Questions Time, 26 November 2008

Question from MP for Segambut: In 2006, DBKL officers made overseas trips on average once a week!

Tuan Lim Lip Eng [ Segambut ] minta MENTERI WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN menyatakan jumlah perbelanjaan dan bilangan lawatan ke luar negara oleh Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan dan bilangan lawatersekutuan dan DBKL bagi tahun 2006-2008 mengikut destinasi, tujuan, siapakah peserta-peserta yang telah pergi dan agensi pelancongan tempatan yang dilantik untuk lawatan-lawatan tersebut.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua

Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Segambut, stastik perbelanjaan dan bilangan lawatan ke luar Negara bagi Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan untuk tahun 2006 hingga September 2008 adalah seperti berikut:

Bil    Tahun    Bilangan Lawatan     Bilagan Peserta      Kos (RM)

1.      2006      2                                13                           165,333.00

2.      2007      4                                18                           485,794.37

3.      2008      1                                  6                           410,000.00

Jumlah           7                                 37                          1,061,127.37

 Manakala statistic perbelanjaan dan bilangan lawatan ke luar negara bagi Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) untuk tahun 2006 – September 2008 adalah seperti berikut:

Bil    Tahun    Bilangan Lawatan     Bilagan Peserta      Kos (RM)

1.     2006     57                               275                          4,744,578.20

2.     2007     47                               134                          2,611,655.23

3.     2008     33                               104                          1,260,551.25

Jumlah         137                              513                        8,616,794.68

Perbelanjaan bagi lawatan ke luar Negara  adalah  termasuk bayaran tiket penerbangan (mengikut kelayakan), penginapan, pengangkutan, elaun makan, elauan pakain panas, bayran perubatan, bayaran passport antarabangsa dan visa, dobi dan belanja pelbagai mengikut kelayakan. Kelayakan bayaran elaun dan belanja pelbagai adalah mengikut Pekeling Perbendaharan Bil. 3 Tahun 2003 (Kadar dan Syarat Tuntutan Elaun, Kemudahan dan Bayaran Kepada Pegawai Perkhidmatan Awam Kerana Menjalankan T ugas Rasmi – Tidak Termasuk Anggota Tentera dan Anggota Polis).  Lawatan Ke luar Negara yang dilakukan adalah termasuk lawatan kerja, lawatan teknikal, lawatan,sambil belajar, menyuarat , persidangan serta jemputan daripada organisasi dalam dan luar Negara.

Peserta-peserta yang mengikut lawatan adalh terdiri daripada pegawai-pegawai dan kakitangan Kementerian dan agensi-agensi di bawahnya.

Senarai nama agensi-agensi pelancogan yang dilantik bagi menguruskan lawatan-lawatan sepanjang tahun 2006 hingga September 2008 tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

Bil     Nama Agensi                                                    Bilangan Kekerapan

