Your MP's Question of the Week #33

Whether we cared to notice, there are far more similarities between Malaysia and the United States of America that go beyond our national flags and the way our individual country is managed.

Here are just some examples. We eat the same fast foods. We wear the same brands. We listen to the same music. We communicate with the same mobile phones. We watch the same movies and reality shows. We use the same computers that run the same operating systems and office and gaming softwares. We drive the same cars. We carry the same credit cards. We email, browse the web, skype, msn, blog, youtube, facebook, ecetera-ecetera the same.

But of all the similarities that make us seem like one big knitted family there is one that makes us look like identical-twins. Through the years, our systems of democracy have degenerated to place power in the hands of a well-connected few and their cronies and businesses to serve their selfish needs instead of the greater needs of the majority of common folks in the street.

Much like the same way Malaysians have woken up to this problem on March 8 by reducing the two-third majority of Barisan Nasional; the Americans have also done so on November 4 to vote in Barack Obama as their 44th president of the United States as the important first step to hopefully wrestle back power into the hands of the people, to serve the people.

And just as America have “Yes, We Can!” as their motto to abandon the old and nasty and take their country forward so do we in Malaysia have in the same vein as in our “Malaysia Boleh!”

The question for this week then is:

Since real progress in the country cannot be attained by continuing to maintain the status quo, should the people of Malaysia then be single-minded and adopt CHANGE for the better as their constant mindset to make the seemingly impossible possible so that real improvements and benefits can begin to take shape in every aspect of our beloved nation, just as what the American people have recently done?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda #33

Samaada kita hendak ambil tahu, terdapat banyak persamaan antara Malaysia and Amerika Syarikat tanpa melihat bendera dan cara pentadbiran masing-masing.

Contohnya, kami makan “fast food” yang sama. Kami memakai jenama yang sama. Kami mendengar lagu yang sama. Kami menggunakan telefon bimbit yang sama untuk berhubung. Kami menonton wayang dan rancangan realiti yang sama. Kami menggunakan komputer dan sistem “software” yang sama. Kami memandu kereta yang sama. Kami membawa kad kredit yang sama. Kami juga menghantar email, melayar laman web, guna skype, msn, blog, youtube, facebook, yang sama.

Semua persamaan ini mungkin menampakkan kedua negara ini ibarat ahli sekeluarga dan terdapat satu persamaan yang membuat kami ibarat anak kembar. Dalam laluan masa bertahun-tahun, sistem demokrasi dua negara ini telah menurun mutunya hingga meletakkan kuasa kepada segelintir orang yang mempunyai kenalan dan hubungan khas dan kroni dan syarikat-syarikat besar yang melayan kerakusan mereka dan bukanlah menjaga kepentingan orang umum.

Seperti ramai rakyat Malaysia sedar mengenai masalah ini dan pada 8 March telah mengurangkan majoriti BN yang dulunya melebihi dua per tiga; rakyat America juga berbuat demikian pada 4 November dan mengundi Barack Obama sebagai Presiden Amerika yang ke-44 sebagai langkah pertama merampas balik kuasa kepada tangan orang ramai untuk kepentingan orang ramai.

Pada masa rakyat Amerika menggunakan slogan “Yes, We Can!” (Ya, Kita Boleh!) untuk meninggalkan segala yang kolot dan keji serta melangkahkan negara mereka ke hadapan, kita di Malaysia pun ada nada sama menerusi slogan kita “Malaysia Boleh!”

Oleh itu, soalan minggu ini adalah:

Oleh kerana kemajuan benar di negara ini tidak boleh dicapai dengan menerima apa yang sedia ada, patutkah rakyat Malaysia bertekad dan menerima PERTUKARAN untuk kebaikan dan menukar minda supaya apa yang dulunya dianggap mustahil dapat dicapai supaya rakyat Malaysia boleh mengecapi kebaikan dalam hidup kami, sepertimana yang dicapai oleh rakyat Amerika?

12 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #33

  1. hashim

    Yes we need change. But the whole systems are screwed. The !, is f… N the opposition is no better or slightly better.
    It is no good for the country. We need a real changr. Not change by mouth only.

  2. koolgeek

    Obama would not have won if not because a sizable portion of white americans voted for him.

    To change anything in Malaysia, Malays need to rise above UMNO’s racism.

  3. lee wee tak

    koolgeek, not only Malays must change, Chinese, Indians, Bajau, Muruds everybody must change too.

    Ever race got some attitude in them that hinder co-operation and progress and it has been moulded by the policies of the BN administration down the years.

  4. kassimselamat2

    To have a Malaysian Obama we must change to be like the USA.

    1. There is no special privileges to any race.Even the backwards Native Indians gets nothing special.The African Americans gets nothing special.
    The arguments that the Malays may revolt if they are not given the special rights must be discarded because it is not true.
    The argument that the Malays must be treated special because they are backwards,only makes them weaker.

    2. There is one Race, like Thailand,Phillipines and Indonesia.All with one Natioanl name.Thaksin is a Thai name but he is of Chinese origin.Aquino is a Phillipine name but she is also of Chinese origin.

  5. kassimselamat2

    3.One Education System.There should be no Malay Schools or Chinese Schools or Indian Schools,just a Malaysian School.

    4. Religion must be treated equal.The State must not get involve with religion.Funds must be distributed fairly and not have a RM10m mosque and a do-it-yourself temple under a tree.

  6. kassimselamat2

    5. Have a Malaysian hero role model.When in demonstrating,carry photos of Tun Ismail and not Gandhi or Mao.

    6. Get angry with sex scandal politicians.Do not condemn those from UMNO but re elect the Chinese politician and pretend not to know when an Indian politician marry a Malay girl in secret.

    7. Screamed when a politician have a big house.Shout equally loud whether they are from UMNO or Pakatan (especially when they have not work for many years while in jail)

    8. Respect the ruling of the courts and not only when they vote in your favour.

  7. Melayu Jati

    But of course, yes!

    CHANGE for the better. Every Malaysian should live it. Breathe it. Eat it. Sleep it. Dream it … one gets the drift.

    Those who do not adopt and embrace this mindset are the enemies of the people, Agong and country and should be banished!

  8. anonymnous

    Once the Sleepy Head is out of office that in itself is a big change! We do not need someone to protect his family instead of the country.

    Lets get rid of him.

  9. lee wee tak

    Unfortunately, racism I feel is alive and well in Malaysia. After decades of divide and rule, it is unrealistic for people to change over night. While I heard some positive words in the street, people like Ahmad Ismail, the protesters of the stand in head of PKNS is a reality check on what many Malaysians stand for.

    Personally I do not harbour such inclination but what I see and hear is depressing enough.

  10. ganesh


    Can you help Msians to raise voice / highlight this issue to MP.
    Case of mat rempit (robbers riding motorcycle) with molesting, curi /rompak, pukul ; why never brought this issue to parliament and request PDRM to have major breakdown and operasi. Include this issue in Pakatan Rakyat first general meeting.


    Thank You very much

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