Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi: the little napoleon behind lifting of Stop Work Order against Platinum Victory!

On Saturday, 19 October 2008, Platinum Victory was slapped with a Stop Work Order by DBKL for continuously violating the construction work time as stipulated in the Development Order. (Details here.)

Four days later on Thursday, 23 October 2008, En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi, Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan of DBKL, single-handedly lifted the Stop Work Order under questionable circumstances and without the prior knowledge of other high ranking officers including Datuk Salleh Yusuf (Ketua Pengarah of DBKL) and Datuk Bandar.


How come En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi is so powerful and dared to act alone and become the “Magic Hand” that lifted the Stop Work Order despite the violation?

Consequently on Friday, 24 October 2008, I received a complaint that Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd had resumed construction work and the complainant asked whether the Stop Work Order had been lifted. I subsequently sent an SMS to En Khairul, the DBKL Pengurus for Wangsa Maju regarding the violation of the Stop Work Order and also cc-ed the same to DBKL’s 3 high ranking officers. I have yet to receive any response to my said SMS.

Since then I have protested further and sent out 2 more SMSes. One to En Khairul registering my utter disgust with regard to the attitude of the Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan and another to Tuan Hj Shaari Ahmad Junid, the Special Assistant to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur. Both SMSes were copied to YB Datuk Zulhasnan, the Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan; YB Datuk Saravanan, Deputy Minister of WP; Datuk Salleh Yusuf, Ketua Pengarah of DBKL; Datuk Amin, the Timbalan Ketua Pengarah; and the editors of The Star, NST and Malay Mail.

Disturbing points to consider:

1.  Why was the Stop Work Order dated 19 October 2008 lifted in such secrecy on 23 October 2008 (Thursday) by that little napoleon, En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi, Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan?

2.  Why was there no meeting held for interested parties (i.e. complainant and myself like what happened on 22 August 2008) to discuss the lifting of the Stop Work Order on 23 October 2008 before it was carried out?

3.  After the lifting of the said Stop Work Order, why were the interested parties not informed of the circumstances under which the Stop Work Order was lifted?

What can I say but to conclude that these are the characteristics of the “Developer Friendly” attitude of that little napoleon, En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi: Dalang di belakang pembatalan perintah berhenti kerja Platinium Victory

Pada hari Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2008, Platinum Victory telah dikenakan perintah henti kerja oleh DBKL kerana sentiasa melanggar peraturan waktu kerja Perintah Pembinaan (Development Order). (Maklumat terperinci di sini)

Empat hari kemudian pada hari khamis, 23 Oktober 2008, En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi, Pengarah Jabatan Bangunan DBKL, atas tindakan sendirinya membatalkan perintah henti kerja tanpa pengetahuan pegawai atasannya termasuk Datuk Salleh Yusuf (Ketua Pengarah of DBKL) dan Datuk Bandar.


Mengapa En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi sangat berkuasa dan berani bertindak sendiri dan menjadi “Tangan Ghaib” yang membatalkan perintah henti kerja walaupun pihak dikenakan memang telah melanggar peraturan?

Seterusnya pada hari Jumat 24 Oktober 2008, saya menerima aduan bahawa Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd telah menyambung kerja pembinaan dan pengadu tanya adakah perintah tersebut telah dibatalkan. Saya pun hantar SMS kepada En Khairul, Pengurus DBKL untuk Wangsa Maju mengenai langgaran perintah berhenti kerja dan menghantar salinan kepada 3 pegawai tertinggi DBKL. Saya belum menerima sebarang jawapan kepada SMS saya.

Selepas itu saya hantar bantahan saya melalui 2 SMS lagi. Satu kepada En Khairul mencatatkan ketidakpuasaan saya terhadap sikap Pengarah Jabatan Bangunan dan satu lagi kepada Tuan Hj Shaari Ahmad Junid, Pembantu Khas Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur. Kedua SMS disalinkan kepada YB Datuk Zulhasnan, Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan; YB Datuk Saravanan, Naib Menteri WP; Datuk Salleh Yusuf, Ketua Pengarah DBKL; Datuk Amin, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah; dan ketua pengarang akhbar The Star, NST dan Malay Mail.

