Joseph Kurup's parliamentary seat in Pensiangan declared vacant


“Kota Kinabalu High Court today declared null and void the election of Tan Sri Joseph Kurup (PBRS) as Pensiangan MP in the March 8 general election.” – reported BERNAMA.

PBRS is one of the component parties of BN.



  1. There is still another level he could go,….. an appeal to higher court, isn’t it right ?

    In any case, should there be a by-election for this seat, it is not going to be easy for PR to take it as the voters there are people’s minded i.e they respect their own leader more than anything. Until they have a change of their mindset it will be a like a ‘hill too steep to mount’.

    Let us all just wait to see what happen next as the day of reckoning draws near with more excitement with each passing day. How can we say that Malaysia is not a land of opportunity for both politicians and businessmen ?

  2. YB,

    I hope you are also thinking of promoting anti lompat legislation. Because, it would not fair to the voters who voted someone for that’s person party affiliation can suddenly change his mind without regard to teh voter’s choice. Maybe, those you wish to change their party platform(which should be allowed), must vacate the post and contest a by election under his/her new affiliation.

    Remember, basis for democracy should be allocation of political power according to values and principles.

    What do you think, YB?

  3. on a side issue….

    Since petrol world wide had reduced to 100 over USD…. why is the current petrol price in Malaysia still so high???

  4. Wee CK,
    Most of us ( commentators , fellow supporters and well wishers )are having a hard time , as we do not know how to wish RPK’s family and those who have family member still inside the Kamunting.
    How am i gonna wish RPK and family a happy Hari Raya?

    We have to work fast to get RPK and all those still in ISA out as fast as possible. There will be a by-election soon. Maybe this month.
    As one of the bn’s MP seat ( Pensiangan-Sabah )was declared null and it is now vacant.
    This might be the ticket to get RPK out.
    The same ticket to get HinDraf 5 out.
    It is just a seat , just one seat. But this seat will carries a lot of weight.
    That is if PR wins it. If people from Sabah really wanted a change.
    If people from Pensiangan wanted their voices to be heard.
    Will Pensiangan give a real Hari Raya to RPK?
    So far the bn is mum on this.
    PR folks are quiet too.
    Anwar , you better works overtime on this one. As this one might be your ticket, our ticket.

  5. Joseph Kurup haas gained too much support from Rakyat in the past,but everytime,he dissapointed them,now its time for him to pay back,from this moment on,JK and his fellow YBs from Sabah should learn one basic thing,and change their mind -set “Dear YBs ,always remember,you were voted to serve Rakyat,not your bank account.”

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