What's up DBKL with Platinum Victory?

Why issue Platinum Victory warning and at the same time give the company immunity from actions?

In September 2008 DBKL had given warning to Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd that the permitted working hours are from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday and if Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd contravened the said condition then DBKL will issue a “Stop Work Order” for the project. It is a fact that for the past one week Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd had been working until very late at night (sometimes well past midnight) and yesterday (Sunday) the company was carrying out construction work the whole day. These are clear violations of the DBKL conditions on permitted working hours.

Upon receipt of the above complaint from the residents, a complaint had been lodged with the relevant DBKL department and I am awaiting for actions to be taken on this violations of the conditions set by DBKL.

It is an open secret that there are many developers who are also carrying out construction work past permitted hours. DBKL should stop such activities as it is anti-social.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Apakah terjadi dengan DBKL dan Platinium Victory?

Mengapa memberi amaran kepada Platinium Victory tetapi pada masa yang sama memberi perlindungan kepadanya daridapa tindakan yang patut diambil?

Pada September 2008 DBKL telah memberi amaran kepada Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd bahawa waktu kerja yang dibenarkan adalah daripada 8 pagi hingga 6 pm hari Isnin hingga Sabtu dan jika Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd melanggar syarat ini maka DBKL akan mengeluarkan perintah henti kerja terhadapnya. Akan tetapi, sepanjang minggu lepas, Platinium Victory Sdn Bhd kerja sampai larut malam (kadang-kadang lepas tengah malam) dan semalam (hari Ahad) syarikat ini menjalankan kerja pembinaan sepanjang hari. Amat jelaslah mereka melanggar peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh DBKL pada waktu kerja dibenarkan.

Apabila saya menerima aduan daripada penghuni sekitar, saya telah membuat suatu aduan rasmi kepada jabatan DBKL yang berkenaan dan saya sedang menunggu tindakan yang patut diambil oleh DBKL.

Bukan rahsia bahawa ramai pemaju menjalankan kerja pembinaan lepas waktu dibenarkan. DBKL patut memberhentikan perbuatan ini yang menjejaskan kesejahteraan sekitar.

15 thoughts on “What's up DBKL with Platinum Victory?

  1. dann

    YB Wee,

    Smell something??

    ** sniff sniff.

    I smell something foul…smelly.
    I think it is the smell of corruption.

    DBKL DBKL….what is the role of DBKL actually?
    I see contractors raping the hill and forest in Melawati and Kemansah and nothing is done to control them. Just take a look at Kemansah and Melawati…all botak! like Kojak!

    And one day when there’s another landslide, all these bigshots from DBKL will come out from the hiding hole and make a big hoo haa hoo haa. Sigh! All cakap, no action.

    Welcome to malaysia.

  2. ahoo

    It is very obvious that the ‘warlords’ are behind the show. Note that after losing 5 states and many lost their councillor posts, they are desperate now. These warlords have had sympathizer within the rank and file of the local governing bodies. As such, they will flaunt their power at will and cover up for their cronies if the complaints directly affected their ‘members’.

    Just look at many places under DBKL jurisdiction that are being fixed with parking meters these days. The thin line between residential and commercial areas are confused. Maybe YB Wee’s can enlighten us with regards to the local bylaws concerning the parking meter woes. To me, this is bn ways of punishment for not voting for them.

    In this perilous time of financial meltdown, a caring govt will have the peoples need as their top priority but not this govt as they are just too busy playing partisan politics. Let us brace ourselves for even worse time ahead with our govt not being prudent and still in denial mode.

    The whole world is crying in desperation but we are not affected as our economy is still very sound, said the new finance minister. Would you dare to trust him your future ? Not me, as I know he is not good with figures by spending lavishly on submarine, fighter jets and now talking about helicopter when we are in distress.

  3. Melayu Jati

    This is symptomatic of what is wrong with this country – there is no proper governance, no accontability and no execution of the law without fear or favour.

    It’s who has the power, the money, the connection, the stronger fist and the larger herd of goons to do one’s bidding that counts.

    DBKL and Platinum Victory are just one of the malaises rampant in this nation. They are in bed together to plunder, rape and rob to shore up their personal gains. It’s too bad the rest of the rakyat are fooked to kingdom come.

    What can you do YB as you are a lone worlf in this dog-eat-dog world? Only when they are finished with us will they only then turn aginst themselves.