Cuba kita renungi perkara di bawah:

1. Mengapa perintah henti kerja bertarikh 19 Oktober 2008 boleh dibataklkan secara senyap pada hari Khamis, 23 Oktober 2008 oleh Si Napoleon Kecil, En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi, Pengarah abatan Bangunan?

2. Mengapa tiada mesyuarat diadakan untuk semua pihak terlibat (iaitu para pengadu dan saya seperti yang berlaku pada 22 Ogos 2008) untuk membincangkan pembatalan perintah kerja pada 23 Oktober 2008 sebelum ia dibatalkan?

3. Selepas pembatalan tersebut, mengapa pihak terlibat tidak diberitahu sebab pembatalan?

Saya hanya boleh membuat kesimpulan bahawa semua ini adalah ciri-ciri sikap “mesra terhadap para pembangun” yang dihayati oleh Si Napoleon Kecil, En Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi.

45 thoughts on “Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi: the little napoleon behind lifting of Stop Work Order against Platinum Victory!

  1. ahmad

    Bravo! At last we now know the culprit lifting the Stop Work Order is none other than that little napoleon name Mohd Yusof Alwi, the Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan. When I heard about the Stop Work Order was lifted, my guess was Mohd Yusof Alwi but I never thought he is so bold.

    He is known to be very very “Developers Friendly” that’s why developers in KL love him. I just don’t know WHY?

    Now that this matter is in the open and all the top officials including Datuk Bandar KL, Minister and Deputy Minister of W. Persekutuan what are they going to do with this little napoleon.

    Don’t expect Datuk Bandar to do anything because he is the main cause of all the problems in DBKL for the simple reason is that he is incapable and more interested in traveling overseas.

    As for FT Minister, he has not much power over Datuk Bandar, who is the most powerful man in KL. Furthermore, he is BN he won’t act because DBKL carried out BN orders. Lifting of this Order may be initiated by BN.

    So we are left with the recently formed body called PEMUDAH, the co-chairman is Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, who is the also the Ketua Setiausaha Negara. The best bet for real action is to lodge a formal complaint to Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, who is known to be a “no nonsense” man feared by civil servants generally.

    My little advice to YB Wee is to write to Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan for action.


  2. ah kow

    Badan Pecegah Rasuah, What are you going to do about this case concerning that little napoleon in Jabatan Bangunan – extremely Friendly to developers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lanwm

    Wow this Mohd Yusof Alwi is really a powerful guy

    I agree with Ahmad’s idea to write to TS Sidek. I’ve emailed him before and the response was quick even though the solution wasn’t as expected. His email is

    Its good to have somebody like him as the KSN but if the people working for him are simply arrogant and ignorant, then we’re back at square one where not much can be done in the government delivery’s system

    Keep the good job going Mr Wee

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    ahmad & Lamwn

    Many thanks to both of you for the suggestion that I should write to Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hj Hassan. Please be informed that I have already sent letter of complaint regarding this little napoleon to Yg Bhg Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hj Hassan. I am not too sure whether Yg Bhg Tan Sri can do anything to this little napoleon because DBKL is super powerful with Datuk Bandar as the head, who has lost control. To have any action taken against this little napoleon, we need to get rid of the ineffective head.

    Strictly speaking, if we really want real change to DBKL we need to change the system to have the Datuk Bandar elected by the people. It is only then we can see changes in DBKL and less of these little napoleon. Even the Prime Minister is elected by the people why must Datuk Bandar be appointed. All Datuk Bandar (Mayors) in big city are elected by the people.

    Well let see how this Datuk Bandar is going to protect this little napoleon over this issue.

