Your MP's Question of the Week #30

The internet, like most tools, has its positive side and negative one.

It is positive when one uses it to be productive in one’s work and hobby, helps one increase knowledge, communicate and share information for the benefit of society. On the other hand it will be bad use of the technology if one uses the internet to add further to or give rise to new social problems.

It has been observed that one of the greatest negatives of the internet has been its creation of cybercafés for purposes other than what they have been intended. For example, the cybercafés have been rampantly being abused to serve as convenient hideouts for students to play truant, create gambling dens, operate as Ah Long’s safe havens to ply their trade and also become escape outlets for insomniacs. It’s logical to conclude that as these cybercafés mushroom the social problems that they help propagate will increase in tandem.

The question for this week then is:

Should internet cybercafés be given greater attention by the authority throughout the country so that more enforcement can be employed to effectively monitor their activities with the sole aim to totally eradicate their negative impacts?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda Ke-30

Internet, seperti alat lain, ada kesan baik dan tak baiknya.

Ia mendatangkan kebaikan apabila seseorang itu menggunakannya untuk menaikkan daya keupayaan kerjanya atau hobinya, menolongnya menambah pengetahuan, berhubung dan berkongsi maklumat untuk manfaat masyarakat. Akan tetapi, adalah salahguna teknologi jika seseorang itu menggunakan internet untuk memburukkan atau mencipta masalah baru untuk masyarakat.

Adalah diperhatikan kesan paling negatif dalam internet adalah kemunculan cybercafe di mana matlamat asalnya tidak dicapai. Umpamanya tempat ini telah dijadikan tempat budak ponteng sekolah berlindung, dijadikan tempat berjudi, tempat ah long menjalankan kegiatannya dan tempat kunjungan orang tidak dapat tidur. Adalah munasabah membuat rumusan bahawa semakin banyak cybercafé muncul, maka lebih banyak masalah sosial akan bertambah.

Soalan minggu ini adalah:

Patutkah cybercafé diberi lebih perhatian oleh pihak berkuasa seluruh negara supaya penguatkuasa lebih berkesan boleh dilaksanakan untuk memperhatikan kegiatan dalam cybercafé untuk membasmi kesan-kesan negative?

13 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #30

  1. anonymous

    Of copurse, the government should control them. They are causing social problems to many places especially Wangsa Maju. Tyhe police is not taking any action at all.

    I know that the operators used the cyber cafe as a front but it is actually operasting as a gambling dens and ah Longs are on standby to lend monies to the victims.

    They are many in Danau Kota, section 2 and many other places in Wangsa Maju and else where.

    I do not understand why the government and police are not interested. Syed Hamid is only interested in detaining good people (like RPK, Hindraf 5 and so many others) under ISA.

    It is high time that YB Wee should take this matter to Parliament for consideration. Cyber cafe is not actually cyber cafes but gambling dens for the operators to cheat innocent young and old people.

    I sincerely hope that YB Wee will take this matter up n Parliament to cut down social ills in the nation.

  2. Absolutely. Tak payah story panjang, di Wangsa Maju saja ada berapa banyak cyber cafe now already looks like a school. Why? Because most customers in there are school kids wearing uniform. Cybercafe is a more favourite place for them compare to school. Cybercafe senyum saja, peduli apa. Janji duit masuk maaa…..

    p/s: YB, please do check all the cc in Wangsa Maju during school hour, u will see the trend. Bukan baru jadi, sudah lama…..years.

  3. lee wee tak

    There are positive aspects of the cafe. Tourists can communicate back home, on the the road businessmen
    may need a quick fix, students who can’t afford their own PC can do a bit of research there…but how come it can be abused?

    I agree that many internet carries some reputation. You should check out the one in Taman Bunga Raya, the keyboards are smashed by those TARC students playing PC games. They scream all the foul words at top of their lungs. Absolutely unbecoming of an undergraduate, disgraceful and waste of their parents’ blood and sweat money.

    however, this is not a new phenomenon. Back in the 1980’s video arcade and snooker rooms carried the same role

    enforcement is only part of the solution

    we must have proper outlet for our young people to use up their energy. parents must play a role to guide them – limit their PC game time while they are still before teenaga, give variety to their life like getting them in involved in sports etc

    the present township planning in urban area do not allocate enough space for our energetic youngster. Have more affordable places for futsal, badminton courts, football etc, as well as X-Games places.

    as for PC games, let’s face it. it is an enormous money and commercial animal. watch ESPN now and they have PC game competition like the olympics! we have newspapers like the star reviewing PC games as well as magazines like Stuff etc. There are some positives in PC games. The US Army use it as a tool to train its solders in computer warfare and some strategic base game and trading games actually help the mental development of children and adult.

    The key is balance and moderation. PC game technology improved and it helps in movie making, advertising and business presentation. All these are digital animation technology

    We need a holistic approach starting from family upbringing, township development for presenting variety in lifestyle, a better funded and more vibrant NGOs and schools to provide alternative outlets and activities etc

    At the moment, the powers to be do not seem to take a serious look into holistic social development issues.