1       Jetworld Holidays Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd        12

2       Amazon Travel Network Sdn Bhd                      10

3       Green Adventure Holidays Sdn Bhd                     7

4       Sri Sutra Travel Sdn Bhd                                      7

5       Destinasia Travel Sdn Bhd                                   6

6       Triways Travel Netwrok (M) Sdn Bhd                   6

7       Fal Resort & Tours (M) Sdn Bhd                           5

8       Lintas Travel Services Sdn Bhd                             5

9       C S Holidays Sdn Bhd                                           4

10     Mars Link Travel & Tours (M) Sdn Bhd                 3

11     Sri Kedawang Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                 3

12     TM Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd                                    3

13     TITM Holidays Sdn Bhd                                         3

14     City Connections Travel  Sdn Bhd                         3

15     TJ Travel & Tours                                                  2

16     Aldyma Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                           2

17     Twenty First Century Travel System Sdn Bhd        2

18     TLM Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                                 2

19     Mahola Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                            2

20     RAM Travel Sdn Bhd                                              2

21     SMAS Trsvel Sdn Bhd                                             2

22     Sri Amera Holidays Sdn Bhd                                  1

23     Angkasa Travel Service                                          1

24     Travelynne & Tours Sdn Bhd                                 1

25     Gemala Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                           1

26     MTB Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                                 1

27     Nadia Hasni Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                    1

28     Far East Travel Centrre Sdn Bhd                           1

29     Sri Comm Travel Services Sdn Bhd                       1

30     TH Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                                  1

31     MS Star Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                           1

32     SRT Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                                 1

33     Kota Mas Travel Sdn Bhd                                      1

34     Pena Tvel Sdn Bhd                                                 1

35     Zias Niaga Enterprise                                             1

36     Malik , Lip & Associate                                          1

37     Perpel Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd                                1

38     TJ Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd                                       1

39     EZY Travel  Sdn Bhd                                               1

40     Nepline Travel Sdn Bhd                                          1

41     Plus & Plus Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                       1

42     Nepline Travel  Sdn Bhd                                         1

43     Motivest Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                           1

44     Colossus Travel & tours Sdn Bhd                           1

45     YHA Travel & Tour (M) Sdn Bhd                             1

46     Creative Holidays (M) Sdn Bhd                               1

47     Honey Vacation Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                1

48     Tradewinds Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd                      1

49     Innovative Holidays Sdn Bhd                                  1

50     Rakyat Travel Sdn Bhd                                           1



  1. Thank you YB Lim Lip Eng, the MP for Segambut, for sharing the above questions and answers with me and the Wangsa Maju constituents and other fellows Malaysians.

    I am certain that Malaysians want to have serious engagement for the benefits of the people and the nation. We do not want to engage in silly engagement to exhibit our childishness and shallowness.

    I have no time for the paid cybertroopers whose sole objective is to create anger and hatred among the people. Lets beware of them. They have their own agendas.

    Our only agenda is nation building.

    Thank you so much to those, who have given their valuable opinions to me and others. I shall continue to engage with all the serious readers.

    Good evening and best regards
    wee choo keong

  2. where the h*ll they went!

    Just take the RM80 Aeroline bus per trip per person and stay in Hotel 81 in Singapore. Learn how to build a nice tropical city and transform the country.

    It will take less people and cost much much lesser!

  3. A friend in the tourism industry alerted me that it is very usual for govt related agencies to request for kickbacks from the trips they make. The trip organizer will normally request the travel agent/ hotel etc to charge higher than cost, the difference being paid back to the govt officer concern. He also cited an example of a group from the Education Ministry which he handled in a hotel, whereby the hotel was compelled to hire a photographer preselected by the organizer from the Ministry. That photography session cost the Ministry RM20k for a few photos.

  4. Look at those questions and answers in Parliament. Judge for your self the standard of the answers from the Ministers. I have been reading many blogs and what we don’t need are personal attacks. Look at the issue/questions/answers and give your opinion about it. This is what maturity is all about.

    The cybertroopers are more interested in their specific purposes “like to run some down”. Surely this is not contributing to the subject that YB Wee was highlighting.

    We believe in democracy and freedom, if anyone is unhappy with the contents of a blog or specific subject and at the same time unable to take part intellectually then he or she should move to any Blog that sharing his or her mentality.

    I do agree with YB Wee that what we need is “serious engagements in his blog and not personal attacks”.

    Tak payah layan such characters/cybertroopers. YB Wee, you should moderate the comments in order to lessen our burden of having to put with verbiage!

    For the cybertroopers, please go to the BN’s supporters’ blogs to share teh same type of mentalities.

  5. What we need are constructive engagements. We do not need personal agendas or personal attacks. If one does not like the contents of this Blog, please go to the pro BN/UMNO Blogs.

    We want to be informed by facts and not personal attacks. YB Wee tak payah layan puak cybertroopers. Mereka adalah budak-budak upahan sahaja.

    Lets engage in the subject at hand.

    I may be Mat Bodoh but I am not that stupid after all.

  6. Tak payah layan Mat yang lagi bodoh yang setiasa memain politik BN dan membuat personal attack sahaja.

    Lets have constructive engagements and not personal attacks. There are a few Mat yang lagi bodoh trying to disturb our engagements with their own narrow agenda. Lets ignore them, they are bankrupt of ideas and lack basic intellects.

    I am shocked that in 2006 DBKL officers traveled at least once a week (57 times)! What have these officers learned from their traveled?

    Whatever they have learned there are of no help to performance. DBKL’s services have gone from bad to worse.

    Do you all agree?

  7. Looking at the monies spent for the officers to travel, it did not help them to learn anything except more abuses and more corruptions. It is an open secret that DBKL is rotten to the core.

  8. mat sirat,

    penterjemah ini tidak menerima sebarang bayaran daripada YB Wee Chee Keong

    cara pemikiran awak hubung kait wang dengan komen mirip budaya politik Wang UMNO, YA ATAU TIDAK.


    saya tersalah tafsir komen anda di atas. Anda menuju kepada cybertroopers kah?

    jika ya, memang tidak mustahir cyber troopers dibayar untuk “menghangatkan” ruangan komen

  10. Ahmad,

    The BN administration, long enjoying control of MSM, usage of ISA and OSA, has developed a culture of non-accountability. No need to explain.