    My comment will not be complete if I do not say Thank You to Mr Lee Wee Tak for helping to translate this posting and the other postings into BM. Once again Thank you Mr Lee. I got your name right. Please forgive the other readers, who may have wrongly spelled your name unintentionally.

    I would appreciate if someone can help me to translate my postings into Mandarin and Tamil for the benefit of other readers.

    Thank you to all the readers and have a good day.

    Wee Choo Keong

  5. lee wee tak

    Dear YB,

    You have thanked me more than once…take that one as a standing order.

    Yeah, thanks for getting the spelling right. Thank god my bank, EPF and CDS account people got it right too!


    Will drop by one of these days at your service centre to say hello.

  6. anonymous

    Good for all of us that YB Wee has lodged a formal complaint against that little napoleon Mohd Yusof Alwi. He is just abusing his power. I hope that Datuk Bandar should also face disciplinary action because he allowed all subordinate to do what they wanted. Datuk Bandar must also learn to take responsibility becasue he is the head so are the other heads like Datuk Salleh Yusuf, Ketua Pengarah, and Datuk Amin, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah.

    If all these heads of department are effective and serious in their works, such abused of power would not have happened.

    The people can only hope that Tan Sri Sidek will take the necessary stern actions to sack or remove this little napoleon to other department where he can no longer deal with public and at the same time ask these heads including Datuk Bandar, Datuk Salleh Yusuf and Datuk Amin to show cause why actions should not be taken against them for not administer DBKL properly.

    If drastic actions are not taken against these heads of department and Datuk Bandar, forever we will get more and more little little napoleon around.

    Thank you YB Wee for standing up for the rakyat unlike then previous MP he stood up for Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd.

  7. dann

    YB Wee,

    ** sniff sniff **

    you smell something? something foul smelling is lingering around in this area….

    ** sniff sniff sniff!! **

    i think it smells like CORRUPTION.

    can we get ACA to get rid of this smell? It stinks!!

    anyway, YB Wee….Good job!!!
    never let all these little napoleans get away with it.
    We have enough of these nonsense.

  8. anonymous

    Agree with dann that something foul smelling in this matter. Any thing done in secrecy like this one definitely foul smelling. It is high time that Anti-Corruption Agency should get this napoleon to answer why this matter was done in such secrecy and get him and his family to declare his assets.

    This little napoleon must be brought to book.

    We do not need this little napoleon to protect developer like Platinum Victory (as it is rich and powerful enough to look after itself). We need officer in DBKL to look after the interest of the small rakyat like us.

    We must get rid of BN in order to get rid of the many little napoleons in DBKL.

    YB you must pursue this matter and don’t this little napoleon goes away just like that and make sure that Platinum Victory had to face the music too. Platinum is having too much good time for too long.

  9. hashim

    Pemudah, under the chairmanship of Tan Sri Sidek, should move in to investigate this little napoleon immediately. I am sure that this is not the only case in Jabatan Bangunan. I am sure that there are many more.

    This little napoleon should be prosecuted for protecting Platinum Victory interests. YB , you should bring this up in Parliament for actions to be taken against this little napoleon so that other officers in DBKL will not behave like this little napoleon.

    Suspend him immediately and investigate his activities. He stinks!!!!!!

  10. Lian

    I heard Tan Sri Sidek is a straight forward man with no hanky panky. Now that YB Wee has written to Tan Sri, I am sure that we will see some actions.

    This little napoleon must be transferred out. But I am told from certain sources that he is very closed to the people in Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan and he will be protected.

    YB Wee bring up in Parliament about this scandal so that the Ministry of WP dare not coverup for this little napoleon. This case stinks like dead fish!!! BPR should come in and investigate simultaneously with Pemudha under the chairmanship of Tan Sri Sidek.

  11. hashim

    Mohd Yusof Bin Alwi, the famous “Developer Friendly” Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan. As it were he is already famous but we have not seen him in person.

