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Questions Time, 20 November 2008

Minister of Transport: AirAsia has settled debt amounting to RM80 million which is all airport taxes collected in advance by the airline

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta MENTERI PENGANGKUTAN menyatakan mengapa Kementerian tidak mengarahkan MAHB untuk mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap AirAsia kerana gagal membayar hutangnya berjumlah RM110 juta termasuk ‘Airport Tax’ yang telah dikutip daripada penumpang penumpangnya dan memberhentikan AirAsia daripada menggunakan LCCT sehingga ia menyelesaikan pembayaran ‘Airport Tax’ seperti mana tindakan yang dikenakan kepada Pelangi Air sebelum ini.


Tuan Yang Di Pertua

Persoalan berhubung hutang AirAsia kepada MAHB telah pun dijawab semasa sesi penggulungan Rang Undang-Undang Perbekalan 2009 Kementerian Pengangkutan pada 3 November 2008, di mana pihak MAHB dan AirAsia telah memaklumkan bahawa kedua-dua pihak telah mencapai jalan penyelesaian dan persertujuan dalam menangani isu pembayaran hutang tertunggak tersebut.

Oleh sebab jalan penyelesian telash dicapai oleh kedua-dua pihak yang terlibat, maka Kementerian mengaggap perkara ini telah selesai dan tidak ada sebab untuk pihak Kerajaan mengarahkan MAHB mengambil tindakan kea atas AirAsiaberhubung perkara ini.


It was due to the pressure exerted in Parliament that AirAsia settled the outstanding Airport Tax amounting to RM80 million. It must be noted that during the Parliamentary session in July the Minister of Transport informed Parliament that since 2002 AirAsia owed MAHB the sum of RM110 million being outstanding Airport Tax and etc. It is general knowledge that passengers paid their Airport Taxes at the time when they paid for their fares.

I am also certain that since 2002 until now there were many passengers who didn’t travel and their airfares were forfeited and at the same time the Airport Taxes that had been collected by AirAsia were not refunded. Under such circumstance, the Airport Taxes collected by AirAsia should be refunded to the passengers. I shall pursue this point with the Minister of Transport during the debate during the Committee Stage because AirAsia did not refund the Airport Taxes to the passengers. In fact, under such circumstance all airlines must refund the Airport Taxes that have been collected in advance. 

The pertinent question to ask the Minister of Transport is: On what basis did MAHB allowed AirAsia to owe RM110 million since 2002? From my understanding, no government agencies will allow any company to owe taxes – be it income tax or any other forms of taxes for 6 long years (2002 until 2008). The Minister of Transport must answer to Parliament why was AirAsia accorded with such special treatment whereby no action was taken until I brought the non-payment of Airport Taxes and etc to the attention of Parliament.   

If I am not mistaken, many years ago Pelangi Air did owe MAHB (not to the tune of RM110 million) and MAHB stopped the airline from using all the airport facilities and Pelangi Air collapsed soon thereafter. By coincidence at that material time, Pelangi Air was owned by Terengganu government and it was under PAS.

7 thoughts on “Questions Time, 20 November 2008

  1. Ai yah YB Wee, I thought AirAsia owes RM110 million to MAHB. What happen to the other RM30 ah?

    Like that also can one ah. What about the interest? No need to pay ah? How can.

    Like this I also want to volunteer to collect taxes on behalf of the government lor. Easy money man. Anybody else would have kena teruk teruk and kena interest upon interest for owing taxes to the government. How can AirAsia can get away with murder one? This is not fair at all. Ptui!

  2. this is how Bodowi system of government. Only airasia can owe airpor taxes. What rubbish. After owing for 6 years, airasia need not pay inmtetet and received discoint. What a big joke!

  3. YB WEE

    Please clarify “kedua-dua pihak telah mencapai jalan penyelesaian dan persertujuan dalam menangani isu pembayaran hutang tertunggak tersebut.”

    Does it means PAID or COME TO AN ARRANGEMENT?

  4. Great idea! Now not only all can fly! Now all can owe taxes! Thank you Tony Fernandes for setting precedent that we can owe taxes for many years without having to pay interests and thereafter we can also get discount. Very good idea indeed. it is almost an act of a genius. No wonder AirAsia is expanding so fast to the extend that it is taking delivery of one Airbus plane every month. Airasia has about 140 more planes to take.

    I better be bodoh and owe taxes, and the outstanding taxes can then be treated as profit.

    Great idea from Tony Fernandes. Malaysians must all learn from him then we all will be great entrepreneur of the year just by owing taxes!

  5. YB,passengers who have cancelled their flights (or missed their flights and which are forfeited) and have paid in advance airport taxes do not get refunded.These collected monies are kept by Air Asia and and not paid to MAB (as passengers did not fly) so it is additional “income” for Air Asia. There must be a system here to protect the consumer.The Consumer Association should look into this.

  6. agree with valerie

    many times i cancel my tickets before i knew i can get back the airport tax

    1. how to get the refunadble airport tax if i didnt have the ticket copies anymore?
    2. where to get the money back?

  7. pirahhh airasia

    According to one of the readers (Calvin Then)in this blog, he managed to get the refund. Here is part of his comments:

    “Email and the refund process will take a minimum thirty working days (30) to process and the refunded amount will be re-credited to your credit card as followed from your mode payment for this booking.”

    You can try it that way.

    When you booked on Airasia, you will get a confirmation of your bookings via email. Please check from your emails. If no record, please go through your credit statement and it will show the date of your purchase and the transaction number, which you can use as a reference when you contact Airasia.

    If you are having problems please do not hesitate to contact me at I will do my best to help you. If I have a chance I will bring to the attention of the Minister of Transport to direct Airasia to make automatic refund of airport when Airasia forfeits the fare based on no show.

    Thank you and the others for your valuable opinions.

    Selamat Malam to all.

    wee choo keong

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