Platinum Victory's worksite sealed by DBKL … finally

The residents of Platinum Hill Condo had had months of restless and sleepless nights. They had also lodged complaints against Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd for continuously flouting the law by carrying out construction work past working hours and during Sundays and public holidays but Jabatan Bangunan of DBKL just ignored their complaints.

They sough my help and I wrote several letters and emailed them to DBKL’s Complaints Department. On 22 August 2008 a meeting was held with all parties including Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd and DBKL had decided that the permitted working hours for the said project for Mondays to Saturdays will be 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and there should be absolutely no construction work on Sundays and public holidays.

Platinum Victory abided by DBKL’s ruling until last week when the company went back to carrying out construction work again till late at night and on Sunday too.

On 14 October 2008 I received a complaint from the residents about this recurring problem and I immediately sent an sms to the DBKL manager in Wangsa Maju for him to take action. When there was still no action after 3 sms(es) that were followed by an official letter to Jabatan Bangunan, I then decided on the morning of 16 October 2008 to send sms(es) to the Ketua Pengarah, Datuk Salleh Yusuf and Timbalan Ketua Pengarah, Datuk Amin.

As usual DBKL came up with all sorts of reasons why they cannot take actions against Platinum Victory because the company- so said they – had been granted a special permit to work until 10:00 pm every night. But the truth is there was never such a meeting held to grant this special permit. The other irksome observation that we have noticed is also this: by now it has become common knowledge that the Pengarah in Jabatan Bangunan has been unusually and uncharacteristically very “developer friendly” and it doesn’t take rocket science for us all to know the reason WHY!

And just when we thought all our efforts had been wasted on DBKL’s famed lackluster public service, we were suddenly greeted with good news. On the afternoon of 19 October 2008, three days later, I received a message from one of DBKL’s officers that the construction worksite belonging to Platinum Victory in Taman Melati U2 had been sealed. DBKL even pasted a notice to the effect at the worksite’s entrance.

Despite our moral victory on this issue, something about DBKL still bugs me no end though. I just don’t understand why DBKL officers can’t seem to work on their own to ensure that developers adhere to the conditions laid down in the Development Order.

66 thoughts on “Platinum Victory's worksite sealed by DBKL … finally

  1. anonymous

    Why it took DBKL so long to take the necessary actions in the light of the flagrant breach of the conditions of the Development Order?

    Why is the officers in DBKL are so developer friendly? The ACA should look into this aspect. The ACA should ask the Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan to declare his assets and I am sure that it will shed some light into his attitude of not taking the necessary actions to protect public interest of quiet enjoyment of their life after 6 pm.

  2. anonymous

    DBKL stinks under the leadership of the present Datuk Bandar KL, who is out of touch with the KL residents. If he is good and effective then there is no need to get Pemedah to oversee DBKL. DBKL is just useless and too corrupted that’s why we have a situation where developer was able to do what they like.

    The Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan should be sacked over such matter.

  3. dann


    What took them (DBKL) so long to exercise their authority?

    As if this nonsense happened yesterday.

    i smell corruption!! and some stinking tidak apa attitude.

  4. dann


    “When there was still no action after 3 sms(es) that were followed by an official letter to Jabatan Bangunan, I then decided on the morning of 16 October 2008 to send sms(es) to the Ketua Pengarah, Datuk Salleh Yusuf and Timbalan Ketua Pengarah, Datuk Amin.”

    In future, don’t send SMS messages to these people.

    Later they claim that they didn’t check and read their SMS for the past 5 days.

  5. anonymous

    In this IT age. SMSes should good enough in urgent matter. In any event YB Wee has follow up with letter but no action taken by the officer of Jabatan Bangunan.

    Tghe crux of the matter is this: Why DBKL need a Member of Parliament to make 4 complaints before they act? WHY??????


  6. ahmad

    Lets see for how long the DBKL will impose the punishment. In hope that the DBKL officer will take actions on their initiative rather tjhan to be prompted by YB Wee.

    DBKL officers must realise that they are paid salaries to look after public interests rather than the developer’s interest. As long as DBKL is not taking stern action like this, all housing developers will laugh at DBKL rules and regulations.

    SO wake up Datuk Bandar, you are employed to do a shop and not to help the developers!

  7. Malaysia 64

    DBKL main wayang saja Platinum Victory’s akan dapat bail out dari Najis yang akan memperuntukan RM 5bilion untuk beli saham tak untung. What a joke

  8. anonymous

    Memang pegawai atasan dan biasa DBKL amat takut dengan devlopers dalam Kuala Lumpur dan sebab itulah meraka tak berani ambil tindakan lagnsung.

    Dua, tiga hari lagi Platinum boleh mulakan kerja! DBKL tak serius dalam kerjaan mereka.

  9. anonymous

    Platinum Victory sdn bhd has many housing projects in Wangsa Maju. Just wondering how the Kg Pasir squatters land and other pieces of land gone into private hand.

    YB Wee you should investigate into this too.

  10. anonymous

    Yes, DBKL is definitely developers friendly. Jabatan Bangunan doesn’t seem to know. Even with a letter of complaint DBKL officers are still in the dark about the violation of permitted working hours. Jabatan Bangunan is a can of worms. Not only now but all along. The most “JALAN” DEPARTMENT. ACA please visit the head of Jabatan Bangunan and a lot of things will be uncovered!

  11. Lian

    Don’t worry. Stop Work Order effectively for another 2 days and all is well and work can start again. When everything is quiet down then construction works can go on until midnight again. This is the style of DBKL. It is a “Kaotim” organisation.

    DBKL just does not care about the small people/rakyat for obvious reason.

