Sheih of kickdefella picked up by police

Update, 7.30 p.m.: Sheih detained under Sedition Act. Malaysiakini has the full report here.

I have just received news that at about 4.00 p.m. Sheih was arrested at his home in Kota Bahru, Kelantan. It is yet unknown whether he had been detained under ISA or any other Act. His whereabout is yet unknown and attempts to reach him have failed. His blog is here.


  1. This is freedom under Badawi’s administration. If this is FREEDOM then I do not know what is Freedom anymore!

    Badawi should arrest all the bloggers and other opposition MPs. Wolf in sheep’s skin!!!!

  2. this is getting more and more upsetting, to Malaysians and non-Malaysians.

    I hope common sense and order will prevail soon

    the Lehman melt down is coming and here we are ……

  3. No sane Malaysians would welcome the usage of ISA against opponents for whatever reason other than what it was intended for when it was drafted,…. to use it ONLY against terrorists.

    It would be interesting if a reverse role play is taken with the change of govt eventually and the current MPs or ministers that are found to be corrupted be charged with ISA, just for the taste of it as many of them now are so glad that it is used against their political opponents.

    God forbids that anyone should be charged without given their days in court to answer the charges as it is so clearcut in the case of MP Ms Terasa Kok that justice was denied to her. I think she may come out a very rich lady eventually both monetary and spiritually. She can have the option to sue for wrongful confinement with all the hard evidence in hand and at the same time seek spiritual counsel with God while in solitary confinement.

    Now that even bro Sheih is also incarcerate, that just shows how desperate that ruling govt is currently and it will not augurs well for the nation’s as the commonwealth parliamenterians would just won’t just sit ideal and seek justice against misuse of laws against human rights.

  4. Bodohwi style of freedom. He promised us all the freedoms and now he start to arrest people for minor reason under ISA. He is bankru pt of idea. He should resign immediately and live in Perth.

    Enough is enough. The country has had enough of you, the BODOHWI!

  5. what freedom? Freedom to crew up the country. The country has been faced with scandal after scandal. The couinytry is faced with flip-flopping policies.

  6. Looks like ISA become a protection to the BN now. Anyone against Pak Lah are all blacklisted as a threaten to the country.. well, maybe only to the one who feel their own power being threatened, in fact those so called “threatened virus” could be a cure to the country xD (will i be arrested under ISA coz of this short PERSONAL OPINION ?)

    Really Malaysia Boleh ~~ Boleh Tahan ~~ (malaysian really well trained to keep silent & be peace.. never like the Thai, who dare to stand out )

  7. The “powerful” authorities only mind about their power nowaday, anyone care about the people? Petrol price is lower now, when can we enjoy lower petrol price again ? poor malaysian ppl >< (poor me also … waiting the price to go down.. )

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