    If required to engaged in debate, they can only relay on personal attacks. Look at the Sabery Anwar debate. It is embarrassing to see him offer no substantial counter argument, only talk about irrelevant historical events and personal attacks.

    Now the parliament, the hopelessly outclassed BN MPs have to run to the Speakers’ corner to seek protection, refuge and concealment. The 3 Speakers are so loop sided I wonder if they have 2 ears like normal folks like you and me. Between the 3 speakers, they have torpedoed democracy in Malaysia.

    I cannot see Bung, Nazri, Najib, Badawi able to square off against Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh in a US presidential style debate. Even little Teo Nie Ching can have Badawi for breakfast!

  11. Lee wee tak

    Tak payak meminta maaf daripada budak upahan. He is good for making personal attack and has no useful things to contribute beside ready to suck whatever monies there are on the table. Please do not waste any more time to such undesirable elements like this BN/UMNO paid supporter.

    Lets talks about the amount of monies spent for overseas trips by DBKL officers and Kementerian WP officers with no purpose – because their mentality remains the same. As corrupted as ever and bloody inefficient.

    When the next General Elections come along, we all must get ready to get rid of BN for good so that the country will be prosperous and with such budak upahan!.

  12. TO ALL;

    Frankly speaking, I memang mengikuti perkembangan baik YB selama ini. I memang tak berminat untuk memasuki any political party because you know whylah… I tak suka hilang kawan macam what happened in the blog. I am a peace loving one…

    The present ‘system’ has been here for more than 51 years, agak sukar untuk mengubah kerajaan tapi tidak mustahil at all. Everybody dah cakap pasal objectivity of the blog dan peranan cybertroopers terlampau.

    Well, I hate to say this but ada banyak soalan yang YB ignored dari dulu lagi, saya dulu tak minat tapi setelah saya memerhati yang YB dah behaving neutral terhadap all (yang menyokong dan yang tidak menyokong) saya rasa saya harus mempertahankan kerajaan yang ada sekarang. YB memang OK tapi YB berada dalam pakatan yang salah…


  13. Apa nak gaduh-gaduh ni? Cucu-cucu semua…

    Fakta yang dibentang dari reference YB Segambut tu memang bagus… pada pandangan Tok Mudim yang memang dah kabur ni, kalau tak bentang lagi bagus sebab dia tertinggal nak selit info pasal Putrajaya dan juga Labuan.

    Kalau ada dua-dua figure tu barulah cantik.

    Terlanjur dah ade dalam blog ni, Tok Mudim nak tanya ada ke orang yang dapat bayaran menyuarakan komen dalam blog ni… pasal tanya bebudak pun diaorang faham nak jawab bukannya susah, just serve and smash tapi kekadang tu kena drop shot dan rally jugak.

    Tak baik nak tuduh orang lain kena bayar lah dll.

    Tok Mudim rasa tak payahlah nak kata toksah layan bebudak tu, bina negara lah dll… negara ni pun Tok Mudim dah tolong bina mase berjuang nak merdeka dulu…

    ingat pesan Tok Mudim “kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di Wangsa Maju – tutuplah blog ni”…….



  14. Bukankah wang yang digunakan oleh DBKL dan Kementerian Wilayah adalah wang rakyat! Kalaulah mereka membazirkan wang BN saya tak akan peduli.

    Kalau kita bersikap tidak apa koyaklah Malaysia!

  15. YB, teruskan perjuangan sekarang ini baru saya nampak DBKL buat kerja contohnya kat chow kit pendatang asing tidak lagi dibenarkan menjadi pembantu kedai dan kedai di tepi jalan dirobohkan kecuali kedai pro UMNO tidak dirobohkan (pilih kasih) saya akan terus menyokong perjuangan YB kearah pembentukan kerajaan baru.

  16. PERSONAL ATTACK will only DISGRACE yourself!!!!…..please be more mature in having conducive discussion…..for better tomorrow ….for ALL RAKYAT……..not only to those SELFISH PARASITE…..if something we smell dodgy…..everyone should help to RECTIFY it rather than to hide here and there or pusing sini and belit sana!!!…….is really sad to see those who r not sincere in contributing but somemore destructing.

  17. thanks Ahmad. I feel much better now

    I would encourage anybody who can afford it, take a short holiday to Singapore

    1) look at their streets, clean, safe and no cracks

    2) no rubbish

    3) very safe, no crime

    4) so many things to buy and excluding cars and houses. actually things are cheaper if you earn there

    Why? because of all this waste lah…. it is our money, our life, our right….all gone

    If my beloved country can be like this….with our God given riches, we are better off than Singaporeans. And really, I worked with Malays in Singapores…they are doing very very well. Go see for yourselves. DOn’t believe the crap you read in propogandas…

  18. Wee,

    Put a stop to these visits. Make announcements of travel plans to preempt their travels, and name and shame those persons attempting to make the trip.

