Knock, knock Badawi …

Are you awake and governing the country or are you busy politicking to hang on to office?

Do you know that the price of crude oil has already dropped below US100 a barrel?

In fact as I write this piece it is hovering at about US92.45 a barrel and this urgently calls for your attention to look at reducing the price of our petrol at the pumps.

You have, every now and then, made statements that your administration will monitor the price of crude and make necessary adjustments when necessary. Don’t you think the time is now right and necessary? Are you still in the habit of not keeping to your words?

The rakyat have been hard pressed since the last 41% jump of 78 sen per liter on June 5 and your administration’s last half-hearted reduction of 15 sen per liter just before the Permatang Pauh by-election was a joke. It had done zero to alleviate the rakyat’s on-going economic problems.

Please, sir, do not neglect your duty to the majority of the over 26 millions of mouths that need food on their tables every day. Do the necessary now even though it may appear that you may not have much time left. Thank you and Happy Malaysia Day.

– Terjemahan oleh Lee Wee Tak – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –

Ketuk ketuk pintu Badawi …

Sudah sedar dari tidur dan mentadbir negara atau sibuk berpolitik mempertahankan jawatan anda?

Tahu tak harga minyak sudah jatuh ke bawah US$100 satu tong?

Bahkan semasa saya menulis, harga adalah lebih kurang US$92.45 satu tong dan ini perlu perhatian anda serta merta mengurangkan harga minyak di stesen minyak.

Anda sering membuat kenyataan bahawa pentadbiran anda akan memerhatikan pertukaran harga minyak dan membuat pembetulan bila perlu. Bukankah sekarang waktunya? Adakah anda masih menyimpan tabiat anda yang selalu mungkir janji?

Rakyat sudah lama ditindas oleh kenaikan 41% iaitu 78 sen seliter pada 5 Jun dan pentadbiran anda menurunkan harge sebanyak 15 sen seliter sebelum pilihanraya kecil

Permatang Pauh bagaikan sendi lawak. Ia langsung tidak mengurangkan masalah ekonommi rakyat

Tolonglah, jangan mengabaikan tugas anda kepada kebanyakan daripada 26 juta orang yang perlu makan setiap hari. Buatlah apa yang patut kerana anda tak ada banyak masa lagi. Terimakasih dan Selamat Hari Malaysia.


  1. Price had dipped to us92/barrel. A subtle knock wont wake him up, we already know that. Just sheer exasperation to have this kind of moron of a leader! Nothing can ever wake him up. Gosh why la we so unlucky? Why cant he just retire and we promise that we will never disturb his sleep anymore.

  2. Sorry he is still asleep. The house is only on small fire so he can still sleep. Soon they will thjrow him and all his belonging out if he still want to hold on. He is just a guest who has stayed too long!

  3. YB… even when he is sleeping or awake… the civil servants are the ones working tau… if Pakatan Rakyat rules, remember the civil servants….

  4. Wake up sleepy head ,down the petrol price asap please!!!!
    Do not sleep always or pretend nothing happens.
    Please leave and let PR take over and sleep forever.

  5. Dear YB,

    I wish to inform you that the area around Prima Setapak is in a mess. It is like a cowboy town. Anybody can do anything they like. Restaurants’ owners are the king here putting their tables and chairs on the road clogging up the traffic. Go to the back lanes and ou will vomit. Some hawkers are allowed to occupy the road pavement ( a big one in front of the Sri pelangi Condo ) and some are allowed to set up tents ( in front of Genting Court and along Jln Genting Court in front of KFC ( an eyesore)’

    There are humps all over the garden. Can we speed in the small garden? Some are only a hundred feet apart and some are near to the junctions. They are built to enrich the F Class contractors and the people in DBKL
    YB, please do something. These are the issues that affect us. They have been these for years.

  6. Is the PM is under the control of the 4th Floor boys that he has to wait for their command to reduce fuel price?

    If Syed Hamid did not order the arrests of the 3 persons then did the 4th Floor boys do that?

    This country is doomed – Best PR take over now.

    Umno/BN move over and let the new Adm. take over!

  7. Let Sleepy Head sleeps until he is thrown out of office – literally I mean. He is not fit to be a Minister let alone PM. He allows his SIL and the 4th floor to run his life and the country. That’s why the country is in a big mess and he is still sleeping.

    We must all work together to get rid of him, SIL and the 4th Floor boys.

  8. you can knock on his doors for all you want

    …but he will tell you, “Who cares?! I’m the defence minister now!”. hahaha!

  9. Please don’t knock the door! Can’t you see Pak Lah is sleeping?

    I agree that there should be total removal of subsidies, but for the moment since Pakatan election promises must be kept, a symbolic reduction is appropriate.

  10. He is not asleep…. he is pretending to be asleep…n now…he pushed the ball to his seconder…by releasing his place at Financial department….

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