Your MP's Question of the Week #34

A majority of the rakyat view the ISA as a draconian piece of legislation that has long outlived its usefulness and they want it abolished. Their last straw was when Raja Petra Kamarudin and the others were arrested by the authority in September 2008 for the flimsiest and most absurd of reasons. Since then the rakyat throughout the country have been holding weekly candle-light vigils to press for a swift repeal of the ISA and seek the release of all its detainees now numbering about 65.

The rakyat have guaranteed civil rights under the constitution and it is within their democratic freedom to hold peaceful meetings to voice their unhappiness and bring it to the attention of the authority.

The question for this week is:

Should the BN government listen to the voice of the rakyat and stop the abuse of the ISA and at the same time give strict orders to the police to refrain from acting high-handedly by breaking up with force civil and peaceful candle-light vigils wherever they may be held?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda #34

Kebanyakan rakyat menganggap bahawa ISA adalah suatu akta yang keras dan tidak sesuai dengan keadaan semasa dan mereka minta supaya ianya dimansuhkan. Pukulan akhir terjadi apabila Raja Petra Kamarudin dan lain-lain ditahan oleh pihak berkuasa di September 2008 dengan alasan nan paling lemah dan tidak masuk akal. Semenjak itu, rakyat seluruh negara mengadakan perjumpaan malam lilin saban minggu untuk menekan supaya ISA dimansuhkan dengan cepat dan minta tahanan seramai lebih kurang 65 orang dilepaskan.

Hak umum dan asasi rakyat dijamin bawah perlembagaan dan memanglah hak mereka bawah prinsip demokrasi bahawa mereka boleh berhimpun secara aman untuk menyuarakan ketidakpuasan mereka untuk perhatian pihak berkuasa.

Soalan minggu ini adalah:

Patutkah pentadbiran BN mendengar suara rakyat dan hentikan salahguna ISA serta pada masa sama memberi arahan tegas kepada pihak polis supaya jangan mengambil tindakan angkuh dan keras dalam usaha meleraikan perhimpunan yang bertamadun dan aman umpamanya perhimpunan dengan lilin di mana-mana sahaja?

11 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #34

  1. resident.wangsamaju

    I think Malaysia is becoming more junta and no longer a ‘democratic’. It never fully was democratic anyway, but the degree of freedom has deteriorated badly. Syed Albar and most ministers all dumbassed, mismanaging this country causing the loss of investment opportunity we could have had from foreigners.

  2. Melayu Jati

    The ISA should be abolished. It is even too draconian to be used against the BN goons!

    As to the police using force against civil and peaceful gatherings, it is a no no and there must be recourse by the public to take them to book when they break the law themselves. The Home Minister also should be taken to task for his miss-steps and condoning the use of force against peaceful public rallies. What happened to our democracy? Has this country become another Myanmar?

    If BN don’t change, the rakyat should change BN by voting them out forever!

  3. anonymous

    ISA had to be abolished. We are no longer living under emergency situation. ISA was meant to fight against communism and now the government and have signed a peace treaty with the communists in Thailand a few years ago, ISA is no longer applicable.

    ISA should be repealed from our statute book.

    BN government wants to use it to control the oppositions only. Lets campaign to abolish the ISA.

  4. temenggong

    Yep, its the last straw, and this Sunday Vigil at Civic Centre, PJ, would probably be the last one before there is a change of govt. I hope you’ll be there Wee.

  5. lee wee tak

    ISA encourage lazy policing work, and I meant for the Home Minister and the police.

    They do not need to prove anything, just arrest and come up with the stupidest excuse ever including

    1) protecting someone or

    2) base on a newspaper report which was refuted by the alleged victims and the newspaper is now a subject of a lawsuit

    If gives Malaysia a bad name in international standing so those who misuse it is actually dragging the country’s name through mud. Can this be called unpatriotic or treason?

    Not to mention the hardship caused by those arrested wrongly.

    If there is a threat, enact specific laws. For militants, there is always penal code for possession of illegal firearms. ISA is being abused for political oppression and giving police to much discretionary power to arrest without needing to justify their action so it will allow sloppy or faulty police investigative work.

  6. temenggong


    I did not say the change will be by an umno has been. I’ve been assured of this, and I’ll stick to this hope till end of this month.

  7. ahoo

    Beside ISA, there are many other issues that need to be taken care off. The way our Royal Police conduct themselves when facing different crowds in demostration. One one hand they were seen very clearly as having played their effective roles in guiding and patroling the crowds in the “storming of bar council meeting” despite it being a close-door event and the other where ” UITM students demostrating against the admission of non-malays.”

    Whereas the peaceful candle light vigil against the draconian of ISA at the Padang Timor on the 9th Nov 08 was met with very disturbing behaviour of the police. As compared to the above two events which were much more aggressive and violent, the police themselves were seen as being misguided in their actions. We see it as selective show of power and to cow the people against their show of soliditary against the wanton use of ISA against political opponents or people that disagrees with the regime.

    If we are to follow according to police acts that any gathering of five people in any public places, requires a permit, we are in for a police state then. Imagine a family gathering in public places of interest, be it seaside or parks or lakes ? In a nutshell, I believe the police are not bipartisan when it comes to politic and as such would strongly recommend that they all join political parties and be politicians rather than serve as civil servants.

  8. dann

    ISA…if they use it to protect a person from danger/harm/threats by throwing them into the cell for few weeks…ok what?!! Free protection, guarantee safe.


  9. Mohd Noor Haji Jaafar

    ISA..Akta zalim ini patut dihapuskan. Kita bukan zaman zarurat yang perlu Akta ini. Banyak akta-akta lain boleh digunakan untuk membanteraskan kejadian jenayah dan ketenteraman awam. Dimasa ini Akta ini telah disalahgunakan untuk melindungi seseorang dan bukannya menjaga ketenteraman awam.

  10. Mat Goblok

    Ya amat betul! ISA digunakan oleh kerajaan untuk menahan pemberita Sin Chew Jit Poh atas alasan “menjaga keselamatan pemberita tersebut” jawab Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid. Pemberita tersebut cuma melaporkan kenyataan Datuk Ahmad Ismail, peminpin UMNO di Pualau Pinang. Orang yang mengunakan kenyataan yang rascist tidak ditahan!

    Jawapa Menteri yang amat tepat sekali! Saya harap pada satu hari nanti sesiapa yang menyokong ISA boleh taste kezaliman ISA!


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