    YB Wee, you should publish his photo here so that we know who he is and can shake hand with this famous little napoleon when we see him in public.

    Little napoleon how many stop work order has been lifted so secretly? Please do not tell me that you lifted the Stop Work Order for Platinum Victory out of love for developer?

    We all know why that little napoleon left the stop work order so secretly!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    What else? Very stinkinglah little napoleon. Please tell us how many developer friends have you got? The more the better and can also lift more stop work orders!

    YB don’t let him go! press on for the rakyat.

  13. Platinum Hill Condo

    Mohd Yusof Alwi from Jabatan Bangunan must be the darling of Platinum Victory and other developers in KL. That’s why he does not know how the residents in Platinum Hill Condo suffered for many months. All complaints about Platinum Victory working until morning and weekend/public holiday were swept under the carpet by him. I am sure that he covers all these offences because of LOVE for Platinum Victory! Please don’t laugh! He has special feelings for developers.

    Luckily the other officers are not like him, that’s why the Stop Work Order was issued on 19th October. Out of his love for Platinum for all these YEARS, he had no choice but to lift the stop work order by hook or by crook! Very dedicated little napoleon!

    I am sure that Platinum and other developers love him very much. So much so that they don’t want to see him suffer and will take good care of him at all times.

  14. Anom

    This is the BN style of operations. So one cannot really blame this little napoleon, he learns from BN. Someone also said that he is very close to a high ranking man in the Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan. So he is a protected species.

    That’s why he is so daring to love Platinum !

  15. Salim

    Sudah sampai tahap kerajaan mesti membetul imej rasuah terhadap DBKL. Pemudah harus mengambil tindakan melaporkan aktiviti Mohd Yusof Alwi kepada BPR kerana ada kes prima facie amalan rasuh.

    Jikalau keadaan demikian tidak tibaiki atau pulih dengan serta merta tanpa mengambil kira siapa Mohd Yusop Alwi (Pengarah Jabatan Bangunan) ini, imej BN semakin hari semakin teruk!

    Saya Datuk Bandar dan Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, KSN, mengambil srius issue ini dan mengambil tidakan terhadap Mohd Yusof Alwi.

  16. Lian

    I do agree with Salim that this is a clear case for Datuk Bandar and/or Pemudah to take action against Mohd Yusof Alwi for arbitrarily lifted the Stop Work Order against Platinum.

    It is crystal clear that when DBKL issued a Stop Work Order due to the seriousness of the offence and/or repetitive of the offence after several warning, which I believe was the case here. Since this is the case, Mohd Yusof Alwi should not openly or secretly lift the Order because the offence has already been committed.

    For example if I committed an offence for breaching any of the Rules or Penal Code passed by Parliament and even if a non-government organisation (ngo) were to endorse my cause action to breach the condition that doesn’t mean I am not guilty and no action can be taken against me. Furthermore, I can carry on breaching the existing valid Rules or Penal Code.

    In the light of the above, Pemudah should step in to request this inertia Datuk Bandar to initiate actions against Mohd Yusof Alwi, the little napoleon, for his action of lifting the Stop Work Order under such very strange circumstances.

  17. little napoleon

    Mohd Yusof Alwi – Awak tak malukah? Awak tiada maruahkajh? Rakyat telah tahu kedudukan awak. Awak tak fahamkah apa maksudnya “awak amt “DEVELOPERS FRIENDLY”.

    Kalau tak malu lagi kesianlah kepada orang bawahan awak di Jabatan Bangunan. Kakitangan awak pun tiada respect untuk awak kerana mereka tahu kisah sebenar apa dalam perkara menarik balik stop work order?

    Awak ingat semua orang budoh seperti orang atasan DBKL yang dua kali lima seperti awak. Tetapi orang bawahan di DBKL dan rakyat jetlata sudah tahu lama awak punya tindak laku dengan pemaju.