    Thank you for fighting for us. Previously no one fight for us and we had to swallow all the nonsense from DBKL. Please hantum them in Parliament so the government will know that the officers are the useless lots.

  12. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Thank you YB Wee for doing an excellent job in Wangsa Maju.

    You must continue to remind DBKL lah they must be “rakyat friendly” NOT “developer friendly.” Their job is to take care of the rakyat not developers but you know lah developers can kaotim them with fat, fat angpows. This must stop with our new YB. The last one is gangster together with the developers to lie and bully the rakyat.

    YB Wee must dig deeper into this DBKL and developer thing also. More can come out one. Many people’s land ah how come can fall into developer hands. This is corruption if not what.

    Also YB, the land buying for the Jalan Kelang Genting road widening, do you know many of the names appearing are from Phase 2 one. See, they try to put lah many names in the list so it looks many people involve. But not true. Phase 1 very few names only but the cost will be very high so they try to bullshit and cheat you lah by putting many names from Phase 2 also.

    YB must dig into this cheating also then you’ll know the true cost. Call lah the ACA to investigate and arrest all this cheats.

    Thank you YB Wee for working so hard for Wangsa Maju residents okay. Continue and we will vote you again.

  13. anonymous

    DBKL is as monster, which must be tamed otherwise it will be a menace to society. The officers draw salaries from the rakyat but they take good care of the big companies like developers.

    Check on and if you find anything wrong, just post them on the blog and the people will know about their nonsense. When the general elections come along then they will vote against BN.

    DBKL is too corrupted!

  14. dann

    anonymous #6,

    “In this IT age. SMSes should good enough in urgent matter. In any event YB Wee has follow up with letter but no action taken by the officer of Jabatan Bangunan.”

    Well, i was just being sarcastic.

    Remember the Desa Setapak DBKL case?

  15. anonymous

    Since Platinum Victory has no consideration for the public interest (i.e. to rest and relax in peaceful fashion), members of the public should not buy any shops, houses or condo from it.

    Members of the public should boycott Platinum Victory for being irresponsible. Developer must also be socially responsible and not just think of making money as its ultimate objective. It should also think of the human beings that supported them by buying properties from them.

    So let boycott Platinum Victory until it has shown to us that it is socially responsible and doesn’t take members of public for granted.

  16. Anonymous

    Yes. Platinum is wrong in this over time . But putting them to death sentence for 1 incident is a bit harsh. As i know, they have done many things benefited people around wangsa maju. for example, they have contributed a piece of of land for future chinese school in wangsa maju, they have completed the danau kota flats so that many owners able to move in to their new house after waited for more than 10 years, setapak is now transforming to a better city not like 10 years ago when squatters are everywhere of course the area is more congested by building a lot of high rise but lets ask yourself which part in KL or any other major city in malaysia is not congested?

  17. ahmad

    I live in Platinum Hill Condo, which is directly next to the work site (as shown in the pictures in this article). So I do know about how Platinum Victory behave. Prior to March 8th general election, Platinum Victory just can not be bothered with our complaints about working until midnight and working during Sunday and public holidays.

    The previous MP had no time for us. Quite understandably so because during the last General Elections Wangsa Maju can see for themselves that Yew Teong Look’s election opeeration centre occupies several shop lots in Platinum Walk with his picture measuring at least two storey high.

    Some of us had lodged complaint to DBKL and it fell on deaf ears. Until we brought to the attention of our new MP Wee that we begins to see a bit of actions. It was until our MP Wee pressed DBKL for actions to stop the violations the DBKL building rules that the situation changed for the better.

    From end of August until 10 days ago we had peace at night and Sunday. Then Platinum started their nonsense by violating all the rules by working until late at night (sometime 11:30 pm ) and Sunday in total disregards of the eistence of human beings next to its work site.

    In another words, Platinum went back to its old habits of ignoring the existence of human beings including old, infants and young kids who had to study.

    Therefore, it was most incorrect for 20 Anonymous to state that this is the first time that Platinum has violated the DBKL building rules. This must be more than 100 times that Platinum had violated the DBKL building rules. Therefore, it was factually wrong to say that this was the first violation of the DBKL building rules by Platinum.

    We are not aware that Platinum has donated a piece of land for Chinese school. We have never heard of Platinum making such an announcement.

    As for Danau Kota flats: I believe that Platinum didn’t build them for free and the squatters of Kg Pasir and surrounding areas had to pay for the flats. By the way who is now developing the Kg Pasir land and the surrounding squatters land. It is not Platinum?

    Wangsa Maju does not not need so many high rise flats/condos without proper infrastructures to accommodate more cars and people. That’s why we had traffic congestion all the time and not enough parking space. MP Wee should look into all the DO’s that were granted to developers meet the policy of DBKL on provision for certain numbers of car parks.

    We need a well plan development not kalang kabut style like now. It is hope that from now on DBKL will not be “100% developer friendly” but people friendly for a change!

    It is hoped that Platinum will learn to have social responsibility for the residents of Wangsa Maju.

  18. Anonymous

    ahmad, i never said that over-time incident is their 1st time violation. what i meant is that, that is just 1 incident they have made mistake.
    for the land donation to chinese school, i have no idea why you didnt hear it because i get the news from many mainstream newspaper long ago.
    for the danau kota flats, the flats was abandoned for more than 10 years did you know that? yes, they are not the 1 who build it but according to my friend who staying in Kg Pasir, this flats has been changing developer to developer and no developer manage to complete it but platinum did it. they are paying it with their hard earn money but then the project abandoned and it abandoned for more than 10 years. how would you feel if u r one of them?
    anyway, platinum is wrong in this over-time incident, no dispute on that.

