Will Badawi be a real lame-duck PM from tomorrow onwards?

UPDATE, 5.10pm: Confirmed! Badawi won’t be contesting for his presidency! Go read here.

It has been strongly believed that Abdullah Badawi will decide today at the Barisan Nasional special supreme council meeting that he will not be contesting for the President post in the coming Umno election which was postponed from December 2008 to March 2009.

This will effectively seem to mean he will be a lame-duck prime minister until he finally leaves office in March 2009.

But why would he bother to continue to stay on and hang on to power given the fact that he has not made any difference for the good of the country whether he is asleep or awake? What a real lame duck!

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Adakah Badawi menjadi Perdana Menteri tidak berkuasa mulai esok?

Baru terbaru, 5.10pm: Sudah dikenalpasti! Badawi tidak akan bertanding mempertahankan jawatan presidennya.

Adalah dipercayai ramai bahawa Abdullah Badawi akan membuat keputusan di Majlis Tertinggi hari ini bahawa beliau tidak akan bertanding untuk jawatan Presiden di pilihanraya umum UMNO yang telah di pindah daripada Disember 2008 kepada March 2009.

Ini akan menyebabkannya menjadi Perdana Menteri tidak berkuasa sehingga dia meletakkan jawatannya di March 2009.

Tetapi mengapakah dia hendak terus menyandang jawatan ini apabila beliau tidak akan membuat apa kebaikan untuk negara sama ada dia sedang tidur ataupun sedar? Sungguh tidak bermaya!

13 thoughts on “Will Badawi be a real lame-duck PM from tomorrow onwards?

  1. Melayu Jati

    Badawi will go down in our history as the most useless prime minister we ever had. He only wants to jolly all the time. His lolly is also well taken care of with a new wife.

    Who to blame?

    That mamak lah. He has destroyed everything in the country and then pass the job to a lame duck. This lame duck just stick to status quo and then carry on doing what his previous boss had done.

    That mamak is really evil. He thought by putting the lame duck there this lame duck will come waddling to him for his counsel and advice everytime. But it all backfired! The mamak did not factor in that this lame duck has very ambitious son and son-in-law. They are the lame duck’s advisor instead of the mamak.

    Najib will not be any better. We need Dato’ Sri Anwar Ibrahim to become the next PM!

    Dato’ Sri, ada tidur kah? Tunggu apa lagi?

  2. ahoo

    Only God knows what our PM can do in 5 months what he cannot undertake in 5 years! The govt will be in auto-pilot mode awaiting the change of guard. Meanwhile, the warlords will be having a gala time flaunting their wealths in securing those badly needed nomination for position that will endear them to seek more lucrative contracts to come.

    With the world in turmoil and the USA almost chocked, let us take stock to prepare for the worse to come unless God smile at us and touch the many needed MPs to do the impossible by switching camp, come 13rd Oct 08 when parliament resume.

    Read that even perlis mufti had called it a day comes end Oct even though his contract is till end 09. This man is truly of a rare kind and indeed is not only wise but truly outstanding where he dares to call a spade, a spade without bowing to political pressure.

  3. ahmad

    Thank God! He saw it fit to call it a day, which was long over due. Why March 2009, which is some 5 months away? With his incompetent, 2 days are far too long.

    Now I want to see SIL and his cronies behave. We must take actions against those cronies, who have bleed the nation for their personal benefits. We must never allow these cronies to go away with their hundred of million Ringgit scot free.

    We must all celebrate Merdeka from the SIL, son and cronies.

  4. Mustang

    Pak Lah should go long time back as he’s not the right person for the PM chair. If we are talking about Anwar Ibrahim i don’t think he’s the person that are suitable for the PM chair as we need a Pm that looks into many things for the nation & not for “personal Interest” or “group”.

    If Najib to take over he needs to re do many things & back to the track. He’s capable of doing it????? Wait & see as the chair are being placed for him soon or later.

    If we look at today’s political scenario every single person that wants to sit in PM chair has ther own “personal Interest”. Even YB Wee Choo Keong would have his personal interest to look after. Thats what we call “Politics”

    When we talk about “Politics” they are a lot to see & we can’t just pin point in 1 direction.

    Politics are always about politics….(The meaning are quite deep)

  5. anonymous

    Badawi said he intend to see through his mission. What a joke! If he cannot implement them for the last 5 years, how on earth he could do it within 5 months when he is now a lame duck!

    I think that Badawi should carry on sleeping and start thinking of how to take care of his SIL, son and cronies.

    Perhaps Badawi should also look into how to ensure that those multi-million projects awarded to Scomi will not be taken away. He should also ensure the Airasia will be safe and be given more landing rights and immuned from actions by MAHB for not paying up those Airport Taxes worth Rm100 million of Ringgit.

  6. Wangsa Maju Resident

    Halo Badawi now you make up mind not to contest the presidency it is good decision but you must do the right thing before you leave the office lah.

    You must fix the judiciary, the ACA and the police. You already say you want to do. I respect.

    But don’t just talk only and don’t do then I curse you forever.

    Use the chance you have left in 5 months what you did not do in 5 years. Show the rakyat you no lame duck. Do the 3 things you promise then the rakyat will respect you. Even you retire we will think good of you.

    So Mr Prime Minister Badawi, don’t be afraid, fix the judiciary, the ACA and the police before you retire. I will give you my 110% respect okay? I am sure the rakyat will also respect you one.

    Do it Badawi for your own good and retire with a good name. If not your name will people spit on every time your name is mention.

    Thank you.

  7. anonymous

    Badawi is always good for talking only. So forget about the implementation part. I dread the thought of having to tolerate him for another 5 months! Oh! God, please help. Can the nation move on without him as the PM?

  8. ahmad

    Another 5 months of talk and talk with no action! Badawi should forget about doing anything from now until March because no one will ever believe that he will be able do anything.

    I believe that no one will want to get near him or SIL from now on. This is political reality. It would have been better for him to go now instead of March.

    Well, he may have many unfinished “matters” to attend to before he leaves. He! He!

  9. ahoo

    Well, he did mentioned that he was ‘forced’ into early retirement by power brokers. In any case, he is a man of many words (preprepared by 4th floor maybe) but not a man of his word. He promises many things BUT do not have the will power or rather no consent from his ruling warlords to undertake those promised reforms. Sad and indeed really sad.

    The battle for the those warlords are just beginning. It is going to be real HOT for the ruling regime in the days ahead as more and more will clamour for that elusive position of power where they can feed from the ‘gravy’ train. Where with the power base, they can create wealths beyond logics and will continue crying for the extension of NEP when in fact the main core of NEP was to eradicate poverty amongst all those poor and needy citizens. They still think that God created them special and this nation owes them a living as long as they are cronies to the ruling regime.

    Let us all wake up and stand up against any corrupts scheme and pratices that benefited only the elites. Those elites are actually robbing this nation blind with many projects that ends up as white elephant. Let us continue to encourage and support YB’s to voice out for us in Parliament.

  10. Terry

    RPK should be the person to be our PM imo as a lay man.He fights for the right cause and isn’t afraid of making his point clear.Pity many cannot accept his bluntness!

  11. ahmad

    The problems with Sleepy Head is he allowed the 4th Floor boys and SIL to run amok in the administration of the government. The 4th floor boys were literally destroying the country whilst he was asleep! In short, he is not fit to be a minister let alone PM.

    We will see whether he will disband the 4th floor for the sake of this nation.

    Anyway, Malaysians from all races and walks of life should celebrate that he had finally saw the light. What a relief to now the 4th floor boys and SIL are powerless now.

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