Your MP's Question of the Week #32

When petrol price increases, the prices of goods and food also increase quickly in tandem. But when petrol price is reduced we do not generally see a fast reduction in the prices of goods and food at retail. Consumers therefore are not enjoying the full benefit of lower petrol prices with cheaper products.

By midnight tonight the government would be reducing the price of petrol and diesel for the fourth time by another 15 sen per liter. In total, pump prices would have been slashed by 55 sen since the sharp 78 sen increase in June.

In order that the benefits of lower fuel prices are passed on to consumers, should the authority take stringent measures to immediately monitor the prices of goods at retail stores and eating places to ensure that the prices have also been reduced to curb unscrupulous profiteering and check inflation?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda #32

Apabila harga minyak mentah naik, harga barangan dan makanan pun naik sejajar dengan pantasnya. Tetapi apabila harga minyak turun, kita tidak nampak penurunan harga dalam masa yang singkat di pasaran. Para pengguna akibatnya tidak menikmati manfaat penurunan harga minyak menerusi harga barangan nan lebih murah.

Pada tengah malam esoknya, pihak pentadbiran akan menurunkan harga petrol dan diesel untuk kali ke-empat sebanyak 15 sen satu litre. Secara keseluruhannya, harga petrol dikurangkan sebanyak 55 sen sejak kenaikan mendadak 78 sen di June.

Demi memastikan manfaat penurunan harga minyak dikecapi oleh para pengguna, patutkah pihak berkuasa mengambil tindakan tegas meneliti harga barangan di pasaran dan tempat makan untuk memastikan harga telah diturunkan untuk mencegah perbuatan mengaut keuntungan keterlaluan dan membanteras inflasi (kenaikan harga umum)?

4 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #32

  1. anonymous

    The BN headed by Sleepy Head is just too useless to do anything. It is more interested in taking care of their son, sil and cronies. Soon you will start to see a lot of bail out of cronies in hte corporate circle.

    It is hoped that the Sleepy Head is thrown out earlier otherwise a lot of the nation’s FUND will be utilised for bail out of certain companies at the expense of others.

    That why you get the 15 Sen or 25 Sen reductions of petrol prices but when it increases the petrol price at 70 Sen.

    Forget about the reduction of petrol prices. Just concentrate on nation building and get rid of Sleepy Head. Once Sleepy Head is removed everything will falls into place!

  2. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Of course lah YB, the government should have done it long ago. Petrol price keep coming down but the prices of goods and food are not coming down. How can like this one?

    Also ah YB Wee, the government should ask Tenaga to reduce their tariff also lah. It has been too long already they did not reduce the tariff when petrol price has gone down so much.

    They said their cost for producing the electricity is high. How can lah they pay something like RM120 per ton for coal when the cost in the market is about RM80 per ton.

    Whose pockets have the RM40 difference gone into ah? Why is the rakyat always kena squeezed teruk teruk one all the time?

    YB Wee, you have been doing a good job and please ah continue to work hard for the good of Wangsa Maju people and the country. You should now ask BPR to investigate into this high cost of paying for coal by Tenaga and sure something fishy BPR will find out one. This is another high corruption in high places lah. Let’s get the culprits and put them in jail!

  3. lee wee tak

    the retailers would harp on the excuse that they bought their stocks at higher price so they cannot reduce the price until the old stocks have been sold. They might not apply the same logic to the old stocks bought at cheaper price before the steep 78 sen increase but sold at higher price to acquire replacement stock items.

    Malaysian market has been under government control for far too long and as member of public, we do not understand the mechanism as they were never made known to the public in any prevalent and clear manner.

    I am also interested to know the various supply chains that brought goods and services into the market. Is there any intermediate rent seekers along the way?

  4. Malaysia 64

    YB, saya rasa elok YB buat kajian tentang harga daging dipasaran sekarang dan siapa yang bertanggung jawab dalam kenaikan harga ini, sedangkan harga minyak sudah turun. Pembekal sekarang ini menyatakan sebab matawang asing meningkat sebab itu harga daging pun meningkat. Setahu saya kerajaan semasa badawi mengambil-alih ada membuat macam-macam argo tentang pertainan apa sudah jadi? dan dimanakah jutaan ringgat yang diperuntukan itu pergi! Tolong tanya kerajaan BN dalam parlimen apa dah jadi!

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