    Saya amat harap YB memlaporkan perkara ini kepada BPR terhadap sikap Mohd Yusof Alwi, seorang pegawi Dewan Bandaraya yang amat memalukan.

    little napoleon kepada seorang yang lagi lebih little napoelon.

  18. anonymous

    I do agree that it is high time that Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, our no-nonsense KSN, should move in to investigate into this clear abused of power by this little napoleon by the name of Mohd Yusof Alwi.

    This is a serious matter involving public interests whereby an officer on his own lifted a stop work order in the light of many complaints about flagrant breach of building regulations.

    The ways in which this little napoleon lifted the stop work order in secrecy only create public suspicion of corrupt practices or corruption involved.

    This is a very suitable case for BPR to investigate further. Since this little napoleon is under the control of Datuk Bandar ought to instruct its officer to lodge a report with BPR against him. It will be interesting to look at this little napoleon’s assets.

  19. Plentinum Hill Condo

    Decision in secrecy makes people think that there is corruption! Where is the transparency Datuk Bandar about your officer?

  20. anonymnos

    Rules are rules an they must be followed otherwise what is the point of having the rules.

    If Mohd Yusof Alwi is so kind in wanting to help Platinum and other developers then he should have scrapped all the rules and officially tells Platinum that tit can work round the lock.

    This little napoleon must have a lot of love for Platinum so much so that he leaned over backward to accommodate them.

    This little napoleon is the best man for this type of job because he took good care of Platinum and I am sure that Platinum also took very good care of him. So lift the order secretly to help Platinum is the best way out.

    BPR why are you still waiting? BPR should ask why this little napoleon loves Platinum so much and took so much care of it. I am that this little napoleon has a lot of things to tell BPR.

    Little napoleon is little napoleon. He must be exposed. YB you should expose him in Parliament. Knowing your track record, we know you will take him to the cleaners in Parliament.

    Make sure we get this little napoleon in the shit soon.

  21. little napoleon

    That little napoleon in the Jabatan Bangunan is the law upon himself. He acts as though he is bigger than Datuk Bandar. He is becoming like a monster.

    Those who have information on this little napoleon should pass it to Yb Wee so that he can be exposed in Parliament.

    We, as members of the public, should help to expose such little napoleon like Mohd Yusof Alwi. I believe this little napoleon is very “FAMOUS” in the building industries. Lets all dig into his nonsense in Wilayah Persekutuan.

    May I suggest that if you have information on this little napoleon then we should send to YB Wee’s email as appear in this blog:

  22. little napoleon

    By the way if have information on this little napoleon nonsense you can also direct to the Pemudah Co-Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, who is also the Chief Secretary to the Government. Tan Sri is a man of integrity so he will not tolerate nonsense. This is his email address:

    It is best that when you sent email to YB Wee copy to Tan Sri also. No harm. Just keep on exposing him under the “Sunlight” and we will see how this little napoleon can survive!

  23. ahmad

    I agree with little napoleon – not Mohd Yusof Alwi. We should launch a publicity campaign against this bloody little napoleon.

    If you know of Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd or any other developers in other area working after 6 pm and on Sunday & public holidays, please send email to and copy to also.

    We must all join in to show this little napoleon that we are watching him like hawk! Watch out for this little napoleon!!! I hope someone here can publish the picture of the little napoleon for everyonw to see how little he is.

  24. Platinum Hill Condo

    How come we don’t get the Platinum Hill Buyer comes here to support that little napoleon who helps selfish people like Platinum Hill Buyer to get their 1 year earlier than contracted under their sale and purchase agreement.

    They all should jump in to save the little napoleon so that the little napoleon can HELP Platinum to work round the clock.

    This little napoleon is doing too much hanky panky in Jabatan Bangunan by helping Platinum to justify the breaking of DBKL building Rules.