  4. I believe in self-regulation first, when it comes to business or professional services. Failing this, comes community regulation and lastly law enforcement.

    Not all cybercafes are loud, noisy and for gaming only. On one occasion I had a lightning strike which rendered all pcs in my house useless and I walked into one cafe to complete what I had to do. Gaming was segregated, hence leaving the other customers free from noise pollution to do what they want to do.

    On the other hand, I do not agree with the negative activities that’s going in cybercafes nowadays. I admit that I do not go into cafes many times and thus don’t have first hand knowledge of the situation. Generally, gaming for too many hours, gambling and surfing for too long hours distracts one from studies especially students. Gambling is of course, another social issue not limited to students but society as a whole.

    1)Tightened general guidelines of operating cybercafes and serve these rules to cafe owners
    2)Law enforcement to ensure the guidelines are adhered.

    Somehow I don’t have much faith in law enforcement – bribery of the police is always at the back of mind.

  5. temenggong

    Cyber cafes are important and should be allowed to operate 24 hrs a day. As suggested there should be self regulation and CCTVs to monitor crime. Apart from that students should be allowed to explore in privacy.

    Cafe operators should ensure that their premises are free of Ah Longs and gambling.

  6. Wangsa Maju Resident

    I tell you all ah especially in Wangsa Maju there are about 200 cybercafes lah. Some are legal. Some are illegal ones. Many open 24 hours and they are a real problem for the society.

    Family problems also increasing. Children don’t go home. People gambling and losing money. Ah Long is there waiting to lend money. So what happen got no more money? Go and steal lah. That’s why so many crimes increasing and increasing everyday in Wangsa Maju.

    Not careful this problem will reach to the family of the Chief of Police, the High Court Judges, the YBs, the Datuks and Tan Sri’s and also sure lah the DBKL chiefs families.

    Better look into the cybercafes problem before it is too late! Wangsa Maju peoples families, wives, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties …. all also not safe.

    YB, you must push hard for this control lah. This is serious issue not only in Wangsa Maju but also other cities in Malaysia.

  7. Wee Choo Keong

    Wangsa Maju Resident and others

    Generally I do agree with your views. In fact, after I have read about a Cyber Cafe was robbed at about 4 am, I immediately wrote to Chief of Police of KL pertaining to Cyber Cafes being allowed to operate until early hour in the morning and also the gambling activities in the cybercafes. Unfortunately, I don’t even get an acknowledgement from the chief police officer of KL let alone a reply.

    I do not understand why the chief police officer of KL cannot be bothered about this matter.

    This is the type of police force we have. I promise you all that I shall bring this issue to Parliament this coming week during the Budget debate.

    Please help me by informing if there are any illegal activities or activities promoting social ills in Wangsa Maju or elsewhere. You can email me direct at

  8. anonymous

    The police is only good at arresting opposition leaders in order to suppress them. the police didn’t know about the illegal activities in the cyber cafe.

    The police is as sleepy as the PM. So never mind lah! Let them screw up the country more and i hope that their children will also be caught up with internet cafe one of these days.

  9. Malaysia 64

    YB, bagi saya ada kebaikan dan keburukan. Pertama kebaikan ialah budak-budak dapat gambaran tentang cerita politik pembangkang malaysia yg mana tiada dalam akhbar yang dikuasai oleh kerajaan. Kedua mengenali dunia demi pelajaran bagi mereka yang tidak mempunyai computer. Ketiga arif tentang alam siber! Keburukan Pertama masa operasi cyber-cafe tidak di pantau oleh pihak berkuasa yang sibuk dalam alam politik dan kroni-kroni saja. Kedua pengusaha cyber-cafe hanya ingin mengaut untung dari orangramai sanggup melakukan apa saja yang membuat orang ramai datang balik ke cyber-cafe mereka dari memberi penerangan berguna kepada budak-budak, sama seperti kerajaan yang ada sekarang, gila kuasa dan jadi kaya kalau ada orang bercakap tentang keburukan kerajaan akan di I.S.A kan Ketiga tukar Kerajaan yang ada sekarang ganti yang baru, dan lihat perubahan!

  10. anonymous

    Kerajan BN tak boleh berubah. Ia sudah condemn dah! Tak boleh pulih lagi kerana banyak unsul korrup. Police , DBKL, jabatan kerajan semua sama sahaja! Kita perlu kerajaan baru.

  11. temenggong


    More regulations means more opportunities for the authorities to harass and accept bribes, but without solving the problem. Regulations ‘forces’ the operators to break the law. This is the culture with regards to cybercafes, pubs, discos, karaokes, etc. We have to be realistic and accept that the crowds come in after 9pm.

    Accept that online gambling is here to stay. The world has given up trying to curb online gambling and porn

    CCTVs in cybercafes are the only way to rein in Ah Longs and crime.

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