  19. dann

    anon #22,

    “what i meant is that, that is just 1 incident they have made mistake.”

    however, this 1 INCIDENT is enough to show us how arrogant they are by ignoring the law.

  20. ahmad

    22 Anonymous,

    So this was not the first time but many many times. Therefore, Platinum deserved to be punished for is total disregards to the DBKL regulations and the welfare of the residents, who are living just a stone throw away.

    Platinum is just socially irresponsible in their actions i.e. carrying out construction works until very late at night and on Sunday/public holidays.

    Donation of whatever nature, does not give any one the licence to breach the existing regulations especially when Platinum has been warned before according to YB Wee’s article here. The welfare of the people comes first and Platinum’s main objective of making maximize profits comes last in the order of priority in DBKL and society.

    By developing Danau Kota Flats, Platinum was selling them above the price for low cost as set by the government i.e. RM25,000. To say that Platinum lost monies for building Danau Kota and forgo profit for the sake of national service just “tak masuk akal”. 22 Anonymous, are you trying to asserts that Platinum did not make any profit out of Danau Kota Flats. Stop being knav

    Further, Kg Pasir land is now being developed by none other than Platinum. So what national service after all?

    It is just indefensible for a developer to carry out works until late hours and Sunday/public holidays.

    I rest my case and hope that DBKL’s Stop Work Order shall remained in full force for several months in order to set as an example for other developers to respect the rakyat right to quiet enjoyment of their homes without compromise .

  21. anonymous

    I fully agree with ahmad. Platinum Victory is too arrogant. Platinum thought that it got the officers in Jabatan Bangunan and Perancang in its pocket so it fear not. May be before March 8th General Elections Platinum was powerful because it got the backing of the previous MP.

    Now the previous MP, Yew Teong Look, cannot even win in the MCA party elections. How can he do anything for anybody when he cannot even look after himself now. I am told that Yew Teong Look may not be good in English and Bahasa but he is extremely good in throwing chairs at people. Now that he had lost his MCA elections, he should look for opportunities to throw chairs again and who know Ong Tee Keat may decide to appoint him due to his expertise in chair throwing.

    I hope that DBKL is serious in his actions against Platinum for disregarding the the people welfare. I do agree that potential buyers should boycott Platinum until it can show to the people that it has been wrong for disregarding the people interests.

    Keep the Stop Work Order in full force for all the Platinum projects otherwise it will never learn.

  22. Lian

    YES, Yes, Yes, Yes. Keep the Stop Work Order in force as long as possible to teach all the developers a good lesson that public right is above private right of the developers.

    Since DBKL has been “DEVELOPER FRIENDLY” for a long long time due to reason best known to all, it should now reinvent to make itself “people friendly” for a change.

    This Datuk Bandar, Bohan Hakim, is just useless and should be sacked immediately for not be able to control his officers properly. The earlier Dartuk Bandar is sacked the better for KL.

  23. Platinumhill condo

    We are so very happy that we have peace in the day and night since the Stop Work Order. We have complained many times before but no actions from DBKL. We were so helpless until our new Wangsa Maju MP came to our assistance.

    Donating land for Chinese school. my foot! Never heard about it. Even if it is true so what. We are not so stupid that we do not know that developer donate land or money with no return!

    Correct! donation of any kind is not a licence to torture the rakyat. We need a responsible developer who thinks of the welfare of the ordinary rakyat. We also need a DBKL who also think of the rakyat first.

    Keep it up the good work Mr Wee buy standing for the rakyat.

  24. anonymous

    City Hall must keep the Stop Work Order on as long as possible and if possible withdraw the Development Order. Make Platinum re-apply for it then the developers will know that City Hall is serious about violation of City Hall building rules.

    YB you should try to find ways to scrutinise the DO whether there are enough car park spaces imposed on the DO.

    Don’t buy houses from Platinum for now un til it shows that it is a responsible developer who does not put profit a its maoin objective.

    The KL Mayor must stand firm for the people of KL. In this case, the people of Wangsa Maju.

    We solute the people in Wangsa Maju to take the lead to fight against such irresponsible developer. You all have achieve but make your achievement to be a catalyst for change in DBKL to be more people friendly then “Developer Friendly”.

    We all know why the officers of the City Hall are so developers’ friendly!!!

  25. Lee

    Teach the developer a good lesson by keeping the Stop Work Order for a few months until Platinum show that it has the will to be socially responsible. It must show that it is not taking the rakyat for granted just because DBKL officers are developers’ friendly.

    MP Wee don’t give them chance. Please don’t allow them to bully the rakyat.

  26. anonymous

    Don’t shout about giving donation because Platinum will get it back from the house purchasers. Stop bull-shitting! We all know all the bull-shits. Platinum should tell us more how it got the Kg Pasir land by the Jalan Genting Kelang. It should also tell us how it got the land with the pond.

    Our MP should go to DBKL and ask for the approved building plans and Development Order for all Platinum projects to check whether the approvals were in accordance with DBKL policies.

    Our M will start to see more if he were to look after the approved building plans and Development Order.

  27. Platinum Hill Condo

    What Stop Work Order! Platinum Victory has been carrying out construction works since this morning despite the Stop Work Order.

    This is how DBKL treats developer. If it has been a hawker he will be dead! YB Wee, please do something about it to stop such arrogance of Platinum Victory.

    Members of public must boycott Platinum Victory until they start to behave like a law abiding citizen. Lets start boycotting Platinum Victory until it learn to be a good corporate citizen.

  28. Wee Choo Keong

    Thank you Platinum Hill Condo and the other readers. I do appreciate your participation in my blog.

    I have already received the complaint from the residents in the area this afternoon that Platinum Victory carried out construction works in Danau Kota and Taman Melati. I was surprised that Platinum Victory is daring to defy the Stop Work Order so openly. Based on this, I must agree that Platinum Victory is after all a very powerful company indeed.

