Your MP's Question of the Week #28

Making public statements whether to promote a product or to further a cause is an art. It is also a job best left to a capable person who is responsible and one who also does not harbour a personal interest in making oneself popular and famous in the process.

This is so because it had been proven time and again that when the ego gets in the way of the message and the final objective of the product or cause, many things can go awfully wrong.

For instance, one, the compelling message that had been diligently developed out of a sound strategy could lose focus and therefore cause confusion. Two, diverging follow-up statements could be made too close in their frequency from one to the other to the public that credibility may creep in. Three, the ‘fix-as-we-go’ mishandling of the promise of the campaign could create public frustration and lose support, killing the campaign entirely.

The question for this week then is:

Should public statements in any campaign for a strong cause be the paramount responsibility of the leader of an organization who is proven and selfless and who can be ethically counted on to deliver the message with authority, consistency and credibility at all times to ensure the campaign’s success?

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda ke–28

Membuat kenyataan umum untuk memupuk sokongan terhadap sesuatu hasil atau usaha sebenarnya bukan mudah dan memerlukan tahap kemahiran yang tinggi. Ini adalah kerja yang patut diuruskan oleh orang yang berkemampuan dan tidak mempunyai kepentingan diri iaitu ingin mencipta nama untuk dirinya sendiri semasa menjalankan kerja ini.

Ini adalah kerana sudah banyak kali dibuktikan bahawa apabila apabila orang yang menjalankan kerja ini membiarkan egonya mempengaruhi utusannya maka segala usahanya akan gagal mencapai matlamat asasnya.

Umpamanya, pertama; utusan penting yang dihasilkan daripada strategi yang kukuh akan hilang tumpuannya dan mewujudkan kekeliruan. Kedua, kenyataan-kenyataan susulan yang saling bercanggah sering timbul dan menghakiskan kepercayaan umum. Ketiga pendekataan “sambil membaiki sambil pelaksanaan” dalam usaha memenuhi janji kepada para umum akan mewujudkan kekecewaan dan kehilangan sokongan serta melumpuhkan usaha ini sama sekali.

Soalan minggu ini:

Patutkah perbuatan mengeluarkan kenyataan umum untuk sebarang usaha adalah tanggungjawab yang diserahkan kepada ketua sesuatu perbadanan yang terbukti kemampuannya dan tidak mementingkan diri dan boleh diharapkan untuk melaksanakan kenyataan tersebut dengan penuh ketegasan dan boleh dipercayai sepanjang masa untuk memastikan kejayaan usaha tersebut?

11 thoughts on “Your MP's Question of the Week #28

  1. temenggong

    Why, yes, of course. But it is also the group’s responsibility where the Leader acts as its Press Secretary. One of two in the group may also be sanctioned to make statements to the public in a show of mass support and group concurrence.

    In the case of the Pakatan takeover, its best left to Anwar to make the announcements for the sake of consistency and secrecy. Anwar should proclaim, “Pakatan has decided…”, rather than “I have the numbers..”

  2. lee wee tak

    this unfortunately applies both to Badawi for his consistent inconsistency as well as DSAI for raising the expectation twice and not delivered his promises.

    It is glaring that Tian Chuan’s statement was both denied by Badawi and DSAI promptly.

  3. anonymous

    The head is too big for the hat: Tian Chua. He just talked too much. but then this is the style of a NGO.

    He is still wet in the ears. Wake up my little boy! You are just good for taking on the FRU trucks for your own publicity!

  4. Wangsa Maju Resident

    YB, give the young man a chance lah. Let’s not hentam him so much.

    I think for a while he got selfish and think of himself only. He do things so he can make himself feel important that’s why every day he make press statements. But he over do it lor. What to do when he is ambitious and want to feel he is a big shot.

    But we love PKR so much so we don’t want to taroh the fella again and again. I hope he realise his mistake and can change lah.

    Thank you.

  5. Ahmad

    I dread the thought of DSAI taking power with leader of such caliber. Such political boy should b restricted to street demo and doctoring of photograph involving Altantuya. It would be disaster to keep him in the corridor of power.

    The thought of him becoming one of the minister sends chill down my spine!

  6. Anonymous

    What else do you expect from him? of course, talk cock! He is just a political novice, who is trying to be a Taiko. Just carry on talking cock and he will be ok.

    I hope that there are not too many like TC in the PKR otherwise it spells disaster!

  7. anonymous

    He is a typical NGO who loves to see his name in the newspaper. As a PKR supporter, I cannot believe that lies that he told the newspapers about the negotiation when there was no such negotiation.

    What an Information Chief? He should be called Misinformation Chief as he is good at. He should be the head of the militant wing of PR where it shall take on the FRU and police.

  8. Anonymous

    Just a small little boy in politics and he wants to play big game. So not only he screwed himself up, he also screwed Pakatan Rakyat.

    I think he loves to see his name in the press and he does not care about the effects of his statements. All these years, all he wanted was to be famous in the newspapers and so he had achieved it. Congratulations to the small boy. Please learn to grow up. Politics are for adults only!

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