    How could this little napoleon justify the lifting of the Stop Work Order, which was issued because Platinum was working after 6 pm, based on the personel in the Residents Association agreeing to the breach of the building rule.
    In another words, if the Residents Association is agreeable for Platinum to build not in accordance with the approved building plans then it is ok for Platinum to do so.

    This is the logic of that little napoleon. He holds such logic because he loves Platinum so he must take care of Platinum like what other readers have said here.

    Little napoleon, why you love Platinum so much? Little napoleon you want the KL residents to believe that you love to take good care of Platinum for nothing??? Tells that to the marine?

    I fully support the campaign for all Kl residents to look around KL and if we do see developers especially Platinum working after 6 pm, please email to Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, the Chief Secretary to the Government. Please don’t waste time emailing to DBKL Hotline or Datuk Bandar. Then we will see this little napoleon will start to hate developers because the little napoleon will have to work 24 like hell. Unlike now, hew closed his eyes all the times and if needs be he will put a stop work order on and then find a stupid excuse and lift it again. Thuis is how he carries out his special duties!

  25. anonymous

    The best idea to fight this little napoleon, who LOVE Platinum Victory and other developers in KL, is to sent emails of the particulars of the projects as follows:

    1. Name of developer;
    2. Name of Project;
    3. Address – name of road if possible;
    4. Provide the date and time after 6 pm this particular developer was working.

    to Tan Sri Mohd SIdek Hassan, Ketua Setiausaha Negara ( and YB Wee ( for following up actions.

    This is the best way to expose this little napoleon and the nonsense practice by his department. We must get rid of such developer loving little napoleon.

  26. The suggestion by “25 anonymous on October 30, 2008 at 1:25 am” is most sensible.

    Let Tan Sri Sidek Hassan deal with such deliquency at Local Government level. If there are discrepancies in action and order, at whatever degree of secrecy, Tan Sri Sidek should be informed to take any action.

    Can the YB keep readers informed of any development in this area?

  27. Lian

    Members of the public should now act as the eyes and ears for the ACA, Tan Sri Mohd SIdek Hassan and other enforcement agencies against such little napoleon as Mohd Yusof Alwi.

    We know such little napoleon is the law to himself and they do as they please. He cares for developers like Platinum because he LOVE them!

    So we all must start sending our complaint by email to Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, the Chief Secretary to the Government reegarding this particular little napoleon and others.

    Lets see whether they can still abused their power. Lets all get the can of worms in Jabatan Bangunan killed by insecticide.

  28. hashim

    I agree with the comments here. This little napoleon Mohd Yusof Alwi is the main culprit in causing problems for Jabatan Bangunan. En Alias Marjoh was doing a good job in control the errant developer like Platinum Victory from contravening the building regulation and he was removed under the pretext of promotion.

    If we haev time lets all starrt sending email of protest to Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, Ketua Setiausaha Kerajaan, to express our disgust with those little napoleon like Mohd Yusof Alwi so that changes can be done.

    Lets start today to tell Tan Sri how useless is thew Datuk Bandar and it was for this reason that DBKL is in such a sorry state.

  29. anonymous

    Protest note and complaint to Tan Sri Mohd Sidek is good. We should also start a boycott campaign against Platinum Victory for being irresponsible. This is the only way it will get Platinum Victory to take notice of public sentiment against them for putting its profit well above public interest.

    Members of the public has little power. We have no power to kaotim those little napoleon in DBKL. Unlike Platinum Victory hte littlem napoleon loves them. The only power we have is our purchasing power. If we chose not to buy houses from them then it will have to take notice of us.

    Sob lets start a whisper campaign against this errant Platinum Victory and make sure that it will be on its knees until it changes its attitude towards the people.

  30. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB Wee, I read in the Malay Mail ah I think this little napoleon Mohd Yusof Alwi said “he revoked the stop-work order on Oct 23 based on residents’ views” he must have something very wrong up there lah.

