Free, 100 packets of rice every month for the needy

Percuma, 100 bag beras setiap bulan untuk orang yang perlukan bantuan

Beginning this Wednesday, 12 November 2008, yangBerkhidmat Service Centre will make available 100 packets of rice monthly to be given away FREE to needy Malaysians on behalf of our generous donors.

Muali Rabu ini, 12 November 2008, Pusat Perkhidmatan yangBerkhidmat akan menyediakan 100 bag beras setiap bulan diberi PERCUMA kepada rakyat Malaysia yang perlu bantuan, hasil sumbangan penderma yang maha murah hati.

(Packets shown here are sample references only)
(Gambar rujukan sahaja)

Terms & Conditions

1. Only one packet of rice will be given away to each unique request at any one time. This is done strictly on a first-come-first served basis and while stock lasts.

2. No second-time request will be entertained within the same month.

3. To qualify, one MUST be a Malaysian citizen and one MUST produce one’s MyKad before one can collect the free packet of rice at the Service Centre.


1. Satu bag untuk satu permintaan/permohonan setiap kali. Siapa datang dulu siapa dapat hingga bekalan masih ada.

2. Permintaan / permohonan kedua dali bulan yang sama tidak dilayan.

3. HANYA warga Malaysia yang layak dan MyKad MESTI ditunjukkan sebelum beras boleh diambil daripada pusat perkhidmatan

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following donors for their generous contribution of 100 packets of rice every month to be given away free to the needy:

1)     Mr. Christopher Chang
2)     Mr. Elvin Cheong
3)     Mr. Remy Lim
4)     Mr. Danny Wong
5)     Mr. Alban Lee
6)     Ms Connie Chong
7)     Mr. David Loh
8)     Mr. David Lai
9)     Mr. Sia Hee Sing
10)   Mr. Conrad Wee

Kami ingin mengambil kesempatan mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada penderma berikut atas sumbangan 100 bag beras setiap bulan untuk diberi secara percuma kepada orang yang perlukannya:

1) En Christopher Chang
En Elvin Cheong
En Remy Lim
En Danny Wong
En Alban Lee
6) Cik Connie Chong
En David Loh
En David Lai
En Sia Hee Sing
En Conrad Wee

*Barring any unforseen circumstances, our stock of 100 packets of rice should be available at our Service Centre this week and ready for collection by the needy. Thank you.
*Jika tiada sebarang masalah, bekalan 100 bag beras boleh dituntut di pusat perkhidmatan kami minggu ini.
Terima kasih.

*Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong.

10 thoughts on “Free, 100 packets of rice every month for the needy

  1. Ken

    Instead of stopping here, why not lets target to have Soup Kitchen set-up? I believe this will reach out to more people rather than the 100 needy (assuming one person will be getting one packet?)

    This can also enhance community activities and get everyone (irregardless of race/gender/religion) together.

  2. lee wee tak

    To the 10 generous Malaysians, I salute you. They are really great human beings.

    I have read elsewhere that some Malays saying Chinese should give up something / help Malays…well action speaks louder than words as far as these 10 great human beings are concerned.

    To the 10 generous Malaysians, may you and your family enjoy happiness, good health and be safe.

  3. Eric Goh

    Congratulation my dear brother.
    You done a good job for the Wangsa Maju poor and needy people.
    Continue your good deeds and forever be our MP here.

  4. ahoo

    We can give without loving BUT we certainly can’t love without giving ! Thus, the 10 generous ones choose to contribute to the less fortunate ones not because of fame or name BUT I believe simply because they care enough to love others.

    Well done and may there be much blessings in all that you do and would suggest that YB Wee will not just stop at this but will identify the hardcore poor in Wangsa Maju. Get the welfare dept to be involved whenever possible and better still post the needs in the blog site and let those who are able to contribute, make a difference. May even be a skill pass on or cooking or even a small cottage business etc. that will change the face of Wangsa Maju in the months ahead.

    The maxim of giving a fish and teaching how to fish is indeed a good lesson to learn. There may be many youths amongst those less fortunate that requires tuition and what better way than to set up classes at the community hall on certain days to guide them. I believe with so many TAR’s college students residing around the area, there will be some that are more than willing to take on such tasks as to uplift the education level of those who are lacking behind. For it is only through education and with right knowledge that one’s future path can be determined. Teach irrespective of race and the joy of seeing others doing well in life is one of the greatest honour anyone can ask for. Thank you YB.

  5. rmf

    Sebagai Rakyat Malaysia yang berpegang teguh kepada perlembangaan diharapkan agar awak dapat belajar bahasa yang di iktiraf iaitu Bahasa Malaysia [seperti termaktub didalam perlembagaan]

    Maaf, saya membuat teguran..

  6. lee wee tak

    tak apa, teguran itu saya boleh ambil dengan ikhlas serta hati terbuka

    saya memang ada belajar Bahasa Malaysia, silap mesti ada dan saya tiada niat menghina bahasa kebangsaan, silap itu silap, tak sama dengan hina……

    jika ada pandangan mengenai penterjemahan saya selama ini, tolong kongsikan agar saya memperbaiki mutu kerja saya

    tetapi soalan saya belum terjawab….seandainya Maha hanya untukNya mengapa pula rancangan TV kita pula bertajuk Mahaguru? Itu yang saya hendak dapat penjelasan

    harap siapa siapa boleh menolong menghilangkan kejahilan saya ni….

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