybertroopers didn’t dare to go against the grain by supporting airasia to forfeit the airport taxes and fuel charges from the consumers.

  11. Mat Bodoh

    Public interests must always come before the interests of the the country leaders and their cronies.

    So airport taxes and fuel surcharges must be immediately refunded to the customers immediately. These charges do not form part of the air fare which can be forfeited just because one did not travel.

    Airasia just voluntarily pay back airport taxes and fuel charges and it will be the most effective way of public relations, which Tony Fernandes has been trying so hard to do all these while.

  12. Prophet of Doom


    Many low cost airlines in USA, India and Hong Kong have either collapsed or in deep financial crisis. Now that Airasia has experienced RMRM460 million losses from making so-called profit of about RM500 million last year – taking into creative accounting of treating deferred taxation of a similar amount of about RM500 million.

    The Minister of Transport should also look into the forward selling of plane tickets by Airasia. There must be a machanism of protecting the customers in the event that Airasia goes under. If there is no protection mechanism for the customers, I am afraid that there might be a bailout at a later date.

  13. Mr No Bailout

    I whole heartedly agreed to automatic refund of airport tax and other charges for no show up passengers on Airasia flight. I know that many ignorance Airasia’s customers were not aware of their right.

    Nevertheless, it is the duty of airasia, if it is a good corporate citizen, to take the initiative to automatically refund the airport tax and fuel surcharges that it had imposed previous, to its customers without having been prompted. At all times, Airasia was collecting the airport on behalf of MAB and therefore, it is just a trustee. Of course, it will not because the amount may be very big.

    Therefore, the Ministry of Transport must impose conditions that airasia must take immediate action to audit its account and refund to all its customers the airport that it has collected and the fuel surcharge, because hte customers did not travel.

    It is a glaring facts that many low cost arilines have gone under and folded up. The latest was the Oasis in Hong Kong which folded several months ago. Airasia with its reported losses of about RM450 million for this year, I can’t it being exempted from the financial problems faced by other low cost carrier.

    The government must also look into the selling of plane tickets in advance (many months ahead). There must be a mechanism imposed by the government that in the vent that Airasia is in trouble members of the members of the public must be protected and there must be a guarantee that airasia must be financially able to refund.

    Lastly, I know that Badawi is extremely close to the directors of Airasia. Therefore, the Badawi government never bailed out his friends!

  14. Wee Choo Keong

    lila, hashim, lee wee tak, anonymous, Ragu, Mat Bodoh, Prophet of Doom and Mr No Bailout.

    Thank you all for your valuable views. I shall take note of what you all have pointed out. I will definitely convey your view to the Minister of Transport via Parliament.

    I fully agree with “Mr No Bailout” that we must never allow any bail out for any private company.

    Thank you.

    wee choo keong

  15. anonymous

    YB, We are in agreement with you. Please bring the points raised here regarding Airasia to the attention of the Minister of Transport. We must never allowed any bailout of private company by the government. Rakyat monies must not be used to help or bail out companies connected to cronies of the Prime Minister or minister.

    I hope that March 2009 come faster so that we don’t have to put up with the 4th Floor boys or their cronies.

  16. Mat Bodoh

    Of course, I also agree with No Bailout of private companies by the government. For any bailout the Government had to use the rakyat monies and not BN’s monies.

    The government has wasted enough monies for bailing out their cronies. So we must make sure that no bailout!

    I am surprised that some idiots were not supporting bailout of private companies.

  17. anonymous

    No bailout of companies belonging to or controlled by cronies of the Prime Minister or ministers.

    Airasia is having hell of good time. The Minister of Finance II (Nor Yakop) is also ver y fond of Airasia. SO much so that it would owe Airport Taxes for so long and no positive actions were taken until it was exposed in the newspapers.

    Despite all the expose in the papers Airasia still got a discount of RM30 millions it owed to MAHB and without interests! What a big jokes!

  18. Ahmad

    Tony Fernandes:

    Please refund all Airport Tax and fuel charges immediately for those who did not travel. Airasia has no right to forfeit the Airport Tax and fuel surcharges because these two charges are conditional upon a customers to travel. The Minister of Transport must immediately instruct Airasia to refund the Airport Tax and fuel surcharge immediately.

    Definitely No Bailout to Sleepy Head’s cronies.

  19. Anonymous

    Of course NO Bailout for Airasia because Airasia has been reportedly stated to have made huge profits. How can bail out when Airasia is taking an aeroplane every month. I wish that no right thinking people would support Bailout for Airasia.

  20. Din

    Airasia just refund the airport tax and fuel surcharge immediately for those who didn’t fly. Audit your accounts and you get all the details. Airasia you are not entitled to forfeit the airport tax, it was suppose to be paid to Malaysia Airport Bhd, fuel surcharge, only to be paid when one traveled.

    So both these items had to be refunded immediately. The Minister of Transport and the Minister of Finance 2, Tan Sri Nor Yakob, must give immediate instructions to Airasia to refund these two items tot he passengers who did not travel.

  21. ann

    I didn’t get my refund when I didn’t fly. It should be a system of automatic refund of airport tax. I do agree with the other readers that Airasia collect the airport tax on behalf of MAB.

    The government must instruct airasia to make immediate refund to all its customers who didn’t fly. RM25 is a small figure to one customer but the total sum for 50,000 or more customers is a big sum.

    Airasia should stop all its advertising stance. Refund of airport tax will be the best advertising stance. Put the monies where your mouth is Datuk Tony Fernandes.

  22. anonymous

    Forfeiting airport tax and fuel surcharge will be treated as income by airasia. No wonder airasia can take delivery of one Airbus every month. Mind you, Airasia has ordered a total of about 150 Airbus aircraft. I just wonder who is the local agent for Airbus in Malaysia.

    WHO ELSE??? En K … the son of so and so…

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