    Sure or not the resident association got no problem. Can one meh? Maybe this RA also kaotim by Platinum Victory. They dont mind the noise day and night and the weekend also got one ah. Aiseh, these residents are superman one man. No need to sleep ah? All this talk about the residents got no problem is all talk kotek lah. Talk lah also to the residents who have problem. Why the Malay Mail report is all good on one side. I think Malay Mail report also cannot be trusted. Not like same as old Malay Mail very pofesional.

    I now believe you lah YB Wee when you say this Mohd Yusof Alwi “developer friendly!” He is so friendly with the developer he should resign from DBKL and work for them lah. DBKL take care of KL residents or take care of developers? Which one is DBKL job? I say DBKL job most important must take care of the welfare and good of the KL residents first!!!

    Mohd Yusof Alwi should resign from DBKL and then go work for the developer Platinum Victory. He sound like them lah. I think also YB Wee he got kaotim by Platinum Victory sure one.

    Procedure is procedure. Law is law. Residents say can work 24 hrs DBKL allow ah? What nonsense is this Mohd Yusof Alwi is talking. DBKL must make sure the developer must follow thebuilding guidelines whether the resident is okay or not. So if the residents say ok for squatters to come up there DBKL allow also is it? Why ah, our government servants now ah very stupid one. They can stupid but we are not stupid.

    If I say Mohd Yusof Alwi can eat sh** so you eat ah? What lah my kepala pening already lah with all this stupid reasoning. Mohd Yusof Alwi not fit to be pengarah lah. He should resign immediatly!!!

  31. ah kow

    They are corrupted to the core! At the same time these little napoleons are protected by the power that be. all of us should send email to Tan Sri Sidek to protest about these little napoleons that ruining DBKl for their own interests.

    Don’t spare Platinum it is no better. It has been taking the KL residents fro granted for too long. I know that Platinum was running very high in DBKl when Yew Teong Look was then MP. Now that YB Wee is here as our new MP things have changed for the better at least he is speaking up for the people unlike the previous one he only spoke for the developer. A developer friendly MP.


    Well, there goes speculations and gossips without propers…

    I would like to suggest MP to get official answers rather than let ‘might not be accurate responses’ comments over this blog…

    There’s reports here and there but there’s no official answer from DBKL…

    Giving such reponses like ‘sampai sekarang saya belum menerima maklum balas’ indirectly shows that MP susah untuk deliver on time… especially in giving fast and exact answer to the rakyat…

    Not enough time to korek, korek korek??%$#@$^*^%$##@# …

  33. Lian

    The fact is that that little napoleon called for a special meeting on 22-10-08 with Platinum Victory, contractor, architect of Platinum, selected office bearers of resident association but the actual complainant and YB Wee, who has written an official letter of complaint on 15-10-08 that little napoleon, were not called to attend the meeting. He lifted the Stop Work Order after they had their secret meeting.

    Human decency dictates that the complainants must be called to attend that secret meeting.

    This was how that little napoleon did in order to help Platinum Victory to get out of the predicament and to lift the stop work order. I do agree with other readers that this little napoleon just love Platinum Victory and other developers. Just wonder why?

    Why? BPR should come in to investigate!

  34. lilian

    I am staying in Platinum Hill Condo. I will never agree to let Platinum Victory working after 6 pm. Only mad people or people get benefits will agree to allow developer to work after 6 pm, Sunday and public holidays. We all need quality time to rest after a hectic day of work.

    Platinum Victory does not bother about the welfare of the people as long as it maximise its profit from a project. SO working long hours will; ensure its project to complete faster and it will cut down its running cost. Ultimately more profits. Simple arithmetic. No need a genuise to know this.

    So if the little napoleon got some common sense, he would not have lifted the stop work order under such suspicious circumstances. I am sure that if the napoleon is living in this area he would also object to Platinum Victory working after 6 pm, Sunday and public holidays.

    From what I have read here, it is quite obvious that this little napoleon is not that clean after all.

