Pemudah: A political gimmick to distract public attention from the lame-duck PM

Pemudah, the special task force set up to facilitate business, has “adopted” Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) with immediate effect to make it more customer-friendly and improve its delivery services.

I am most surprised to note that Pemudah was so efficient that it also works on Sunday to announce this so-called adoption. Such a move by the lame-duck administration of Badawi is 4 years too late. If Badawi was really serious about making DBKL people-friendly he should have done it 4 years ago. It is clear that such a move at this stage is a political gimmick launched to divert people’s attention from the ailing PM, who is facing a serious crisis in UMNO.

It must be noted that under the law Datuk Bandar KL has the ultimate power to administer KL. We also have a Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan, who is supposed to oversee DBKL. Now we have Pemudah to oversee DBKL. Does this mean that the Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan is redundant?

Quite frankly, DBKL will remain as what it is i.e. people unfriendly because Datuk Bandar is not elected by the people. As long as Datuk Bandar is appointed under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Datuk Bandar will not be susceptible to public opinion i.e. made accountable.

If the Badawi administration is serious in making DBKL people-friendly then he should initiate the amendment to the law where Datuk Bandar had to be elected by KL residents. Once Datuk Bandar is an elected post then DBKL will automatically become people friendly for the simple reason that Datuk Bandar will have to be accountable like the Prime Minister and other Ministers whereby they will have to face General Elections.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Pemudah: Alat yang menarik perhatian umum daripada perdana menteri yang lesu

Pemudah, pasukan petugas khas yang bertujuan memudahkan kegiatan perniagaan, telah mengambil DBKL sebagai “anak angkat” muali kini untuk mengubahnya kepada lebih peka kepada pengguna dan mencekapkan penyerahan perkhidmatannya.

Saya sangat hairan mendapati Pemudah begini cekap kerana ia berkerja pada hari Aha untuk mengumumkan langkah ini. Langkah ini oleh pentadbiran lemah Badawi telah empat tahun lewat. Jika Badawi beriya-iya hendak menjadikan DBKL peka kepada orang ramai, beliau patut berbuat ini 4 tahun lalu. Jelaslah langkah ini adalah percaturan politik bertujuan menarik perhatian orang ramai daripada PM yang kian lemah dan menghadapi masalah besar dalam UMNO.

Adalah penting mengetahui bahawa Datuk Bandar KL mempunyai kuasa mentadbir KL mengikut peruntukan undang-undang.. Kita juga mempunyai seorang Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan yang sepatutnya berkuasa menyelia DBKL. Adakah ini bermaksud Menteri WP tidak diperlukan lagi?

Sebenarnya, jika Datuk Bandar dipilih menerusi pilihanraya maka ia akan kekal peka kepada umum. Selagi Datuk Bandar dilantik oleh Perdana Menteri kerana naungannya, Datuk Bandar tidak peka dan tidak bertanggungjawab kepada umum.

Jika pentadbiran Badawi beriya-iya menjadikan DBKL peka kepada keperluan umum, maka beliau patut membuat rombakan kepada undang-undang membolehkan Datuk Bandar dipilih oleh penghuni Kuala Lumpur. Apabila jawatan Datuk Bandar diisi menerusi pilihanraya maka beliau akan menjadi peka kepada keperluan umum kerana Datuk Bandar akan, seperti Perdana Menteri dan lain-lain menteri, terpaksamenghadapi pilihanraya umum.


  1. With announcement of Pemudah overseeing DBKL, it shows that Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan has not been doing its job. Secondly, it was a confirmation that DBKL was a rotten organisation.

    Therefore, the government should abolish Kementerian WP immediately so that 10 of million Ringgit could have been saved from this useless ministry.

    I do agree that YB Wee that to make DBKL really people friendly, we have to amendment the law to have a direct election for the post of Datuk Bandar. This is to ensure that Datuk Bandar will be accountable to the people of KL.

    Lets have election for Datuk Bandar and all problems will be solved.

  2. DBKL has been accused of lopsided law enforcement. Ask those hawkers in Pudu and Desa Setapak.

    I hardly see any DBKL officer maintaining order in Pasar Seni area, especially around Klang bus station. People there spit, vandalize and litter the place. Don’t ever tell me that not waving the flag during National Day celebration is unpatriotic. Those irresponsible acts are a greater sin.

    If DBKL were to station people there and fine these people on the spot, I think the revenue would be up significantly. I strongly urge DBKL to put up ample warning signs and punish these vandals severely. Kuala Lumpur is turning into a rubbish dump. I am ashamed to see foreigners noticing the spit on the floor, rubbish everywhere, rats as big as cats etc.

  3. Badawi is always a joke! If he is not a joker then he is not Badawi. The country had enough of him. Now we need DSAI to be the PM to change the course of this country.

    Let have DSAI to make this country great again.

  4. A very poor attempt by Bodohwi to save himself from being ousted for his incompetency. if one need two body (Pemudah & Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan) to oversee DBKL, then DBKL must be a monster.

    We should have an elected mayor like all the big cities including Bangkok. Why should Datuk Bandar be exempted from the principle of public accountability when he is spending public monies?

    We have walked with you and you were asleep all the time.

    Bodohwi stop ruining this country anymore. Just get out with your family to Perth and leave this country in peace. That’s all we ask.

  5. Forget about Pemudah and Kementerian WP, lets have a new system where the Datuk Bandar be elected by the people.

    Bodawi is still asleep. He thought that the members of the public are stupid like him. Sorry Badawi, after March 8th, the rakyat is the boss.

  6. Do we actually need all this Pemudah thing to overlook the city council?

    Just do something about the rot in DBKL and the rot will stop.
    Do what they are supposed to do and we don’t need all these gimmicks.

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