Questions Time, 14 October 2008

Land acquisition cost for road-widening of Jalan Genting Kelang is RM3,001.72 per square meter!

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta MENTERI WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN menyatakan senarai nama-nama pemilik tanah, butirbutir tanah (Hakmilik, Lot No, Mukim) dan kos pengambilan tanah oleh Kerajaa setiap lot tanah tersebut yang mana kos keseluruhannya adalah berjumlah RM25 juta untuk projek pelebaran jalan di Jalan Genting Kelang, di kawasan Wangsa Maju.


Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Wangsa Maju, adalah satu kebiasaann bahawa projek pembinaan jalan melibatkan pengambilan tanah terutamanya di pusat bandar. Bagi projek ini, sejumlah 29 lot tanah terlibat dengan jajran pelebaran jalan yang dilaksanakan untuk menampung kesesakan lalu lintas di Jalan Genting Kelang ini.  Sebanyak 23 lot adalah tanah persendirian dan 6 lot tanah Kerajaan. Lot-lot tanah tersebut adalah seperti di jadual yang dilampirkan.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Pemilik tanah akan diberi pampasan berdasarkan nilai pasaran semasa. Kos sebenar bagi pengambilan tanah hanya akan diketahui setelahnilainya ditentukan dengan tepat oleh Pentadbir Tanah Wilayah Perdkutuan.

Jadual Senarai Butir-butir Lot Tanah Individu Yang Terlibat Dengan Pengambilan Tanah Bagi Projek Mempertingkatkan Jalan Genting Kelang Dari Persimpangan Jalan Air Panas Hingga Persimpangan Jalan 1/27A, Kuala Lumpur.

Bil.>>No. Lot (Mukim Setapak)>Nama>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Luas Diperlukan (sq meter)

1.>>3233>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jagatheesan S/o Navaratnam
>>>21720)>>>>>>>>>>>>>T.K. Prema A/p Raghavan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lim Siew Lian (P.A)>>>>>>>>>18.847

2.>>3232 (21719)>>>>>>>>Lian Cheng Keong
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lian Cheng Seng>>>>>>>>>>>6.33

3.>>2495 (21718)>>>>>>>>W T Low & Ng Realty Sdn Bhd>>83.885

4.>>5888>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lam Chuia Sdn Bhd>>>>>>>>>143.3

5.>>5894>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ang Yoke Construction Sdn Bhd>291.027


7.>>5896>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hon Kwong Holdings Sdn Bhd>>198.384

8.>>5897>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Berjaya Steel Works Sdn Bhd>>286.564


10.>3281>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BP Malaysia Sdn Bhd>>>>>>>>314.385

11.>3280>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BP Malaysia Sdn Bhd>>>>>>>>360.507


13.>3278>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chua Teong Kim @ Seow Teong Kim
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lee Yeen Lai
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ng Beng Ong>>>>>>>>>>>>>144.874

14.>21726>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ang Yoke Lian Construction Sdn Bhd>222.917

15.>21726>>>>>>>>>>>>>Royal Selangor International Sdn Bhd>230.584



18.>PT 7407 (20019)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>85.342

19.>20020>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chip Seng Realty Sdn Bhd>>>>>49.284

20.>26219>>>>>>>>>>>>>Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd>>>>>>1,981.891

21.>2079>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kwong Hang Ho Limited>>>>>>>877.169

22.>2080>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kwong Hang Ho Limited>>>>>>>474.123

23.>PT 8683>>>>>>>>>>>>FBO Land (Setapak) Sdn Bhd>>>1,143.032

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Total      8,328.55


It is most shocking that the cost of land acquisition for 8,328.55 sq. meters was RM25 million. RM25 million is far too high. The land cost will then work out to be RM3,001.72 per sq. meter!!!

I do not believe that there were any land acquisition involved in this project for the simple reason that all development order will only be given provided the developers/landowners surrendered certain portion of land for road reserved i.e. making provision of widening of road.  Therefore, it was most unlikely that the government had to pay RM25 million as compensation for the so-called land acquisition.

