Your MP's Question of the Week #29

It’s reported here the out-going Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, has declared “I plan to complete my mission.” What he is trying to say is he aims to reform the judiciary, police and ACA before he calls it a day.

For 5 years, when he is in power, Badawi did not carry out any of his promised reforms. Now that he is a lame-duck PM he wants to do it in 5 months?

We truly want to believe what Badawi says and earnestly support his ‘last-kopek’ mission before he finally leaves office. He has said “I plan …” did he not? and taking his word for it the question for this week then is:

If Badawi is really serious about his plan, should Badawi therefore provide the rakyat with a timetable to show us exactly when on-the-dot he is going to carry out his mission in reforming the judiciary, police and ACA since he has not much time left in office?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda Ke-29

Adalah dilaporkan here Perdana Menteri yang bakal meninggaklan jawatan ini, Abdullah Badawi, telah berikrar “Saya merancang saya akan menyempurnakan matlamat saya.” Apa yang dia cuba menyatakan bahawa dia akan memulihkan kehakiman, polis danbadan pencegah rasuah sebelumdia berundur diri.
Selama 5 tahun, semasa dia berkuasa, Badawi tidak menunaikan perubahan-perubahan yang dijanjikannya. Sekarang, sebagai Perdana Menteri tidak berkuasa, dia kini beriya-iya nak menuaikannya dalam masa 5 bulan?

Kita ingin sangat hendak percaya apa yang dikatakan oleh Badawi dan menyokong misinya yang paling akhir sebelum dia meletak jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri. Bukankah dia telah berkata, “saya merancang …”? dan berdasarkan kata-katanya, soalan untuk minggu ini adalah :

Jika Badawi mengambil berat tentang rancangannya, patutkah Badawi memberikan rakyat jelata suatu jadual waktu menunjukkan dengan jelas tarikh sasaran beliau menunaikan janjinya memulihkan kehakiman, polis dan badan pencegah rasuah sedangkan masa beliau memegang jawatan sudah terhad?

9 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #29

  1. lanwm

    if the man is already given 5 years and yet still fail to do the reforms, what more can we expect to see in a period of 5 months? he’s also going to be on leave for 2 months, nothing he can do now

  2. Melayu Jati

    Brudder, cows will jump over the moon as and when this sleepy head can even carry out one of those reforms he mentioned let alone provide us with a timetable.

    This useless pm is all talk. He has not done anything in 5 years and he thinks he can do it in less than 5 months when he will also be on leave for 2 month before he vamus?

    Go die lah. And that mamak is right to tell him to shut up from now on!

    Oi Badawi, on your way out can you also take out the garbage as mentioned in Rocky’s Bru here

    Allah bless Malaysia, curse all the corrupt leaders in BN!

  3. lee wee tak


    I doubt if he is sure what he is talking about, let alone set a time table.

    I would believe him if he said, “maaf, semua usaha tidak menjadi”

    Really Abdullah’s greatest achievement are:

    1) let Anwar out of the prison
    2) did not come down hard on alternative voices until the last months of his office. From 2004 till now, the dissenting voices that were not possible during Mahathir’s time flourish, and that contributed to the changing of landscape in Malaysia.

    His other achievement included
    1) first and only PM thus far to remarry (after a denial) during his time in office

    2) most gracious PM is giving votes won in the previous GE to his opponent for the sake of fair play

    3) the only PM in office who reversed his decision on dissolution of august house within 24 hours

    4) the only PM who allowed blood to be spilled on the grounds of parliament, although it is the poor cow’s blood to celebrate his second marriage.

  4. Badawi should not announce what he cannot achieve- this will only reinforce him as the most underachieved PM in Malaysia’s history. His so called retirement objectives are quite for the long run, it takes realistically 3-5 years to achieve, if the results are complete at all, and not 5 months into retiring as PM.

    Who buys this? No one. I’m really ashamed of this government.

  5. One-Eye Jack

    A timetable? YB you must be kidding!

    Since when has the Bapak Tidur able to deliver anything?

    He can’t even deliver himself as the president of Umno which is paramount and you want him to deliver the reforms?

    This guy is so lazy and stupid he thinks things will happen by just talking about them. This Badawi should not have been PM like the rest of the Umno goons. He and they lie to their Malay brothers and sisters and rob them blind. This Ketuanan Melayu and NEP thingy are the most evil Umno creations to steal from the very people they are supposed to help.

  6. ahoo

    In politics there are no permanent enemies, so said the ex-pm. That is for his comforts alone as many who are jailed by him will have their hearts scarred permanently. It is so easy to say it as it was not him who had to suffer silently under the draconian law of ISA for opposing his views.

    Let us not be gullible at the moment in thinking that with Pak Lah’s stepping down, we will have better governance with new pm in place. We should instead pray like never before as the ‘ old horse ‘ is smiling all the way to his bank now. He already suggested that the new pm must have senior advisers to guide him and not be given too much power. He is already dictating even when his protege is not in power as yet. I’ve had nothing personal against him but we should all be aware that because of his autocratic rule over two decades, many talented people migrated and we are suffering for lack of talents.

    As the saying goes: the best of S’pore brains are the discard of M’sia ! Let us all be vigilant and let not this nation goes into another decade of aimlessness with policies that benefitted only certain cronies but speak out against any policy that is detrimental to us. We cannot let the YB alone to shoulder all the wrongs in society but as individaul citizen, we need to make our stand clear that we are against all form of corruptions, leakages, detention without trial, nepotism, cronyism etc.

    We are for a govt that has the people in heart with development that benefits its citizens. We give credit where credit is due and will speak where it is necessary to do so. In fighting for democracy, all people counts and not just the parliamenterian alone.

  7. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Excuse me ah YB what I want to say is a little out of the topic lah.

    I am very upset why Badawi he says about the Atantuya case he says he “cannot believe Najib will abuse power.” He is talking in malaysiakini about the sms story between Najib and the lawyer Shafee Abdullah lah.

    Why he interfere? Why he go and make statement like this? If he wants to retire go and retire lah but don’t interefere in the court case what. Who he think he is? He think he is god ah? He knois Najib did not do it is it?

    Why he make this stupid staement? What happen if Najib is gilty? He wants to act as a judge is it? Go lah and retire but don’t champur tangan lah. Useless Badawi want to influnce the judges also can one ah?

    I think he got make deal with Najib lah to protect his son and son in law that’s why he go and interefere in the case. This is not right. He should just take his money and go far far away and enjoy the rakyat money. Why talk so much? Dr M already say “shut up” so he must such up.

    I say shut up and go and retire and don’t play god. Who he think he is? Still got power one ah when he is stepping down as pm. He betul betul ciplak fellar lah. Just go quitely and retire and dont talk so much to interefere in the Atantuya cash. Bodoh.

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