    Please rest assured that I have already sent sms to the DBKL Pengurus in Wangsa Maju (En Khairul) and copied to Datuk Salleh Yusuff, Ketua Pengarah DBKL, Datuk Amin, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah and Tuan Hj Shaari A Junid, Pegawai Khas Kepada Datuk Bandar KL. I have already followed up with a written complaint to Datuk Bandar. The said letter of complaint has been copied to FT Minister and other enforcement agencies.

    Lets see what actions DBKL is going to take about the open defiance of the Stop Work Order by Platinum Victory. When Parliament resume next week, I shall pursue this matter further.

    Let see what is the progress of this matter next week. In the mean time, please keep me posted of the development (if Platinum still defy the Stop Work Order) by posting your comments in this blog. You can also send your comments to my email: Thank you so much for your responses.

    To my Indian brothers and sisters, May I take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Deepavali and for the non-Indian have a pleasant holidays.

    Thank you.

  29. anonymous

    Good for you YB Wee. We are behind you. We shall see what DBKL is going to do with the Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd. In the final analysis, DBKL dares not take action against Platinum Victory even though it has defied the Stop Work Order.

    A very powerful company. Knowing our MP, I am sure that he will carrying on fighting this powerful developer until the end. So we must give him our support.

    At the end of the day, we must be the real boss to Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd. We all must boycott them since it doesn’t care about human beings.

    Don’t buy property from them. By doing so, we will force them to take human beings seriously.

  30. Lian

    Boycott Platinum Victory until the directors realise that human beings are important and they must care for them.

    The directors of Platinum Victory thought that it has donated monies or land to school mean they have the licence to treat human beings like dogs and they can ignore all the laws and regulations just to make profit.

    To hell with them. Let them build more houses with few people buying then Platinum victory will be on its knees. We must all co-operate and teach this rich company a good lesson i.e. that the ultimate power is the people power. Makal Sathi!

  31. Platinum Hill buyer

    Hello…..please la…stop complaining, especially those who not related to this…

    I am the buyer of Platinum Hill PV8, and i staying in PV6 now. i have been informed the construction runs only from 8am-6pm since last month after the complaint received by DBKL, and the week before the Stop Work Order only they worked till almost 8pm due to raining on everyday, they can’t just leave the undone work and go home, right!? Now i serving the interest for my housing loan every month untill the house complete, if the work delay this will be a “BEBAN” for me!!

    What is the benefit for those who staying arround by stoping the progress of the construction work? Creating a “paradise” for the insects, or a nice “scenary” by all the undone buliding?

    Is not right to work Overtime, but the developer start following the order from DBKL, work from 8am-6pm, is not right to just stop the consruction, please also be a bit kind to those hundred of the PV8 buyers.

    I’ve heard about the donation land for Chinese primary school, i know that was demand by the Chinese comunity in Wangsa Maju for don’t know how many years ago already. But this do not have any related to me, coz i do not have any kids yet, same goes to those people who didn’t plan to send their chidren to Chinese school.

    Think about the benefit for all, not just being selfish

  32. Lee Wee Tak

    Platinum Hill buyer

    can the LAD (Liquidated Ascertained Damages) cover your extra interest?

    maybe you can negotiate a different payment terms to save on initial payments?

    actually, Malaysia should have “build then sell” rather than “sell than build”. In this way, we can really protect house buyers.

  33. Anonymous

    come on la Lee. you expect house buyers happy to wait for their house instead of 2 years and they have to wait for 3 years 4 years or more even though there is LAD? People buy house and will feel glad if they can get the house earlier than expected. Statement like that just show ignorance, stupidity and childish you are. If you buy a house. you rather have your house earlier dont mind even paying a bit higher the price. Rather than paying lower price, wait longer than promised, get compensation on the late delivery, worry days after days.

  34. anonymous

    The DBKL Building Rules have always been 8am to 6 pm and no work on Sunday and public holidays. Platinum Hill buyers: Please take note of that your developer knew about the existence of these regulations all these while. Therefore, developer must have calculated all the timings for the rere3ctoion of the condo. If not possible to build it within 36 months then your developer should not have signed the S & P with the purchasers.

    Now that we know that Platinum Victory is not that responsible after all – potential purchasers shopuld take note of this fact.

    Prior to March 8th general elections, Platinum Victory is the “TAIKO DEVELOPER” in Wangsa Maju where it is protected by Yew Teong Look (the ex MP). Whatever complaint lodged against Platinum Victory DBKL move on a snail pace to act.

    After March 8th General Elections the DBKL officers act a bit faster but still slow. It took our MP Wee to lodge several complaints within several days before Pengarah, Yusuff Ali, issue the stop work order for working outside the permitted hours and Sunday. Platinum Victory rules are there to be followed and not abused just because you are rich.

    Platinum Hill Buyers: Are you saying that if a make a donation of whatever nature (land, monies and etc) I would flout all the regulations and laws and do what I please because i have monies. For heaven sake, I have seen many peopple donating more than Platinum did and they don’t abused their power and break all the rules just for the sake of its narrow interest i.e PROFITS.

    Anonymous 37: Going by your argument then for the sake of the house buyer like you then DBKL should closed their eyes, which they have been closing, and allow Platinum carry out construction work 24 hours daily even during holidays. When you don’t live in Platinum Hill Condo then you will not know. You all are motivated by self interest in total disregard of the interests of the residents, who are suffering from all the noise and pollutions.

    I hope that DBKL will teach Platinum Victory a lesson and use it as an example for other developers in KL.