The answer to my previous Parliamentary question of the total cost of the road widening of Jalan Genting Kelang was RM15 million for road works and RM25 million for land acquisition cost. Now the Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan said that compensation for the acquisition of land for this project will be paid after the value had been determined.

I cannot reconcile this answer with the previous answer. Something is fishy in this matter. I shall pursue this matter further during the budget debate in Parliament.

11 thoughts on “Questions Time, 14 October 2008

  1. Eddie Wong

    The price is about RM280 psf (with RM3000 psm), it is more than double of the lately transacted price here.
    I saw advertisement of the land beside Court Mammoth end of 2007 is RM140 psf, probably after negotiation it will be between RM100-RM120 psf. If it is leasehold land, the shorter the lease the lower the price.

  2. ahmad

    The BN government will say that this is a fair price. This is bull shit. I telieve that RM20 million paid for the so-called compensation of the land acquisition for Jalan Genting Kelang is not actually the cost of compensation but for other “special purpose”.

    YB Wee should bring up in Parliament about this and ask for an investigation into this scandal. Unbelievable that per sq meter of land in Jalan Genting Kelang cost more than RM3,000.

    YB Wee should also lodge a report with the ACA. Never mind if ACA will not act because it involves government officials. Report for record purposes so that actions can be taken later.

  3. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB, you must do everything to flush out the crooks lah. This is daylight robbery of the highest order.

    What lah, the price per sq ft is higher than the land at KLCC. I know the land cost in Gombak is only RM80 per sq ft.

    Corruption. Corruption. Corruption.

    And all this dirty work is the work of the former BN administration. YB, you should know all of them lah who they are. Get the ACA to check thier accounts and you’ll catch them!

    These people are the ones who should be sent to Kamunting lah! Down with BN!

  4. Malaysia 64

    YB, buatlah apa yang patut! beritahu parlimen, lapur BPR dan macam-macam lagi. Tapi ingat BN masih kerajaan lagi, pembunuh dah nak jadi PM melainkan PR menjadi kerajaan barulah keadilan dapat dilaksanakan.

  5. Besides the higher than market price, how can they pay off without proper valuation. Because the matter is now out in the public, there’s an about turn about getting the price evaluated.

    Thanks, YB for getting this matter exposed. I wonder if there any kickbacks to DBKL within the RM25m.

  6. Wee Choo Keong

    Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim brothers and Happy Deepavali to my Indian brothers and sisters.

    Actually I thought of reserving my comments for my speech in Parliament this coming week but all your comments here told me that it is now opportune moment to post it here for all to read.

    The road widening project for Jalan Genting Kelang was awarded to Mentari Constructions Sdn Bhd and now another company by the name of Mentari Services Sdn Bhd was very angry with the helicopter deal that was awarded to to Eurocopter. What a coincidence? Both companies has the common name of MENTARI!! wonder whether they have common directors? Food for thought for me.

    I hope that it is not a situation of “dua kali lima”. I have many questions to ask about this road widening project. I shall do it in Parliament this coming week and the contents of my speech shall be posted in my blog.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. WM Resident - Tsu-kun

    Dear YB. Thanks for addressing this out. The last time when I see the constructor working on the widening road. I even saw the main Instructor drive a Porsche and park on the road side to give instruction on the road widening. Maybe this is how they get the money to buy expensive car.

    YB… can also talk to the parliment to draft a better plan in future next time for road widening as I felt its not properly plan as the sidewalk is totally neglected for ppl like me who walk to TBR from Wangsa Maju LRT station each day as it endanger us when we are walking back home. Plus I think the blue print drawing for widening road each time is quit silly as they make the drainage very small and too many grass place rather than TAR road itself.. Or to put it in lay man language its wasting the potential of the road that should be made and can save us money for widening the road again in future. Will snap some picture in mere future and highlight the matter in mere future.

    Keep up the good job YB as you have been doing great job for us since you are our MP.

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