    Common sense tells me that if one want to call meeting to discuss about lifting the stop work order one will have to call the complainants and the MP (who had also written an official complaint to him) to attend and not to exclude. In this case, that little napoleon did not bother to call and instead he call other parties who are supporters of Platinum Victory to endorse his lifting of the stop work order.

    If I am Datuk Bandar I would have issued a show cause letter to this little napoleon to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him and also to instruct another officer to lodge a report to BPR.

    We must get rid of such little napoleon who is not serving the public interest but developer interests. I support the idea of lodging complaint to direct to the email of Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan. This is the only way for actions. Lets flood Tan Sri’s email with real complaints about this little napoleon and Datuk Bandar.

    Let all copy down Tan Sri ‘s email to our computer for easy reference.

  35. Anonymous

    BPR should ask the little napoleon to declare his assets! Then it will tells a story. The way the stop work order has been lifted in such a strange manner is evident of some hanky panky.

    This little napoleon must be brought to book!

  36. Maizatul Ahmad


    Just for my education. DO pilitical parties issue any statements about their financial standing? Who vetted or oversee the activities of these organizations like campaign expenditures, campaign contribution, source of funds, etc? Is it the Election Commission or registrar of societies?

    I would like to thank you in advance for your kindness to educate me in this matter.

  37. wee choo keong

    37: Maizatul Ahmad

    Yes, political parties must submit yearly return/account to the Registrar of Societies. In this return the party concerned had to disclose the source of fund it gets from outside. Campaign expenses will reflect as part of the expenditures in the yearly account in a lump sum.

    After every General Elections all candidates (win or lose) had to submit an account on the fund the candidate received from donations and the all expenditures incurred during the election campaig. This is to ensure that the candidate did not over spent. I cannot remember the exact sum. I believe it is RM250K if I am not mistaken. If you need the exact figure please email ( me and I will check it out for you.

    I hope that I have answered your questions.

    Thank you.

    With kindest regards

    Wee Choo Keong

  38. dann

    YB Wee,

    until today, has the Datuk Bandar ever made a tiny little squeek on this issue?

    is he aware of this?

    PakLah should do something before he steps down as a PM…always talk about getting rid of corruption, this is his chance.

  39. Thanks, YB, for unearthing such shady going-ons in KL so far.

    Clear as day- corruption in the works. YB, this Federal Capital Act 1960 clearly protects the federal capitalists and the corrupted- it works against the peace and order KL folk demands. Can certain sections of the Act be somehow re-looked at and addressed in the Parliament. It is causing KL people a lot of misery- in almost all aspects of life, business and so on. DBKL is not a city council in the peoples’ eyes- it is MAFIA according to public perception. The worst thing is that the federal government consents to DBKL’s acts all the time, via inaction. For everyone’s benefit, the sections in the Act worthwhile looking at here:

    I want an elected city council who works for the KL people, not for BN, not for themselves; therefore I insist the FDA be changed so as to allow a voting mechanism so that KL people as represented in the city council.

  40. ahmad


    PakLah is asleeplah! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!! Please do not disturb him. Let him sleeps until March 2008. But March 2008
    is far too long. We had to shorten it before Paklah shorten the nation’s life.

    We have had enough of Paklah incompetence. It was due to this reason that there are so many little napoleon in DBKL.

    Please let paklah rest in peace zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. anonymous

    I am very surprised that when Yusop Alwi, a supporter of Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, is in trouble but I do not see Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd came in to directly support him or through its cronies. How ungrateful is this Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd?

    Yusof Alwi, the little napoleon, leaned over backward to help them by lifting the stop Work Order under such devious circumstances and yet Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd was not appreciative.

    See this little napoleon, he went all out to help but Platinum Victory sdn Bhd don’t give a damn when he was in trouble. I may be wrong. May be Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd help him in other ways!

    I am curious to know whether Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd will be allowed to work until 10 pm daily and public holidays.

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