  35. Lian

    anonymous 38 is absolutely spot on with the arguments and facts. I fully supported anonymous 38. Rules are rules. Why must Platinum be spared for the few narrow minded buyers. After all they are protected and compensated for late delivery of the condo. But the disturbance caused by working until late at night and public holidays will cause untold misery to the nearby residents. It is due to this public interests that DBKL set the rule for work between 8 morning to 6 evening from Monday to Saturday.

    Why members of the public had to suffer for the narrow interests of the few house buyers and the developer, who has been shown to be utterly irresponsible.

    If one buy the argument from Platinum Hill Buyer and Anonymous 37, society must tolerate Platinum Victory at all costs and it can do what it wants with immunity.

    Platinum knew from day one about their working hours as set out in the Development Order then just follow it in the public interests. We are not interested in whatever donations made by Platinum because donations is not a ticket for Platinum to do anything with immunity!

    I do agree that Platinum should be given a severe punishment to set example form other developer to follow! I am sure that Platinum is not the only developer behaving the same way as Platinum.

    DBKL stop fighting for developer for the sake of c………..

  36. anonymous

    Platinum Hill buyer & 37 Anonymous

    Are both of saying that after donating a small piece of land, Platinum has the immediate licence to violate all the building regulations including begin construction works without a Development Order. It would appear that two of your mentality is: have money can do everything and the poor had to suffer.

    Sorry my friends I cannot agree with both of your small mentality trying find ways to be emperor apologists.

    Platinum must not be left off the hook. Platinum must be punished to the maximum in view of its track records so far.

    YB Wee, you must stand up for us and press for maximum punishment as Platinum always think that it is very powerful. The people have suffered enough and Platinum must be made to learn to be a responsible corporate citizen and not think of profit, profit, profit at all cost!

  37. Anonymous

    dont twisting my statement. i never said because this or because of that then platinum should immune from punishment.

    ask yourself, especially if you are pv3 5 or pv6 owners, when u bought your house did you eagerly hope to get your house ASAP? if u did, while you anxiously waiting for the completion of your house, did you ever worry about neighbour residents there? i bet you didnt.
    Now, you are the house owner there(maybe not, because some people are not related and are here just here for their entertainment), you come out and complaint other development is annoying you.

    yes, you are right to make complaint and they should abide. no arguement with that. And i never agree also because they do other good things, and should be allow to do some bad thing. but pls dont act like you are someone who is being a good citizen who is being an unselfish residents. im just sick of all these people.

  38. anonymous

    All laws and regulations must be complied with strictly. Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd has no special licence to work until very late and public holidays to disturb other people right to live peacefully. Buyers have right to compensation for late delivery but public right to rest peacefully after 6 pm and holidays cannot be compensated if affected.

    No one say that Platinum cannot do their construction works. It cannot do it from 8 am to 6 pm – 11 hours per days. Still not enough. Stop being selfish. Platinum Victory has a social responsibility to look after the welfare of t he public right to peaceful rest after 6 pm.

    Donation by Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd with no condition or favour. My foot!! I believe Platinum never make any announcement on the donation. But Yew Teong Look has been making many announcement on all kinds of donations.

    Look at the number of development that Platinum had done where there were not enough car parks and cars were parked all over the place – causing massive jam in the area. The authorities like Anti-Corruption Agency should look into the Development Order that have been approved whether they were in compliance with the policies and regulations of DBKL. YB Wee should also check on all Platinum Victory’s DO on whether approval granted in accordance with all DBKL rules and policies on building. I know there are some problems here.

    Platinum must be thought a good lesson. It has been running high and too powerful for too long. All developers in KL must strictly follow the rules on working hours and not “kaotim” the DBKL officers working until late and public had to suffer just because they want more PROFITS!

    No “kaotim” the DBKL Jabatan Bangunan how could they work after stipulated hours. Even hawkers hawking without licence at the road side will get summons and their stall confiscated. If Kaotim no problems!

  39. Platinum Hill buyer

    Let’s make myself clear, i never said with donated a “small” piece of land, a developer can against all the rules and acts (i even don’t know what is the size of that land). And this doesn’t related to me (coz i also being selfish), it only benefit to the people who need that school, am i right, 38 & 40 anonymous? I think u are the same person with me, coz we don’t care whether the school can be sucessfully build or not.

    Please don’t talk about the land for school anymore, not related at all!
    I never heard Platinum is a “TAIKO DEVELOPER” after i been staying in Wangsa maju area for few years, where u get this news from, 38 anonymous? As far i know is a developer formed about 6 years ago, and their quality of works and price are ok, as what i know till now la
    Who care about the relation with the previous MP, hopefully we are not bringing the politic issue in here.

    Thanks to Lee to inform about LAD, but are the buyers only can claim the compensate after the house complete? But now most of the people here are asking to punish the developer by STOP thier works! This action is also punishing all the buyers, what will happen if the project stop for another few years? If refer to some previous comments, there is a flat in this area only completed after 10years! Oh my god!! I don’t wish this will happen to me.
    Those who want to STOP this project, can u imaging if this happen to u!?
    And everyone please think about the effect that will bring to the community at Wangsa Maju. (Of course not for those people who staying at other area or just join here for entertaiment)

    YB Wee, u have being responsible to the residents in Wangsa Maju, Thanks!

    Please find another way for this matter, beside just stopping the construction works. This will not bring any benefit to Wangsa Maju, especially in our economic situation now.

  40. Lian

    Donated a small piece of land for school with so many huge projects with easy approvals so many years is no big deal lah! Getting Development Orders (DO) easily. I do agree with anonymous that our MP should investigate into DO that the Platinum got so easily from DBKL. To check whether the DOs were granted in full compliance with DBKL policies and rules.

