Update on special meeting at DBKL re: Mohd Yusof Alwi

Laporan mengenai mesyuarat khas di DBKL perihal: Mohd Yusof Alwi

Meeting in progress at DBKL on 31 October 2008
Mesyuarat berlangsung tanggal 31 Oktober 2008

En Mohd Yusof Alwi initially denied that he was wrong in not calling the complainant and I to the meeting on 22 October 2008 before he lifted the Stop Work Order. He also denied that he is a little napoleon. After he was cornered in the meeting, he finally admitted he is “not a little napoleon but an old napoleon.” He also admitted that he was wrong in not calling the complainant and I to the said meeting.

En Mohd Yusof Alwi pada mulanya menafikan bahawa dia bersalah tidak memanggil pengadu dan saya menghadiri mesyuarat pada 22 Oktober 2008 sebelum dia membatalkan perintah hento kerja. Dia juga menafikan bahawa dia adalah “napoleon kecil”. Setelah berbincang dan tertekan dalam mesyuarat, akhairnya dia mengaku bahawa dia adalah “napoleon tua, bukan kecil.” Dia juga mengakui bersalah tidak melibatkan pengadu dan saya dalam mesyaurat tersebut.

It was decided in the meeting that if Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd again commits the offence of working after 6 p.m. or working on Sunday or public holidays severe action will be taken including Stop Work Order or withdrawal of Development Order.

Adalah diputuskan dalam mesyaurat tersebut bahawa jika Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd sekali lagi melanggar peraturan perintah henti kerja selepas 6 petang atau bekerja pada hari Ahad atau cuti umum maka tindakn tegas ajan diambil termasuk perintah henti kerja atau tarik balik perintah pembangunan.

*Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong

9 thoughts on “Update on special meeting at DBKL re: Mohd Yusof Alwi

  1. Platinum Hill Condo

    Platinum Hill Victory Sdn Bhd should be fined RM50,000-00 with 2 weeks stop work order because too many warning had been given.

    From the picture I do agree that Yusof Alwi is an “old napoleon” after all.

    Please do not worry Mr Wee. Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd can influence the residents association to agree to it working until late at night but not us, the residents, who are suffering. If need be, we will start a signatures campaign. Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd’s sweet talks will not move us because we have seen how Platinum behave when Yew Teong Look was the MP.

    When Yew Teong Look was the MP Platinum was super powerful. Maybe the old napoleon that Yew is still the MP so he went all out to “ASSIST” Platinum.

    Of course, I believe that Platinum didn’t pay money to the old napoleon to lift the stop Work order.

    Good news to us, the residents. The moment Platinum Victory work after 6 pm we will email or sms YB wee.

    Thank you YB Wee for standing up for us.

  2. lee wee tak

    To be fair, Napoleon might be turning in his grave seeing his name being categorized together with under-performing civil servants

  3. wwhow


    CHEERS! U’d made some progress…finally. I would like to thank you for ur hard work.

    I m one of the resident who complain to DBKL so many times on the issue of “Noise” polution from the cement factory just beside the building condo. (BEhind PV10) But unfortunately the complain sunk into deep sea everytime!

    It was until i saw ur suggestion to raise/email my problem providing the complain no. of DBKL to urself and YBhg. Tan Sri Sidek, i was finally contacted by DBKL and faxed of the reply from DBKL. They are investigating the issue and they already have enough proof to stop the batching plant of the cement factory that operates almost 24hrs seven days a week.

    Now, for this week (start from 3-11-08) i don’t hear that annoying noise anymore after 7.00pm.

    It’s very comforting! I hope it will prolong! Coz it’s been a norm they come back after stop for a while!!!!

    Thank you Mr.Wee again for helping on the issue!

    I never regret voted you!

  4. Wee Choo Keong


    I am pleased to learn that at long last your many complaints have been heard. I did bring up your complaint in the meeting with DBKL. I also complained about DBKL never gave you any reply.

    It is my pleasure to help you and other helpless rakyat against the tyranny of DBKL officers, those little or OLD napoleon.

    Thank you and other Wangsa Maju and other Malaysians for reading my blog.

    Have a nice weekends to all of you.

    warmest regards

    Wee Choo Keong

  5. rakai mumpalik

    yusuf alwi tak salah,kalu org yang banyak nak salahkan dia maknanya org tu dengki sebab tak dapat jawatan mcm dia,kalau anda berada di tempat dia pasti perihal laku anda lebih teruk dari org lain.jadi berhati hatilah kalau nak mengata org. sedarlah diri sikit….

  6. lee wee tak

    tapi dia sudah mengakui sebagai napoleon tua, maknanya dia sudah akui salah….

    ramai orang akan memberi prestasi yang lebih baik daripadanya, saya yakin, kerana Malaysia ramai orang yang bijak dan berkebolehan nan tidak diberi peluang berkhidmat kerana prinsip berdasarkan keupayaan tidak dihayati dan dipakai.

    tibalah masa kita fikir sejenak.

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