Questions Time, 24 November 2008

Federal Territory minister explains why DBKL excluded Volume 3 of KL Draft Plan from public viewing …

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta MENTERI WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN menyatakan mengapa DBKL menjual Draf Pelan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur 2020 tanpa Jilid 3, apakah tujuan DBKL untuk tidak mengemukakan Jilid 3 tersebut dan sehubungan dengan ini dan demi keadilan adakah kerajaan bercadang mengarahkan DBKL ‘make available’ Jilid 3 tersebut kepada orang awam dan melanjutkan masa bagi orang awam mengemukakan bantahan terhadapnya.


Tuan Yang di Pertua,

Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormatnya bagi Wangsa Maju, Draf pelan tempatan untuk Kuala Lumpur yang dikenali sebagai Draf Pelan Bandar Raya Kuala Lumpur 2020 yang diwartakan untuk pernyertaan awam pada 15 Mei 2008 terdiri daripada:

i.      Jilid 1:  Pelan Bandar Raya Kuala Lumpur 2020

ii.     Jilid 2:  Bahagian 1: Pelan Kawalan Pembangunan 2008

iii.    Jilid 2:  Bahagian 2: Zon Guna Tanah dan Intensiti

iv.    Jilid 4:  Kampung Bahru

Draf Jilid 3:  Pelan Garis Panduan Pembangunan, isu utama, strategi dan cadangan-cadangan awal pembangunan untuk present-presint tertentu sahaja.  Cadangan awal utama ini mengadungi cadangan rangkaian pejalan kaki dan rangkaian kawasan hijau dan ebntuk pembangunan di kawasan-kawasan using.  Garis panduan ini akan menjadi panduan kepada Datuk Bandar Bandar Kuala Lumpur dalam melaksanakan pembangunan atau pembaikan infrastruktur-infrastruktur tersebut dalam present-presint yang berkenaan. Dokumen ini bukanya dokumen statutory tetapi ialah dokumen pentadbiran untuk membantu Datuk Bandar menterjemahkan dokumen Jilid 1 and 2 semasa menimgbang permohonan kebenaran merancang.

Cadangan-cadangan yang terdapat di dalam garis panduan ini masih belum dimuktamadkan keranan ianya bergantung kepada gunan tanah, kepadatan dan nisbah plot yang dirumuskan di dalam dokumen Jilid 2 Bahagian 2:  Pelan Kawalan Pembangunan 2008. Oleh itu, sehingga kini dokumen tersebut masih lagi belum dicetak untuk penggunaan.  Garis panduan di dlaam Jilid 3 ini masih tertaklujk kepada pindaan iaitu setelah Draf Plan Bandar Raya Kuala lUmpur 2020 (Jilid 1, 2, 4) diluluskan oleh Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan mengikut peruntukan Seksyen 16 (1) Akta (Perancangan) Wilayah Persekutuan 1982.  Keputusan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan mengenai hala tuju strategic (jilid 1) dan asa kawalan pembangunan (Jilid 2) akan menentukan bentuk dan kandungan garis panduan yang perlu disediakan dalam Jilid 3.

Apabila dokumen Jilid 3:  Pelan Garis Panduan Pembangunan ini dikemaskini, ianya juga akan dikemukakan untuk pandangan awam sebelum ianya diterimapakai. Sebagai garis panduan, dokumen ini tidak akan diwartakan seperti dokumen Jilid 1, 2 dan 4.  Orang ramai akan berpeluang meneliti dan membeli garis panduan ini setelah ianya dimutamadkan.  Garis paduan ini Juga akan dikesmakini dari masa ke masa dan dikemukakan untuk pandangan awam setiap kali dikemaskini.

8 thoughts on “Questions Time, 24 November 2008

  1. lee wee tak

    Ok, I wonder if you didn’t ask, would the DBKL “…juga akan dikemukakan untuk pandangan awam sebelum ianya diterimapakai…”

    If there is a deadline for public feedback for the draft plan, did it accommodate the time for publication, digestion and meeting up with the public?

  2. anonymous

    If that was eh case then why should it be classified as Volume 3. It should not be part of draft KL Plan 2020. When it is stated as Volume 3, any person would have considered it to be part of the Volume 1 to 4. It is just as simple as ABC.

    It was extremely strange to say that Volume 3wa to help Datuk Bandar to understand about Volume 1 of the KL Draft Plan 2020.

    If Datuk Bandar doesn’t understand I am sure that he will call upon his officer to explain rather than reading through hundred of pages when he had to attend to other pressing matters at the same time.

    I suspect that DBKL is hiding the Volume 3 from members of the public.

    The newspapers have been asking about the missing Volume 3 but DBKL officers keeping quiet about it. This is the first time that I have read about the official reply.

  3. Ahmad

    It has been quite sometime that there was a public outcry about the missing Volume 3 of the KL Draft Plan 2020. I find the answer given by the FT Minister unacceptable.

    If Volume 3 was not the statutory papers then it should not be Volume 3. It should be documents under a different name strictly for the use of Datuk Bandar. The answer was a cover-up!

  4. Lee

    The hearing of the objections on the Draft Plan 2020 is just a farce. Everything will go through without problems.

    Why include Volume 3 into the Draft Plan and at the same time withholding it? This is the first time I have heard of the stupid reason given. I am glad that there are two idiots believing it. Thank Gog that there are smart people around that’s why BN almost finished in Wilayah.

    Keep up with the good work YB. At least we have less of rubbish problems.

  5. Ahamd

    I fully agree with Lee. No one with sound mind would agree with the answers given by Kementerian WP. Why classify the document as Volume 3 and at the same time withholding it without informing the public the reason for withholding it.

    Thank God there are still many clever people in KL and that’s why BN almost mati in KL – left with the only one survival (Zulhasnan).

    Only people of unsound mind would support the answers given by Kementerian.

  6. Tan

    Only idiots cannot see through the stupid answers. No wonder BN almost “koyak” during the last General Elections with 82 PR MPs.

    Lets not bother about the idiot and allow them to amuse them selves – the sendiri syok syndrome.

  7. Azman

    Why classify the documents as Volume 3 if it was not meant for public consumption? If anyone cannot understand this simple facts then one must be damn stupid.

    The withholding of Volume 3 of the Draft Plan 2020 was an afterthought. most probably initially DBKL did not think that Volume 3 will be detriment to DBKL. Volume 3 are guidelines and rules and regulations governing approvals for Development Order.

    once Volume 3 is make public then members of public can start questioning DBKL on those Development Orders that have been approved and they were not in compliance with the guidelines and /or regulations then the officers will be in trouble.

    this is what I think the withholding of Volume 3 was all about.

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