    If that is the case then we should not be facing traffic jam near the housing project. The fact that many cars were parked outside the condo means that insufficient car parks allocations for the condo.

    When the building laws of DBKL states that working hours for housing project is 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday, Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd should comply with it. For DBKL to have such a rule must have a good purpose. To ensure that the residents of the surrounding are will not suffer from noise pollution.

    As far as Platinum Victory sdn bhd is concerned it is not bothered about rules and regulations, its main priority is to make maximum profit at all costs – even if the people had to suffer.

    Stop Work Order does not mean that Platinum cannot work forever. Stop Work Order must have the punishing effects. Developer must be made learn that if they knowing breach the rule, which is in this case, then it must face the punishment. Just like criminals being sent to prison for committing offences. Just the same here.

    Stop Work Order for Platinum must be enforced for a few weeks otherwise Platinum will take it easy.

    So Platinum Hill Buyers please do not pretend that you understand that Stop Work Order is not for years. It will be enforce until Platinum pay a big fine like RMN50,000 or more and gave all kind of undertaking not to commit the offence again.

    In this case, Platinum purposely commit the offence because they thought no body dare to take actions again them like before. Stop Work Order should enforced for more than a month will be appropriate in this case because Platinum knew what it was doing.

    Stop giving the impression that Stop Work Order means the end of the project. If this is the case then Platinum Victory should learn to behave from the very beginning and not taking the people for granted.

  41. anonymous


    You are absolutely on the dot. The issue here is Platinum Victory has been committing this offence for too many time since March 20076. During that time it is a protected specie. Nobody dare to touch Platinum.

    Since this is not the first time it has committed the offence then it should be punished. Punishing a repetitive criminal is to send him to jail. Just the same here, Platinum Victory is a repetitive offender of working hours. Platinum Victory has been warned by DBKL not to work after 6 pm and public holiday.

    But Platinum Victory chose to follow the rules for about 2 months and it started its nonsense again.

    Platinum Hill Buyer: if you are a true buyer you have the recourse to get compensation for late delivery. For heaven sake, please do not pretend to be a simple folk. Stop Work Order is not for years but few weeks or months depending on the offence. Of course not for only a few days.

    I do agree with Lian that in the case of Platinum Victory, it should be punished for a month because it is a repetitive offender and since it has donated a piece of land for school then DBKL should give a discount two days! So 3 weeks and 5 days will be most reasonable under the circumstances.

    So stop talking rubbish then Stop Work Order mean a delay of many years. We must set example for other developers, who are working until morning. When you don’t live near the construction site you will not know the noise pollutions and the frustration!

  42. ahmad

    I have read the argument here. It is very clear that Platinum Victory has violated the regulation and worked after 6 pm until late and during public holidays. It is also clear here that this is not the first time it has done it. So just because of the buyers we all should say that never mind let Platinum work 24 hours a dya so that the buyers get their houses faster and Platinum can make money faster. People suffer the noise pollution – never mind it is not me. What type of argument?

    It is also a fact that Platinum has been known to have worked until late at night and public holidays for a long time already.

    I do agree with Lian that 1 month Stop Work Order is a reasonable time based on the recalcitrant attitude of Platinum.
    DBKL must also imposed a big fine for torturing the residents/public for so many months. This is to tell the developers that it does not pay to violate the permitted working hours.

  43. anonymous

    I do agree with Lian and Ahmad that a severe punishment must be imposed against Platinum Victory in order to tell Platinum Victory to follow the rules even though it is very powerful and got good connections. Secondly to tell other developers to also take note of the rules and to follow strictly on the permitted working hours.

    If DBKL did not take severe actions, forever the developers will just play around with the permitted working hours like Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd.

    Platinum Victory must be made to pay for the profit they made out of the misery of the rakyat.

    A RM5000,000 fine and 2 months Stop Work Order will suffice in the light of its irresponsible behaviour. Anything less than this, will make DBKL a laughing stock!

  44. Hisham

    Ya, having committed thew offence of violation of working hours and yet Platinum Victory got Platinum Hill Buyer to swpeak for it. What rubbish? Trying to defend the indefensible. That is what Platinum House Buyer was trying to do. Any try harder next time. But we are no idiot.

    Platinum Victory had to pay for teh social cost for polluting the environment . It must not be allowed to get away freely!

    DBKL officers must show that they have balls against the developer by imposing a few hundred thousand RM fine and 2 months Stop Work order as suggested. Anything less than this will be seen as a big joke and corruption!

  45. Wee Choo Keong

    First and foremost, may I take this opportunity to wish my Indian brothers and sisters A Happy Deepavali. May the Festival of Lights brighten up our future.

    I have read most of the comments pertaining to this matter. Most of the comments are unhappy about the violation of DBKL Rules and Regulations. In fact I have received many complaints about other developers working till late at night and some almost 24 hours in total disregards of the surrounding residents. This is predominantly due to the “TIDAK APA” attitude of the little napoleon by the name of En Mohd Yusof Alwi, the Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan. I am certain that he must have very very “GOOD REASON” for not taking action against those developers who are working after 6 pm and during public holidays.

    I heard that in Kepong and Mont Kiara, the developers are having a Gala Time working round the clock. Of course that little napoleon Mohd Yusof Alwi didn’t know. I hope that you all will not tell him about this.

    Anyway whilst you all were angry about Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd, I have been told that the Stop Work Order has been lifted in secrecy a few days ago. I am still checking on the facts. Once I got them I shall do a new posting about the “Magic Hand That Lifted” the Stop Work Order.

    Good night everybody. If you have to drive please drive safe during this festive season.

