Speech in Parliament on Judicial Service and Legal Service – Part 1

Here is part of my speech delivered today, 21 October 2008, on the Judicial Service and Legal Service which are under the realm of The Attorney General Judicial Service consisting of all the Judges in the Session Court and Magistrate Court.

Badan Perkhidmatan Kehakiman mesti diasingkan
daripada Perkhidmatan Perundangan.

Pada 15-09-2008 enam Perseruhjaya Kehakiman  (Judicial Commissioner – JC) baru telah dilantik. Tiga daripda mereka ialah dari kalangan Pegawai Perundangan dan seorang pesara bekas Pegawai Perundangan. Dua orang dari lagi terdiri dari peguamcara dan peguambela darei swasta. Tiada seorang pun dilantik dari kalangan Pegawai Kehakiman.

Saya difahamkan untuk dilantik sebagai JC , pegawai dari Perkhidmatan Kehakiman dan Perundangan hendak terdiri dari Gred Utama Jusa C dan keatas. Darti Kajian saya dapati hanya terdapat 9 Pegawai Kehakiman mankala terdapat lebih kurang 76 Pegawai Perundangan dari Gred Jusa C dank e atas.

Adakah ia benar polisi Peguam Negara yang mengetuai Perkhidmatan Kehakiman dan Perundangan untuk mebanjiri Badan Kehakiman iaitu dari Mahkmah Tinggi ke atas dengan Pegawai Perundangan supaya pada masa hadapan mereka akan member keputusan memihakkan Peguam Negara?

Adakah ini polisi Kerajaan supaya Pegawai Kehakiman Hakim Mahkamah Sesyen seperi Puan Komathi yang masih lagi Gred L54 tidak dilantik sebagai JC walaupun berpengalaman dalam bidang kehakiman lebihi 26 tahun manakala Pegawai Perundangan yang tiada pengalaman bidang kehakiman dilantik sebagai JC  kerana mereka Pegawai Gred Utama Jusa C dan keatas? Oleh kerana terdapat hanya 9 jawaqtan Gred Jusa C dan keatas dalam Perkhidmatan Kehakiman bermakna Pegawai Kehakiman akan bersara  begitu sahaja – “leading to brain drain” dengan izin.

Adakah Peguam Negara sebagai ketua Perkhidmatan dan Perundangan telah gagal memastikan tidak terdapat perbezaan bilangan Pegawai Gred Utama Jusa C dan keatas Pegawai Kehakiman dalam Badan Kehakiman dan Pegawai Perundangan?

Saya cadangkan bahawa Perkhidmatan Kehakiman diasingkan daripada Perkhidmatan Perundang untuk memastikan kebebasan Hakim Mahkamah Sesyen dan Hakim Mahkamah Rendah.

———– o ———–

Other issues brought up in Parliament included the following:

1. Asking the Government to take action based on the recommendations of the 2007 Report by The Auditor General.

2. Abolishing the ISA.

3. Mentari Services Sdn Bhd – Eurocopter deal.

4. Mentari Contracting Sdn Bhd – regarding the road widening project of Jalan Genting Kelang, Wangsa Maju. (Both the Mentari companies share common directors.)

5. Demanding AirAsia to settle the RM110 million debt owed for the collection of Airport Tax collected from its passengers. Asking Minister of Transport to give teh House a guarantee that “No BAIL OUT” for ASIAASIA with public fund.  Asking the Ministry of Transport to take action against the head of MAHB for allowing AirAsia to owe such a big sum for so long.

6. Asking the government why it allowed Proton to sell its 55.75% stake in MV Agusta for RM5.00. Accusing the Minister of Finance for telling a lie in Parliament because the answer was not in accordance with the records, etc.

9 thoughts on “Speech in Parliament on Judicial Service and Legal Service – Part 1

  1. anonymous

    Of course, the Attorney General wants to control all the lower Court Judges i.e. Session and Magistrate. Very few lower court Judges dare to stand up against the DPP, who are normally their senior in ranking but not service.

    Thank you for bring up real sorry state of affairs. It is hoped that the government will do something about it. this is one of the major reforms that Bodohwi should be doing.

    In fact getting rid of Bodohwi in itself is a big reform for Malaysia.

  2. james

    YB Wee you are spot on with this subject. It is totally a true reflection of the situation. We need a real change to the current state of things. We need independent Judges not only in the High Court and above but Session and Magistrate Courts too.

    Justice must not only be done, it must also be SEEN to be done. How can it be seen to be done when such a situation exist whereby Session Court judges are under the wing of the Attorney General. They should be under the judicial service like the judges of the High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court so that they will at least be seen to be independent.

    We hope that the BN Government will take heed of what have been said and suggested by YB Wee in Parliament.

  3. anonymous

    Absolutely right that Session Court judges and Magistrates are not independent because they are under the control of Attorney-General when they should be under the control of Ketua Hakim negara.

    This must be changed otherwise there will not be justice in the lower court because the lower judges are beholden to the Attorney-General Chambers.

  4. Anonymous

    Mat Sirat is just showing is a Mat Bodoh after all. We are here to engage in a debate not on a personal attack with no basis except. He was showing his mentality equivalent to the Mat Rempit. Why can’t believe why a human being can be so shallow? YB Wee you shouldn’t allow such idiot to dirty your blog.

    I want to read about facts and intellectual arguments not making personal attacks from such a Mat Rempit. Please don’t give him the space to exhibit his idiotic behaviour.

    Based on your argument and facts presented I do agree with you that the judges in the Session Court and Magistrate Court can not be seen be independent.

    Please push for changes.

  5. ~anok kelate~

    ~Bukan Mat Sirat but MAT SILAP kut….cos always off topic and having all those personal nonsense attack rather then sharing conducive discussion….WHAT A DISGRACE TO URSELF MAT SILAP!!!…..

    ~Btw, i think the government should look into all these matter
    (in my context here referring to Critically, Significantly, Considerably, Extensively, Greatly, Crucially, Intensely, Deeply & Gravely in the matters)
    have to clarify clearly the meaning here first otherwise kena tahan ISA or Kena Suspend from Voicing out my OPINION pulak!

    ~about the Badan Kehakiman & Badan Perundangan have to be DIFFERENT ENTITY as we all malaysian learned in our EDUCATION SYSTEM the Dasar Demokrasi…..but the government never abide with what they preach!!!….sigh

  6. Maxxy

    Mat sirat,u buta kah?billion ringgit kena telan hidup hidup tahu.itu duit rakyat dan BN yang dibangga-bangga oleh kamu tu makan semuanya.apakah tactic yang digunakan oleh BN sehingga mata kamu dikaburi

  7. anonymous

    I think, he is Mat Kurat yagn tiada akal. Idiotic argument. Mat Sirat should be ashamed of himself and his shallow brain, if there is any!

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