    Like they say. No one dies a virgin; life screws us all.

    The rakyat has to rise and use their votes and support wisely.

    Down with BN and their legion of corrupt, arrogant and unscrupulous goons!

  4. anonymous

    Normalah! This is DBKL for you. It is more friendly to housing developer than to the residents of KL for obvious reason.

    If nor for corruption, DBKL officers of Jabatan Bangunan would have acted against Platinum Victory like what they did to other small people of KL like hawkers and etc.

  5. ahmad

    It is clear that DBKL officer is on the take otherwise developer like Platinum will not dare to violate the conditions set by DBKL. This matter is rampant in KL should be brought to the attention of ACA.

    Jabatan Bangunan is one of the most corrupted department, I think in KL.

  6. anonymous

    This is what DBKL is all about. ABUSED OF POWER AND CORRUPTION.

    Datuk Bandar is out of touch with the KL residents. As long as Datuk Bandar is not elected by the people, corruption will go on in DBKL and we will see more of such abused of power.

    DBKL will not take action against housing developers instead it will take very good care of developers.

    We must get rid of the corrupted officers in Jabatan Bangunan in DBKL.

  7. Anonymous

    DBKL officers are the most corrupted lot in the government. They will only act against the small rakyat. When it involves housing developer, DBKL is very scare of them because of the “KAOTIM”!

  8. Hashim

    This is a clear case of total defiance by Platinum Victory, who is still thinking that they have Yew Teong Look (the previous MCA MP) to protect them and it can do what it likes.

    DBKL must issue stop work order otherwise DBKL is making a mockery of its rules and regulations. DBKL please act in the interest of the small KL residents.

  9. lee wee tak

    the performance of DBKL after GE left even much more to be desired; rapid erection of parking metres during economic downtown, raid in Desa Setapak, granting of additional licenses to traders in Pasar Seni.

    the sudden and probably unjustified change of name from Jalan Alor to Jan Kejora is another example of the unknown ways of working of this recipient of assessment and rates.

    foreign tourists have purchased tourist guides to Malaysia in their respective countries telling them that Jalan Alor is famous for great food and colourful vigour at night. Imagine coming here in a taxi and they see a road sign with a different name instead.

    how about DBKL suddenly change the name of Jalan Bukit Bintang to Jalan Lampu-lampu, Kampung Baru to Kampung Tepi KLCC, Jalan Imbi to Jalan Sebelah Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Pudu to Jalan Sesak, Wangsa Maju to Wangsa Orang Chad, Taman Melati to Taman Lee Wee Tak Kena Samun without consultation?

    DBKL should spend more time keeping KL clean

  10. anonymous

    Platinum Victory has immunity. DBKL will not dare to take action against them because the officers have been kaotim already I think. DBJKL officers will only take actions against poor people, hawkers and the under privilege.

    By the way I am staying in Platinum Hill Condo. tonight (15-10-08 at about 10:30 pm) Platinum Victory still working. This developer has no consideration for the residents and DBKL is just pretending not to know about it.

    YB should bring this matter to Parliament to expose DBKL officers of their nonsense. YB please bring up in Parliament. We, the residents, find it intolerable to live here.

  11. ahmad

    DBKL officers a bunch of corrupted lot. They will do anything for money. They don’t care for the people whom they are supposed to serve. Their salaries are paid by the people and not by the developer. Why protecting the developer and not the people?

    Such officers should be sacked and put in jail with the keys thrown away?

  12. anonymous

    DBKl is the most corrupted organisation in Malaysia. The head of all the departments should be changed every 2 years to avoid corrupt practices and corruption. This present Datuk Bandar is sleeping all the time and he is the most useless Datuk Bandar of all times.

  13. anonymous

    DBKL: Sudahlah DBKL. Semua pegawai atasan jaga kepetingan orang kaya seperti pemaju sahaja. ganguan kepada tak penting asal kepentingan pemaju dijaga dengan baik. Saya harap BPR akan siasat perkara ini.

  14. muhamad

    i want to tell you about one corruption happend in bkt jalil
    about lisence premises internet cafe who open 24 hours and make noise.The resident has complain to dbkl and 2 operation was doing but the officer smell when going out from premises the staff in cybercafe told us the boss has BERI MAKAN orang atas DBKL

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