  46. james

    YB Wee, thank you for updating us on this subject matter. I am shocked that a Stop work Order issued for only a few days. Definitely that person must have a magic hand. Unheard of! Very fishy indeed. I look forward to read your new posting. I want to know who possess that magi hand.

    This is a big joke!

    So Platinum Hill Buyers can now sleep in peace. I am sure that the magic hand can also grant a 24 hour permit for Platinum to work so that you will get your condo in the fastest possible time.

    Well, Yb Wee, what are you going to do with the magic hand?

  47. Mr $$$

    I live in Platinum Hill Condo and just got back from outstation and I am told by my neighbours that Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd was working full steam on Saturday.

    I am not surprised that the Stop Work Order was lifted a few days ago because Platinum is too powerful or as YB Wee put it due to the “Tidak Apa” attitude of the Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan of DBKL. He should be sacked if he was responsible for lifting the Stop Work Order.

    By now you all should know why DBKL officers are so tidak apa generally! You don’t have to be a genius to know the answer.,

    I am Mr $$$.

  48. anonymous

    Platinum Hill Buyer must be happy now that Platinum has shown its power again that the Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan (Mohd Yusof Alwi) is also scared of Platinum.

    Since Platinum can get the Stop Work Order revoked, i am sure that it can get Platinum special permit to work 24 hours so that Platinum Hill Buyer can get his house by December.

    I salute Platinum Victory for the good job in getting the Stop Work Order revoked just like that. No one knew about it. What a secret! Even our MP Wee did not know about it.

    Other developers should take a crash course from Platinum on how to handle Mohd Yusof Alwi (pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan) if they got into problem. This advise is on the premise that the other developers don’t already know how to deal with Mohd Yusof Alwi.

    Mohd Yusof Alwi is a powerful man! Platinum is a powerful developer: What a good combination!

  49. Anonymous

    I cannot wait to read the update on how and who lifted the Stop Work Order issued against Platinum Victory. After YB Wee updated this topic, I am sure that we all will see what then hell is happening to DBKL. I hope that Datuk Bandar will also be looking in this. But Datuk Bandar is the main culprit because he allowed his officers to run wild.

    It is getting more and more interesting.

  50. anonymous

    As usual the officer in Jabatan Bangunan is just true to form. How could the Stop Work Order against Platinum Victory be lifted just in such secret manner. DBKL is behaving like a secret society. With the Datuk Bandar as the gang leader.

    If the Datuk Bandar is an effective leader, the officer will not behave in such a way. A tidak apa Datuk Bandar will have a tidak apa officer below.

    DBKL is just a can of worms.

    I just cannot believe that the Stop Work Order lasted for only a few days. Where is the punishment effect? just compare with the case of a hawker where his tables and chairs are confiscated by DBKL, the hawkers cannot get them back until some 3 weeks later.

    Of course, hawkers are normal rakyat with no influence and most of all poor. Therefore, cannot look after the welfare of the officers of DBKL.

    Syabas to DBKL and Datuk Bandar! You all have done it again. Within a week, you all have changed the name of the road Jalan Alor to Jln Kejora and lifted a Stop Work Order after a few days and it was done so secretly as though it will threaten our national security.

    The Mohd Yusof Alwi (Pengarah) must be a very happy man by now! Good for you Mohd Yusof Alwi, you are keeping it up with the DBKL image where the welfare of its officers are taken care of very well and the rakyat are treated like dirt.

    Badan Pecegah Rasuah – what are you waiting for? Get on with the job.

  51. Freedom

    some people here just like to exaggerate the situation. i’m wondering whats their motive and intention.
    some people just like to link everthing into some sort of conspiracy without having a full knowledge of what they are talking about.
    some people just lack of appreciation. or in malay we say
    ” tak tahu bersyukur”
    some people just like to condemned this and that without having any clue.
    some people just like to keep on asking without contributing.
    some people just like to potray others being evil and self being virtuous.
    some people just like to entertain themselves in expense of others suffering.
    some people just being selfish and expect others being selfless.
    some people demand for freedom of speech but hate speech is what they used to deliver.
    some people trying hard to impress some people but forgot they have depressed others.
    some people acting like they are fair and full of justice to everyone but actually they are being ignorance and unjust.
    As what former US president John F. Kennedy said:”
    Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
    Ask youself everyone, what have you done?

  52. anonymous

    Freedom: The glaring facts speaks for themselves. Did Platinum Victory violated the rules and regulations?

    Does Platinum disturb the public right to peace at night, Sunday and public holiday?

    Just because of Platinum donated a small piece of land for school and as a result it got all the special preference treatments, it should be given absolute power to defy all the laws and regulations, and ultimately ton disturb public right to peace at night and Sunday?

    Did Jabatan Bagunan perform their duties according to the rules and regulations that were expected of them in this case?

    Is it not a general knowledge that DBKL is a can of worms?

    If Platinum did not commit any offence why should DBKL issued the stop work order on 19-10-2008?

    Why was the Stop Work Order lifted after a few days and it was done without anybody knowledge?

    What Freedom? Freedom for Platinum so that the rakyat suffer!

    Freedom please try harder? Just like Platinum Hill Buyer. Good luck, Freedom. We know whom you are trying tom speak for. Unfortunately, you are trying to defend the indefensible!

  53. Lian


    Freedom for Platinum Victory to break all the rules for profit at the expense of the rakyat.

    Freedom for Pengarah of DBKL Jabatan Banguana to help big company like Platinum Victory to torture the rakyat.

    Freedom for Pengarah of Jabatna Bangunan to protect Platinum Victory instead of the rakyat.

    Freedom for Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan to ignore its rules and regulations so that he can help Platinum.

    Freedom for Mohd Yusof Alwi, the Pengarah to cheat the rakyat to help himself! Bloody crook.