    What cyber troopers?

  19. look at the road condition in Wangsa Maju.
    i wonder where all the money goes to.

    My friend who had migrated to NZ just came back to KL. He was so disgusted with the condition of the KL roads….holes, bumps, shoddy patch-up everywhere!!!

    There are 2 big and deep potholes on the sliproad (towards Wangsa Melawati, MRR2) at the WM Section 2 main junction. It has been there for months. So, what is DBKL doing? Where is their bloody initiative?

    all not around? all went for expensive oversea trips?

  20. dann: How to make good the road when DBKL spent so much monies for their purposeless trips.

    They are not cybertroopers but CYBER-IDIOTS! Idiots of whatever kinds cannot engage in decent discussion. Lets forget about them and they can amuse themselves in the BN’s related blogs.

    DBKL is a big can of worms fed by BN. To change the attitudes and mentalities of the officers in DBKL is a near impossible task unless BN government collapses. Therefore, we must go for a real change by getting rid of BN government.

    If BN does not change and the rakyat are still complacent that there is no hope for Malaysia.

  21. dann:

    Your complaint

    “There are 2 big and deep potholes on the sliproad (towards Wangsa Melawati, MRR2) at the WM Section 2 main junction. It has been there for months. So, what is DBKL doing? Where is their bloody initiative?”

    In have conveyed your complaint to En Khairul, the Pengurus of DBKL Wangsa Maju Branch early this morning. I have been informed that DBKL had attended to two potholes at 10 am this morning.

    Please let me know if it is not satisfactorily done.

    Have you lodged your report with DBKL regarding the Renee Coffee Shop occupying the car parks and the noise?


    wee choo keong

  22. After read the post regarding the road issue, it remind me that this issue not only happened at the place reported by dann.

    The lousy road condition issue was actually happend at almost everywhere in Malaysia. As what my old man saying, a lot of road repairing or redoing exercise is actually wasting the tax payer’s money as it was never done properly. When a road was digged to be redone, it was always not digged deep enough.

    That’s why the hole always reappeared after a while. Or sometime, the road even become worst after redo. This happend at my home town.


    Poh Soon

  23. Phua,

    I think I have read worse than what Kow have written. If he is angry, he is making it clear. I suppose in this blog, there is a wide latitude for freedom of speech.

    Crude language, maybe but I agree with Ah Kow. Hope you can see from my point of view. Yo are free and right to express your displeasure too.

  24. lee wee tak,

    I appreciate your concern but I was communicating with Ah Kow.

    Just jaga your tepi kain sendiri, maaa.

    Don’t sibuk-sibuk, unless YOU AND AH KOW OR OTHERS ARE ALL THE SAME PERSON…

  25. Phua

    I don’t see anything wrong with Ah Kow’s comments. That were his views. So what wrong with that. Phua is entitled to his view and so is Ah Kow. I fully support the right of Ah Kow right to say whatever he wanted to say.

    Phua should not impose his view on others. I don’t think Ah Kow used any vulgar words.

    lee wee tak: I also agree with you. If Phua has the right to comment on Ah Kow views similarly ys.ou also has the right to do likewise. Lets not waste time on BN ways of doing thing

  26. terima kasih ahmad for sharing the same opinion.

    the moment we put our comments here, it is open to everybody

    “if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”
    – Brian Clough

  27. Now, i’m getting iritated by such a double standard treatment, pointing out at entitlement towards certain views and got supported.

    You guys never learned sejarah, ibet you all nknow nuts about serious jargon like ‘jus soli’.

    Last week you guys whacked the so-called cyber-troopers whom I believe, according to you guys today’s definition of simple ‘rights’.

    It’s unpredictable, one week said something the other week said the opposite thing. Make up your minds…

    Ahah, I also have my ‘right’ to say whatever…

    Forgotten something huh, “You need 3 years to build up kebaikan but you only need 3 days to destroy kebaikan”.

    Now, I got it why previous sessions visitors highlighted much on misleading people minds.

  28. Huh???


    Not united states…

    but you mentioned ‘so do us’…

    My bet is you all are the same person…

    One person many characters… that is a hell lot of “PAID CYBER-TROOPERS”…



  29. To lee wee tak,

    There’s a Chinese proverb that answers your Brian Clough’s reference:-


  30. Phua

    is that u real name?

    Please show me in Chinese writing, perhaps I am ignorant, I have never come across this chinese proverb or is there really one?

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