    The Pengarah help Platinum for what? What else? We all know the answer except Platinum Victory, Platinum Hill buyer and Freedom!

  54. ahmad

    Jabatan Bangunan of DBKL is a big can of worms. That’s why its pengarah Mohd Yusof Alwi is protecting Platinum Victory to the hilt by lifting development order without any basis.

    Badan Pecegah Rasuah should go into this department and I am sure that it will discover a lot of nonsense.

    MP Wee should report this Mohd Yusof Alwi to BPR for investigations.

  55. anonymous

    This is what DBKL is all about, They act against the poor and under privilege. Mohd Yusof Alwi only protect the developer. Desa Park City in Kepong was working 24 hours and Mohd Yusof Alwi cannot see.

    Of course, he is blind. I am sure that Mohd Yusof Alwi is a happy man when he lifted the Stop Work Order against Platinum.

    Mohd Yusof Alwi is the project manager for Platinum and the same time pretend to be the pengarah for Jabatan Bangunan.

    Mohd Yusof Alwi must be sacked for unilaterally lifted the stop work order. He is not fit to be the Pengarah. He should be the office boy for Platinum and other developers..

  56. Platinum Hill Condo

    Correct! Mohd Yusof Alwi should be Platinum Victory’s office boy and takes instructions as to what to do in DBKL for Platinum Victory. Mohd Yusof Alwi must be a wealthy man doing two jobs at the same time.

    Mohd Yusof Alwi is very “developer friendly” not only to other developers too. Datuk Bandar should create a new department for Mohd Yusof Alwi that is Developers Welfare Department.

    Mohd Yusof Alwi is the worst kind of officer in DBKL and he abused his powers to help the developers only.

    I just cannot believe that he can just lift the Stop Work Order at his whim and fancy. He is a snake!

  57. anonymous

    I am a simple rakyat. The fact that Jabatna Bangunan slammed a Stop Work Order means that Platinum Victory must have committed a serious offence. If it is serious then why was it lifted within 3 days i.e. 23-10-2008 in secrecy.


    No answer can satisfy educated people when he lifted the Order in secret except some hanky panky was involved.

    The higher authority like the Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan, Anti-Corruption Agency, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, the Chairman of Pemudah and other government agencies should investigate into this matter.

    This is a serious matter as it shows to the world that DBKL is operating like a secret society! In the mean time suspend Mohd Yusof Alwi, the Pengarah, immediately before commencing the investigation.

    Mohd Yusof Alwi has dirty the image of DBKL further! Mohd Yusof Alwi also showed that Datuk Bandar KL, Datuk Hakim Borham, is too incapable to run a mamak stall let alone DBKL. I have never seen DBKL image had gone into such a sorry state under other Datuk Bandar. The Government must not extend is contract because he will cause the downfall any government.

  58. ahmad

    Suspend Mohd Yusof Alwi, Pengarah of Jabatan Bangunan, with immediate effect and investigate into his activities in Jabatan Bangunan.

    The main question is: How could Platinum Victory and other developers are so daring to breach the Development Order by working after 6 pm daily? How come Mohd Yusof Alwi as the head of the section was totally blind to Platinum Victory and other developers in KL violating the DO? Why Mohd Yusof Alwi chose to lift the Stop Work Order in a hush hush manner?

    All the above questions can be easily answered. Even a standard six student can answer the questions for us.

    Mohd Yusof Alwi’s behaviour speak volume!

    I sincerely hope that the Pemudah chief, Tan Sri Mohd SIdek Hassan, KSN, will take immediate actions on this matter and also to get the Anti-Corruption Agency to check on this little napoleon.

    This is a clear case for Pemudah to act immediately to protect public interest.

  59. PV 10 Resident

    Terima kasih sebab saudara semua peka apa yg berlaku,terutama pada YB.Tapi kami di PV 10 brhadapan dgn penyelewengan membolehkan kolej Cosmopoint menyewa sebyk 70 unit.PV 10 dah jadi kampus.JMB & pengurusan buat tak tahu saja.Ini semua angkara LENA ONG.Anak buah Gan Yu Chai.Diharap YB boleh tolong kami

  60. Platinum new buyers

    IF the Stop Work Order issued to Platinum Victory developer, what will happen to the construction?
    The construction will be stop? then what will happen to the buyers? Buyers that paid and having a heavy loan with them and get nothing?

    The punishment to developer = punishment to buyer?

    For the resident complaint, when you bought the house there, when you house being developed, didnt it polluted the environment also?
    If your house contruction is being stoped where will you stay now?

    The concern is not only for the existing resident. There needed some consideration for new coming resident also.
    We can’t deny that Platinum Vitory is violated the rules but stop work of construction means punishment to the buyers also.

    Can anyone stand in the point of view of the new buyers? stop construction benefits to existing resident with no pollution and disturb.
    But the lost gain by the new buyers cost a lot. Those gain no place to stay with heavy loan. The whole family stay where?

    Or maybe the new coming resident is just a small part that their issues not important enough to take in consideration?

    Noone say that Platinum Victory should not be punish. But Stop construction, have anyone take in consideration how big will be the impact?

    Who is acting selfish?

    Serving complaint is not only to serve a big part of resident, or to increase the good name of the complaint server only.
    Im just a question to ask: what if the house you bought being stop construction and you are having heavy loan and get nothing?

    YB Wee, hope that you can take into consideration of others resident and buyers for any decision making.

  61. Pizza

    I’m new buyer for Phase 2 project….. So worried when project stop…..thks all urs complaint & u all so lucky not the project b4 mine if not,….. sure balas u

    We all human….so once i get key, that my turn to complain again for phase 3 & others project on going….hehe… so YB can keep BZ

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